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if it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it


Is that what you want to do? You wanna sit here and label me just another case of some crazy ass combat vet who lost his mind, huh? Maybe that’ll appeal to some shit-bag jury in some shit-bag court. It wasn’t on a battlefield … That’s not where my life went to shit.


STARLIGHTの皆さま、こんばんは。 VIXXメンバー達の新年の抱負。本日はKENの抱負を公開します! #VIXX #2017年 #KENの抱負

Good evening starlights. VIXX members’ New Year resolutions. Today we’re revealing Ken’s New Year resolution! #VIXX #Year2017 #KensResolution

[sign reads: “To make and release music for Japanese fans ♡”]

trans cr. sprouthyuk

They call you cry baby, cry baby
But you don’t fucking care
Cry baby, cry baby
So you laugh through your tears

Cry baby, cry baby
‘Cause you don’t fucking care
Tears fall to the ground
You’ll just let them drown

-Cry baby

request for @wonhopes! asjjdhfjs IM SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT!! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! 💕

when you convince yourself that the trailer will come out tomorrow but then it doesn’t