idk what that is im sorry

(wow the only thing ive been able to draw iN the past couple weeKS aND ITS FREKAING BATMAN LEGO FANART)
oK …i can so sorry to this fANdOM …i m a freakin furry and had to make thiS…

aLSO I never name fanart..hardly eveR– ive never liked super heros or super villains…but the lego batman movie has completely changed my mind and i absolutely adore jokeR’s personalitY…heCKin so here’s some gay dogs for you guys…i’ll try to draw some actual human jokers and things later– but for now just…here…have this…

Jin!!! How do you deal with crushes? I have a crush on a friend and I don’t know what to do about it!! Please help!

Jin: How do I deal with crushes??? I’m sorry my friend but I never really had a crush before.. I’m actually serious about this.. So I don’t know how to help you.. maybe confess to them?? But if you do want to ruin your friendship with them, then I think you should keep quiet..

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Name: Chiara (or Chy, Chychy , Chiaretta, Mazzu, Ermenegilda, Chià, Kira etc :,D)

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 175 cm (Nin idk how but now I’m like you :,D)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hogwarts school: Idk sorry 

Time right now: 15:42

Last thing you googled: “Riassunto novelle Decameron” ahahaha

Song stuck in my head: One Ok Rock ft Avril Lavigne - Listen

Last movie i watched: I can’t remember, it’s been so long- ahaha ; ;

Last tv show i watched: TG lol

What im wearing right now: Black leggins and t-shirt

The kind of stuff i post: Mostly my stupid drawing and tag memes like this one xD

Favorit color: All the pastel colors in particular green and peach

Fave animal: Dogs *^* (but I love cats too)

Average hours of sleep: 4/5 (or 3) I can’t sleep more xD

Cat or dog person: Both

Do i gets asks regularly?: Sometiems, mostly requests :3

Why did i choose my url: Chychy was one of my favorite nick and Mazzu too so xD I know I don’t have fantasy :D

Favorite fictional characters: I have too many oh gosh: Acnologia, Zeref and Natsu from Fairy Tail; Rukia, Unohana, Ishida and Ulquiorra from Bleach; Luffy, Boa Hancock, Usopp and Sanji from One Piece; Shiro from Deadman Wonderland; Ban, Diana and King from Nanatsu no Taizai and aaaah too manyyyyy

Number of Blankets you sleep with: 1 or 2 

Favorite Singer/Band: Linkin Park, Fall out Boys, Imagine Dragons, Skillet, B’z, One Ok Rock and more xD

Dream Trip: India, Japan, America and moreeee 

Dream Job: Doctor, maybe dentist or optician ^^  hope I won’t die bc of study before :D)

Lucky number: 15

When was This Blog created: June (maybe) 2016

Current # of Followers: 420 (and omg thank you ;___;)

When will your blog peak: ???

What made you decide to make this Blog: Bc of all the artists of FT fandom :3

Maybe lots of you have done this already but i’m not sure, so feel free to ignore the tag xD

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Yuri Plisetsky- Ballet AU

Okay, so I’m not exactly sure what you meant by this, but I tried ;~;

-It all started when Yuri started training under Lilia
-Salty child was in a piss mood after being corrected for the 143th time
-”Again! Be like Y/N! Beauty and grace!”
-Who the fuck even is Y/N 
-And then somebody just literally trips into the hall
-Lilia doesn’t even seem mad
-More like exasperated
-”Y/N, this is the fourth time this week.”
-Smol child is S H O O K
-This girl’s Y/N?
-Y/N’s beauty, she’s grace, and she fell flat on her face
-”This is my star student, Y/N. Introduce yourself.”
-”Hi! You’re Yuri, right? I’m Y/N! It’s so good to finally meet you!”
-Shook smol child is confuzzled af
-But still nods and takes your outstretched hand
-And thus began a beautiful friendship

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rice, what should i do. i'm a complete idiot, i don't know what the fuck i'm doing and i fail at everything... i have no good qualities. i feel like i'm such a failure i'm not even a person... what should i do...

NO DO NOT SAY THAT ur not a failure!!! when u feel like one just pls remember that there’s this sad asian girl tapping away at her laptop at 2am everynight who calls herself ricepunch

no but seriously uhh idk how to comfort people but i know for a fact that u are not a failure!! and you have lots of good qualities, for example, u liking my blog is a FANTASTIC quality (am i making this worse for u im so sorry) 

if u do think that u really did fuck up and fail, then pls stay strong and stand up again (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ i’m probably not the best person to talk about this about bc ik i’ll just end up being insensitive but i wish you all the best from now on d=(´▽`)=b

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Hi :) I've found your blog recently, and idk if this has already been asked but what kind of pencil do you use for your traditional art? Your art is really pretty, thank you!

Awww ty kindly!! Edit: WO W OK so I actually wrote an entire answer where i said what pencils i used and tumblr just posted the 1st part lik e??? Wt f???? Actually why am i surprised lmao Sorry about that, im gonna retype it Basically i use a 2H, 2B and 5B pencil, the 2H is from the draft part of the sketch and then 2B n 5B are for the lines

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Five things you’ll find in my bag: makeup bag, wallet, phone, phone cord and candy lol.

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom: so many video games and movies, painting of the guardian soul keyblade by @castleoblivions, the cute little keychains of kh characters, my collection of dreamcatchers, and this little butterfly led light i have on my window.

Five things I want to do with my life: get a studio space, find that special someone, own kh3 ok and idk what else.

Five things I’m into right now: kingdom hearts, horizon zero dawn, final fantasy xv, phineas and ferb lol, and say yes to the dress.

Five things on my to-do-list: meet the pretty boy band one day (@yunalesca @gladiolvs @tinyienzo @tinyshoopuf), meet @castleoblivions, a lot of giffing shit and aesthetics.

Five things people may not know about me: i’ve never broken a bone in my body, i stepped on a nail years ago, i got attacked by a dog just before i graduated (i still remember the horror and dread i felt when they said i might have to get the rabies shots because the owner refused to show us the dog had all their shots. thankfully i didnt have to), i cry really easily and i always feel like i’m alone and that my friends dont like me.

not gonna tag anyone i’m lame ok

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Hi, could I just ask-sorry be if it's offensive or if In a way you don't wanna answer I totally understand this. Im just wondering since you're an Ex-Muslim, I was wondering which made more logical sense, I mean which sect of Islam; Sunni? Shia? Ibadi? Non sect? Since you've totally left Islam I'm assuming you've evaluated which would make more sense..I'm kind of struggling lately and just wanted some advice. I'm really stuck, idk what to do or how to act. I need other opinions. Thanks love you


I was raised without any specific denomination so I guess you could say I’m unbiased, but personally for me Shia Islam made more sense. I disagree with the theology (of all sects) but from everything I’ve read & looked up I think Ali was the rightful successor. 

I held on to Islam for longer than I should have because of Shiism & it’s had a lasting impact on me. Even though I don’t believe in it I’d still like to visit the holy shrines in Najaf, Karbala, Mashhad & elsewhere.

But when I was Muslim I identified as just Muslim. Shiism made more sense to me but I didn’t like labels & identifying strongly with different sects just creates division & disunity & sometimes violence.

Same family tree, different genera.

Tried to base them on how their ults work more than anything. The Hanzo-dragons head is drawn over a crocodile skull more than anything else, and has a strong bite (go look up crocodiles bite force, they’re strong cuties), once you get caught you’re done for. Genji-dragon has narrower head, with a lot of small snarp teeth, here you won’t get any bones crushed but they’ll tear you to tiny pieces. Haven’t found anything to look up for this yet, might go read up on some predatory fish for this guy, what do you think?

And I’ll stop here, my Shimada dragon obsession is already bad as it is. 

Got7 as types of princes

Mark: the hidden away prince. Had a curse placed on him when he was born. Sneaks out of the palace and uses a fake name to adventure around. Sounds really good when announcing royal proclamations.

JB: the cool prince. Appears to be scary and there’s rumors that he slayed a dragon when he was three. Is actually a sweetheart that bows to palace staff.

Jackson: the travelling prince. Speaks more languages than all their diplomats combined. Very involved in politics and often goes out to visit his citizens. Everyone has a crush on him.

Jinyoung: the scholarly prince. Has read everything in the royal library twice. Funny at royal balls and has the best manners. Doesn’t return babies he’s handed to kiss.

Youngjae: the soft prince. Really awkward about royal duties. Prefers to be in the gardens or music hall. Attracts woodland creatures.

BamBam: the pretty prince. Designers would kill to dress him. Has at least four closets. Throws great parties. If he pierces his ears, so does everyone else.

Yugyeom: the nice prince. Choreographed the latest ballroom dance. Sipped champagne once and got found in the dungeons. Cares a lot for his citizens and is honest in nation reports.