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Children Don’t Do The Things I Do

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Pairing: Bucky x younger Reader

Warnings: SMUT GOOD LORD, lil bit of sir!kink, spanking, hair pulling, swearing, orgasm denial, reader dresses like a little girl (idk what that’s called lmao)

Summary: Reader is much younger than Bucky. The youngest Avenger at that. They come home from grocery shooping just to overhear Bucky, Tony, Clint, and Steve talking about her and her childishness.

Word Count: 1,994


A/N: Reader is 18+ and i literally know nothing about anything hahahah

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🔶⚫️ (she/they)

Never Let You Go

She’s not far from home when she hears it. The taunting, the crying, the laughing. Her fists clinch at her side and she increases her speed. This cannot be happening.

But when she rounds the corner, there she is. Kara. She’s crumbled over in the grass three kids circling around her like sharks. She doesn’t look afraid for herself. No, Alex can read a whole different kind of fear on her face as her fists grab at the grass to prevent herself from lashing out. The flash of red in Kara’s eyes serves as a warning. One the other kids do not recognize. The anger inside Kara is something she knows her little sister fears.  It’s not something she feels she can control, but with her world shattered, she has every right to feel it. Only with powers like hers, she can’t afford to.

That’s where Alex comes in. Rushing forward, fists raised. Alex shouts at them. “Get away from my sister!”

They all turn wide-eyed. They know Alex Danvers. They know her reputation, and they scuttle like flies swatted away.

Kara is staring up at her, expression soft now, the red in them waning, and Alex realizes now for the first time what she said, what she acknowledge.

Kara is her sister, and as she reaches her hand out, watching as Kara’s hands loosen on the dirt and come to gently intertwine with her own that she can no longer picture a future where that statement rings false. When Kara smiles that big puppy dog smile at her, Alex’s heart melts. That space inside Alex that’s felt hollow since her father died fills just a little with this alien from another planet whose smile rivals the sun.

She pulls the other girl close, hands slipping behind her back to ground her-to drive the anger away. She can feel the tension in Kara’s muscles ease away, can feel the wet tears leak from Kara’s eyes onto her shoulder.

“You’re ok, baby girl,” Alex whispers into her sisters ever blonder hair, “I got you.”

And she knows right then that she’ll never let her go.

I fucking misspelt aesthetic and i look like a scene kid but look its me

5sos with curvier or "plus size" girls


Blurb thing lol idk what to call this 😬
•Luke would be so cute because everyone would say the look awkward together but he would just think she’s the most beautiful person and he didn’t care that people thought the looked awkward together because he didn’t feel awkward when he was with her and that all that matters!

•Michael would be so cute like if you borrowed his flannel or something he just look and you with such an loving facial expression and be like your just way to beautiful and he would also just love to cuddle with you and if you ever said you were fat he would look at you so offended and just like hug and cuddle you and be all cute and amfjdnsojsjsnd

•Calum would be so proud to call you his like he would think you are like the cutest person especially with animals!! And when he goes home to see his family he wouldn’t shut up you and how cute you are and that he wants to make a cute little family with you and ahhhhh!

•Ashton would have you sit on his lap a lot even if you thought you were to heavy he would just pull you on his lap anyway and it would be so cute he was teaching you the drums he would make you sit on his lap and reach his arms around you and hold you around the waist and kiss your shoulder every now and then and just be so cute!!!!

i’d imagined that luke’s the type of guy to leave literally half his closet at your place because he likes it when his clothes smell like you