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italeteller replied to your post:I think it’s worth pointing out that Nabokov…

if I may derail, this “old authors using current times fanfiction language” thing is absolutely amazing. do you have any more?

Hemingway: drabble challenge, 100 word challenge, yes the title is included in the word count, fight me, angst, sad, baby shoes

F Scott Fitzgerald: idk what I’m doing, lol party fic, I’m supposed to be working on something else right now, the real otp is despair

Virginia Wolfe: stream of consciousness, tw: depression and anxiety, tw: food mention, not sure what else to tag this as

Sylvia Plath: esther is not like other girls, depression, suicide, hurt/comfort, fuck the patriarchy

Edgar Allan Poe: detective au, everyone’s a suspect, darkfic, this was supposed to be satire, I’m not sure what happened,

Shakespeare: historical au, for Lizzy <3 <3 <3, either everybody lives or no on lives I haven’t decided yet, dick jokes, puns, stole this from Marlow not even sorry lmao

Jane Austen: hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, true love, dancing!, slow burn, don’t worry they all get there in the end (:


A thing I randomly made! :9 I had fun with this, If you use! It would be cool if you tagged it “AU Palette” so I can see what ya made! Have fun!


I’m open for commissions again! I’m only taking a few this time around though, as I’m still in school and super busy but I need to buy some art supplies for class unfortunately!! I may end up taking 2-3 weeks on a piece b/c of schoolwork, but I’ll try my best to finish them as quickly as possible!

Email any inquiries to Thank you!


sorry for the lack of drawings lately,, i had to finish this so i could make button pins for a fanprojectttt !!!

for ph army!! pls contact me if ure interested in buying ;w; meetups at the bts concert on 0730 hehe

One of my fav memories from high school was this one time we had to write a poem for Honors English. The next day in class my friend turns to me. “Lol I just used the theme song from-”

Before she can tell me, the teacher stands up and announces “Before we begin today, I’d like to read this one because it was really well written:

“In West Philadelphia, born and raised–”


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Or okay you know what else I think of sometimes, with the whole “If Harry had had a good home life” and why Dumbledore needed him to not have a loving home in order to craft him into a weapon/martyr, is this: Dumbledore not even trying to stick his neck out for Sirius and not even questioning for a second him betraying James suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Because think about it: Dumbledore knows Sirius, he taught him for seven years and knew him afterwards in the Order. He's seen the love Sirius had for James, saw Sirius leave his own family and basically become a part of the Potter family and yet, to our knowledge, he doesn’t even raise a hand to help Sirius when he’s arrested, just allows him to get sent to Azkaban without a trial. Whereas Snape, SNAPE, who is a KNOWN Death Eater (and we can assume he’s done some terrible things to become a Death Eater, especially one in the Inner Circle), Snape not only gets  trial but gets off with no jail time based on Dumbledore’s word alone.

Why?! Dumbledore sticking his neck out for Snape but not for Sirius doesn’t make sense unless you look at what Dumbledore needed. Dumbledore needed Snape as a spy, and really, his plans were far better suited if Sirius was locked up, guilty or not. Because you can bet that Sirius would never have taken Dumbledore’s ‘Harry needs to stay with the Dursley’s" nonsense, he would’ve fought tooth and nail to get rightful custody of Harry, and then what? Harry would’ve grown up in a loving environment, Harry would’ve had someone to fight for him–someone with REAL knowledge of the wizarding world and (presumably since he was raised as a Black) some type of political savvy, even. Think of that! Think of the fuss Sirius would’ve raised during the Chamber of Secrets debacle. Think of what Sirius would’ve done to Rita Skeeter for printing lies about his godson if he weren’t a wanted felon. And we all know that Sirius would’ve been loyal to Harry over Dumbledore, and that was a problem.

tl;dr: Dumbledore is a sketchy mofo and I hold him partially accountable for Sirius Black’s suffering, and like 95% accountable for Harry’s.

Creator: So sorry for the blurry photo. It was the best I got from him before he ran away. He didn’t have a name, but he did have a number. He was number 018, and he was half deer, half human. He doesn’t have deer legs though, much to my disappointment. We had to cut them off and replace them with normal legs after the amounts of injuries to him kicking us. He often cries a lot, so don’t worry. We didn’t hurt him. He’s just scared…

I’m a crap artist but I still got tips lol. Maybe others will find this sorta thing useful too? Also I think this kinda thing would apply to writers or musicians (but I’m only an artist so I can only speak for me).

Basically, figure out what you wanna do and why? Do you wanna be the next Rembrandt or Beethoven or Rowling? Do you just want a hobby? Do you want to have a cool skill to help you pick up chicks (I haven’t tried it yet, but maybe it’d work if I did)? All options are valid, and whatever it is, always keep it in mind cause if you don’t, you might stress yourself out too much and lose motivation and wanna stop and that’s no fun bro