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Hey Tumblr

@staff stop trying to control what I can and can’t look at as a minor. You’re not just filtering out porn, you’re filtering out (as ive seen from myself and others):

1.) characters (because of their names)
2.) sex ed (helpful stuff my dude!!)
3.) ducks ???? ducks, guys
5.) Shoes! Just shoes
6.) Gorillas??
7.) Artists’ advertising/commissions posts (literally someone’s way to support themselves
8.) non-sexual LGBTQ content. Thanks for telling LGBTQ kids their identity is inappropriate
9.) Tacos
11.) Harry Potter ffs
12.) the sky? i see that every day come on
13.) posts about mental illness. Yknow how a lot of kids cope.
14.) FROGS idk what yall got against water animals
[anyone who sees this add on]

It’s not your job to restrict my life. No other social media does this. Stop. Let me turn this damn safe mode off.

Yellow Days - Go Home

the dragon-witch-wizard-story

//ok so i think some of you might be a bit confused so i’m just gonna tell you the whole story now and hope that my english is not gonna suck too much while writing this at almost 1am

-ok so there is this evil wizard guy. he’s actually a manifestation of romans darkest thoughts and ideas. lately, roman had a lot of those because his self-esteem took some hits (at least that’s what i got from the last 3 videos) so wizard-guy got stronger. he kidnapped logan, virgil and patton to hurt roman even more. also he’s just kind of this weird thought that you might sometimes get, like thinking “even tho i would never do that, i could kill this person right now” and maybe roman thought that about the others at some point, too (even tho he never actually wanted them to be dead)

-roman finds them unconcious and bound up (is that the right word idk) and figures wizard-guy (this dude needs a name) poisened them. he sends roman away with some magic

-roman starts to panic and to cry because he couldn’t help the others and doesn’t know what to do. suddenly, his enemy the dragon-witch appears and tells him that she hates that wizard too and she knows what is needed for the antidote. of course roman doesn’t trust her, but she says that he has no time to think about the offer because otherwise his friends will die

-so they go searching for the stuff the dragon-witch insists is needed. suddenly, she takes roman back to the wizard and it turns out the stuff is actually for him (i have no idea what he’s gonna use it for meh) and that they are accomplices

-roman gets super mad and starts fighting them and somehow manages to defeat the wizard (he’s still alive tho for future angst reasons). he gets that incredibly bad wound from the dragon witch, but still defeats her

-he finds the antidote and heals the others, but doesn’t want them to remember all that terrible stuff, so he uses a spell from a book from the wizard to make them forget

-don’t ask me how, but he also manages to get them all home and then finally collapses

-the others wake up, have no idea why they “fell asleep”, find roman, are SHOOK AF and yeah the next days they have to help him get better but he never told them what happened (until now)

and now i’m gonna sleep

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Why don’t you just change your fucking name already, we all know you hate bts.

Woah woah Let’s lower your ego a bit my love Idk who pissed in your cereal this morning but
Find the quote where I said I hate BTS
My dude, my man, fam, I love bts I just don’t stan as hard as I used to


I’m so stupid




that was too much I’m sorry

secret admirer jongin

a/n: college!au; shoot me a request if you want another au version of this or any other requests in general!!

  • saw you walking by with some friends on the first day of school and thought you were sO cute
  • accidentally stares for too long
  • “idk what youre looking at but just take a picture dude itll last longer”
  • “shut the fuck up baekhyun”
  • cant get you out of his head all day like ?? wHO are you ??
  • turns out youre a mutual friend of baEKHYUN
  • “hey hyung do you know someone named y/n”
  • “yeah why do you need your dick sucked or something”
  • “bAEKHYUHGBASGH i swear 2 GOD”
  • makes a deal w/ baekhyun to do his hw for a month and bbh will be his wingman
  • writes you a note saying he thinks youre rly cute but hes too shy to approach you 
  • slips the note into your backpack while ur walking with him and bbh
  • baekhyun is actually a good wingman
  • the three of you start hanging out a lot
  • writes you a dozen more about how cute you are or how good you looked that day and slips them into your bag or sometimes your hood 
  • if hes feeling extra he’ll crumple a note and throw it at your head during a lecture and pretend to be focused when you turn around after reading it and try and figure out who the fuck is “~ ur secret admirer :)”
  • gets fidgety whenever you start talking about the random notes youve been getting
  • “i just dont know where theyre coming from but theyre so cute!! i want to know who my secret admirer is!!”
  • “….what the HECK….yEa….h…me tOO!”
  • smiles when he sees you admiring the flowers he had sent you earlier that day
  • sometimes puts smol chocolate kisses in ur bag with a dumb cringey note that baekhyun told him to write 
  • saw you were upset during a lecture one time and bought you some food and paid your roommate to keep quiet about him being the secret admirer youve been talking about for weeks
  • long story short your roommate spilled the tea on accident  it was too hot
  • jongin in full panic mode
  • “i guess you found out…if you don’t like me back it’s ok dont worry i wont be upset i mean ill be upset but only for a little-”
  • only stops rambling because you forcibly shut him up with a kiss
  • “gross…youre welcome”
  • “shut the hell up bro”

Cuddle Pile!
Because that’s what I needed.
Feel free to see the ship you like, or no ship at all.
Is it all of them being poly? Is it just all being friends? Is it Stony cuddling with friends? Winteriron with friends? Starkspangledwinterhawk? Winterwidow? Stuckony? Any other combination? I don’t know :D

(drawn with reference. One dude had a NERF in the ref, so I thought Bucky could also cuddle with his gun.)

Voltron explained by me, someone who barely knows what it is

Okay so I’ve never seen Voltron, but I keep hearing about it and seeing it on my dash (even though I follow zero voltron blogs) so anyways here’s my explanation of it by someone who barely even knows what it is (because I was bored)

• like everyone ships Keith and Lance and pretty much the entire fandom has accepted Klance as canon even though it’s not

• Allura is basically a queen

• there’s the smol one with glasses and brown hair, Pidge or something?

• the old guy with orange hair has an awesome mustache

• all the klance shippers went kinda crazy over??? A forehead touch thing???

• you people have some tALENTED fan artists

• but Allura is actually amazing

• they’re all dorks

• just a lot of klance

• Keith is shipped with like everyone??

• shiro has gr8 hair

• there’s that big strong dude who’s actually super sweet with the bandana,,, hunk or something?

• allura is actually amazing tho

Alright buckle up kiddos its theory time and we gon’ talk about our Brainy boy and the Master of Masters

Please note this was made up mostly of me and @thesasstral screaming at each other at around 2 a.m so its a little crazy but whatever it could be true idk anyway HERE WE GO

Ok so for this to start to make sense I’d advise you go to @ice-cream-beat‘s name change theory because that was basically what started this one off and shit does it make sense. 

Ok read that? Cool. So what we’re saying here is that Brain/Blaine/Whateverthefuckyouwannacallhim could actually be the Master. We know the MoM is a clever dude and if that is his heart in the box poor Luxu is carrying around with him, he must have a second form- a nobody. Yeah he must have already split himself in two if that’s the case when he’s talking with Luxu so could that be his nobody? Who knows. For this case lets just say it is.

The MoM must be at least 30/40 years old if not more but he’s definitely not a teenager as is the case with Brain. But hey time travel is a thing now thanks to DDD so perhaps this could be his younger self that somehow travelled to the future. Don’t ask how that happens and stuff because its complicated enough :’D But you can see a lot of similarities between the two that suggest they’re the same person.

Now this kinda got a little long so I’ll put it under a read more for the rest to avoid clogging up people’s dashes

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Who's tanner, petulla, getter

tanner petulla. he’s also known as getter

he used to be a pretty big dubstep/edm artist and that’s how he got signed with owsla, skrillex’s record label. he was with them for a while before he started his own label, shred collective. recently he’s been getting tired of the edm scene and the people in it, so he’s been branching out and making music that’s more along the lines of hip hop under the name terror reid while he finishes his last edm record. he also has a metal album he’s working on. other than that idk what else to tell you, he was the guy in the green suit in the hood rich music video, and a lot of people know him from the “suh dude” vines with nick colletti

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No one exchanges numbers anymore bc there's not a need with dm and someone can look up your address and private info with your phone number and name. Plus, if you want to completely ghost them, it's as simple as blocking and changing a username which is a lot easier than changing your number. This just saved me from a clingy mood swing prone dude I was talking to for a month.

idk I give people my number and I never really have problems with it but I see what you’re saying. I really just hate using snapchat for anything other than sending ugly pics to my friends like I could not imagine having real conversations through snaps…… that just seems…. very annoying and inconvenient 

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT:

My brain, quietly: idk shit about dissidia lore or gameplay but i think lightning turned into a warrior of light or some shit to serve the gods after she died like i believe was the plot in lightning returns and in noctis’s cutscene with the other dude (which i admittedly dont know the name of i havent played many past ff games) they talked about the cosmos so im going to assume this was after she died and already started serving the higher gods that noctis shows up, which, i assume, means dissidia NT ft. noctis is what shit happens AFTER noctis dies and this is just his after life now 


I was thinking about super old ocs and I remembered this one little namekian kid that I made when I was, liiiiike, 7 or 8-ish? Maybe?? (He was Piccolo’s kid of coouurse bc Piccolo was my fav when I was little lol)

But what’s funny is that my little brother had a couple of Saiyan kid ocs (that I swear were related to Vegeta) and basically all the kids were like ‘screw martial arts!’ and made a rock band instead ?? 😂

learning about blowjobs in grade 2

when I was a kid in the late 90′s, before school’s blocked certain searches we we’re being taught how to look up information on the internet by our librarian Mrs Calberry. Now keep in mind we’re like 7 and only use computers to play learning games, Mrs Calberry ends up making the poor decision of letting us explore the internet ourselves. So we all gathered around one computer and invented a game. We would image search our names and the first picture to come up would represent that person like “haha Jessica’s an old lady” or “so funny Devon’s a cat”. We go through everyone until we fatefully came to BJ. Yes William or Bill Junior who had always been known only as BJ. we image search his name and the first picture to come up was 2 dudes blowing each other on a stage (idk it was the 90′s) and silence fell over the group as we all took in this image, now we’re 7 so no one was sure what we were looking at, suddenly one kids starts screaming, so we all start screaming, Mrs Calberry comes over and looses her shit turning off the monitor spilling her coffee all over the keyboard probably ruining it. Later we go back to class, the principle comes by to talk to us about internet safety bla bla it was never really a big deal, no one understood the image enough to give an accurate description to our parents so the incident flew under the radar. anyway that was the day we all learned what a blowjob was and were led to believe it only happened between 2 men in the comforts of a theatre environment, and BJ asked to just be called William. 

I’ve never seen ninja go before, but I follow @electric-bluejay who really likes that show. So, from what I’ve seen, there’s four Lego dudes who have an old dude they follow, and two dudes have died, but ones a robot now and the other is a ghost. And then there’s one guy who lost an eye. This is one heck of a Lego show, omg. I kind of want to watch it…

Honestly though I will never be over Eddie Redmayne’s Marius??

Like. He is literally the perfect book!Marius aside from his hair (book!Marius has dark curly hair but honestly idgaf).


Redmayne’s Marius is a Marius I can see beating his head against a tree for an hour while the love of his life cries because she’s moving. This is a Marius I can see thinking Cosette is named Ursula. This is a dude who’s desperately in love but has absolutely no idea what the heck he’s doing.

And he’s also got the heartbreak that book Marius does. A lot of the time during ECaET I don’t feel for Marius, but I feel so hard for Redmayne’s Marius (though I have other performers I like singing wise better…but I’m talking about acting). Like this is a man who you can see dealing with the trauma of what he went through for the rest of his life, a man who will always mourn for his friends, somewhere deep inside, after years.

I just really appreciate Eddie Redmayne’s Marius and I just have a lot of feelings about Marius in general ok.