idk what strengths and situations i wanted to use so i just used even strength idk

mitarashiko  asked:

Your conversation with 50cyg makes me want to ask you something~ What do you think Yamato likes the most about Taichi? What is your favorite scene of them?? Do you think they think about the reasons why they two can form omegamon??!! I'm very curious *^*

You know, at first I thought these questions seemed harmless, but when I got to thinking about them…they took me a while to answer lol

I already know these answers are going to be long. So I’m just going to put them under a cut. 

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Not the only reasons some of us hate Vorona.

Of course Izaya’s done far worse than Vorona. Her wrong-doings aren’t even close to the reason I dislike her.

(warning for spoilers, Narita criticism and Vorona hate; scroll past if you’d get offended or upset, and blacklist the #hate tag if you haven’t already.)

“[T]here does seem to be a general idea on tumblr and amongst certain shippers that Vorona causes Shizuo danger and, for lack of a better word, to regress in his development.”
What? Who thinks this? She’s the reason Shizuo’s becoming something other than the character I love. He’s becoming tame. He’s becoming boring. He’s changed, and most people think it’s for the better, but I hate every word of it. It’s like OOC fanfiction (which there’s enough of in Shizaya fanfiction, tyvm–not that there aren’t some amazing Shizaya fics, and Love Blind Eyes is amazing despite being OOC), except it’s by the author so I have to believe it. To me, there’s not nearly enough build-up to make me believe it caused Shizuo to change like this. Well, then again, I’ve only read snippets and spoilers.

People are super appreciative of how much Vorona has helped Shizuo “grow”. I don’t like this Shizuo. I don’t like it at all. Of course he deserves happiness, but Narita can write him living a peaceful, happy life, without even snapping even once or relapsing into hurting someone close to him again, I won’t believe a word of it.

Vorona is very strong, yes, but she’s still no match for Shizuo. Shizuo is still capable of accidentally hurting her if he ever snaps again. I have no interest in a relationship like that, and the fact that Narita is trying to make it work makes me dislike her even more. Oh, so because of her (and maybe Akari, idk), he’s learning to control his rage, which he’s never been able to do before, and he’d stop if she were there to stop her? It sounds forced. It’s gaggingly cliche, and not even the tiniest bit moe or romantic.

She’s not the first person to not be afraid of him. Kasuka was. And then Shinra, Izaya, Celty, Simon, Tom, etc. With a person of his situation, the most romantic options for who to pair him up and are either: a) the first and only person who’s not afraid of him, and is the only person who can physically stop him if he were to lose it again and not get hurt in the process (whereas Vorona does just by being there and idk batting her eyelashes?*, which I just don’t buy)(while this option CAN be done, Narita didn’t pull it off at all–plus, many people who weren’t afraid of him came before her), or b) someone who’s not afraid of him, and is the person who can drive him over the edge the most, be the outlet for his pent up rage, manipulate him without getting truly hurt by him in the process (and wouldn’t even matter if Shizuo really did hurt that person), and most importantly can stand up to him with an equal but different kind of strength. Narita could’ve come up with someone who could fight on par equally with Shizuo and has the same level of strength, but that would completely ruin the point of Shizuo’s character as the strongest, unrivaled monster. For a romance to work for Shizuo in my eyes, it’d have to be with someone equally as strong, or else there will always be that inevitability that Shizuo will end up hurting them. Instead, Izaya, who is weaker, rivals him with not fists, but technique and manipulation. It’s neither sugary nor sweet, it isn’t love, and is definitely unhealthy and mutually abusive, but it’s way hella more interesting to me. Heck, my favourite headcanon is that Shizuo’s possessive over his right to kill Izaya, and visa versa, even though I know that’s not canon. And I dreadfully want to see it in v13, but it most likely won’t happen.

“This misconception (in my opinion) is an easy one to make though if you saw the anime and the ShizuoSaika arc and all you have heard is that Vorona’s orgasmic dream is to kill Shizuo and get in the way of Shizaya but - you see - it is actually quite the opposite.”
Maybe there are people who hate Vorona only because of certain spoilers that suggest she has bad intentions for Shizuo, and people think she only has bad intentions. And there are definitely people that hate her purely because she’s a cockblock. And then there are the people (well, me included) who hate her because we don’t believe that she has enough power over Shizuo to make him ignore Izaya. Those aren’t the only reasons, though. she’s laughingly predictable. She intended to get close to him and kill him; oh, and of course she had to fall for him. Seriously? Are you serious??
To be fair, about 30% of that hate is unfair resentment because of how accepting the fanbase was of her even though she’s not nearly as interesting as she could’ve been, and because I was upset at people who multishipped or jumped ship. But just 30%.
She’s boring, she makes Shizuo boring, and I’ve never liked kuudere characters much, either. Even if she were male, I would still dislike her.
And I will never, never, forgive her for being the one to nearly kill Izaya. That should’ve only been done by Shizuo.

I never expected a happy ending for Shizuo and Izaya, and I didn’t want a canonical happy ending for them either, but I also didn’t want either of them to find a happy ending with anyone else.

Still, the one I can’t forgive the most is Narita, who made Shizuo change like this in a way I find to be neither believable nor interesting, who doesn’t even understand that Shizaya is not a love-hate relationship, and gaybaits us anyway even though he has no intentions of making Izaya the one to have the most power over him, and especially for making Vorona be the one to do the deed, not Shizuo. What makes us happy is the promises that the shipping bait suggest. Empty promises don’t make anyone happy. I would rather that he not give us hope and just let us give up on it.

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Calling Season 3 Finale now

So like, we’re going to have canon bellarke by the end of this season. I’m not saying they will be “Together” but I will bet you anything that there’s going to be canon love and affirmation of it.

Why? Because so far this whole season has been leading up to it. My bet is that there is going to be a direct parallel to 3x03, where Clarke is given the choice of staying in CoL (likely with Lexa) or returning to Arkadia with Bellamy. Only this time she’s going to choose Bellamy. I would also wager there are going to be some delish references to 1x08 and even 3x05, especially with the whole “we” conversation, but guessing details is much harder. So why do I think this?

Season 3 opens with Clarke running from her grief and her guilt, completely unable to face what she’s done. 2x16 shows us that Clarke believes being around people she loves, people who she killed for, would be too painful for her, and honestly yes, it would probably be incredibly hard, because healing is never easy. But this belief is also influenced by Lexa’s false wisdom of “Love is weakness”. The 100 tends to stress just the opposite, that love and connection is actually what gives us strength, and we already see Lexa beginning to question her own theories (I fear too little too late for her :/) but Clarke is still solidly in that mindset.

Clarke refuses to come home to Arkadia on the pretense that she needs to stay in Polis to protect her people under the title Ambassador, honestly a pretty meaningless title since Clarke is wildly out of touch with the Arkers. Clarke has been held prisoner in Polis up until this moment, but she’s also been offered something she couldn’t find in the wilderness and honestly probably couldn’t find at Arkadia. Polis allows Clarke to escape responsibility, she doesn’t (can’t) have any real power and there are no lives that she has to protect, other than theoretically speaking on behalf of Skaikru and making sure Lexa honors her word. Here she doesn’t have to think about what she’s done because Lexa doesn’t ask her to. And this is where she refuses Bellamy’s plea a second time to return to Arkadia with him (the first being 2x16).

This is clearly a hugely painful moment for Bellamy, who has stayed with Clarke when she needed him (1x08, 1x12) and gone to die for her countless times over because it was best for their people. Because she asked him to. I would argue this is the crux of Bellamy’s position in 3x05 when he sees Clarke again. She’s asking him once more to side with her, fight with her, tells him that she needs him (yikes) after she’s refused his same overtures twice. Other people have discussed this argument in depth beautifully, so I’m not really going to get more into here.

BUT, all this is to say the 100 writers LOVE their parallels so here we go, here’s the scene on the other side:

I think for this to have merit, A.L.I.E. is somehow defeated (don’t ask, again details, idk) and CoL is hypothetically a safe place to be. It still allows you to escape pain, regret and guilt (the flip side I would argue, you probably can’t feel true happiness either, but idk we’ll see about that one too). These are things we know Clarke doesn’t want to deal with, and while I think we’ll see her beginning to process this and return to her leadership role far before this, I’m sure there’s still going to be a lot of things she doesn’t want to contemplate (perhaps more death. Honestly, it’s probably more death).

So we have this parallel between the CoL and Polis, probably strengthened because Lexa is most likely there (probably dead, sorry Lexa). Again, it’s not perfect, the same way Polis isn’t perfect because it’s not actually reality or the “truth” of the situation, it’s still avoidance, but what better option for a girl who doesn’t want to face the harsh truths of what she’s done? Who would, in her shoes?

So you have the allure of CoL and then we will have Bellamy wanting to bring Clarke home. I’m guessing he’ll have been established already as someone outside CoL to ground her, but there’s going to be a moment when he loses her, and he’s going to have to actively “ask” her “to come home, to come back to him. And here we go guys, here we go, that ask is actually going to be a declaration of love. Because love is not weakness, love is strength. No character on this show matches Bellamy’s ability to love people, he is the heart after all, and it’s love and acceptance that helps people heal from trauma. I don’t know if it’s going to be a kiss (sleeping beauty stylez) or it’s going to be Bellamy flat out telling Clarke he loves her and asking her to come home with him, or something else entirely… but it’s not going to leave any doubt of Bellamy’s feelings for Clarke.

And Clarke is going to chose Bellamy. Unlike in Polis, Clarke will be in a position where she’s ready to face what she’s done, and she’s ready to give to Bellamy what he gave her the first two seasons. He will say “I need you, come home” and Clarke will go. Love doesn’t mean there isn’t any pain or sorrow or anger, but love is worth fighting through those things for. Love is the strength to face those obstacles and fight through them. Love (romantic, familial,self, platonic (lol)) is the road to happiness, which you can’t actually find when you avoid dealing with the obstacles. If anyone is going to survive the allure of CoL it is because they have someone who loves them and they love that someone in return.