idk what the point of this is but i just love the characters and you should all watch this ok

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Oh oh oh oh!!!! For the prompt. How about a Klance video call where Lance is telling Keith all of their shows and Keith is like quiet but with a smile enjoying Lance's RAMBLING and they have a soft moment of.... Hey you are missed, u know that right? Kdksksksksikss idk.

HOLY SHIT YES. Yes i love this. Thank you Bleu for this premium suggestion

Keith’s fingers hover over the call button. He’s been doing this now every night for a week. Why is he nervous? Why can’t he summon the courage to just hit the damn button?

Just call him. Just call him. Just call him! 

He reprimands himself. His hands tremble and he sits down on his bed. 

What if he’s mad at me? What if they’ve moved on? Maybe it’s better if I stay quiet…

Keith sighs and goes to put his communicator anyway in his pocket. Just like he always does. The ship around him is silent. It’s always silent. His room is cold. 

In his gloved hands, his finger slips and his communicator screen lights up.

“Shit! Shitshitshitshit…” He grapples with the device, but before he can hang up, the ringing has stopped. A chipper voice rings out and he’s staring into familiar eyes.

“Keith?!” Lance answers. His eyes search Keith’s face and his surroundings. “Are you ok? Do you need…?”

“What? No, no, I’m fine, Lance. I’m ok.” Keith shushes. He can’t help the small smile that pulls on the corner of his lips. “I’m fine.”

“Oh thank god.” Lance sighs and rolls back on his bed. He closes his eyes. His heart still thunders in his chest. 

“You that worried about me?”

“More like I’m comfortable and didn’t want to go on a mission right now.” Lance smirks and chuckles quietly. Keith rolls his eyes. 

“So why’d you call anyway?”

This question trips Keith up. He hopes that Lance can’t see the blush that rises to his cheeks. That he doesn’t notice the way he fidgets with his hood. 

“Uh, I guess I just wanted to check in and see…” His voice trembles.

“Did you miss me?” Lance grins.

“No!” Keith snaps. Lance laughs.

“I… I dunno… I just….”

Lance hears the uncertainty in his voice. He watches Keith’s eyebrows crinkle together in frustration. Lance’s smile falters and his expression falls into one of gentle concern.

“Do you want me to tell you what the team’s been up to?” He offers. 

Keith sighs. He’s grateful for the change of subject and nods.

“Well we’ve made contact with the rebels and have been working together on some stuff. And oh my god, Keith, Keith you will not believe…” Lance sits up and excitedly talks to his communicator. 

“Keith, I swear to god, One of their captains is a dog!”

“Wait what?”

“I’m serious! One of their captains, she’s really cool by the way, she’s a straight up dog that walks around on two legs and talks and and… did you ever see Disney’s Robin Hood with the foxes?”

Keith blinks. Lance is going a mile a minute and it’s hard to keep up.

“Uh yeah?”

“It’s exactly like that! She looks like a character from that movie and everyone else is totally fine with it and isn’t even mentioning it, all the while I am freaking out because there is a race of goddamn space dogs.”

Keith laughs. A familiar warmth flickers in his chest.

“Oh! Oh! Sorry I totally forgot! We found Matt! Well Pidge did, but that’s besides the point…”

“Whoa what? You found…?”

“Yeah Pidge found her brother! He was with the rebels and she tracked him down! And now he hangs out with us and Pidge is just so happy. And Hunk has someone new to talk about nerdy stuff with. He seems cool, even if a bit delusional. He definitely has a thing for Allura and, oh man, that poor boy does not stand a chance.”

“Wow that’s … I can’t believe…” Keith sighs.

“Have you seen our shows?!” Lance beams into the camera. Again Keith is caught off guard. It takes him a moment to interpret what Lance just asked him.

“Oh!” His expression melts into a teasing smirk. “Oh… Oh I know about them. You’re quite the actor, Lance.”

“What can I say? I’m a natural.” Lance brushes his hair back and shoots a finger gun straight towards Keith.

“But they’re so much fun, dude. Like I just get such a rush from all the cheering you know? Like it’s been really amazing to inspire people and talk to fans directly. And the coalition is stronger than ever! 

Shiro’s been such a good sport about all this. Like I can tell he’s uncomfortable? But he really throws himself into it, and the fans all love him. Well of course they would, he’s Shiro. Oh! And you should see the way little girls all run up to Allura afterwards. She uses your name in the script, but these kids aren’t fooled.”

Lance continues to rant about their antics. About how they rehearse, and Lance had a fair bit of input to his choreography. About how it all ended with them actually fighting a monster in an arena, and Allura doing the sweetest backwards flip kick Lance has ever seen.

A lump forms in Keith’s throat.

“I think I needed a different outfit for my rope routine. The armour was a bit clunky, and you know… I should really give the fans what they want.” He waggles his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry I missed it. You’ll have to give me a private show sometime.” Keith smiles.

Lance looks at him in shock. A blush rushes to his ears and his mouth opens into a wild smile.

“Did you just…?!”

“Oh my god!” Keith yanks his hood over his face. He’s just realised what he may have implied.

“I didn’t mean…! God, Lance! Not like that!” He shouts, but he can’t help the giggles that burst from his chest. He can hear Lance’s laughter matching his own.

“Can you get me a cool Blade of Marmara outfit to do it in?” Lance chuckles. He sighs as he catches his breath.

“I don’t think I can just take one.”

“Shame. I really like them.” Lance chews his lip. “You look really cool.” 

Keith ignores the way that makes the ache in his chest throb. He shakes his head and tries to hide how flustered he feels with a laugh.

“It uh… it sounds like you guys are going really well.”

“Yeah.” Lance sighs. He brushes his hand through his hair. “We’re uh… we’re doing good stuff, but…”

A heavy silence falls between them. Lance feels the words on the tip of his tongue. He knows what he wants to say, but is suddenly embarrassed to say them. His relationship with Keith is precarious and he worries that his next word might send them over the edge. He swallows.

“But I really wish you were there.” His voice is hushed. He averts his eyes from the communicator. 

“We miss you Keith. I know you’re doing important work, and I know that you’re helping us by helping the blades, but we just…” He stammers. “I…I just…”

He accidentally meets Keith’s eyes. The reality that Keith is on the other side of the galaxy hits him like a crashing wave. 

“I’ll never replace you. We’re a team.” His breath shudders.

“Lance, I…”

“Please come home.” Lance presses his eyes closed. “We all worry. And Red asks about you and, and…” His fingers grip at his jacket. “Don’t stay gone forever. … okay?”

 Keith sighs. His eyes begin to sting and he can feel his resolve crumbling. He briefly thinks about where the pods on his current ship are located before he pushes it out of his mind. 

No. He can’t run back now. Not yet. 

“I’ll be back.”

“Stay safe,”

“I will.” Keith nods solemnly.

Lance hangs up the call and stares down at his communicator. His hands fist into his sheets and his mouth twists into a scowl.

“You’re lying.” 

Bungou Stray Dogs Event - 02/19/2017 Night

I’m posting this for the record, and for my feelings. ^_^ My Japanese level is not that high so I admit that I didn’t fully understand everything they said. Plus I only wrote what I remember, with a bias on my beloved top 4 seiyuu. ^_^ 

This is the first-ever seiyuu event I have attended. I only came to Japan last year, but did not get to attend any last year. I love Bungou Stray Dogs in itself; with the addition of the seiyuus I really fell into this fandom hard. My top 4 seiyuus are here: Miyano Mamoru, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hosoya Yoshimasa, and Taniyama Kishou. So when the event was announced with these 4 present, I immediately ordered the DVD (where the lottery ticket for the event was enclosed; thank God I won!!). 

文豪ストレイドッグス 迷ヰ犬達ノ宴 其ノ弐

The event started with a VTR of chibi characters featuring John and the members of the Armed Detective Agency. John wants to join the event since he’s free as the Guild is already defunct. Dazai causes a ruckus and all.

Screen mode then appeared performing “Reason Living.”  I really like the lyrics of this song because it’s basically about the stray dogs T.T 

The VTR then introduced the anime cast with their respective seiyuus who were in the event. Important note: loudest fan screams for our beloved Chuuya

Uemura Yuuto - Nakajima Atsushi 

Mamo - Dazai Osamu 

Hosoyan - Kunikida Doppo 

Kamiyan - Edogawa Ranpo 

Toyonaga Toshiyuki - Tanizaki Junichiro 

Ono Kenshou - Akutagawa Ryunosuke 

Kiiyan - Nakahara Chuuya 

Kawanishi Kengo - John 

They did the usual introductory greetings with Uemura opening with, “Yokohama he youkoso” (Welcome to Yokohama). Mamo, being Dazai, joked that he’s looking for a beautiful woman who can commit suicide with him to which the crowd excitedly responded to. (Suddenly everyone wanted to commit suicide) Toyonaga, as expected of Tanizaki, was talking all about Naomi. Kenshou shouted “Yatsugare wa?” then pointed the mic to the audience, but got no response. :D He said people were supposed to reply, “Akutagawa.” And so he repeated then we gladly responded. Kiiyan, imitating Kenshou shouted, “Yogerecchimatta” which got a loud “kanashimi ni” from the audience. (Oh I can really feel how much Chuuya is loved <3) They then proceeded to their seats and the talk began with them bullying Hosoyan, esp Mamo, Kiiyan, and Kamiyan, because Hosoyan sat on the wrong seat which is Mamo’s. Mamo shouted that Hosoyan was “Ningen?” And the audience happily responded with “Shikkaku!“

Scenes, personally chosen by the anime/manga staff, were then played on the screen followed by comments from the cast. 

*Armed Detective Agency scene: Kyouka welcome party (Aw. This is really a heart-warming scene for the last episode because of everything they’ve all been through) 

The cast commented, “Aw..Kawaii.” With regards to the scene where Kunikida scolds Atsushi and Kyouka, Hosoyan shared that most of the lines were just adlib. It happens quite often during recording where for instance, there are only three lines in the script then he has to improvise by himself what follows. It was quite a task as the lines had to be interesting but it made him really do his best. (Ow Hosoyan, I’m so proud of you for being interesting

*Port Mafia scene: Mori, Chuuya, Kouyou drinking wine scene. 

“Ah so this is what happens when these 3 get together” – thought Kiiyan 

*Soukoku vs Lovecraft scene - from “Yacchimae, Chuuya” (Finish him off, Chuuya) to “Warui yatsu no teki sa” (the bad guys’ enemies) 

Ok of all the anime aired in 2016, this is my favorite anime episode of 2016. I’m just so happy that I got to watch it together with this beloved people. T.T Mamo was laughing at Dazai’s “Sono tsumori datta no da kedo omoshirokute miteta” (That was my plan but it was interesting so I watched) Kishou tells Mamo, “Chanto okuritodokero yo, aibou” (Send me off properly, partner) Omg my feelings. Mamo and Kiiyan as Dazai and Chuuya being “sweet” calling each other aibou (partner) T.T They talked about how complicated Dazai and Chuuya’s relationship is. Comparing it to how Dazai teases Kunikida just for the fun of it, but with Chuuya it’s not just like that. They really just can’t stand each other? Lol. My Soukoku feelings.

*Shin soukoku vs Fitzgerald scene

Audience and cast laughed at the sight of Atsushi being “dead” when he was thrown off Moby Dick with his eyes turned all white. 

Then ofc, everyone likes the “JINKOOOOO” scene when Akutagawa yelled and saved him. Uemura comments how this is such an intense scene plus the music scoring does well to complement the scene. Kenshou shares how he wanted to have the “JINKOOOOO” yell taken/recorded a number of times to get the best cut. Kamiyan was asked for a comment and as Ranpo, he says that he didn’t really have any battle scenes. So he could only watch how the others act on the scene and comments, “Ah, taihen sou da na” (Ah, must be tough for them”) 

*Guild scene: first appearance where they left the Mafia and Agency members “dead” in one attack. 

Again everyone laughs seeing Atsushi’s eyes all-white again. Someone (I forgot who sorry) commented that this protagonist just dies quite often. :D Mamo imitates Lovecraft’s voice, “nemui” (feeling sleepy) and other lines which he just went on doing for the rest of the night (and he did a great job ofc, I can almost believe he’s the one who voiced him lol) 

The cast leaves the stage. While the next set is being prepared, VTR plays with chosen scenes from the Kuro no Jidai (Dark Era). Ango’s seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun appears on video to comment. (I’m sorry Junjun spoke really fast; I had a tough time understanding what he was saying at all) What I remember is that he wished people should at least be kinder towards Ango. ^_^ One scene was where Odasaku, Dazai, and Ango gathered for the last time to drink in the bar, where Ango wished that sometime in the future, when their lives get better and peaceful, the 3 of them can get together once again for a drink - to which Odasaku interrupted and didn’t let him finish his sentence. 

Miki Shinichiro, seiyuu of Mimic’s leader, also gives a video comment on his scene vs Akutagawa, and vs Odasaku. 

Luck Life live came in next with “Namae wo yobu yo” and “Kaze ga fuku machi.” Oh I really, really love the last one. You know the feels you get every week when the instrumental intro of the Kaze ga fuku machi starts to play in the episode’s ending?? T.T Vocalist PON shares how he thought carefully on writing the lyrics, considering the characters’ feelings and experiences like how many things have happened, the cherishing of the important things, and the existence of important “nakama” (comrades) around you. 

The seiyuu cast went back onstage to play a game called, “Busou senta shiken” (Agency examination). Basically, they have to answer the emcee’s questions about BSD. Besides the correct answer, points will also be given to those who give answers deemed interesting aka “omoshiroi pointo.” School desks, chairs, sketchpads, and pens were prepared and set up. While everyone behaved and took their seats properly, Mamo proceeds to lie down and strike a pose on top of the desk while ofc Kiiyan also does his own. (these two!!! :D) When they took their seat, Mamo began sketching something on his pad, even without any question from the emcee yet. Kiiyan does the same thing. (someone please stop these two from being dorks!! :D) After finishing, they showed their sketches which turned out to be Toyonaga’s portrait. Mamo won what suddenly turned out to be a “contest”, as Toshi imitated his face on Mamo’s masterpiece. (Toshi then used this as his Twitter icon after!) 

Question: How many times did Akutagawa said the word “jinko” from eps 17-24 (if i remember the ep coverage right) 

Uemura and Kenshou answered more than 10 times, more than the other cast’s answers. So the VTR played and we started counting. The answer turned out to be 9 times. (Personally I thought it was more tho) No one got the right answer! Kamiyan answered 6, then quickly turned his answer upside down to make it appear as 9 lol. He got the omoshiroi points as a result. Hosoyan and Toshi got points for getting close to 9, answering 8 and 10 respectively.

Next: Draw the doll that Q carries with her. 

Hosoyan’s was shown first which turned out to be the typical Japanese girl doll. (ok I did not expect that from you Hosoyan XD) Mamo was next which showed Koitsu, you know, his beautiful character doodle. Kamiyan, as expected of him, drew a cat. Toshi drew Mamo’s portrait. Ok we’re not getting serious answers here. Kiiyan worried about the trend saying that the order of showing the answers was wrong because his would then seem boring. (Ok now I did not expect that from you Kiiyan XD) Kiiyan and Kenshou showed theirs at the same time. They did draw what the doll seems to be like getting an “Oohh” reaction from the crowd. In the end Uemura’s turned out to be the most similar. The others got omoshiroi points tho lol. 

And wait, an important shocking revelation: Mamo voiced the doll, as in that crazy laughter. He said it himself but because it’s Mamo I’m not sure whether he’s joking or not XD I was waiting for him to say, “Uso da kedo” (It’s a lie, though) as in Dazai, but he didn’t so maybe it’s true. He can do anything ok :3 

Question: Fill in the blank. One word from Chuuya’s chant in awakening “Corruption.” “Nanji, inutsunaru ____ no kyoyou yo. Aratamete ware wo mezamasukoto nakare.“ 

Ofc Kiiyan knows the answer but ofc he did not give it away. I don’t know if that’s really the case but nobody seemed to know the right answer. They just answered random words. Kiiyan answered, “バラス” (barasu). Mamo gave a long random group of words (idk if i just didn’t understand the meaning or they had no meaning at all XD) Kiiyan, as Chuuya, performed the chant, using his and Mamo’s answer lololol. Kamiyan answered Miya-no; Toshi answered O-no. Kiiyan did not want to chant with their answers lol. Meanwhile Hosoyan looked seriously troubled thinking of an answer (maybe it was hard to think of smth interesting this time lol) In the end no one got it, which is actually “oujoku” (Corruption) 

Now this is one of the best parts of the event: Kiiyan did the chant. Like OMG I’m crying I heard him voice Chuuya LIVE awakening Corruption. All my feelings T.T I just want to mention that of all the characters that Kiiyan has voiced, Chuuya is my favorite T.T And I really really love his voice as Chuuya. And I heard it live. Ok I’m not okay T.T 

Last, draw the pattern of the tail of Poe’s pet raccoon. 

Toshi drew the whole raccoon nicely (for real) but the tail was only partly shown (even tho that was the point of the question!) Kiiyan just drew a circle lol (Kiiyan it’s a raccoon, not a bunny ok). Kamiyan drew two long tails (why two Kamiyan why) Again Hosoyan was seriously drawing his, he even changed his first answer. When done, he was trying to get the emcee’s attention for him to show his answer by hesitantly raising his hand; but the emcee was busy looking at others’. So he just gave up and kept silent. (Oh precious Hosoyan baby let me protect you from this cruel world) Everyone has shown their answers except Hosoyan. The emcee (really forgetting or bullying? Hosoyan) was about to announce the correct answer, but the audience shouted “Hosoyan!” (I shouted really loud you cruel emcee), and so his answer was shown. In the end he got the correct answer!! Yey! Alongside Toshi tho. 

 The results came out: Winner - Hosoyan!! 42.5/100 Hosoyan was surprised himself, saying he had no idea how when he only got the last one right. Turns out the omoshiroi points also helped. Mamo commented on how low the highest score was lol. Hosoyan was awarded a bottle of wine and a certificate. Oh how happy Chuuya would’ve been if he had won. Anyways Hosoyan also likes wine. Kiiyan commented that it was nice that Hosoyan won the certificate which has “合格” (goukaku, success/eligibility) written on it as opposed to being called Ningen 失格 (shikkaku, ineligibility) earlier :3

The second part concludes. Then a VTR of the Kuro no Jidai was shown again. This time Suwabe Junichi, Oda Sakunosuke’s seiyuu, appears. He commented on how good the anime graphics were esp in the fight scene of Odasaku and the Mimic leader. 

He wanted Odasaku to have stayed more (like we all do) but understands that the present Dazai would not have been who he is if not for what happened to Odasaku, which we also understand (but still this hurts right :() Odasaku was a character that really left a great impression and he was happy to have been able to play the character even just for a short time. 

It’s finally GRANRODEO’s live with “Trash Candy.” The crowd went wild but my world stopped spinning as I just stood there staring at Kiiyan. I was savoring the moment as I finally heard the most beautiful singing voice in the planet live. I was thinking how blessed I am for being able to to see Kiiyan as a seiyuu, and as GR’s vocalist, in one event. And oh, it was Val-san’s last performance with GR. How ironic as it was just my first. :( 

I was not prepared for this but after GR, the emcee announced that it was already time to say goodbye. The cast and the bands appeared onstage for the last time, saying their words of farewell. Kiiyan was glad to be able to take part as a seiyuu and as GR’s vocalist in this anime. Screen mode’s vocalist, Hayashi Yuu, likewise also took part as a seiyuu (Tachihara’s). Luck life went on to promote their upcoming live :3. Hosoyan shared how acting in BSD has challenged him to do his best more. Kamiyan wanted to keep doing Ranpo. Uemura was ofc the last one to speak, and this kid really did say such heart-warming thanks and message. This is his first main protagonist role, and he’s being surrounded by such senpai-s. Mamo also shared that when the cast was announced, the director told him, “Uemura wo tanomu” (I’m leaving Uemura under your care). He felt so much of being a senpai, reflecting how far he has come right now. He has also witnessed how the two, Uemura and Kenshou (Atsushi and Akutagawa alike) has grown well throughout their experience in this anime. 

It was goodbye and all but two letters addressed to Uemura and Mamo arrived. The letters were in black-colored papers, with their names written on it. Mamo commented that he doesn’t like to receive such letters and thought that he had heard such a thing before XD (Hello Yagami Light) 

Turns out they contain special announcements. Uemura announced that a stage play adaptation has been decided, which received a great response from the crowd. 

Last is Mamo’s as the screen projected the movie poster. And there was nothing but loud cheers. IT’S A MOVIE. And it’s a new story. And most importantly, it’s SOUKOKU. Ok let me process that. Let me cry. T.T Kiiyan imitates Chuuya’s pose in the poster. They then apologized to Uemura and Kenshou for “overtaking” their kouhai-s when just a while ago they were talking all about them lol. 

Now it’s really time to go. 3 Uemura led everyone as he shouted “Bunsto” to which everyone, audience and cast, responded with an overwhelming, “DAISUKI!!” then the confetti fell from above. Whoa. Such a beautiful sight

Lastly, VTR appears with chibi Dazai asking the audience who wants to commit suicide with him on the way home. Ok everyone volunteers. Atsushi, Akutagawa, and Chuuya appear stopping Dazai from his attempt. Atsushi was ordered by Kunikida to go home with Dazai to prevent Dazai from causing harm. Akutagawa eagerly volunteers to go home with his senpai but got rejected (cruel Dazai lol) Chuuya was being tsundere but prevents Dazai from doing anything else. Ok this is Dazai’s harem. That’s how it is but then again, Dazai failed to find a beautiful woman willing to commit suicide with him. ^_^

Photos and screenshots from Official accounts (Twitter/Blog):

And in celebration of the movie project and 200k++ Twitter followers, they gave us these precious present:

This post got longer than I thought. And forgive my inconsistent grammar; I just kept on writing with a little proofreading. ;)

Anyway, this is such a happy event. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and I’m glad that this is my first seiyuu event ever. Looking forward to more and more events in the near future!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

flower petals [c.m x  reader]

Connor Murphy x Reader

 Request : @doilyloily 

 “ Write me some connor Murphy x reader where reader is really positive and when connor bumps into her and he thought she would make it dramatic and say that he attacked her, but she just “oh no, I’m sorry.” And he’s just so ??? Shook ??? And then they’re apparently neighbors so when she says hi and walks to school with him he’s also ??? Shook ??? And then after a while he’s just: oh heck I love you and BOOM it’s fluffy. Idk man. “ 

 Warnings: swearing, cuteness. 

 Y/N = your name \ Y/L/N = your last name

this is extremely out of character lol but i like happy Con so…

xoxo cass

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Any thoughts/fave moments on the new gaming vid? :^) bless us with your words pls

ahhhh god they just seemed so happy and chill in this video didn’t they? i enjoyed it quite a lot. it was unexpectedly funny in places and pretty typics bants for them and i loved that phil voiced pretty lengthy opinions throughout it. i also thought dan went out of his way repeatedly to signal his awareness of the audience gaze, making this an interesting video in that it was simultaneously more calm and less “produced” or over-performed but also v self-aware (whereas normally when dnp get super in their heads about recognizing that everyone is watching them they become v persona-y and overdone.) i’ve divided up my thoughts for each of them and thought i’d go sort of question by question (they are bolded)!!! i think in general there aren’t too many profound conclusions to be drawn from this video–the thing about their being super aware that this is going to go out to their audience of millions is that they become more restrained in saying anything actually illuminating about their more serious thoughts/feelings. but that being said there were obvi a solid number of noteworthy moments


  • the boy was so assertive and even sassy in this. i was excited. lil comments throughout like, ‘I’m a bit concerned that you’re seeing it as a brown circle .. new video: getting dan’s eyes checked,’ or ‘life isn’t grand theft auto guys,’ or just the way in which he delivers the ‘let me tell you my answer’ during the monkey question .. he was just so forthright in voicing his thoughts and taking no shit and i was rly loving it the whole time, bless him
  • when introducing the vid dan talks about how the audience will judge them but phil quickly follows with a reassuring ‘we’re learning things about each other’ and i thought that was interesting like he wants to insert that note of authenticity to push back against dan’s comment. i mean i rly doubt they’re doing this game to learn a single damn thing they don’t already know about each other but phil with this comment is trying to make us feel more like we are watching them do something genuine on a chill afternoon at home, instead of something that they are literally performing for us. cool cool 
  • illegal firearm: good stuff. a lovely demonstration of phil’s ~lateral thinking~ and tendency towards constructing a fuller narrative for whatever info is presented to him. 
    • i liked that he kept asking for more information and questioning dan w details like “how do i know they’re illegal” “whose drawer” etc. and dan tries to move on and end the speculative questioning but phil literally says “wait” to keep talking about the methods he would use to evade being accused of any crime if the firearm was in his own drawer. 
    • also his voice is so northern here when he’s like ’then they’d know i didn’t touch it’ the way he says ‘touch’ yes good
  • the power to stop time: this one was mad interesting. 
    • first of all. they’re not sleeping. phil only slept 5 hours. we’ve written so many posts about their being tired and rushed in their content bc they were churning out so many vids in the time before they left for australia but damn, to hear phil confirm he only slept 5 hours is p cray. it’s no wonder they were soooo ‘chill’ in this. they’re tired. 
    • with respect to the actual question tho. i love phil asking ‘what is a pervy stuff’ and dan being so done w phils attempt at maintaining innocence. but then i also loved dan trying so hard not to smile when phil is grinning and clarifying that he doesnt mean that he doesnt know what a pervy stuff might entail but just that he needs to know ‘how pervy are we talking.’ lol dan is so amused and fond. then phil actually laughs so hard at dan saying ‘as long as u don’t leave a trace’ which is great bc phil’s unfiltered/genuine reactions to sex talk that aren’t trying to be revolted or unaware or uncomfortable are great
    • phil’s actual real time go-to thought for what he would do with this power is sneaking into a locker room and he says it with a glaring lack of gendered pronouns. noted. in conjunction with his interest in abs this is very fascinating information to me. 
    • and then dan is very insistent phil would do the pervy stuff even after phil states he’s going with disappearing from a convo. he signals it while phil is explaining his choice then even explicitly says ‘you tell the audience that.’
  • trapped in sewer: phil would lick a foot. dan needs us to know so he repeats it. ok sure fine
  • shitting when sitting: phil is a creative. the iron pants solution, king of innovative undergarments 
  • mike tyson fight: 
    • the synchronized ‘why would u let him win’ was cute. 
    • dan saying ‘punch me dad’ is so chill now. like. no one gives any fucks. and phil is at the point where he literally agrees and says ‘guess that’s why’ 
    • i’m constantly shook about character development it’s starting to be unhealthy
  • visiting space: ok the first and only thing this made me question is whether we have ever heard phil utter the word orgasm. have we? i actually don’t think we have and i was laughing at how much he evaded saying it in the way he talked about this question. g-rated phil may be long dead but he’s still keeping things as clean as he can, given the circumstances. dan did not try and insinuate that phil is just saying moonwalking for the audience. so dan is fine saying phil rly wants to perv if he had the power to stop time, but he draws the line at insinuating phil wants to orgasm in space. good to know dan has (completely arbitrary) boundaries. 
  • ah yes. the already iconic monkey question: several noteworthy lines.
    • p: i would spoon a monkey for sure. he didn’t miss a beat w that. confident statement of interest in animal intimacy from phil. splendid.
    • p: k-k-mar-kiss? i didn’t say kiss? d: that’s non-sexual it can be like a friendly kiss, a romantic one. interesting to me in that it confirms that dan draws distinctions between friendly (platonic), romantic, and sexual intimacy but that he also sort of equated platonic and romantic. on twitter he stated in a reply that he thinks friendly kissing is like a cheek kiss in greeting. its likely that romantic kissing is something more than that and more like the spooning and whatnot he suggested, but he lumps both of them into this category of a loving and intimate relationship. meanwhile sexual kissing is obvi ,, sexual kissing. but cool to hear a little bit about the way dan conceptualizes these categories
    • d: (about acting like a married couple) that could have a lot of drama and tears. you’d fight non-aggressively. i mostly think he’s using the common dumb jokes that society makes about marriage as being a loveless trap but also interesting that he went right to that dig and didn’t rly laugh about it or try to make it seem like a joke. he just said it and it’s sort of weirdly specific. ofc we can easily speculate that this might reveal some of dan’s thoughts about marriage or rly just his thoughts on a long term relationship bc it’s less about the institution of marriage. but i have doubts on whether that’s reasonable since, as i’ve been saying, dan is v aware he’s being watched and i doubt he’d take this as an opportunity to voice his thoughts about marriage and commitment and what is likely to happen when two people “act like a married couple” 
    • d: i mean you couldn’t have anyone else in your life if you have this loving relationship. ah i love this one. dan confirming that whether or not sex is in the equation, a loving and intimate relationship would mean there would be no space for another person in phil’s life is just. good. unlike the marriage comment i do think we can analyze this one a bit further bc it’s almost a throwaway comment–it’s not the punchline or centerpiece of what dan is saying making it more likely to be a reflection of how he really feels. and it’s not a common thought to be honest, that if you’re in an intimate/loving relationship you can’t have anyone else in your life, meaning it doesn’t seem like some common joke he’s just repeating. i take it to mean that dan sees romantic love as a true marker of closeness and connection with someone–a closeness that you can’t and don’t share with other people whom you do not romantically love. and that that intimacy doesn’t have anything to do w the sex that you may or may not be having with the person that you love. what a romantic fuck. honestly spoken like a man whose best friend and long term romantic love are one and the same. 
    • p: let me tell you my answer. i would spoon the monkey and watch some game of thrones and then go to bed in separate rooms. honestly, to me, this is the least interesting comment in this whole exchange. i know a lot of people think this sounds oddly reminiscent of dnp’s relationship or something but i genuinely think phil was in this scenario in his head. maybe he’s pulling from real life when thinking about the elements of being romantically intimate w someone that he could use for his example (aka spooning and game of thrones) but i think he’s rly thinking about the monkey and how not to spend too much time with it in this scenario, hence the sleeping in separate rooms addendum. idk. he’s talking about a relationship w a monkey yall i dont think he’s going to use that as a proxy to give us a thinly veiled clue about his day to day habits with his not-as-yet-confirmed boyfriend. mostly confused that a lot of people are treating it as “confirmation” that dnp don’t have sex lol


  • ‘this is really going to say a lot about our personalities and you’re going to judge us.’ he opens strong with that audience awareness. it carries throughout the video.
  • house is on fire: probably the most interesting of the dan questions.
    • dan looks so uncomfortable as soon as phil inserts himself into this scenario by saying that he (phil) would be “all the people.” the sigh is so real bc dan clearly did not want to treat this like a serious question but phil framing it as dan needing to choose between his own life and a kitten’s life and phil’s life suddenly really ups the seriousness of it. 
    • i feel for him. that’s honestly such a fucking difficult question to answer. i thought of the closest relationship in my life which is my sister and what i would do if she was like ha ha who would u save me or yourself and then having to actually think about both of those horrifying scenarios. either dan lives and has to live without phil or phil lives and has to live without dan and like jfc how r u supposed to pick or even try to take that seriously idk
    • i say all of this to add more context to dan’s answer and the sarcastic ‘bc the internet is watching,’ that he adds to it. i genuinely think dan was uncomfortable with this question and i also fully empathize with that so i think the sarcasm was added as a way to treat it more like a joke like ha ha i guess i’ll save u bc i’m a good person not ha ha i guess i’m picking this bc idk what to do since this question is horrific
    • ‘everyone is inherently good,’ says phil. ‘or at least that’s what i want to believe.’ i always think the thing w phil+optimism is a bit overhyped but like damn if he’s rly out there trying to believe this, then that’s p cool and very very lovely
  • everything turns into gold: there was def a dan rant about physics or monetary inflation or something that got cut out of this question bc he yells about it being stupid then there’s a v glaring jump cut then he’s saying ‘in a universe where this makes sense,,’ lol idk whether to be relieved or intrigued about the fact we didn’t get to hear it
  • phil dead and he’s been hanging w the twin: i loved the bit when phil asks dan to ask him a question only phil would know the answer to and dan responds, essentially, that there isn’t a question he could ask phil bc ‘you’ve been fernando the whole time.’ dan is wrong lol the question doesn’t say that the best friend has always been the twin–just that the best friend died at some point in the friendship and was replaced w a twin, unbeknownst to dan. i love that dan can’t even entertain the possibility that phil could be replaced with someone at some point in their friendship like nope too outlandish it’s obvi just saying phil has been a person w a different name all along .. in which case, as dan rightly points out, there’s hardly a dilemma. it’s just that you didn’t know your friend’s real name. what is the point of that. lol. a cute and probably unintentional way of avoiding any of the emotional weight of this scenario and i love it
  • dan as pres: dan thinks he’d be good in the role of president. he probs would be ok
  • spider: i am very fascinated by the way dan leans kinda forward and mostly into phil at 9:04 when he’s talking about being a spider and exploring someone’s body. why did he do that. what is he doing idk
  • become a god: 
    • making fun of lads and lad culture. i’m into it. i am always into them lowkey shitting on toxic masculinity. so funny. 
    • again phil tries to insert himself in the scenario by saying that if dan chose to incinerate earth he’d be incinerating phil, but dan was absolutely not having it 

overall they are cute and clever and good at knowing where to draw boundaries about the things they talk about but to do so in a gentle and natural way for the most part so this video was good and interesting but probs not revelatory but still very entertaining and funny and sort of soft in unexpected ways so i really liked it. i really like them xx 

(what would you do if…)

O.K.K.O: Let’s Be Heroes! Series Review

Now HERE’S a show I’ve wanted to get a chance to sit down and watch forever. O.K.K.O: Let’s Be Heroes! is the rare show that comes along every once in a while that immediately sparks my interest upon seeing some previews. The show is just everything I love as a person. It’s back to good ol’ hand drawn frame by frame, it’s got both fun physical AND well written humor, and it features some of my favorite people in the industry around like members of the animation team behind the also fantastic Steven Universe and the guys behind some of the most phenomenal animation on the web, Studio Yotta, which fans may know created most of the music videos for the band Starbomb.  As if the show was literally made for me it also premiered on my birthday no less. It’s centered around one of the coolest concepts ever … FIGHTING. Yeah, I know that recently we’ve been getting pretty tired of violence in the real world and for good reason. The controversial shit is really getting to a lot of people. But there’s two types of fighting: that which is propelled by maliciousness and hatred, and that which is for sportsmanship, adrenaline and honest to God fun. This show is the latter type of fighting through and through, and it is AWESOME. Naturally this show did not disappoint me. I binge watched a whole bunch of it to get caught up and had a big ass grin on my face the whole time.


 K.O is a spunky, ambitious and good hearted little kid (Think Steven Universe and Goku from DBZ mashed together, and a bit of Ryu from Street Fighter) who wants to become a hero like the people around who inspire him, such as the towering musclebound badass of a plaza boss Mr. Gar. To do this, he ends up getting employed at Lakewood Plaza Turbo and works alongside Radicles, the pompous macho alien man with the levitation beam who’s secretly hiding a sensitive side (think Lars from Steven Universe but more endearing and less of a pain in the ass), and Enid, the snarky, sarcastic ninja who gives no fucks. They go on some misadventures, learn some lessons about themselves, occasionally Lord Boxman and his goons cause some trouble but they’re never threatening, and once in a while we get some clues into Mr. Gar’s past and how it’s tied to K.O’s mom Carol.

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I’ve gone on record before in saying that the best show premises are the ones just broad enough to go in all sorts of different directions with creative storytelling, and this show is thankfully no different. It’s got a great memorable setting with an expansive likable cast, great recurring jokes and a refreshingly fun tone about it. You can definitely tell the Steven Universe team worked on it because that and O.K.K.O have very distinct similarities, especially early season one of SU. The main difference to me though is the level of drama and the quality of humour. It’s a relatively new show that promises to introduce some drama down the line so comparing that to SU doesn’t feel fair at this point in time, but I’m very confident in saying O.K.K.O is funnier. SU has decent jokes, don’t get me wrong, but something about O.K.K.O just got me to laugh more consistently at it’s ultra bizarre humor. My favorite jokes tend to be the ones about Enid hating having to deal with entitled customers, but my favorite joke in the whole show thus far involves a certain coffee pun making mughead named Joe Cuppa. It’s a reveal that is so surreal and so bewildering that I can’t spoil the surprise, but damn if it isn’t funny.

In terms of both storytelling and animation, despite being an action show first and foremost, O.K.K.O’s greatest attribute is it’s humor. The wild faces, the great comedic timing in the cuts, the bizarre movement of the characters at times, plus the combination of both surreal and poignant lines make for a consistently clever ride. There’s one particular episode that I think really captures the harsh reality of fandoms that’s relevant to an eerie extent, and it can all be summed up by this one line by Radicles.

“Who knew people could be so dumb about art they love so much?”

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Now, being an animator myself, one of the biggest attractions to this show for me was the fact that it was a return to classic Hand Drawn 2D animation. In a time where the vast majority of television programming is either passable but uninteresting character rigging or bland, texture lacking 3d animation, a return to what is in my opinion the most organic, spontaneous and therefore the most consistently interesting animation style is always welcome. The show even references it’s animation style at 24 FPS in one of the lyrics sung by Rebecca Sugar in the credits, which I adore.

“Every second that you see is 24 connected pieces. Thank you for coming. Thank you for staying. Thank you for watching the show.” - Rebecca Sugar.

Really, that lyric should be a pretty good indication about the kind of passion put into this show. When this show gets going, it’s got some of the most consistently satisfying and creative animation I’ve seen in a long time. The characters feel unbound by typical design conventions which allows for more flexibility in their expressions and their poses, and it makes for both very effective comedy and some of the most dynamic and well choreographed action scenes you can find on TV right now. A large contribution to the studio being able to pull this off is the simplistic art style. Every character is often times sketched pretty roughly with some proportions being askew at times, hands turning into little spheres, backgrounds lacking big details and so on. But what the art lacks in consistency it more then makes up for in fluidity and spontaneity. I’m actually glad they don’t care as much about the little details because it gives them the freedom to put more time into creating the kind of epic grand scale fighting we like to see. It really does feel like they put a lot of heart and soul into how this show looks. The intro and outro alone are hype as hell to watch.

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Now that said, the animation isn’t without it’s problems. Sometimes it’s really obvious where they put in minimal effort to save time, especially in large cheering crowd scenes, and I’ve noticed more then a few awkward cuts and transitions unfortunately when I could easily think of something that would have looked better and could be done in the same amount of time. But you can’t win everything I guess. All in all, I dig the way this show works and it has it’s priorities in check.


This show has a great cast that really fits each character. K.O. has a voice that’s kiddish and endearing, but it never gets annoying or grading, which is a flaw a lot of child characters have the unfortunate tendency of having. Chalk this up as another way in which K.O. is better then Steven Universe btw. Enid has a great voice for articulating a snarky give-no-fucks attitude but it’s also always great whenever she needs to be genuine. Radicles is the macho alien man so naturally he has a great voice that’s a combination of every surfer dude and college fratboy you ever heard of. He’s a pompous egotistical jerk certainly but he’s several times more endearing then characters of his archetype because he’s shown to not be completely heartless or needlessly cruel to people close to him. Mr. Gar is great and more often then not gets the funniest lines in the show. Carol is the sweetest most charismatic badass mom in all of cartoon history and I gush whenever she and K.O interact. All the supporting characters do great, there isn’t a single voice in the show I find unbearable. Also this show consistently gets awesome celebrity voices like Keith David, and, more notably, the dude who says “INCONCEIVABLE!” in The Princess Bride.

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Sound Design

Not a whole lot to say here other then it’s definitely serviceable. They sneak in some appropriate cartoon sound effects in there. The sound effects for the fight scenes like the crashing and exploding are pretty good. The intro song is fucking amazing. Like literally, I can watch the intro to this show over and over and be consistently entertained, it’s great. That’s the true sign of a promising show; when you can always sit through the intro and not get tired of it.

Art Design

I’ve already touched upon this point in the animation section, but as I mentioned before the art style is very minimal at times. But that’s totally fine. It acts in the shows favor more often then not because it gives the animators freedom to put their best work in the places that matter. Plus the character designs are great and memorable, they cover the bases for character design 101. You can tell who each character is in silhouette. Their inspirations are pretty plain to see like K.O. is so obviously modeled after headband clad fighting dudes like Street Fighter or Double Dragon. Enid is so obviously a Naruto inspired character. Radicles is probably some alien marvel character, idk. Point being, everyone is distinct and they communicate their personalities through how they look. You know everything you need to know about K.O. through a single picture of him.

*fun fact: K.O’s character design was the inspiration for the design of Ruby in Steven Universe.


O.K.K.O: Let’s Be Heroes is everything I hoped it would be. It’s got a lot of heart, great surreal humor, intense and well choreographed action, great memorable characters and overall just leaves me with a simultaneously light/pumped up heart and a smile. The only thing I can really think of that’s wrong with it is it’s weird editing choices and select moments where cutting corners in animation was obvious, but that’s pretty small fry issues. I can’t wait to watch more.







PLL 7x18 Choose or Loose - Thoughts

- One of the best episodes of the entire series. Not just season, but series. Intense from start to finish. 7B: the season of NO DAMN FILLER. Well, aside from Jenna’s dress and Addison… but my gosh it feels good to tune in to episodes weekly where it’s just intense from start to finish. 

- TWINCER VIBES!!! Right after I post this, I’m going to go edit my Twincer theory post. We got so much in this episode. “Spencer” hooking up with Toby AND had a scar on her. Why would Spencer have a scar? We would know about a dangerous event Spencer did. But no. That has no explanation. Our Spencer does not have a scar. Also, “Spencer” was dressed in full black, almost like she just took her hoodie off and is wearing the underlay (like Aria was). Also, “Spencer” gave the girls new phones. Last time that happened, it was Mona giving Hanna a new phone, and Mona was A. I will DIE if Twincer is actually present right in front of our eyes, like attending the group meetings. And overall Spencer just wearing different clothes across the episode.

BIG EDIT that’s what happens when I stay up late to watch the episode.. I forget the basics. Happened last week too. Spencer got the scar from the windshield when Archer was killed, or from the gunshot wound. I think I got a bit ahead of myself with the Twincer theory stuck in my head!

- “Spencer” says to Toby “you know what its like to be the outsider. Removed from friends and family”. What made her say this? Nothing was said or done in this episode to prompt our Spencer to say this. Twincer?

- Mona Mona Mona. Ok, she comes in with answers regarding Aria. Good on her. But, there comes a point where “she’s Mona” isn’t gonna cut it. HOW did she find out it’s Aria? You saw her in the Brew holding an envelope… ok?? And?? Anyway. If they spent time explaining that, there would’ve been less time for the rest of the episode. Whatever, I get it. But it did slightly annoy me that the way they worked out Aria is involved is because Mona worked it out without telling us how.

- Mona is not AD!! She probably killed Charlotte.

- I liked the way the story with Aria’s betrayal paned out. Guys, I couldn’t even handle seeing arguments within the group over someone being an A minion… imagine if a liar was ACTUALLY AD. This episode just confirmed for me why, throughout all the years on here, I’ve been so against the theories that a liar is A. I don’t think there’s a lot of evidence and clues nor would it make sense but mainly I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

- They were VERY angry at Aria but honestly they had the right to be. Aria wasn’t just sending meaningless “I’m watching you” texts. She actually did shit. Bad stuff. And in my mind I was WAITING for Spencer to go up to her and apologise because Spencer, of them all, should get it. And she did!! I was so happy. That was good logical choices for these characters.

- Wait so is Marco gone for good? I was not shocked he took the case off. To me that shows he cares about Spencer and doesn’t have the guts to arrest her, which means all of Spencer’s condescending talk to him worked! Good one Spence.

- Welcome back Tanner. I love her. Tanner gets shit done. Her return brought me right back to 4A when she made a quote that 4 years later I still love - “I want to find out what it is about those 4 pretty girls that attract so many corpses” (or something like that). 

- Spencer did make a good point: why is Tanner so quick to assume the worst of the girls, when Tanner did learn and witness firsthand that there have been people trying to bully and harass the girls? In this case, the girls are guilty, but Tanner doesn’t know that… why can’t this be another framing, like last time? I believe the writers did a small error in character judgment. Tanner shouldnt be assuming the worst of the girls even amongst all the evidence. Someone frickn built a dollhouse for them once. If I were Tanner, I would consider that something similar is going on. Again, it isn’t - the girls did kill someone - but Tanner doesn’t know that. 

- Loved the element of a timer throughout the episode. That was a formula for a successful episode from 701 so it was a nice addition.

- I thought it was nice that no one said “Hanna you killed him, you give yourself in”. I kind of expected the writers to take that easy route. But, they didn’t, which is good, because that wouldn’t be true to the characters. I loved that scene where they all talk about each of their own contributions that lead up to that. Sure Hanna pressed the accelerator but how did they get there? All of them.

- Oh Aria. Your keys are in the trunk. Good luck driving off without having to open the trunk again. I think my car would start, as long as the keys are detected to be IN the car, but maybe it doesn’t work if they keys are in the trunk? PLL logic, idk. 

- I don’t know about anyone else but Aria’s phone calls with AD didnt make me cringe for once. Unlike the FaceTime calls. I thought the calls were actually creepy. But I’m probably the only one.

- You all know I’m here for the mystery and not the romance but my gosh did I appreciate the ships. All of them. The ending montage of all ships was just beautiful. I got a bit teary! (Because I know in 13 days this is all gone.) I don’t think a scene with the ships has gotten to me like that for probably years. No, definitely years. They nailed that. 

- NEXT WEEK!!! FFS CAN THEY STOP SPOILING THEIR OWN SHOW IN THE PROMO. I would’ve DIED if they told us who killed Charlotte, without having expected it! Now I know it’s coming and it won’t be a massive shock when they reveal it was Mona Oh and the “who’s coming for you” scene is being played next week.. 90% chance it’s just a dream. Ugh. Because who is possibly coming for Ali ?? They’re all in trouble? And why would she call herself Mrs Rollins? I can see them taking the easy way out and calling it a dream.

- Overall, honestly that was a 10/10 episode. Screw answers, they’re coming in 2 weeks. Heck, some even next week. Just judging it based on what it was, that was PLL at its absolute best. A LOT of mystery, and even good romance. Less than 2 weeks to go!

heatherlanntheclever  asked:

Is there any chance of a happy ending for the Lannisters? I know they are awful people but why develop their motivations and give each of them a genuine moment of compassion if they are just going to murder each other? Every other POV gets a moment of truth/redemption why not the children of Tywin/Patriarchy/Aerys and Disability? I'm a bad person myself so I need to believe the Lions can defy themselves and prophesy and overcome their nature or what's the point? Not all of us are born Starks.

Hey! So it’s gonna take me a few minutes to answer your question, but I promise I’m gonna get there.

In one of the other shows I watch, an actor commented on the banality of evil. He said that evil is something commonplace. Given the right circumstances, great acts of evil could be committed by your neighbors, or your friends, or you, or me. Because evil is so easy. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” You needn’t be a monster like Gregor to commit evil; you need only be human. 

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thecalamityqueen  asked:

For your "Send Me a Character" could you do Tenzo if no one has asked yet? I hate that you are sick! I hope you feel better soon, Captain. I'd make you chicken noodle soup and tell you sweet MadaKaka stories if you weren't so far away.

Aww thank you berry!  You know just what a girl needs to feel better lol!  Also, I keep switching between Yamato and Tenzou, because I can never decide on what to call him.  He wants to be called Yamato, but I personally like Tenzou better, but I want to respect this fictional character’s wishes, so I call him Yamato, but then the ask framed him as Tenzou so idk here i am, floating along.

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  • First impression
    • No. No no nonono.  I want Kakashi.  I don’t want this whoever he is, bring back Kakashi.  So what, he can make a box and has a scary face, who would honestly be scared by that it’s dumb. He’s dumb.  Where’s Kakashi?  Why is Kakashi gone? I don’t care I want Kakashi bring him back bringhimbackbringhimbaaaaaack
  • Impression now
    • My wonderous tree child, love of my life, apple of my eye, poor, precious baby who has been abadoned by his creator and forced to become a joke while he follows around the source of his trauma, you deserved better.  This world was not good enough for you.  Sweet angel, I want only soft and lovely things for you.  Also, boy is cut.  Have you seen those arms?  Did you watch the filler episode where he’s soaking in an undergound hotspring shirtless (during the arc where they’re shipping him out with Naruto to the Turtle Island in Lightening)?  DID YOU SEE THAT?  Because that was when I started thinking ol’cat eyes was attractive.
  • Favorite moment
  • Idea for a story
    • Tenzou and Tobirama meet.  They bond over having the same face-plate, and being practical ninja who take safety seriously.  Alright, alright, a serious one.  Tenzou was born Senju Nawaki.  Dazou (being an utter bastard) totally fucking kidnapped him for experimentation, and switched him with another baby (who becomes the canon Nawaki.  I’m going to say Orochin wasn’t a total ass at this point and wouldn’t have experimented on Nawaki for Tsunade’s sake, so Dazou never told him the truth of the child’s lineage). That is why Tenzou has the Wood Release.  Not because Orochimaru’s experiments were successful, but because Tenzou had the ability (or latent ability) in the first place.  The experiments would have killed anyone else, but the Uzumaki longevity kept him alive.  The child who replaced him and is canonically known as Nawaki died because he was not an Uzumaki (like Tsunade is, by Mito).  It made canon Nawaki unable to withstand the same levels of trauma, which led to his death at a young age.  This gets uncovered after ROOT is brought to pieces, after the war, and Tsunade and Tenzou develop the sibling relationship they should have had from the start.  It’s about mutual healing, and while Tenzou isn’t a replacement for the boy Tsunade loved like a brother, he is a chance at having a family again.  He becomes Senju Yamato, and Tsunade is always teasing him to give her nieces and nephews.  Yamato blushes redder than a tomato every time, of course. “N-n-ne-nee-sama!  D-don’t say things like that!”  "Stop it with the ‘sama,’ otouto!  Call me neechan “bu-but Hokage-i mean-nee-sama, I can’t!  You’re the hokage!” and then Tsunade gives the hat over to Kakashi because she just wants to live a peaceful life with her new brother and also so Yamato will stop having excuses to address her as her ‘sama,’ but it’s a constant struggle.
  • Unpopular opinion
    • I don’t know how unpopular this is, but it’s the one I’ve got;  Yamato being forced to follow Orochimaru around isn’t funny.  Let me say that again for those of you in the back;  


    • Look, I get it.  It’s a cartoon.  But the idea of having to trail the person who abused me by torturing me as a lab experiment so soon after I just finished being another madman’s lab experiment because of the shit the first guy did to me is so fucked up.  Can you imagine, having to face your abuser while recovering from another string of abuse?  I mean, he was a child, he was helpless.  Maybe becoming a ninja helped with that.  He got strong.  He can protect himself.  Never again will he be taken in by a psycho trying to use his DNA—OH WAIT HE FUCKING WAS!  He was hooked up to a crazy tree, had the life pretty much sucked out of him because of the fucking DNA Orochishitface put in him, was made to be helpless again, and now it’s cool for him to be spying on the single person responsible for everything bad that’s ever happened to him, and it’s supposed to be funny?  It’s cruel.  And yes, ok, he’s a fictional character.  I get it.  But you know what? It’s dumb storytelling.  You basically erased the character’s past for a gag.  There were a million other things Yamato could have been doing.  Have him working in the Hokage’s office protecting Kakashi.  Give him a Family and make him a Tree Dad (Shizune is single, there you go.  Let’s paste together a relationship for him.  He’s interacted with her more than Kiba has interacted with the chick they got to be his wife).  Fuck, maybe Yamato is too traumatised and so he opens an orphanage so that no children will have to go though what he did.  Maybe Yams goes on a journey to find himself, collecting street urchins as he goes.  Maybe he opens up a Flower Shop and is now Rivals with Ino because his flowers and plants are always better (she complains all the time over him ‘cheating’ and sends Sai out to sabotage him.  There are constant mini-wars between the Yamanakas and Tenzou.  He’s usually ahead, because any damage they cause to his store he can rebuild in a second, while they actually have to rebuild (or wait for Yamato to feel guilty enough to fix it for them—Sakura is always trying to convince him to leave it; anything to one up Ino).  Maybe Yams starts growing herbs and stuff for the hospital?  Maybe the story I mentioned in the last bit comes to pass.  I don’t know, but I just thought of those on the fly and they’re already better ideas than being forced into a “comedy” routine with fucking Oroshitfucker.
  • Favorite relationship
    • We don’t really get to see many of his relationships except with Kakashi, so that wins by default.  I do like that they both kind of saved each other—Kakashi saving Tenzou from ROOT was just as important as Tenzou saving Kakashi from himself.  Both of them were drowning, smothered by traumas and hurts and just shitty fucking lives, and then they rescued each other.  So it started off very balanced between the two of them, they were on even footing.  Of course, Tenzou—who had never really had a relationship up to that point—puts distance between them by giving Kakashi a position of power over him (even if it’s just by calling him senpai) and kind of ruins that.  You can’t really build a steady, healthy relationship when there’s an uneven power dynamic in place.  Kakashi is always trying to get Yamato to address him without the honourific, but poor Tenzou is just like but…but…you saved me senpai I love you *heart eyes* and Kakashi is just like why do I always attract the weird ones?  What’s kind of tragic, is that Tenzou’s gratefulness and admiration towards Kakashi is was makes him want to address Kakashi as his senpai, but it’s that show of adoration and respect that is keeping Kakashi at a distance.  In this way, Yamato is the obstacle keeping himself from what he wants.  Poor tree man :’(
  • Favorite headcanon
    • This is actually something @fineillsignup​ wrote (I’m pretty sure?  I hope so), but I love the idea of Yamato calling Kakashi ‘Hokage-senpai’ instead of ‘Hokage-sama.’  It’s cute and super Yamato and I love it.  It’s official, this is how Tenzou addresses Kakashi.  Fight me.

Here is the ask! Send in a character!  Up next is Gai, then Genma, Hidan and Adult!Obito!

Already done:  Madara, Kakashi, Shino

ok I’m still dead tired but I gotta do some sort of reaction post before I forget everything that made an impression on me. If i can find it, I’ll watch it again tomorrow, and think about it more carefully. It’ll be more relaxing to watch with subs. I plan to have a Sushi & Kyousei night in :D But I had such a good time at the theater so I gotta put something down before I go to bed.

First of all, I think getting to see it in the theater improved my reaction to it. Kyousei is mostly battle, when you get down to it. The first half is so fun, has that crazy “on the run from the government with aliens!” shtick that is so popular, I kept thinking how Digimon could easily have been X-men or the like and it’s probably to our advantage that Adventure is nothing like that. Makes Kyousei more interesting. But the second almost half is a reeeeally long battle scene. An epic, awesome battle, but in the end all one scene with a lot going on. In the theater, the sound is just so impressive, the emotion in the characters’ voices so loud and powerful… Idk, I have enjoyed all the Tri movies I’ve seen in the theater much better than when I only saw them online. So there’s something to be said for that.

Trying to remember and compile my thoughts but this is a very random stream.

  • I really enjoyed the opening scenes in the digital world with the landscape constantly changing! It was scary and hilarious at the same time.
  • I was really happy that we were SHOWN Meiko getting a new pair of glasses! I wear glasses and it always bugs me how cartoon characters whose glasses get smashed, or even just covered in rain, seem to have no trouble getting around without them. I cannot see a blessed thing without mine. If I don’t have an umbrella when it rains, I will walk into a wall. So i just really appreciated that detail xD
  • Maki is so creepy, she really seems like she’s broken inside, and she probably didn’t intentionally end up in the dark ocean… I’m curious to see what her fate is. I am certain she and Bakumon will be reunited in some fashion, but I’m kind of hoping it’s bittersweet rather than just sweet. And I want to see Daigo meet his partner again.
  • Speaking of Daigo… he was kind of hot in Kyousei. o.o I haven’t felt that way towards him before even though he’s voiced by Namikawa Daisuke xD
  • One reason to think Wizardmon is connected to Maki’s Bakumon is they both appear in similar semi-hidden positions on their respective posters. Now that I think of it, that seems very suggestive. But I’m most intrigued by the possibility I mentioned in this post.
  • In the poster for Bokura no Mirai, Hikari appears to be clinging to Taichi’s arm. Could mean nothing. They are falling after all. But given how Kyousei ended, I think it’s a hint that Hikari’s story is far from done, so those of you who were disappointed about how she was handled, I get it, and I think you should expect to see much more developments with her in movie 6. Think of movie 5 as a red herring. Of course, I can’t guarantee you’ll like her developments…
  • In addition… was anyone else creeped out by the way Hikari said “I have to be with my brother”? Or however they translated it? Why? Why does she need to do that? I would expect her to express love and need for Taichi, sure… but the way it goes down here is… creepy. Aside from what actually happens to her. Is it possible… this is going out on a limb, but is it possible that all the way back in the very first Digimon movie, Homeostasis imprinted Hikari with something and Taichi either was chosen as or became simply by virtue of being close to her a seal that kept a lid on it? Yet another sort of symbiotic relationship? Total speculation based solely on hikari’s creepiness.
  • I really did love the battle, to my surprise. It was long but I was so into it. Seraphimon was hella cool in it, as were the others.
  • Takeru was hysterical in the ghost stories scene. Yamato was too, but Takeru… he was just killin it. Also enjoyed how Yamato didn’t want to take the phone from Takeru… clearly he still has issues with his mom.
  • The scene where the Digimon watch Taichi talk to Meiko and get all gossipy!! That was so cute and ridiculous. I love how they’ve all become such huge fans of their newfound partners.
  • The fact that the Digimon have lost their memories had no bearing on this movie. That was weird. It ought to matter. In particular, I had predicted it would matter a lot for Tailmon, but nope. Nothing. Maybe next movie? That and lack of development for Hikari were my complaints for this movie, along with the pace being a little off but unfortunately that’s what is to be expected with an anime movie budget at this point in the storyline.
  • Raguelmon’s design was meh to me at first, but after a while I got into it. The Evangelion-wannabe that appeared at the end was not at all what I was expecting and majorly cool. I know it leaves us with a lot of questions, but I love that, it drives me up the wall wanting to know, and I am so looking forward to movie 6. I don’t mind at all that in the end Ophanimon didn’t do much :P
  • Loved every teeny scene with Jou and Mimi! and Takeru and Hikari! Was thirsting for more Koushirou though.
  • Meiko’s emotional crisis really moved me. I felt like she became a team member at last. Really contrasts with how Takeru worried about her being such a “normal girl” in the previous movie.
  • Taichi is so good in a crisis. So fricking good.
  • And the way he comforted Meiko. The questions he struggles with. His realism. His banter with his mom. Right before saying that they should kill Meicoomon as Meiko said, he thought about overhearing her express sadly and brokenly how much she loves Meicoomon. And yet he made that decision. The reason? He knew it was not made lightly, and that Meiko and Meicoomon’s suffering was extremely deep. He tried his best to take her every feeling into account to be sure she could accept this reality.
  • On that note, though. I really think the reason Meiko ran off like that at the end was because she intended to die with Meicoomon. Yamato being the quick protective type he is immediately rushed after her. Taichi, being more goal-oriented, took a beat to follow. I can easily believe that Yamato would be the one to key in to Meiko’s distress, while Taichi would key into her resolve.
  • The ending went very fast. I was on the edge of my seat in the theater. As soon as the ground split between Yamato and Taichi, I knew it was time for the foreshadowed “Death” XD I’m sure none of us believe Taichi is really dead, but I’m so psyched to see where he is and what will go down between him and Daigo. And Taichi sending Omegamon to save Yamato and Meiko was so cool. And Yamato deciding his role now is to see Taichi’s goals through and taking his goggles was amazing. It was all too fast and not as nicely animated as I would have liked (though the Taichi running on falling rocks scene reminding me of Legolas in Battle of the Five Armies xP). But it was awesome.

I am incredibly excited for the last movie, though it will be bittersweet because I’ve enjoyed Tri to pieces these past couple years. Digimon is such a gift.

anonymous asked:

i'm not trying to start drama but i don't know anything about s.e hinton as a person and you seem to have info. can you explain how she's rude and why you don't like her? :O

ok so sit tight kids i’ve been working on this for AN HOUR bc i started and i just got angrier and couldn’t stop so i’m putting it under a cut bc it’s long and ranty

Keep reading

there’s  a  lot  of  ugliness  going  on  in  this  community  the  past  few  months   .       people  have  been  exposed   ,   vauges  have  been  made    &    shit’s  been  dealt  with   .     we’ve  seen  racists    &    all  sorts  of  shit   ,   but  idk   .     i  wanna  talk  about  people  who  i  love    &    admire   ,   even  though  i  do  that  a  lot   .       this  isn’t  in  any  particular  order   ,   it’s  just  people  how  they  came  up  in  my  head  first   .

@spylot       .       i  think  there’s  a  reason  why  i  put  you  first    &    that’s  because  you’ve  done  so  much  for  us   .       you’re  the  literal  meaning  of  a  sunflower   ,   the  literal  incarnation  of  the  sun   .       you’re  a  shining  light  in  this  community    &    i’d  hate  to  lose  you   .       you’ve  been  through  so  much  shit    &    you  don’t  deserve  anything  negative  or  bad  that    ANYONE   has  ever  said  to  you   .       you’re  beautiful   ,   wonderful   ,   talented    &    amazing  to  speak  to   .       i  love    &    admire  you  so  much   .

@strlings       .       i  love  you  gracie   .       i  told  you  that  i’d  write  a  poem  for  you    &    i  truly   ,   truly  will   .       you’re  such  a  sweetheart    &    you’ve  introduced  me  to  archer   .       thank  you  so  so  much  for  being  around  when  i  need  you  most   ,   for  always  putting  a  smile  on  my  face    &    making  me  cry  over  two  fictional  characters   .       you’re  such  a  lovely  person  ilu   .

@runrisk     .       icb  the  way  we  started  talking  was  that  i  asked  if  i  could  pray  for  you   .       anyways   ,   i  love  you  tiger   .       you’re  amazing   ,   you’re  adorable   ,   you’re  a  huge  ass  meme    &    your  love  for  planes  is  so  admirable   .       i’ve  told  you  i’d  buy  five  boats    &    sail  to  cali  if  i  could    &    that  still  holds  true   .       you’re  such  a  beautiful  human  being   ,   your  personality  is  so  cheerful    &    you’re  such  a  sunshine  in  this  dark  spot   .

@tsunamial   .       allison       !       you’re  such  a  meme   ,   such  a  beautiful  human  being   .       i  love  you  mi  buttercup    &    you’re  just   … you’ve done so much for me, you’re always there when i need to talk to someone, always there to snap me in the mornings and tell me about your day!! i love you for that!!! you’re such a talented and creative person and your characer ideas always astoudn me. PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING OK I LOVE YOU

@agntsolo     .       wes  i  talk  to  you  so  much    &    you  get a special mention here because you deserve it. you’ve been through so much & you’re so strong. you’re so  strong    &    you’re  so  amazing   ,   your  bones  are  literally  made  of  steel   ,   i  swear   .       i’m  always  in  awe  of  you   ,   because  you  blow  me  away  constantly   .       i  love  seeing  you  on  my  dash    &    i  love  having  conversations  with  you    !

@ensavaged     .       dove   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  literally  the  creator  of  the  serial  killer  oc   ,   i’m  sure   .     the  fucking  amount  of  dedication  you’ve  put  into  adelyn  literally  blows  me  the  fuck  away  constantly   .       you’ve  built  her  from  the  ground  up    &    it’s  something  i  admire  so  much???   like  pls  scalp  me  every  day  with  your  beautiful  writing    &    wonderful  character  development   .

@alleyspat   .       elijah  i  love  you  a  lot   .       we’ve  not  spoken  a  whole  lot   ,   but  you’re  such  an  angel   .       i  love  knox   ,   i  love  the  effort    &    work  you’ve  put  into  him   .       you’re  such  a  wonderful  person  to  talk  to   ,   always  with  a  sweet  thing  to  say   .       you’re  so  sweet    &    a  literal  fucking  angel  i  love  you  so  much   .

@viduamor   .       i  admire  you  so  much   .       jean   ,   you’ve  brought  one  of  my  favorite  comic  characters    &    fleshed  her  out  to  the  point  where  i’m  certain  that  you’ve  created  her   .       you’re  wonderful   ,   you’re  magnificent       !       seriously   ,   your  character  development    &    headcanons  astound  me    &    leave  me  thirsty  for  more   .       (     i’ve  reread  a  few  of  them  a  few  times   ,   tbh   ,   they  were  so  interesting  to  me     !     )       you’re  such  a  beautiful  person   ,   on  the  outside    &    inside          you’re  quick  to  stand  up  for  your  friends    &    you  take  no  shit   .       i  admire    &    look  up  to  you  very  much   .

@valorslain   .       LIA  I  LOVE  YOU  SO  MUCH   .       you’re  so  lovely   ,   so  beautiful   ,   so  talented   .       you’ve  stripped  dean  winchester  of  what  we    think    of  him    &    made  him  into  what  he    should    be   .       you’ve  created  him  into  your  own    &    that’s  so  admirable     ——-     you’re  such  a  beautiful  friend   ,   such  a  lovely  person  to  speak  to   .       you  make  me  cry  regularly  with  your  dedication  to  your  muses    &    your  skill  with  photoshop  makes  me  weep  even  harder   .      you’re  sweet    &    uplifting    &    i  wouldn’t  trade  you  out  for  anyone   .

@inheriteds   .       jannah   ,   i’ve  just  met  you  like       .  .  .      a  few  weeks  or  months  ago   .       i  love  you   .       you’re  amazing   ,   you’re  hilarious   ,   you’re  so  beautiful   .       your  blogs  leave  me  bald    &    honestly  my  dash  isn’t  complete  without  you  on  it     ?       like  wow  i  love  how  much  dedication  you  have  for  your  muses   ,   how  much  fucking  effort  you  put  into  everything   ,   how  fucking  into  your  characters  you  get     ?       your  fucking  dedication     &    admiration  of  your  characters  is  so  amazing  and  honestly  i  live  for  it   .       also  your  ooc  posts  make  me  laugh  every  time  i  see  them  so  that’s  definitely  something  to  look  forwards  to   .       i  love  you  so  much   .

@webfluid   .       honestly  i’ve  made  fun  of  your  name  so  many  times    &    i’m  not  stopping  now   .       levi   ,   leviathan   ,   lee  eye   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  such  a  good  man    &    i’m  glad  to  have  met  you   .       you’re  into  spider   -   man   ,   which  i  admire  so  much   .       you’ve  taken  such  an  iconic  superhero    &    created  him  into  your  own   ,   complete  with  fucking  mythology  symbolism     &    motifs   .       it  blows  my  mind   ,   really   .       it’s  amazing  and  i  love  it   .       idk  you’re  such  a  wonderful  human  being  i  love  you

@kidowatt   /   @techpaired   .       i  added  you  on  this  bc  i  thought  you  were  cool    &    i  was  just  gonna  shit  on  you   ,   but  nah   .       you’re  amazing   .       you’re  so  fucking  amazing    &    honestly  it  leaves  me  without  speech   .       your  love    &    dedication  to  your  muses  gives  me  so  much  joy   .      literally  just  talking  to  you  about  your  muses  makes  me  happy   .       even  though  you  tell  me  to  relax  whenever  i  get  overwhelmed       —-     often      —-       and  you  bully  me  constantly   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .      you’re  such  a  sweet    &    kind  person   .

@pyrrhist   /   @fentons   .       mason   ,   i  love  you  to  death   .       you’re  such  a  bright  spot  in  my  life  like  gee  whiz  lemme  tell  you    !       you’re  such  an  angel   ,   such  a  good  person   ,   such  an  amazing  friend  to  have  around   .       i’d  literally  follow  you  to  the  ends  of  the  earth  if  i  had  to   ,   because  my  dash  is  never  complete  without  you  on  it   .

@jakelongs   .       twigs  i  love  you  so  much   .      i  love  your  presence  on  my  dash   ,   i  love  seeing  you  around    ,   i  love  fucking  ???   talking  to  you   ,   which  is  something  we  gotta  do  more   .       I  HAVE  SO  MUCH  TO  SAY  BUT  IT’S  SO  LATE    &    I  DON’T  KNOW  HOW  TO  PUT  IT  IN  WORDS     idk  i  love  you  so  much  ok  you’re  such  a  wonderful  human  being   ,   so  kind    &    sweet    &    friendly  ok  i lu

@flychild   .       bico  i  reblogged  ur  sp    &    you  immediately  came  4  me  so     :  //       but  honestly  you’re  amazing   .     i  love  you   .    i  love  ur  portrayals  of  dick    &    kory    &    they  make  me  extremely  happy  to  see  on  my  dash   .       you’re  such  a  wonderful  soul   ,   please  never  change  ok  i  love  you  i  love  talking  to  you   .

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@nfears   .       magpie  ur  blog  is  literally  sinful    &    i’ve  never seen  the  word    daddy    be  written  more  times   .       but  i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  an  angel   ,   you’re  a  sweetheart   ,   i  love  talking  to  you   ,   i  love  your  writing  and  ur  religious  motifs g ET  ME  MOIST  every  time  i  see  them   .       i  love  them  so  much    &    i  love  you  so  much   .

@icheros   .       heneen  you  bully  me  too  much   .       you’re  so  fucking  mean  to  me   ,   why  am  i  adding  you  to  this    ?       nah  but  real  talk   ,   i  love  you  so  much   ,   even  though  you  make  many  remarks  and  send  me  snaps  that  i  just  kinda       .   .   .      don’t  respond  to   .     I  WILL RESPOND  TO  THEM  I  SHOULD       .      but  honessli  you’re  so  wonderful   .       your  writing  makes  me  smile  so  hard  bc  it’s  so  lovely   ,   you’re  such  a  lovely  person  to  talk  to  i  love  you  so  much   .

@prodigicals   .       honestly   ,   ronnie   ,   you’re  someone  so  amazing   .       you  fucking  leave  me  scalped  every  single  day    &    i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  such  an  angel   ,   the  true  meaning  of  glitter    &    stardust    !       i  love  talking  to  you    .       i’ve  told  you  this  so  many  times  but  i  love  talking  to  you   ,   i  love  having  you  as  a  friend   .      you’re  so  inspiring   ,   so   damn  motivational    &    i  wouldn’t  trade  that  out  for  anyone   .      i  love  your  disney    -    loving  ass  so  much    !

@sunwilt   .       jo  you’re  the  only  person  who  knew  what  this  was  gonna  be   ,   so  that’s  good   .      idk  you’re  amazing   .      you’re  so  encouraging    &    amazing  to  talk  to    ,   your  fucking  entire  being  is  like  made  out  of  fireflies    &    warm  stuff  that  draws  people  to  you   ,   i  think   .

@astralord   .       jean  you’ve  done  so  much  shit    &    you  really  bell  my  tacos   .       every  time  we  talk   ,   you’re   a  fucking  meme    &    i  love  you  for  it   .      you’re  so  wonderful   ,   so  amazing   ,   so  fucking  goddamn  awesome    &    i  love  you   .      i  love  ur  peter    &    i  love  your  writing   ,   i  love  talking  to  you  so  much  fuck  i  love  you  a  lot   .

@stardour   .       NIHI   ,   i  love  talking  to  you     .     about  your  projects   ,  about  your  oc  ideas     ???     i  love  them  all  so  much   .     you’re  so  creative   ,   so  fucking  innovative    &    i  love  it  so  much   .     i  love  your  writing   ,   which  is  literal  gold  spun  between  your  fingertips   .     i  just  love  you  so  much  it’s  so  amazing  ok  i  think  you’re  amazing  ok

@stargifts   .       dev  i  love  you   .       you’ve  made  me  laugh  too  many  times   ,   you’ve  made  me  smile  more  times  than  i  can  count   .       you’re   such  a  sunspot  in  my  life   ,   a  pocket  of  light  in  a  dark  world   .       you  never  fail  to  astound  me  with  your  writing   ,   with  your  portrayals       ?????       you  spin  pure  poetry  onto  tumblr    &    it  makes  me  so  fucking  happy  to  see  you  around    &    talk  to  you  .

@nexusbeing   .       i’ve  admired  you  from  the  first  time  i’d  met  you   .       you’re  a  beautiful  human  being   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .       you’ve  gone  through  so  much    &    you’re  so  fucking  strong   .     you’re  so  fucking  strong    &    i  aspire  to  be  as  strong  as  you   .     you’ve  literally  created  wanda  maximoff   ,   can  you  believe    ?       you’ve  brought  her  to  life   ,   tore  her  down  from  what  tonglr  has  made  her  to  be    &    made  her  genuine   ,   realistic   .       your  writing  brings  tears  to  my  eyes   ,   it’s  so  beautiful   .       please   ,   continue  to  be  so  beautiful    &    majestic    !

@gingertar   .       baecon   ,   i  love  you   .       you  love  so  many  things  as  i do    &    you’re  such  a  fucking  nerd    ??      idk  i’ve  not  followed  you  for  very  long  but  i  love  you  so  much   .       you’re  such  an  amazing  person   ,  such  a  lovely  human  being  i  love  you  so  much   .

@quinn   .       vic   ,   i  love  you  so  much   .      you’re  such  an  inspiration  to  me   ,  s uch   a  beautiful  soul  in  this  terrible  site   .       you’ve  explored  harley’s  character  so  much  that  i’m  convinced  that  she’s  your  own  creation   ,   honestly  you  introduced  me  to  her  character   .     i  love  you  so  much   .      you’re  such  an  amazing  person   ,   such  an  amazing  human  being  in  general   .

@rosesreds   .      you’re  definitely  gonna  have  a  lil  space  on  this  bc  i  love  you  so  much   .      i’ve  just  met  you  but  i  love  you  so  much    ?       you’re  such  a  beautiful  human  being   ,   such  a  lovely  sun  spot  on  the  dash   .     you’re  so  positive    &    sweet  in  our  conversations  i  love  you  so  much  ok  omg  i  lovee

@cnslt   .       ashley  i  love  you  so  much   .      i  tell  you  this  all  the  time   ,   but  i  love  you  so  much  .    to  infinity    &    beyond   .     you’re  always  there  to  talk   to  me  when  i  need  it   ,   always  there  to  fucking  start  a  conversation  or  let  me  yell  at  you  about  something  fluffy  that  i’d  just  thought  of   .    thank  you  for  being  such  a  beautiful  human  being    &    letting  me  keep  that  screenshot  of  ur  daddy  snap    ;   )))

@moraity   .       freya  i  loOVE  YOU   .     you’re  such  a  beautiful  person   ,   with  a  love  for  the  nuggs   .    i  love  you  so  much   .    i  didn’t  know  you  were  danish    &    i  didn’t  know  you  loved  danishes   ,   even  though  i  hate  them   .     you’re  such  an  uplifting  person   ,   such  a  beautiful  fucking  admiration  that  i  admire  ok  i  love  you  so  much   .

anonymous asked:

I have a funny story about discovering Robron and a question for you. It was 2015 and my friends had been talking about an epic love story called Robron for months. When I was visiting them, we watched ED on telly. My first Robron scene was the infamous scrapyard scene. It's safe to say that Robert made quite the first impression that has been hard to shake. I was also pretty concerned about my friends idea of great love after that. But then Robert got shot. 1/3

2/3 and I have always loved murder mysteries. So when Robert was in coma, I had to watch his scenes (which included Aaron) on YT to find out who could be the shooter. And I fell in love with the characters and have been watching since then. It took a really long time to believe in their love though. But to my question. What made Robert say such horrible things to Aaron? Because even today I’d say that I have hardly ever heard anyone to be that gross.

3/3 I mean it’s in character for Robert to say something bad but that was so out of line. Robert told his lover that he finds his scars/body disgusting, he’s with him out of pity, he accused Aaron of murdering Jackson which was a really low blow and he basically told Aaron that he should kill himself, and saying something like that to a person who has tried to do that is just… Although it showed how well Robert knows Aaron but still to use that against someone who you ‘love’ is unforgivable.

anon oh my god that’s… possibly the worst possible first impression you could get oh my godddddd.

to be brutally honest, i hate the scrapyard scene more than any other scene in existence and it did its job of making me root for robert to get shot lmao. which is sort of the point, so no one can say it isn’t effective at its job.

it is… possibly the one thing i have no idea how to talk about. it exists, it was written as part of a larger series of scenes that were there to make us believe that all these people would genuinely want to shoot robert and i sort of… ok, you know what, i’m going by memory here more than rewatching this scene in context so heads up i may be remembering this in a way that won’t actually reflect how i feel when i continue my rewatch (which will be soon, in fairness) but… i appreciate this scene in the sense that i think…

robert has pretty much just said fuck it at this point, he’s lost everything and everyone and he’s in full on self destruct mode and as we know, self-destruct mode for robert is that all his jagged edges come out and he basically works on taking everyone in a thirty mile radius down with him. he knows aaron so deeply so he knows how to hurt aaron, knows where aaron’s vulnerable spots are - aaron who he still has all of this pent up frustration over. aaron who ruined robert’s life by being the person who robert never intended or wanted to fall in love with, but fell in love with anyway.

like…. it’s the fucking worst. robert is at one of his worst points. like. rock bottom for robert is ugly, it’s so ugly. it’s also what gets him into the worst fucking situations. we have here, robert taking everyone down and getting himself shot for it (and obviously now more recently, we have rob dealing with rebecca’s pregnancy as a result of him hitting rock bottom and once again blindly trying to hurt aaron because he had no other way to process his feelings at that point.)

i actually appreciate that part of his characterisation. that part you can’t even paint as ‘not great but it’s ok’. it’s just ugly. it’s not a good quality to have and it’s not something that people should want to see in their faves. but i like it because human beings are ugly, you know? it’s just that usually characters hit a point where they go from 'not perfect but still a good character’ to 'it’s gone too far, no longer a good person’ and that’s when people stop liking characters, which is fair. robert i think slides across that line a number of times but i hardcore relate to that in a really uncomfortable way, so i like it? this is my opinion anyways.

like. it makes robert that bit less ~likeable~ but makes him so much more interesting and human. does that make sense? i don’t know if everyone will agree with me but… you can love a character who you don’t always like. you don’t need to like a character all the time to want to see more of them or understand them. i don’t need to like everything about who robert is for him to be my fave. a hell of a lot of people do not watch tv in this way though, which is fine. again, this is just me.

idk i am genuinely not the person to come to if you want me to explain how robert can treat someone he loves in that way, because my answer is genuinely that i think the dark sides of his character that canonically exist are not good sides and the morally grey parts of him can slide right into genuine immorality and as much as i enjoy delving into why that happens and when that happens and making him more complex human less evil cartoon character, i still don’t have any desire to pretend that some of the shit he does or has done is in any way ok or acceptable and i think that those particular character flaws are horrible. fascinating, but really horrible. i do also find them sort of perversely comforting, though.

in terms of whether or not what robert did is unforgivable… i mean, in real life, yes, but in a soap? depends on how well they write the redemption? there’s very few things a character can’t come back from in a soap (but there are things and it’s important for writers to know the lines, but that’s… another post entirely lmao).

sigh remember when i said i didn’t know how to talk about this 😂 i hate me. ANYWAY tl;dr i would genuinely dislike robert as a person irl but as a fictional character he’s one of the most interesting and fun and dramatic ones i know and i love him. even if sometimes i really don’t like him. i think it’s probably right that he’s so polarising - it all depends on how much you want or need to like the fictional characters you love 😂 also i don’t think this answered your post properly but i don’t know how to get back on track. i’m sorry for the ridiculous word vomit. also i’m still screaming that the first robron scene you ever saw was this one. literally just… incredibly bad luck 😂

anonymous asked:

you're missing A Lot about alison's development if you think she suddenly went good and didn't apologize to anyone. lowkey watch season 5 again

no disrespect to you at all, i just think alison is a character that i think gets too much credit and attention. and it’s not because i don’t like the bad turned good arch, hence why i love mona (also because mona had some darn good reasons for being evil) but alison really didn’t. her parents were maybe the worst, yes, but so are spencer’s, so is hannas dad, and they didn’t do things half as bad…
ok yes i know she technically apologized but she didn’t show anything for it. can we just go over the things she did once she returned and “apologized”… she slapped mona across the face, created the weird team of random people nobody cares about to threaten mona/ replace the liars, was a b-tch to caleb and therefore hanna (AGAIN), she kind of sort of led emily on but it was confusing bc i guess it was mayb romantic? idk though bc she still never tells emily what she wants and still expects emily to follow her around like a puppy (again to clarify, in not a big fan of paige but she makes some good points), oh yeah and then she was confusing and lying all the time about where tf she was while she was missing???? like do we even know where she was????, but yes you’re right *she did tell emily that “it wasn’t just for practice” (and then never clarified with emily if she wants to date…), she did apologize to a ton of people for bullying them… for popularity points, oh and yes there was that very touching moment in jail when ali says that she “honestly thought she was helping” them by “telling you what to wear, who to like” but she never once brings up the fact that she literally helped hanna develop bulimia. never in this entire show. also when she’s saying this little speech to hanna, idc if it’s touching, she never actually says sorry. she just says that she thought she was helping. excuse me but that’s an excuse if i’ve ever heard one. and then ali asks if they can start over. hence why i said, she magically becomes good*

sorry i didn’t expect this to get very long at all but the thing is ali has done more things than even i remembered and i’m sorry if this offends you, it’s not meant to. neither was my original post. i don’t have a problem if you shop emison or if alison is you’re favorite character- i really don’t, but you have to at least acknowledge that alison put all of the girls through hell and they should have been going to therapy long before a even existed with such a horrible best friend.

*also idk if this is necessary to add, i really hope it isn’t- but i love love love sasha, i think she is so precious and too good for this world.

*oh sorry i’m editing this later but i completely forgot that mona actually slapped alison first (i literally forgot that that happened so i’m sorry)
wanna chat? pt. 13

on ao3
| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

so it’s been rough. for…everyone. i’m here to provide some laughs or at least….a half smile? maybe? anyway i’m here if anyone would like to talk 

also @sunlitshowers​ and i have a fun time talking. it’s always a lot of fun 

(asshole = alya
niNO = nino
coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino = adrien
dancing queen = marinette)



asshole: please try this religion

niNO: no

asshole: try ittttt

niNO: no quieter this time

coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino: Hi China

asshole: hey dipshit

coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino: :(

coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino has changed their name to dipshit

dancing queen: Ok what the actual fuck did I come back to

niNO: japan

asshole: ayyyyy shes back and shes ♪BEAUTIFUL♪!

dancing queen: ?????

dipshit: We watched the history of Japan

dancing queen: When did this happen

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Spring 2016 Anime First Impressions !!!

OMG OK. So I’ve never done this but but but this season is just sOOO AMAZING I have to do this. I binge watched a ton of first episodes this season and so let’S DO THIS. 

1. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

IMAGINE SHINGEKI MEETS STEAMPUNK MEETS SAMURAI. Everything. Everything is just so amazing like the art the animation the characters the setup the pacing like it just screams QUALITY. WIT Studio x Sawano Hiroyuki is finally back on track (lets not talk about owasera) and omg ok if you liked SNK you have to watch this. It also just has that pretty and retro (???) gundam art style to it that I really enjoyed.

2. Joker Game

Just. Look. At. The. Seiyuu list. (Okay I’m so biased as seiyuu trash I would watch this even if the anime is crap but) It’s actually good ??? Like the first episode build up and all that nOT TO MENTION THE CLIFF HANGER also I’m just a suck for spy-themed stuff that involves plot twists and mind tricks just praying for actually good logic here 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Music is on point !!!! While its true that it might be hard to tell the faces apart I kinda do like the more realistic touch to it (also spies are supposed to be invisible so that’s kinda cool ??)

ok spoilers I watched the second episode it was more meh cuz the pace slowed down a bit let’s hope it picks it up again

3. Boku no Hero Academia

FINALLY !!!! Ok not gonna lie my friend recommended this to me like a week ago and I just binge read the entire manga in one day. If they follow the manga, it’s going to be good. If you like the typical hero-themed (?) stuff you’ll like this. The seiyuus fit really well and they really bring the original manga to life !!

but tbh I’m just waiting for todoroki to appear mY SON

4. Bungou Stray Dogs

I knew nothing about this before watching it (except that it has a ton of ikemens and MIYANO MAMORU) so I thought this was going to be pretty serious but it had quite a bit of comedy in it w I would describe the style as similar to Hamatora, but amped up fight scenes. THE ART IS SO PRETTY AND THE ANIMATION IS SO PRETTY (imo style is more detailed than manga actually) and just a lot of shippable ikemens so yes. I read a bit ahead into the manga and while it’s not exactly my taste it definitely has decent quality/plot/characters. I guess I’ll wait and see how the anime interprets the manga.

5. Sakamoto desu ga

Of course. Of course. I have more complicated feelings about this because I LOVE the manga (and have been following it since it first came out) and it’s literally the most hilarious thing I’ve read. But precisely since it’s so funny in the manga adapting it into an anime is going to be challenging. I think they do a decent job given what they had to work with, but I definitely still find the manga funnier. 

6. Kiznaiver

tHE ART IS REALLY PRETTY and the setting is really cool, again alluding to the seven sins. i mean the protag is a moe moe shota so um. It setup/colors/characters/idk kind of reminds me of Gatchaman Crowds, and hopefully it’ll be able to deliver the same quality/depth. But also – and this is just personal taste – I’ve been avoiding a lot of anime with male-directed fanservice because it just bothers me (not !! saying that you should do the same literally do what you want) so depending on how much it continues to have this I might drop it. 

7. Mayoiga

?????? ok I mean I will literally watch anything with a bunch of crazy people in it. This feels ~okay~ and the characters seem one-dimensional… and are probably going to be hard to develop because there are so many of them (unless they start killing them off really fast haha) so I’m more skeptical. That being said I’m probably gonna watch the whole thing because the genre w

8. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Probably actually just watching this because Ono Kensho (I MEAN. 20 MINS OF LAZY ONO KENSHO. I CAN LISTEN TO IT FOREVER.) but I can see why people would like it. It’s very relaxing, extremely slow paced, and just something small and fun to watch when you’re bored.


Um. Ok. Um. Oh god it’s been so long since I’ve read the original manga I don’t even remember what happens. Anyways enjoy your dose of bl and I hope they animate all the suggestive scenes i mean what

anonymous asked:

do you know how you're gonna avoid ndrv3 spoilers until it comes out in English?? because I really would love to play the game w/o knowing all the murders and stuff but on this site idk how to avoid spoilers and I'm following a lot of dr blogs I don't want to just unfollow mutuals ygm???? what should I do????

Yes hello there anon, sorry for only responding now, I was pretty tired last night after streaming! Anyway, I’ll just list pretty much everything that I have planned and hope that it’ll help you out:

On tumblr:

1. Of course, blacklist the heck out of “ndrv3 spoilers” and other v3 name variants like “drv3 spoilers”, etc. If you wanna be extra careful and don’t mind not seeing the characters for a while blacklist the whole ndrv3 tag overall.

2. Close submissions. People can just send you an ask if they want to show you something.

3. Turn off anonymous. I personally won’t do this, but more about that in the next point.

4. Really silly sounding, but if possible, get someone who understands what spoilers are/or is into Danganronpa themselves and doesn’t mind spoilers and let them check your ask box. It has to be someone you trust of course, I trust my best friend with everything so she will check my ask box for me to prevent spoilers. I’ll leave anon on for the shy ones.

5. Check your favorite blogs and mutuals to see if they have written about spoilers in their description or in a link on their blog. “I will tag spoilers” “I won’t tag spoilers” is a common phrase I see for bigger blogs to give you a warning beforehand. If they don’t say anything about spoilers on their blog check their past entries to see if they actually tag things (including spoilers).

6. Yeah, you’ll probably have to unfollow them if they don’t tag spoilers and refuse to do so for whatever reason (which is completely ok). Just write those blogs down and go follow again after you’ve played through NDRV3 yourself.

7. I personally will go on Hiatus on the release date of the English localisation because I am sure my dash will blow up that day. I will play the game myself, then come back onto my blog. I’ll announce this beforehand.

8. No more tumblr mobile.

9. A lot of mutuals will probably also wait for the English release, so you’ll prolly be on the same boat, you might wanna talk to them about it. Chances are they will not even reblog any spoilers.

10. Make tumblr chat available for blogs you follow only.

11. Add “No spoilers about NDRV3 please” in your description and/or ask box. Yes, there might be jerks who want to ruin your experience through ask box, but with the precautions I’m taking I’m just gonna let my friend block them without me even seeing those spoilers. Too bad for them.

Outside of tumblr:

1. Youtube. New Youtube account. No clicking or watching Danganronpa videos. You might get recommendations about NDRV3 that way, including spoilery thumbnails and/or spoilery titles.

2. Discord/Skype. No more group chats where people you don’t know properly yet are. I will leave all Discord groups that are DR-based aside from my streaming group because I completely trust them.

3. AO3. No searching through Danganronpa - All Media Types (or the NDRV3 of course) fanfics. Check just game/other specifics like Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc nd stuff. Possibly block NDRV3 fanfics too in case someone decided to put the ndrv3 cast and previous casts together.

4. For all of those who go to Cons with a cosplay: It probably won’t be a good idea to cosplay a NDRV3 character before you have played the game. I don’t wanna limit you on this, but it is possible that someone would accidentally slip a few spoilery words out towards you without even meaning it.

5. Streaming-sites. Including art streaming site Picarto. You prolly won’t want to join if you don’t know the streamer properly and see that they’re making DR art or is streaming DR content.

6. As a streamer yourself. I personally will start private streaming and giving the links to people I know frequent my streams/people whom I trust only. This option on Picarto is only available with a Premium account.

7. Google. You know google is the big source for all those sweet, sweet Danganronpa spoilers. Heard of Danganronpa for the first time and you’re googling the pics? Well, too bad, scroll just a tiny bit down and you’ve been spoiled. You probably don’t want to google Danganronpa after it’s been a while since the release.

8. This should be a given: Danganronpa Wikia. It’s a spoiler landmine, don’t go on there. Even if you just want to add a picture for a previous game’s character, the most recent pictures added to the Wiki will show up and they are most likely going to be things such as executions and other spoilers.

9. Ask people (tumblr or outside, whatever) when the English NDRV3 will be instead of trying to search it yourself (unless you get like a heads up on your dashboard or something).

Download MP3 (music only) or MP4 (video) files of YouTube videos if you:
-Want to still listen to DR OST and your only source has been YouTube up to now. Go download your favorite tracks in MP3 format to listen to them privately so you do not have to try and wiggle your way around through YouTube only to see a spoiler.
-Want to still watch some videos. Perhaps you want to download the NDRV3 trailers and maybe the opening too (which I suspect will come out before the game just like the DR2 opening if I’m not mistaken), or other DR videos. Download them in MP4 format instead of going on a risky adventure on the DR side of YouTube.

My thoughts on when NDRV3 might come out:
This is just my pure speculation and nothing official of course, but I thought I’d voice my expectations for the waiting time on here:

DR1 JP first release (PSP): 25th of November 2010
DR1 NA first release (Vita): 11th of February 2014
-> a 3 year and 78 days gap

SDR2 JP first release (PSP): 26th of July 2012
SDR2 NA first release (Vita): 2nd September 2014
-> a 2 year and 99 days gap

DR:AE JP first release (Vita): 25th of September 2014
DR:AE NA first release (Vita): 1st September 2014
-> a 11 months and 7 days gap

EU and AUS release are usually just a few days after NA release.
I personally suspect that it will take less than a year, just like DR:AE. I heard DR:AE didn’t do so well in NA, apparently? I cannot say this for sure, but I’m hoping that that doesn’t scare them off since NDRV3 is a main series title after all. I am hoping it will take 8 months, but do not take my word for that. This is gonna be a tedious wait.

I hope this helps at least a little bit.

anonymous asked:

I follow TVD on facebook (idk why) and the comments are always filled with "I only watch for Damon!!" "Damon is the best character!" "Delena!!1!" "Damon is soo hot:)" which proves their fanbase is 14 year old girls obsessed with an abusive asshole. And idk if it's just me, but im so sick of abusive relationships/characters being potrayed to young girls are 'romantic' and 'perfect'??? They're going to grow up thinking that unhealthy relationships are romantic and ok!! When they're not!!

I’ve been downloading youtube clips to my laptop so I can vid and I just downloaded the 2x01 scene where Damon invades Elena’s room and the description literally read: “Elena rejects Damon and he kills Jeremy. Poor Damon!” and it just reminded me of why I don’t participate in debates on youtube and facebook anymore because that kind of thinking is too much for me to handle. I mean, I write about toxic relationships all the time – that’s what all of my BK fics are about and it’s fun to explore because a lot can be brought out about characters in that kind of dynamic but I have enough distance to know that what I’m presenting isn’t perfect or romantic and should never be something to aspire to and I don’t believe I package it that way either. With relationships like Delena and Chair and Christian/Anastasia, they’re packaged as the ultimate kind of relationship and it’s because there’s this tendency to conflate abusive behaviour with love — like Damon loves Elena so much that being rejected by her drives him so out of control that he kills her brother because he’s just unbelievably hurt because he needs her approval so much and it’s like no, that’s not what happened, what happened was Elena dared to say ‘no’ to Damon, asserted boundaries when he kept trying to ignore them and to punish her he killed her brother and that’s absolutely not romantic or OK or justified.

Damon thinks Elena broke up with him so he retaliates by killing her friend and kidnapping her brother — it’s not that “every time there’s a bump in the road [he] lash[es] out” like Elena said in 3x19, it’s that every time Elena does something that Damon doesn’t like, he asserts his control by harming the people closest to her so she knows who has the power. That is abuse. And relationships that aren’t abusive aren’t boring, which seems to be another horrible conflation; relationships that aren’t abusive can still be angsty and have bumps in the road – Stelena, Scallison, Naley, PJ, Piper/Leo, Ozillow, Matt/Julie, Jackie/Hyde, Ryan/Marissa … these are all pairings that aren’t abusive, that aren’t toxic and still have so many bumps in the road – conflict does not mean toxicity, I repeat: conflict does not mean toxicity and JP and fans don’t realize this, fans don’t see this because they’re young and see everything through rose-coloured glasses and it’s like but none of this is OK. Imagine being in a relationship with someone that is so taxing on you that you’re bending your morals, going against everything you believe in, you’ve worked yourself up in psychological knots to be with this person and when you realize you can’t do it anymore because you need to get back to yourself as an individual and re-discover who you are and be made whole again that person says you can’t do that because you’re the only thing they live for and you stay but nothing changes so you try to leave again but then that person threatens someone close to you or threatens to kill themselves to get them to stay, that isn’t romantic, that’s predatorial behaviour.

Right now, my mother keeps getting these calls from a guy she doesn’t know who keeps thinking that my mother’s number belongs to his ex-girlfriend and when my mother keeps saying that it isn’t, he doesn’t believe her, he thinks she’s this girl’s sister or this girl’s friend and begs her to help him win her back; my mother blocked his phone number, he calls from his computer or texts using a different number, he sends face time requests. He’s in Edmonton. We live in Toronto. His girlfriend had to move provinces to get away from him. Like this isn’t OK! But in a teen drama like TVD it would be packaged as romantic and desirable. If you want to present toxic, co-dependent, consuming relationships then you have to present all sides of it and that’s what TVD fails to do, they don’t show Elena going out of her mind and breaking down in the bathroom because this is too much, they don’t show her friends feeling resentful and betrayed that she’s sleeping with the man who terrorized their lives on more than one occasion. It’s why I love Buffy so much because you see all sides of the Bangel and Spuffy relationships; Buffy loves Angel to the point of irrationality and she even yells that she hates it, she breaks down, her friends judge her, Giles who loves Buffy more than anything expresses his severe disappointment in her and that relationship doesn’t last. It can’t. She keeps her relationship with Spike a secret and when she tells Tara about it, she literally breaks down and cries in Tara’s lap asking what is wrong with her and why would she ever allow Spike to be with her and the moment that relationship doesn’t become toxic, it’s no longer a sexual one. Be real and honest about the shit you’re presenting otherwise you’re just being negligent.