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When King Regis calls (part 3)
  • Noctis: No I'm not answering this, after what you did before.
  • Ignis: But Noctis, King Regis would contact you only if it's a very important matter.
  • Gladio: Yeah, have some respect for the old man.
  • Prompto: Maybe he just misses you?
  • *everyone else in the room is giving him a dirty look*
  • Noctis: ... Fine.
  • Noctis: Hey da-
  • *Nyx chokes on his drink in the background*
  • *Aranea decided that it's her turn to make the weird sexual noises this time*
  • Noctis: I'll call you later.
  • Noctis:
  • Noctis: I'm going to ignore all of you for like five mins.

High fantasy is the YA trend now, ya? So why is there so little LGBT+ high fantasy – stuff that’s popular, stuff you can talk to people about, stuff you can check out from your library? I’m not talking about books where the main character has a gay sidekick. I want fantasy (high, low, urban, myth, historical, whatever) where the main character is gay. Or bi. Or pan. Or trans. I want to see same-sex love stories. I want to see diverse characters. I want poly stories. 

I just… I’m so frustrated that an overwhelming amount of LGBT+ fiction is about the real world. It’s nice but I want to get away from that when I read; I want worlds that aren’t my own. I want gods and monsters and magic in my LGBT+ fiction. Those are my interests and this is my sexuality – why can’t I have both?

Why is that too much to ask?

  • Winwin: Hey guys, you know what I lo-
  • Taeyong: Love? What a great thing to talk about! You're so great and smart, Sicheng. I'll go first. I love Winwin of popular Korean boy group NCT, real name Dong Sicheng.. I love you so much you precious angel. There I said it. Like I do every day. I would kill for you, my sweet, sweet son. I would take someone's life for you, you beautiful human being. You look hungry. Are you hungry? I'll make you something right now but don't worry I'll be back in about 20 minutes to remind you how much I love you

i think the main reason skam has become so internationally popular is bc it’s such a universal story. like it’s about teens. it’s about drama. it’s about relationships. and it’s so real.

and i think it’s telling when they reference gossip girl or w/e when something dramatic happens. bc those, usually american, shows are so unreal in their presentation of youth.

in skam, we don’t see young people who are entirely in control of their own lives. we see teenagers reacting believably to the situations they’re in. and even though it’s universal, it’s so different from what we as consumers of primarily american media are used to. because it has girls without makeup. because it has “perfect” relationships that end up broken up. bc it is based on the writers’ talking to actual teenagers, talking to the actors, and not just casting big-name 28 y/os for the roles of teens.

and it promotes so many positive things. body image. sexuality. friendship. feminism. standing up against discrimination. it’s a show that has listened to what the youth wants in a show about them and given it exactly that. and i’m so, so happy it exists.

everyone always assumes draco knows so much about wine but in reality he knows shit but everyone at the fancy wizarding events always goes to him for his opinion on the wines and I NEED SOMEONE to draw draco a la april ludgate at the wine tasting event just bullshitting his way through “I’m getting notes of dried hippogriff blood, old dirty doxy eggs, and just a hint of a crup’s bath water” it’s how he keeps harry entertained at events bc he knows harry hates going to them

under the cut are #82 icons and #35 gif icons of the kakaotalk characters! if you don’t know, kakaotalk is a texting app that’s really popular for their character emoticons. these are meant to be used in text threads! all icons are 150x150 and gif icons are 100x100. most of these are transparent but a few have a white background. i didn’t make any of these and found them all off google, so credit goes to their original makers! please like/reblog if you use these or find them helpful!

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Hello, you ship both ziam and larry and i really need help so I figured I'd try to ask here... There was this story on YouTube and now im not sure if it was larry or ziam (ziam probably) and you couldnt find it easily, it didnt have larry or ziam in tags and the title was Something misterious like 'What happens behind closed doors' or 'secrets of hollywood' or idk:( but it was really good and came in parts and I guess popular as well... It showed the details we really could have missed etc

Is it the “I Like Your Skirt Mary” videos? Because that’s what dragged me into the Ziam hell hole. 

It was literally like, “Wow…my Larry goggles made me blind to all the other blatant signs of romance within this band.” 

There’s about seven parts and I suggest pairing it with a bottle of wine because you’re gonna need it. x

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whats the other age order theory thing you have, if youre willing to share?

Oh somebody did see that tag, haha. Okay just so you know this is probably completely unfounded, and I already mentioned that my bias probably skews my understanding of how popular everyone is anyway, but:

This post got me wondering again what the matsus’ popularity is at the present time, especially since I assumed it was static now that the series ended. Also seeing little comments here and there about just how popular Jyushi really is specifically.

Back when we had more merch/collaborations, like the fullbokko heroes collab and yumeiro collab, if character designs were revealed in age order, the hype would naturally go up and down depending on their popularity, but it never felt like Jyushi was popular enough to sustain the hype once Ichi was revealed.

Even more obvious were last year’s drama CDs? Probably because we had to wait a whole month for each of them

  • Oso & Ichi - Very excited bc it was the first one and parkamatsu at least has a small following
  • Jyushi & Choro - Mostly interestng because of their VAs, but it was still the second CD to come out so people were still excited
  • Oso & Choro - at this point sokudomatsu was still pretty popular lol so I think there was some hype
  • Kara & Ichi - obviously the one people were waiting for
  • Jyushi & Todo - ???????????
  • Kara, Todo, & Totoko - n/a
  • Everyone - n/a

After the iromatsu one, the drama cd interest overall kind of went downhill? Which does make sense since at that point it’s been 5 months or so since the first one came out, but it wasn’t really fair for Totty, who didn’t have either of his out before iromatsu got theirs.

Not only that, but like I said last night it seems like Jyushi and Todo are kind of babied in the fandom? Even though they’re also in their 20s.

tl;dr: because Jyushi and Todo are both the “youngest” and also last in The Order™ the majority kinda…. cares less… with them. Also despite Choro’s popularity level people pay attention to him since he’s right after Kara and before Ichi.

To be clear this is not at all legitimate or anything. Just some observations from a Western fan that has no idea what the fandom is actually like!

Contrary to popular belief, Kent Parson loves the Vegas environment. No, not the party culture. The environment itself. The heat. Because when you think about it, it’s just like him.

The heat’s dry. So is Kent. At least, so’s his sense of humor.

It’s thirsty. So is Kent.

And most of all, it’s stifled. So is Kent.

For all the kinship Kent feels with the Vegas heat, he still wants out of this city.

For all the years he’s begged his PR people to no avail, he still wants to be out.

Because Kent Parson wasn’t meant to end up like this: alone and lonely, a solitary figure carving out quiet in the middle of Las Vegas madness. Kent would get drunk after a win with his teammates if he could, if he trusted himself to not spill his secrets while spilling his drink.

He doesn’t. Because when it comes down to it, Kent’s been taught to not trust anyone else. He’s learned to be better safe than sorry. And Kent Parson certainly doesn’t trust himself.

So at the end of the day, it’s just Kent and the Vegas heat. At the end of the day—or the end of the night—Kent Parson excuses himself from the party, pretending to be as inebriated as the others. It’s the closest thing he’ll ever get to liberation.

He heads into the desert, find a rock, and sits. The heat envelopes him, settling on the tops of his shoulders. It’s the closest thing to a hug that he’s ever gotten for the last few years.

Because that’s the nice thing about Vegas heat: it’s reliable, always there. It can be the middle of winter or the dead of summer, and Kent can venture into the desert, dead in his eyes and dead inside to the familiar embrace of the heat.

Because Kent is reliable, too: he’ll never disobey management and PR no matter how badly he wants to. He’s consistently good on the ice. He never fails to over-perform.

The last thing about the Vegas heat: it’s heartless. It doesn’t care that there’s a drought happening or that plants are dying. It keeps going.

And maybe Kent is heartless, too. He only loves the heat because it’s all he has. He’s never loved someone like he once loved Jack. These days, he barely even loves hockey.

His heart hurts, Kent thinks. But all he does is inhale heat and try not to think.

Just like the heat, Kent keeps going. Everything hurts and everything’s too hot, but Kent keeps going. Just like the heat.

there are ppl in overwatch ship tags saying that their ships are bad “because theyre straight”???? like, no they just aren’t as popular as some gay ships are in the game because of character dynamics n stuff, so like let gay people have this one thing instead of throwing a hissy fit cause you havent seen a man and a woman kiss each other in like 20 mins. almost every other piece of media has straight relationships n shit all over it. idk i dont actively go into straight ship tags and say “this ship is bad cause no gay!!1!!!1″ cause im a decent person and people can ship what they want to. ok nice rant over now thanks.

story time!

i was at supernatural njcon2015 this weekend, and i had the absolute pleasure of meeting osric chau for both a photo-op and an autograph. when i was in line for the photo-op, i couldn’t help but notice how overwhelmingly white the rest of the people in line were and how absolutely suffocating that was. so like the awkward human i am, when it was my turn, i very loudly thanked him for ‘bringing some color to this place.’ after taking the picture, he asked what my name was and said it was very nice to meet me and, when i left the room, i felt a little weird for how i had worded my thanks.

but then during autographs the next day!!! he remembered my name! and i told him i was the person who awkwardly thanked him for being of color, but he said it wasn’t awkward, and then he thanked ME for being of color. we had an awesome conversation about asian representation in american media, and, when i finally left, he thanked me for being of color again!!

anyway, this was no doubt the best part of my njcon2015 experience.