idk what the guy's full name is

Honestly, here’s the thing: that guy really didn’t ‘get it’ in the end. He was nearly done with the journey before realizing ‘hey maybe I should not put her ashes in a plastic bin’ knowing full well he’d never have done that to his mom

he waxes poetic about how hard his mom worked and keeps calling Eudocia Lola even when it’s explained that that’s not her name- its not even a nick name, it’s a noun.

After the death of the mom he just like…idk if he’s dumb or what but thinks she’ll just be able to drive and shit, and doesn’t ask her if she wants to visit home until years and years later. Why?

Every time he talks about how ‘happy’ Eudocia was when his mom was happy makes me want to scream. That’s relief. That’s trauma. That’s not ‘happy’. Like?? Idk dude I’m glad this is getting out so people stop this shit but it’s still such a shit representation and romanticization of what went on.

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How about someone who wasn't very nice to Natsume from a previous school transfers to his current one and tries to spread cruel rumours? My personal belief is that everyone at the school loves Natsume because there is no evidence that says otherwise and it makes me happy.


“Didn’t your class get a new student the other day?” Satoru asks when Kitamoto joins him during lunch. “I’ve seen him around, I think. What’s he like?”

Kitamoto’s eyes darken and his expression turns into something close to a glower in face of Satoru’s arguably innocent question what was that about?

“Adachi. I don’t like him,” Satoru’s amiable best friend declares, so forcefully that Tsuji turns around in his chair to stare in their direction.

“Jeez, tell us how you really feel,” Satoru says dumbly. Kitamoto huffs an unconvincing laugh, and Satoru narrows his eyes at him. “Hey, what happened? Did he say something to you?”

“No, nothing like that. But he knows Natsume from another school.”

Oh, Satoru thinks. And his hands curl into fists in his lap, because he gets it. Every time someone Natsume used to know comes into the picture, Natsume winds up miserable.

Tsuji leans over, frowning. “Has he done something to Natsume?”

“No, but he’s been talking about him,” Kitamoto says darkly. “He likes to tell stories of when they were in junior high together, and odd things Natsume said or did back then. He’s really annoying. I think he’s trying to stir up trouble.”

“Well,” Satoru says, leaning back. “That’s not gonna happen.”

It’s almost a full week later that Natsume realizes there’s a new student in their school. It’s not really his fault, Satoru decides, since he was out sick for a few days. He’s still a little pale when he returns to class, and it’s hard to tell who makes a bigger fuss over him, Tsuji or Taki.

“Adachi?” he says in some surprise, pausing with a bite of fish left halfway suspended above his lunchbox. “I think I know him. I went to school with a boy by that name once.”

Tanuma pointedly takes a long drink at that point, and Kitamoto starts stabbing viciously at his rice like it did something to offend him, so it’s left to Satoru to steer the conversation. He points lamely across the room and says, “Yeah he’s over there.”

Natsume follows his hand to where Adachi is sitting by himself, stirring his food around disinterestedly. It didn’t take long for him to talk himself into a corner, Satoru thinks. Just like he thought would happen, no one wants anything to do with the new guy who was trying to drag kind, self-conscious Natsume’s name through the dirt.

Natsume stands up, and smiles when Tanuma asks where he’s going.

“I’ll see if he wants to eat with us,” Natsume says, already making his way over. Adachi watches him approach with wide eyes. “He might not remember me, but it’s no fun eating alone.”

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2 things i wantwd to say. first A BIG FUCK YOU TO THAT GUY REPOSTING YOUR ART. YOU TAKE FUCKING TIME AND EFFORT TO DO IT SO THEY SHOULD REALLY PISS OFF. 2nd of all can you put your main account in your description or smth because idk whats the name of it and i want to follow you there too. i love your art really bad and am extremely pissed at that guy trying to steal it. peace

thank u anon! 💛 I agree; what a horrible rude human. my personal account is 0-3, n is v lame and old and has a lot of selfies so don’t judge me pls 

if she doesnt end up coming back as the real volpina i really like the idea of lila becoming a permanent sidekick to hawkmoth- not akumatized, of her own free will. so it’s kind of a shock to the good guys when she doesnt stop trying to kill them after they break her stuff. idk i really just want her to be an actual threat as an antagonist and then get a redemption arc

this guy sat down next to me on the train full of empty seats and is talking to me and asked what my name is. i wanna die. he keeps looking at me idk what to do lmao

Drunk Confessions

This is Part 2 of the story, you might want to check out Part 1 before. (even though the story really isn’t complicated and it’s just awkward flirting and skinship. so much skinship.)

Part 1 Part 3

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Bias: Your choice!

“Can I kiss you?”  

For just a moment your breath got caught in your throat.

How often had you wondered about what his lips would feel like on yours?  

You didn’t even bother to reply, you just tugged him closer by the collar of his shirt and that was all the answer he needed.

He chuckled, his fingers carefully angling your face so that all he had to do was lean down a little more to brush his lips against yours.

It was soft, probing and almost innocent. Almost. But then he leaned closer, his body pressing against yours as his tongue slightly brushed against your lower lip. It was enough to draw a breathless sigh from you and to make your knees a little weak.

More on instinct than anything you wrapped your arms around his neck and opened up your mouth to his.

His tongue brushed against yours, and it felt strange and new and exciting, and you needed more of this. He seemed to think the same thing, judging from the way his hands fell to your side to keep you close as he deepened the kiss.

You didn’t know how long you stood there, lost in the feeling of each other’s lips when you finally stepped back a little to take draw in a deep breath, your cheeks feeling warm and your lips tickling in the best possible way.

He laughed, also a little breathless as his hands fell to your midriff.

“Wow”,  he said, after a few more seconds of silence, only filled with the sound of your breathing, slowly returning to normal.

“That was…”, you started, looking for a word to describe that kiss just now.

“Kind of okay?”, he offered, and laughed a little at your attempt of elbowing him in the ribs.

“I..ah, sorry. That was more than okay. Much more.”

“Ways to ruin the mood”, you murmured and got up on your tiptoes to press another quick kiss on his lips, trying to keep yourself from smiling.

“Should we go upstairs?”, you asked, your hands on his chest and your lips almost still on his.

He hummed in agreement and grabbed your hand to tug you towards the stairs, but just a second later you heard a sound resonating from the handrail, followed by a swear.

You bit your lips to keep yourself from laughing.

“I’ll just…turn on the light”, you offered, still with a grin on your face.

“Stop laughing”, he complained as your hand wandered over the wall to look for the light switch.

“I’m not”, you said, still grinning, and finally found the light switch.

You had to blink for a few times in order to adjust your eyes to the sudden brightness.

He was still rubbing shin and grimacing as he stared at you.

“You could at least stop grinning”, he complained with a pout.

“Sorry”, you said, shaking your head and trying to keep from smiling as you extended your hand towards him.

“It’s just hard to believe that you can dance like that on stage and still have problems with walking up a staircase.”

“It was dark!”, he complained as he grabbed your hand and you started walking up the stairs.

“Also, it’s hard to believe that you would make fun of me for being clumsy when I saw you run against a door like two days ago.”

“And didn’t you fall down a staircase like last week or so?”

“That was”-”and I am pretty sure you only told me the other day you stubbed your toe on the counter while you were still half asleep in the morning.”

“I didn’t…oh, wait. I did. But that was like two months back.How do you even remember that?”

He shrugged.

“I don’t know. But you should focus on the real questions like: How are you still alive considering how clumsy you are?”

“…you really want to sleep outside, do you?”, you murmured.

“Sorry,”, he said and suddenly stopped to pull you close again to press another kiss to your lips.

“Are you still mad at me?”, he asked after a few seconds, slightly nudging his nose against yours.

“Depends. Are you going to kiss me again if I say yes?”

“Kissing you is pretty much everything on my to-do-list for the next few hours”, he said while you stepped back to look through your bag to find the keys. Earlier on you had just shoved them back in there before your heated little make-out session down in the hallway.

“Just kissing me?”, you asked with an innocent smile on your lips, when you finally found the keys and hurried up the last few steps to unlock the door.

He stared at you for a few seconds before he shook his head.

“Y’know I’m trying to be the good guy here who doesn’t make a move on the girl while she’s drunk, but you’re making this pretty damn hard.”

“Oh, come on, I am not that drunk”, you said and rolled your eyes as you put your bag aside and kicked off your shoes. .

As usual the hallway was too small to fit more than one person in there, causing him to almost elbow you in the face when he took of his jacket.

“Yeah it’s just that I-whoops, sorry- that I already know you’ll be embarrassed tomorrow. And sober you will be so pissed at me if we-oh my god, stop taking of your shirt!”

He hurried over, almost stumbling over the shoes you had just left in the middle of the hallway.

“But I’m hot”, you complained, well aware of the feeling of his warm hands brushing against the skin of your stomach as he tugged down the hem of your shirt again.

“Yes you are”, he agreed with a grin as he put his hands on your hips to turn you around and slightly nudge you towards the kitchen.

“That was so lame”, you said, looking at him over your shoulder, well aware of the slight blush on your cheeks.

“And where are we even going?”

“I’m going to get you a glass of water to help you sober up”, he explained as he stepped into the kitchen and reached for a glass on one of the cupboards.

It was adorable how much he cared for you, you thought. It really was. But the thing is, after being in love with him  for such a long time it was absolutely not what you wanted.

“Okay…but I have another idea. How about you just drink something as well and we take this to the bedroom?”, you asked with a suggestive grin as you jumped on the counter.

He almost dropped the glass in his hand.

“Oh my god. I…uhm. No!”

“I could literally see you think about it for a second though”, you pointed out as he poured in a glass of water for you.

“And that makes you pretty damn happy, doesn’t it?”, he asked, looking half amused, half exasperated.

You just shrugged as you took the glass from his hand to take a big sip of water. It felt almost normal, standing here with him, in the dead of night, having one of your usual playful conversations. But then, as you put the glass aside he took another step closer so that he was standing between your legs that were dangling of the counter.

“You look pretty damn good today, did I already tell you that?”, he asked casually, as his hands wandered up from your knees, up your thighs and over your hips to come to rest at either side of your waist.

You shook your head, your heart suddenly beating a little faster, and your skin prickling where his hands had touched you.

He pulled you forward and kissed you again, and then his teeth lightly tugged on your lower lip. Instinctively you wrapped your legs around him to pull him closer, causing you to grind your hips up against his.

“Oh fuck”, he groaned, and when he said your name it sounded like half a warning, half a moan.

“Remember what I said about being a nice guy?”, he asked, his fingers lightly pressing into your back. When you looked at him his pupils were blown wide and full of lust, and it felt like this one look of him was enough to turn your insides to jelly.

I’m an asshole for ending this here but it’s like 2 am and I forgot how English grammar works and I need sleep. 

(but idk maybe if anybody wants this I could write another part?)

Anyways, here is my masterlist, here is the mobile version and here you can send me requests. 

xo, Elly

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decided to reread your whole blog ... still love it

Thank you, bud. I really appreciate it!

I apologize if it seems like things have shifted down a gear. ^^; Life for the last couple months had kicked it up a notch and now the semester, the convention, my little brother’s HS graduation - all squared away as of last night. That was pretty intense, haha.

I’ve been doing a bit of soul-searching, too, and think it’s high time I asked you guys if there’s anything you’d like to see out of NBR again. :) 16.5 grand, boy - I can only thank you guys for the support and interest in this blog. I’m not sure exactly where we were at last time I asked, but I never imagined we’d be here, that’s for sure!

Starting out, I actually intended posts to be singular, pretty much standalone images based on your asks because I’m not at all good with managing or finishing comic pages. In a way, I still treat it like that, getting all wild with the shading and stuff. Of course, that’s not an ideal way of doing things when trying to tell a story or arc or answer half of the amazing asks you send in. It’s instinct, I swear - I just have to finish what I start because I want you to have the best! :D

And then I get super anxious even considering posting a drawing in flat colors or just lines(!). I’m getting better with that, though it doesn’t help when I get a lot of messages asking me to color the sketch. ^^; In the back of my mind it feels like I sort of failed you guys, heh. Even the thought of going back and answering an ask from months ago gives me a fear of what the submitter might think of me taking so much time to finally answer. :P

I know it might even seem silly to think like that, but it really is something that’s always hanging around, you know? 16 grand… Like, holy crap! I’ve no clue how to comprehend that, haha. You all obviously started following for a reason, so while I’m terrified of possibly losing someone because I failed to deliver what they wanted, I got to ask what you guys think. :)

Most everything’s on the table, here - even drawing style experimentation which might open the door to little comic strips. Just let me know what’s up! What I’ve done right, what I totally jacked up, more sketches, shading style, storylines - you name it.

Thanks for your input and for reading, guys. I apologize for making this a humongous post full of legit, real life stuff. :D Follower count’s been kind of fluctuating lately, jumping up and down around the same general number which REALLY keeps me up at night. If you got to split, I thank for sticking around if only for a little while and will see you around. :)

So… what’s up guys?

What's the boys full name

Hey guys, this is just one thing that my friend ask me to do it, idk if you’ve already known it, so… let’s go: What is the boy’s full name?

Cameron Alexander Dallas (Cameron Dallas, nickname: Cam)

Taylor Michael Caniff (Taylor Caniff, nickname: idk, maybe Tay?)

Hamilton Nash Grier (Nash Grier, nickname: Nash, Nashy, Snash, Trash Nash {no, dont call him trash is just what hayes said haha})

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes (call him Shawn Mendes, nickname: Shawnin {his sister said that})

Matthew Lee Espinosa (Matthew Espinosa, nickname: Matt, Spanosa {bc his last name seems like it’s spanish…idk I heard it})

Carter McCoy Reynolds (Carter Reynolds, nickname: Cartah, McCoy, Asian)

Aaron Braden Carpenter (Aaron Carpenter, nickname: idk it, maybe Ron? sh¨* I really dont know a nickname for aaron)

Jack Finnegan Gilinsky (Jack Gilinsky, nickname: Jack G, Gilin and Finne)

Jack Edward Johnson (Jack Johnson, nickname: Jack J, John)

well, here is, hope I’ve helped someone, love ya guys!

Some question? ASK ME!

♥ Taylor Michael Caniff ♥ ~Part ~

This is my first ever fan fiction and I would very much appreciate it if you let me know if you liked it! Part 1. Should there be more parts?!

It is your last high school summer. You plan on going crazy and hanging out with friends to blow off the steam before you have to get serious about school. You’re definitely planning on going to college. 

Your POV


Your alarm goes off at 9 am you forgot that you had to take life guarding lessons because you need to get recertified to become a lifeguard at your local pool. 

Lessons got over and you went to meet up with your friends Hunter, Emma, & McKayla at Cici’s Pizza to have lunch.

“(Y/N), I heard there is going to be an awesome start of the summer bonfire tonight are you in?!” said McKayla.

“Eh, I don’t know,” you hesitated.

“C'mon (Y/N) don’t be such a god damn prude all the time!” exclaimed Hunter.

“Fine.” you mumbled.

- Later that night

Emma came over with her boyfriend Stephen. She brought him everywhere you were pretty stoked that he wasn’t out to have pizza earlier because she actually talked to you. She wanted to help pick you out an outfit, you haven’t had a boyfriend in awhile since Jay broke up with you freshmen year.

 “How about this?” You grabbed your go to dress.

“Ew, you wear that for everything,” Emma said.

She grabbed a pair of high waisted shorts and a daisy cropped top.

“Try this on!” she yelled.

I actually really liked it and it looked great.

“Perfect!” she exclaimed. “Hey there is a bonus I heard we got a new kid in town and he is uber cute so I’ve heard.” she explained.

“Mk,” you said nonchalantly.

You threw your hair into a braid and then went with Emma & Stephen to go meet up with McKayla & Hunter.

- You guys arrive at the bonfire

It was a perfect setting for a first summer night bonfire it was on the beach of the best lake near the city.

“(Y/N) come dance with me!” exclaimed the buzzed McKayla.


Tonight you weren’t looking to drink you promised that tonight you would be DD, which you’re fine with.

While dancing with McKayla you spotted this really attractive guy that you haven’t seen before, you assumed that it was the new guy that Emma was talking about. But you can’t really remember what she was talking about because you blocked out her babble. She had been wanting you to start dating again since you could remember.

You heard someone running up behind you, you turn around and its Hunter.

“DUUUDE, GUESS WHAT!” She exclaimed.


“That new kid has been checking you out for like the past half hour,” she explained. “Go talk to him.”

“HA! Me? Go talk to him?!” “You must be on crack!”


You slapped her and she giggled.

“No but seriously go talk to him (Y/N)”

“No, I refuse.” “ If you think I need to talk to him so bad, tell him to talk to me.”

“Okay.” she said. She turned around and started towards him.

You whipped your body around and took off to go find McKayla.

“Kayla!” you yelled.

“Blurrwhat?” she mumbled.

“Help hide me, Hunter & Emma want me to talk to that new guy and I hate talking to boys.” “I fuck everything up.”

“Heeey, if you don’t talk to him, i-iii-i will.”

“You aren’t any help.”

You knew that McKayla kinda got crazy when she was drunk but it upset you when she said that. Once you knew that you were alone on this situation you went to go sit on a random trucks tail gate.

Hunter's POV

She took off to go find that knew guy whatever his name was because you knew that he probably liked (Y/N). 

You saw him standing in a circle with a couple other guys.

“Hey Bandana,” she said.

“Who me?” he said.

“No the other one, ya you!” “I noticed you’ve been checking out my friend (Y/N). The one in the daisy shirt & shorts.”

“Oh jeez, no.” he said shyly.

“Don’t play that bullshit with me right now.” “She’s amazing and you should go talk to her.”

“Uhhh..” he stuttered.

“Please? It would make her really happy.”

“Uh, okay I spose.” he said. “Where is she?”

She turned around and looked at the spot that she left you at and you had disappeared.

“Shit.” she said. “Idk, lemme go find her and I will bring her near the fire and leave to go get a drink, that is when I want you to come and start talking to her, okay?” she explained.

“Okay.” he said.

Your POV

You had been sitting on that tailgate for awhile so long that your ass went numb. You got up and headed back to the fire when Hunter was charging at you full speed.

“GAAAH!” she screamed. “He said he would talk to you!”

No way you thought.

“What,” you mumbled.

“That guy -fuck I forgot to ask him his name..” she said. “Anyways he said that he would talk to you.”

“Gosh Hunter, why do you want me to talk to him so bad?” “Why does everyone wanna be the god damn match maker for me?” “How do you know that I don’t like being single?!”

“(Y/N) don’t lie to yourself you know that you think he is cute.” “& I know you do because I saw the way you stared at him while McKayla was boozin’ all over you.”

You know that she had a point.

You guys stared walking back to the fire you were staring to get chilly anyways but, when you go there Hunter took off.

“Aye I’m going to go get a drink & check up on McKayla, Emma & Stephen.”


You sat there for a good couple minutes until you could see someones shadow in front of you.

You turned around and there was that boy, you jerked up and threw your hands in the karate position.

“Whoa,” he said throwing his hands up. “No need to go kung fu on me, atleast yet.

"Okay, did Hunter put you up to this?”

“Is that the girl with the beanie?” he asked.


“Yaaa..” he said. “She told me that you had the hots for me.”

“What?” you said confusingly.

“No she didn’t say that.” he said jokingly.

“Okay.” you said. “Why did you come here for that last year of school?” you asked.

“Well my mom asked me where I wanted to go or if I wanted to leave.” “ I said yes and she asked where.” “I said I have yet to go to North Dakota lets move there.” “And now I am here.”

“North Dakota, out of all the 50 gorgeous states you choose North god damn Dakota.” I asked confusedly.

“Yes, I’ve never been here before and if I could live here a year it would be cool.” he explained.

You say back down on the log in front of the fire & he sat next to you. You talked for another 2 minutes until another pretty attractive male came up.

“Hey” said the other guy.

“Hi Cameron.” said the guy that had been talking to you.

“We should get going I know your mom wants us home soon & since we don’t know our way around here very well we should leave soon.” Cameron said.

“Okay, oh by the way this is my cousin Cameron.” said the attractive guy.

“Ahh, hello.” you said. “I’m (Y/N)”

“Hey,” he said then walked away.

Speaking of the time you checked your phone. *1:30* You started to look around for your friends and spotted them in the distance watching you. Gosh they were embarrassing, they act as if you’ve never had a relationship before.

“Hey, as much as I liked talking to you I better get going.” he said.

“Okay.” you said glumly

He walked over to give you a hug goodbye and you felt him slip something into the back pocket of your shorts. He started jogging away.

“Hey!” you yelled. “What is your name?!”

“Taylor!” he yelled from the distance.

Taylor you thought. What a cute name. You walked over to meet with your friends. 

“OOOOOO” they all cooed.

“Stop guys,” you blushed. “We will talk about this tomorrow.” “For now I better drive you guys all home.”

- Laying in bed

You forgot about the thing Taylor had slipped into the back pocket of your shorts until you were already comfy in bed. You didn’t care though you got up to go check & see what it was. It was his number written on a piece of a matchbook. You went & put in your phone and fell asleep.

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friend im sorry if this is a dumb question but i am super duper new to your blog and was wondering what your name was?

opens a binder full of nicknames and laughs good question my guy