idk what the hell this is but there it is

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I have a suggestion (idk if you are taking these if not then take this into consideration!) What if since Mettaton has his own cooking show what if he dis something like that one cooking show on tv (I think it was "the devil's kitchen or something like that)

Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare’s are already two of my favorite shows. Just throw this fool into the mix and you’ve got him slicing entrees with chainsaws and posing dramatically whenever the desserts come out.

  • ADHD hell brain: you want something
  • Me: ok, what?
  • AHDH hell brain: something.
  • Me: ...what something?
  • ADHD hell brain: sound.
  • Me: ok? Music? Netflix? YouTube?
  • ADHD hell brain: want something...

stop taking pictures or he’s gonna get grumpy 

Relatedly, HOLY GOD, look at this. They made a marker showing exactly where they sat for the photo, so you can re-create it.

When people dig this shit up in 3,000 years, they are deadass going to believe we worshiped the Beatles as deities. And I’m not even sure they’ll be wrong.

Archaeologist 1: Metal buttprints?! What in the HELL?

Archaeologist 2: Ah yes. From the Bug Cult. Intended for ritual purposes.