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so since this hell year is officially (thank god) coming to a close, i thought i would share some love to these wonderful people! 2016 was a lot of things, wonderful was not one of them, but wonderful things did come from it. i hope the last few days of 2016 are peaceful for all of you, and that you are able to enjoy them for what they are. 2017, come forth. 

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ok first i gotta give my lovely cardamothers a shout out because i love you guys so much and i can’t believe there ever was a time when i didn’t have you

@evakskam i love tereza so much and she’s really really pretty and she gets crazy anons all the time and idk how she deals with them but honestly kudos to you for doing so @deerjily @nooraskam i didn’t know which one to tag so i just did both BUT I LOVE DASHA she’s the greatest ok if you’re feeling down she’s always there to cheer you up and talk about books and she is the sweetest ily @sanna-bakkoush wikipedia in a human form and the loveliest of them all also great text posts???? ily @daixyridley my wife, clone and au buddy i love you a lot and i hate you very much too and your theme is nice and memes??? so many memes dude you’ve ruined me with those memes of yours maja but i’m still grateful + nissevors på nissen @mnyardjsten MY WRITING BUDDY well sort of anyways who is to say??? elise is constantly in typo hell and i would feel sorry for her but her typos have honestly given me some of the greatest laughs i’ve ever had and i love elise very very much. elise&a rise @glitteryteaworld i love hannah’s face and her hair and just hannah in general (but really she’s so pretty can you believe???) and it wouldn’t be the same without you and i love getting snapchats from you ngl @vangoghandsleep tebuge!!! regine is lovely and she has really great hair and she deserves so much!!! #reginedeservesbetter also: fredagspizza på slottet med hellstrøm og kong harald @faenies OUR WINE MOTHER!! you’re always so done with us and i feel for you i truly do. i love you and you deserve all the good the world has to offer!! thank you for sticking with us

i know there are more in the gc but you’re not active and i don’t think you follow me but i’m truly truly sorry!!!!!

 @kezaddict ok listen i know you hate me because i go to bed late and bug you with rambles about Someone and i know you’d rather not BUT I GOTTA dude i love you a lot and man is it fun to spam your snapchat with close-ups of my cat

@alecsagitta I LOVE LORI SO MUCH god you are so pretty and i love your hair??? i love talking to you and you always make me feel very included and just yes i appreciate you!!

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i know for sure that i forgot someone, and for that i am truly truly sorry, but just know that i love and appreciate all of you!!

Ok but can we talk about how on the London concert Yijeong said his ideal type is leader and then proceeded to hug the hell out of very unamused Kyungil who only graciously hugged him back after the fans collective “EEEEEEEEEEEHHHH”

ps after Jaeho’s eloquent inquires of “you gay??? you gay???” Kyungil responded he likes girls, but then said his type is someone who likes him

that girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighbourhood ; guess what, she is :

a mix for the girl gang you’d die to be a part of, the one that eats men’s hearts and despair and destroys them with a cruel red smile

1. rebel girl - bikini kill // 2. girls, girls, girls - mötley crüe // 3. born to be wild - steppenwolf  // 4. raise hell - brandi carlile // 5. walk on the wild side - lou reed // 6. volcano girls - veruca salt // 7. wild thing - the troggs // 8.  i’m pretty like drugs - queen adreena  // 9. wild child - lou reed // 10. heads will roll - yeah yeah yeahs // 11. search and destroy - the stooges // 12. exactement - vive la fête // 13. heartbreaker - led zeppelin // 14. you spin me round (like a record) - indochine // 15. be quiet and drive - deftones // 16. bad boyfriend - garbage // 17. short change hero - the heavy // 18. i can’t hear you - the dead weather // 19. noir désir -vive la fête // 20. ain’t no grave - johnny cash


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nicknames:  jackley, lucky, etc etc (mostly kin/cc names)
time right now: 10:51pm
last thing i googled: ash pikachu
fav music artist: hell idk. lately I’m vaguely into utaite and mafumafu is best
song stuck in my head:  lovefool fucking thanks for lyrictweeting dktr
last movie i watched:  now you see me probably? I don’t watch movies a lot
last tv show i watched:  jjba! it was p good and I need to watch more
what i’m wearing now:  fuzzy pants and band shirt
when i created this blog:  idr when I created THIS blog but I remade from my old one to get away from posts abt my abuser and I made THAT one in 2011 when I was doped after getting my wisdom teeth out
the kind of stuff i post: uhh. fandom stuff. community support. aesthetic. memes. occasional personal content. if you follow me you already know this probably
do i have other blogs: fuck yeah I do, the most important ones are ghostly-wail and bosslionel but I’m constantly shuffling a few in and out bc I have no self control. some of my system members also have blogs
do i get asks regularly:  no :( feel free to send me them please!
why did i choose my url: I love bunnies & my kintype is agouti color morph
gender: bigender neutrois/boy. neutrois is like, neutral-y gender but not agender. like the gender version of diet sprite
hogwarts house: ravenclaw (but if we’re going personality typing I’m 70rav/30slyth)
pokémon team: krookodile, crobat, alolan raichu, lucario, arcanine, whimsicott (kin tho: crobat, weavile, porygon-z, silvally)
fav colors: sunflower yellow & persian red
average hours of sleep: 8 on the dot
lucky number: 223
fav characters: how dare u ask me this (rn I’m mostly into chiaki morisawa and my ccs!!)
dream job: I wanna own a cafe…
how many blankets do i sleep with: 2-4

i tag: @sunquail @dktragonizer @knightoheart @enigmari anyone I’m mutuals with I wanna get to know you guys better!! (and if you do it please tag me I wanna hear about it!!)

call-me-origami  asked:

OH MY GOD YOU SWIM AND YOU WROTE A SWIM AU this makes me so happy as a swimmer myself cause it's such an underrated sport. also i could also see Baz as an IM-er as well to go along with the whole "good at everything" thing but yeah it's awesome

YES HE COULD SO BE AN IM-ER I KNOW!!! I always see very inaccurate swim aus and sometimes they go as far to be offensive bc its like??? Is that what you think i do everyday? Honestly im tapering atm (states this wknd whoop whoop) but before that we were swimming 10000 yds a night (it was HELL) idk i got the prompt and i ran with it

Anyways im very glad you like it
if you (or anyone else) ever want to be tagged in updates just let me know :D

I always think of people in colors, but it doesnt pop up immediately like what synesthesia says and it’s not visual like an aura so idk??? What the hell am I

All I can think of is Luna Lovegood saying things like “you seem pinker than normal”! (Which I’ve actually thought) but I dont tell people that

(P.s. Im tagging it as synesthesia and aura bc I want ppl who have/practice it to maybe give some insight?)


ok so im swaying more towards anime at this point /,,/, even tho i told myself i would never be an anime blog (too deep in hell) but im still posting other things ,, so basically [ like or reblog ] or whatever if you post the following and ill 100%%%%% check u out and if you look through my archive and feel like we are similar blogs, ill follow u for sure

  • haikyuu!! (mostly !!!)
    • iwaoi
    • kagehina
    • kuroken
    • tsukkiyama
    • bokuaka
    • kyouhaba
    • (((those are my main ships but i also reblog/post general hq!! stuff (heavily relies on the aesthetics) ))))
  • boku no hero academia (welcome to hell amirite)
  • one punch man
  • free! 
  • art, photography or cute stuff ( i also post a bunch of aesthetics !!) 
  • random anime shit tbh
  • phan (dan and phil) makes its appearance every once and a while 


A Cat-astrophe of Epic Proportions

{~2k |}

Dean hates cats. So naturally, Castiel gets one. 

“What the hell is that.” 

Cas looked up from his spot on the couch, a book held open in his right hand. His left hand was absently stroking the mottled grey ball of fur sitting in his lap. The mottled grey ball of fur that was purring. “It’s a cat.”

“I’m aware of that, Cas,” Dean said – quite calmly, he might add, considering his blood pressure was spiking at an alarming rate. “I mean what is it doing in our living room?”

“He’s a stray I came across while driving into town,” Cas said fondly. He scratched behind the offending animal’s ears. “I’m naming him Walnut.”

This assertion was ridiculous enough to distract Dean from the larger issue at hand. He scowled. “Really? Walnut?

“Yes. That’s the name of the street where I found him.” Castiel quirked up an eyebrow, as if this was obvious.

Dean didn’t know what else he’d expected. Of course Cas would stop to pick up a mangy stray while on a supply run, and of course he’d want to name it something lame like freaking Walnut. He exhaled slowly, a relaxation technique he’d seen Sam use. “No,” he said. “This is not happening. We are not getting a cat.”

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important questions about the trailer:
  • was that ethan or a hallucination of aiden?
  • if it was ethan, was it still a hallucination? or is he randomly bad again?
  • where is derek hale to rip someone’s throat out when you need him? because that i promise i’ll be gentle guy was creepy as hell 
  • what is that avatar the last airbender thing lydia can do now and where can i see more of it?
  • who knew lydia was such a badass? (oh wait. we all did. but it’s still amazing to see.)