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If Sherlock BBC was a romantic comedy. Epistolary is very popular in this fandom, so here’s my take on it, hope you like it. And happy Valentine’s Day (:

Love, Sherlock: The greatest love story told in texts.


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Hey if you like traditional art I have an instagram and I don’t post much but I always put sketches and WIPs on my story so if you want to follow it’s 

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fun fact: i originally read Oumagadoki Zoo around the time when it first came out, about 6-7 years ago (around 2010-11)

i was still in highschool.

that was also Horikoshi’s first official weekly debut. sadly, it was canceled not long after along with his second series (Oumagadoki at 38 chapters, and Barrage at 12), but i’m so glad he’s continued on even past these failures and went on to create MHA

i always knew that dude had a lot of potential, and i’m so glad he kept going until now

the only reason it took me so long to touch MHA was because Oumagadoki and Barrage were canceled soon after they started, and i didn’t want to get my hopes up only to have them crushed again. (also, because while Oumagadoki had a lot of heart in it, Barrage felt very forced and uninteresting to me. i was worried the new series might have that same feel in it’s writing style; Horikoshi even went on to say that he didn’t enjoy writing Barrage. 

thankfully, MHA has never had that feeling to it. you can tell how much Horikoshi enjoys writing it, and he puts so much heart and care in the story and the characters. you can just tell how much he loves writing MHA.)

also, as sad as i am that Oumagadoki got cancelled after only 38 chapters, i think it really helped Horikoshi hone his writing skills, because a lot of what he put into Oumagadoki has been reused in MHA. things like character designs, traits, development, and plot points that originally appeared in Oumagadoki have all been reused and reinterpreted in MHA in new and interesting ways. 

the biggest i can think of are Shiina’s childlike mentality vs. Shigaraki’s (and the circumstances that lead to it), and how Shishidou started out as an aggressive character obsessed with being Number One who eventually mellowed and became more of a friend to the cast vs. Bakugou’s own similar character development.

but that’s hardly the end of it

not to mention, look at his art development. 

the top pic is his first published colorspread for Oumagadoki (and his first published colorspread EVER). the bottom is for MHA that was published about a year ago. that’s only a few years difference, about maybe 4-5? maybe??

he originally started out using traditional art like most of his fellow mangaka, but he obviously had a hard time using copics and markers. but somewhere along the way, he switched to digital; he still draws the outline traditionally with an ink pen, but all the coloring is done digitally, and it has done WONDERS for his art

a comparison between Oumagadoki’s first colored chapter cover vs. one of My Hero Academia’s.

the dude has improved A LOT.

idk where this post is going, haha. Horikoshi is just a dude i’ve been following since i was about… 15-16? i’m an adult now, and i’m following his current series, which is getting so much attention and it’s so well written and it just passed it’s 100th chapter and it’s actually popular

i followed Oumagadoki Zoo week by week, hoping that it would raise a little in the rankings so it wouldn’t get canceled, only for it to end prematurely

My Hero Academia has just hit it’s 120th chapter, is about to air the second season of it’s anime, and already has a dub for the first.

i’m just really proud of Horikoshi and how far he’s come. despite failing twice, he continued on, and now he’s onto his third series and he’s doing such a good job with writing his characters and his story. people are finally appreciating his work.

and his story is unique; yes, it’s similar to what we’ve seen before, but he’s so good at manipulating and subverting common shonen tropes, and he’s telling this Hero’s Journey in a way that we’ve never seen in this genre before. the mentor doesn’t die, the mother actually has a say in her son’s life, the characters are actually punished and rewarded for their actions instead of having them brushed over, etc. the young character’s mental health is actually a THING and treated seriously.

so yeah, i’m just… really proud of Horikoshi. he’s come so far and improved so much. i wanted for so long for him to have a series that became popular, and he did. i kinda grew up with this guy and saw the potential he had, even as he failed and failed, but i had hoped, dearly hoped, that he would finally break through and get his day

and he has.

i’m just…. so proud of Horikoshi, you guys. so proud


Whew that’s a mouthful. So here is how the pattern testing is gonna work!

REPLY or REBLOG THIS post saying interested (and preferably -but def not required- have some sample pics of your past crochet available for me to check out).

That’s it.

That’s the whole process 👍

I’ll check out people’s blogs (both on here and the people who respond to the separate Instagram post), and by Wednesday-ish I will have reached out to all of the accepted pattern testers.

THANK YOU GUYS IN ADVANCE, and I look forward to hearing your criticism and seeing your lovely cases! 😆

I was wondering if any [past or present] Jonerys, Pro-Daenerys fans like myself feel this way.....?

Firstly Id say please be nice i just enjoy analyzing the shit out of fandoms I like, (im a history/polysci major ((with an emphasis on Peace Justice and & Conflict Studies)) all i do is analyze and try to be diplomatic lmao) but considering all they petty drama between both ships as well as pro/anti Daenerys stans ON BOTH SIDES I’m going to be “That Person” and at least ask for people to be respectful/civil, I want to hear from everyone and their metas/what they think which is why i tagged like, all the tags, no matter if you love her/the ship or cant stand it, as long as everyone can keep civil

So firstly I’ve loved Dany both books and show from the beginning. She’s gorgeous, wants to be the best person she can be, and her hair/fashion style game is always ON POINT.  That being said, somewhere around season 5 i think i’ve found my opinion on her cooling a little bit, ep after ep, till now. Like I still like her bc she was my first character love on the show but I’ve def soured in my opinion on her. Maybe it’s because I love learning about the subject that im more baised (im hoping thats the case) but she just seemed to have no interest in actual governance, just the reputation (esp of being the ‘rebel queen’)/the awe/the power/the thrill of the adoration that went along with it to the point where I feel like though she still wants to be a ‘good queen’ or at least wants to be seen that way, she doesnt want to do much work for the title. Like yeah she freed all the slaves and that was a def progressive and awesome move on her part (major props! slavery is sin and im glad someone recognized that who had the power to do something about it) but she didnt handle that aftermath or ensuing problems well at all nor really mulled heavily on the subject to find the best solution. She just got fustrated with pretty basic/common (albeit complex in themselves) issues of standard governance and kind of went agh! fuck this! (obv not actual quotes but that was the vibe I got). And then ESPECIALLY after season 7 her character has kind of nagged at me in the back of brain which i hate but its inherent like its just a feeling i cant help it?? I just dont know why to be honest that Im feeling so negative towards this character i used to love.  The whole ‘ bEnD thE knEe ‘ thing w/ Jon and yet pinning it on Jon’s pride not equally on his and her own was more than a little hypocritical, when hon they can discuss it later like at that point they have two common enemies the WW and Cersei they both want to do away with, and then again with the Bend the Knee or Die bit w/ the Lannister soldiers. In fact the whole sequence before that point felt kind of villinous I dearsay, I mean  deliberately burning the harvest that most of westeros needs for the winter or even strategically not willing to try, and well, nOOt intentionally burn the food considering its winter, the harvest is over (so likely not much is gonna grow in the time being) when she has a G I A N T ass army of her own to think of feeding???? Like i get it is war shit happens soldiers die but the F O O D ? Was that an impuslive in the moment mistake or did she just not give a fuck? And back to the aftermath scene/Bend the Knee 2.0, her speech was again quite hypocritical…and burning dickon?????? not willing to keep prisoners???? either bend or die??? I actually am glad she did away with Papa Tarly bc he was an awful human, but dickon????? a young idealistic man about to loose his father??? the heir to a major ally/house???? And honestly that bend or die strategy is soooooo dumb bc now she cant trust any of them like theyre only bending the knee out of self preservation homie, no one wants to die. they bend  the knee to survive and now they all of the sudden think youre their queen? Nah fam, prisoners were better, all you got are spies in your camps or people willing to backstab you at the smallest promise of coin. And i dont want that for my girl

IDK the whole “im gonna BREAK THE WHEEL,,,,,,,,yet im stating my claim mainly on my housename (aka the predominant force of said wheel for a literal dynasty) and the fact that i can scare people who otherwise are unconvinced bc lets be real westeros has had a bad run of rulers a lot of which were Targs in the past couple decades, into submission bc ill burn you otherwise???” doesnt sit well with me nor does it feel like the character ive been rooting for the past five-ish seasons. She just doesnt seem to put into effort on understanding Westeros, why things go wrong, being self-critical or sharing the blame,thinking on what a “good” ruler would do…. anyone else feeling this way and if so do you think this is just shitty writing? D&D butchering her character? or a new arc for her? perhaps the way shes always been? She just seems like a tantruming child bratty and entitled idk (a beautiful child but still) 

As for jonerys…… im not gonna go into it much but how are other shippers happy????????? I honestly dont understand. I was SO looking forward to this season/this ship. like so much! But it felt so forced? And i know a lot of people claim its cause its rushed but tbh we’ve had a lot of romances in a similar time frame that felt like A C T U A L romances…..even Talisa/Robb who the Northerners will prob compare any of this too were so much better. THIS WAS MY EPIC SHIP DUDE. I feel the dany side of things (took a while but theres def heart eyes) and yet Jon???? He felt hollow. Still does even after sex. Im so disapointed but more than that I cant see the romance or the chemistry. He looks constipated. Hes never smiled like with his teeth around her the way hes done w others he cares deepily about (ygritte, toramund, sansa, even fkin gendry in the first scene they had together). He never reveals anything about himself. And between the “my queen” ep (and remember he was look warm when discussing her to toramund throughout it) and the previous the only thing that changed was that he saw the actual difference dragons made against WW. You could argue she saved them all too but that doesnt make you fall in love w someone out of the blue and also people have saved his ass before and??? Sansa w the vale anyone??? (Not an argument for jonsa js its happened) (though ill admit ive transitioned to loathing jonerys and loving jonsa more as a potential couple in the space of seven eps where if you asked me I wouldve been like PSH u cray. I never thought it would happen in a mill years but D&D ruined my ship and here i am! Shipping aside tho since its best too look at these things as neutral as possible).  Anyways the sigh of his after she left and when he pretended to be asleep…. idk. The only scene that felt genuine and where Jon smiled and it didnt look like a full on grimace and they actually kinda joked around was really nice and at the pit at the finale and if they do a LOT more of basic romance stuff like that I could ship it again but. It was followed by boatsex and boy. 

I was hoping boatsex might rekindle my like for the two together. I could see the chemistry the passion. I was hoping the passion would overwhelm me and make up for the rest. But instead……like there was no foreplay, it lasted 2 seconds, and it was overplayed by brans voice and a reminder of future conflict or at the very least major angst b/w the two. i didnt see the parallel between regear and lyanna playing alongside their scene as anything romantic or that it should be taken as such. and the look they shared…. I was hoping jon would bring it bc Dany’s look in her eyes is like soooo smitten and adorable and say what you will I still have a space in my heart for her and still dont want her to suffer, but again Jon looks like oh shit/constipated. And not in a good oh shit way either. 

There is a bunch more too but Imma stop there bc Im just tired at this point. 

So many things were just….off this season. And it cant all be blamed on the “rushed” time frame. I’ve read the undercover lover theory and hon it makes the most sense (not perfect sense but still, more than what we’ve been poorly spoon fed) but im not willing to believe it just yet. Still, maybe D&D are just butchering a lot of things like making the romance believable and stuff for the sake of time that could be true i guess. But they like to go AHA GOT U so 

Idk I dont find a lot of meta in the jonerys tag bc honestly (((((i think its bc the tag and ship are more popular and theirs more people both good and bad)))) it doesnt seem like snowballing theories is something all fans take really well in the tag at all. But whatever. I really want to know, is there any meta or theories im missing to either validate the icky feeling Im haveing about D or her “romance” or on the flipside anything that might make me change my mind about it? Theories, meta people!

I just want to reiderate im not trying to hate on anyone or any point of view and I will flag any comment anti one ship or person or another if its plain hateful or rude. I just want to understand it and see what Im missing, esp because of how much I was looking forward to her arc and jonerys’ dynamic and how much the words “falling short” dont seem to cover it. And to see if im not the only one to either have critique on the ship or her character [or even actually change ships]

Also i apologize for how much ive said “IDK” i just….. I DONT KNOW 

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blupjeans is trans representation tho i dont get why people are kicking off about it. barry and lup could also be bi/pan calling it bad bc its het is just not the right way to go about it

im putting this under a readmore because this is more than them being a m/f couple

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Question to my followers: What should I do with this blog? Should I keep it gmw/rilaya? Should I change it? Delete it? Is anyone left at this point? I just don’t want to keep this blog going if there are no active followers. Please let me know your thoughts 😊


i feel like i need to say something here, because i see some comments irrationally shooting off about mnet’s infamous ‘evil edits’.

as someone who has worked for reality tv shows, lemme say that mnet is doing a decent (maybe even great?) job in editing a colossal show like produce 101. and i say this because it’s so LABORIOUS to edit a show with a hundred contestants. this means sitting through 101 interviews, picking soundbites from 101 contestants, and scrummaging through TONS of footage from god knows how many cameras. AND having to create a cohesive narrative from the massive amount of footage, while still trying to give 101 contestants a decent amount of screen time. ON TOP of working against the clock (seriously the first ep aired barely 2 months from the first shoot date). i don’t even want to imagine the amount of hours the crew spend on set.

we can all agree that it isn’t very fair on the trainees who work hard day and night, and they’re the ones eventually getting the short end of the stick. but this is first and foremost, a reality show. people need to be entertained. if your favs aren’t very interesting to watch or don’t fit into any story line, they don’t get screen time. it’s as easy as that. and it works the other way round as well, the producers will focus on trainees who have a clear narrative. (reference to the ep where one of the 2pm cover groups mentioned that no taehyun’s interview took very long) 

whether they’re being portrayed negatively or positively, really depends on what the trainees do and what will be more entertaining for the audience to watch. they also take into account a trainee’s popularity and will obviously let people see who they want to see.

TLDR: P101 is just a reality show. it’s more show than it is reality, so take everything with a grain of salt and just enjoy the ride.

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imagine,,,,,kolivan and lance sharing their first kiss,,, , ,, for that sugar daddy au,,,,, ,, , ,, , , ,, ,,,

Lance let his eyes slip shut as soon as Kolivan had begun to lean forward. He had craved this for weeks now, craved Kolivan’s touch but feared the repercussions if he had asked for it. What they had was so… odd, so different. He hadn’t wanted to upset that balance.

Now, as Kolivan’s lips lightly pressed against his own, Lance was so glad that they had both finally caved. He hadn’t realized that when he had come home, mind set on telling Kolivan exactly how he felt, his place in Kolivan’s house be damned, that Kolivan would have the same idea.

Lance’s arms looped around Kolivan’s neck, tugging the other closer, deepening the kiss as best as he could. Words, stumbled over like a middle school crush confessing, had been said. The flush on their faces when they realized what the other had admitted to, the initial fear of rejection replaced by pure elation, was worth it for this moment.

As Kolivan’s arms looped around Lance’s waist, he couldn’t help but realize: He was finally and truly home.

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Hi there! I have a little problem... I'm trying to start my own art blog but no one goes by to see it and I'm about to give up... I don't know, what should I do? Thanks!

Alright, I’m gonna give you some tips on how to get your art noticed. I know it makes you feel bad when no one seems to see you, but you can’t give up! Because that’s how every artist who starts on tumblr goes through.

1.) Post every doodle you make: Especially the ones you aren’t working on anymore, they can be considered done. An art blog isn’t necessarily all finished drawings, doodles can look as good as a finished piece!

2.) Remember to tag it: If I remember correctly, the first 5 tags of an original tumblr posts are the ones that show up in searches (I could be wrong though, idk lol) But do give it lots of tags so it can show up in people’s searches!

3.) You might have to go a bit mainstream: If notes are what you’re aiming for, then you probably want to post stuff that are fandom-related or are just popular at this moment (Ex: Right now if you post star wars art, it’d probably get a lot of notes since the trailer for the next movie recently came out so people are definitely searching for it) But please don’t let that stop you from posting original content! A lot of people on tumblr will just reblog stuff cause it looks visually pleasing!

4.) Don’t stop posting art: Whether or not it gets notes, posting art is a good way to improve your skill and practice drawing I would recommend posting at least once or twice a week, or just post whatever drawing you make at your own pace

5.) Put a link to your art blog on your main: Maybe people who follow your main blog didn’t even know you had an art blog? There’s no shame in self-promotion!

(Bonus step) Post stuff at about 5-7pm: Idk if this will get you more notes, but tumblr is probably pretty active around this time lol

Aaaaand that’s all I got. Remember you can’t expect to get popular overnight, gaining followers takes time! And also remember try not to focus on followers too much. I know it’s really nice to have them and to be noticed, but art is something you do for fun! Don’t let anyone take away your fun, especially other people who want things that you don’t. You have something great to give to the world that only you can create! Good luck and don’t give up! I believe in you! ♥

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under the cut are #82 icons and #35 gif icons of the kakaotalk characters! if you don’t know, kakaotalk is a texting app that’s really popular for their character emoticons. these are meant to be used in text threads! all icons are 150x150 and gif icons are 100x100. most of these are transparent but a few have a white background. i didn’t make any of these and found them all off google, so credit goes to their original makers! please like/reblog if you use these or find them helpful!

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