idk what some of these poses are

Tips on CC for ME:A

*UPDATE 8/15/2017* Bioware has updated the game and fixed pretty much all these issues!! This guide is useless unless you have a non-updated version of the game for some reason!

So we all know the facial animations in me:a can be a little…weird. BUT I’ve noticed there are some things you can mess with in the CC that seem to help make it look a little better! Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Don’t choose the default for you or your twin: They just have really bad facial animations. Idk why.
  • Give your Ryder dark eyes: The way the eye shading works in ME:A makes your character’s eye’s look really wide all the time. Giving your character a darker eye color for some reason seems to help this. It also helps to choose a preset where the upper eyelids fall lower on the eye.
  • If you’re making a femryder, make the character’s mouth less wide: Someone else noted that it looks like the face scans for femryder’s presets weren’t taken in a neutral pose. This caused a lot of them to have stretched out mouths that looks pretty uncanny in cutscenes. I made my Ryder’s mouth a little less wide than I usually like to, and that seemed to help get rid of those freaky smile scenes.
  • Mess with the depthness of the mouth: Making Ryder’s lips stick out from their face less seems to help with the weird flappy lip syndrome I’ve seen some people have. Default m!ryder has this issue especially bad.
  • Remember to compare the jawline to your character’s neck: You can’t adjust Ryder’s neck thickness like you can with Shepard’s, so if your character has a wide face or a big jaw, it can make their head look too big for their body at times.
  • The funky hair colors are always that bright: Ok this is less about animation and more about aesthetic, but I had to remake my Ryder because her blue hair looked too bright compared to everything else. In my opinion, the dyed hair looks less pastel looking and more neon in-game. There are a couple hairstyles it looks ok on (the curly bob and the braids for f!ryder both look pretty nice with the dyed colors) but most were brighter than I expected.
  • The CC angles the face down and is not in a neutral position: Don’t worry about this one too much, just keep it in mind while you’re messing with the height of Ryder’s facial features bc it does mess with the perspective a bit. I moved my character’s mouth up to what looked like an ok position in the CC, but in most cutscenes her mouth looks waaay to high.

These are the things I noticed gave the animations trouble, and they’re largely femryder centric. If anyone else had a different experience/wants to share more feel free to reblog!

hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye

I tried to tell Quincy that we were standing in front of natural treasure and that we should appreciate it. He continued to pose with this vaguely indifferent expression, effectively rendering all of my photos useless.  

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Do you think bringing in all the different girls, is so not one of them is more prominent and easier to attach committed love songs too? Because his personal ones are about a committed relationship? I just think if he wants to keep his private life private he doesn't need Kendall and Taylor, and Tess, and Townes.

He doesn’t “have” Kendall, Taylor, Tess, and Townes. 

Kendall is a friend, has been, will be.  She’s also dating ASAP Rocky I believe, so she’s not in the picture. She wasn’t even at the gig last night.

Taylor is… Taylor. She’s written songs implying heavily that they were about him, he co-wrote one with 1D that was a Syco cash grab “reply” to 1989 that made her out to be in it for the publicity. 

And now, he’s not denying that Two Ghosts is about ANYONE (he leans towards no on Louis after a very inappropriate question. Way less firm than NOOOOOOO!!!! about Taylor, yeah?) because once he starts confirming or denying, he’ll have to answer for all of the songs. And clearly, blatantly, Harry is not looking to alienate any of his “shipper” fans which honestly, I think is nice of him.

The media is dead set on making it about Taylor because she’s the only “confirmed” ex-gf he has other than Kendall (even though he has NEVER confirmed any girlfriend). And fans are just eating that up and making it way more about her than they should be. The song mentions red lips and blue eyes, then goes on to talk about a long term relationship which clearly Taylor and Harry were not, no matter what story you believe.

Townes is a friend of a friend that agreed to pose as a background muse. She’s dating someone, she’s not claiming to have ever been anyone truly important to Harry.

And Tess?  IDK what that is, but he’s sure not trying to convince anyone of that one, no matter what Paige 2.0 is doing.

So this massive “het push” that everyone is claiming is happening, really isn’t. It’s just more het than we were expecting, so even relatively low key het trolling is grating on people like it’s something major.

But to me, we’re seeing more of who he really is than we have since 2011. 

Some of who he is is acting like a dumbass guy around other dumbass guys. Some of him is a rainbow unicorn frog baby. Some of him is an iconic artist in the making. 

And some of him is a shrewd, intelligent, ambitious man in a cutthroat business where you have to think two steps ahead of anyone else just to keep up.

We forget about that last part to our own detriment.

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Any tips on how to do poses or body proportions?

Oh boy, I struggle with that too tbh! What I do is look at references and often go for a feeling like “this looks nice” and be my own critique.

I don’t do this that often anymore but you can try to decompose in geometric shapes/basic lines some poses you find interesting (either be in the internet or magazines~) what I think helps the most it’s the movement lines which, I drew red in these examples~~

Proportions may be the basics but those can be different for each drawing style, still I do recommend to study some anatomy and practice a lot!! Try to start with something simple and not to complicated like some torso pics and don’t be afraid to look at references or to do mistakes, we all are learning so it’s totally ok!

Here more stuff and as you may notice, not all of them have the same proportions but somehow they look “proportional” and since I’m still not confident enough in complicated poses, these are some simple ones :3

Also you can try simple skeletons with just circles and lines, then you can start building the pose from that.

Hope this helps you! I’m not that good explaining things

you know what i love? when i try to get pose player to work but it just won’t. i love it when that happens. it doesn’t drive me up the wall. no, not at all

support people who make fanmade merch! support people who do commissions! support people who make zines!

it’s important to support your series of choice with official merch too (esp if you’re buying directly from the source), but nothing is cooler than fanmade stuff. it takes a ridiculous amount of guts to do stuff like print your own charms and sell them, and effort to gather artists for zines, and hard work to do commissions. and so often you get exactly what you want that you can’t get from the show merchandise.

doesn’t it blow your mind that you can commission someone for whatever ridiculous shit you can dream up, like dio brando doing your laundry and they’ll be like here’s my paypal and you rub your george washingtons all over their face and they’ll bring it to physical form like some kind of art witch??

or like, how you can pay someone to make a plush of your fav character that canon forgets exists?? or how you can LITERALLY be like ‘wow i really want a phone charm of lance from voltron but half naked and posing on a dolphin’ and someone on storenvy is like guess what fam, i got you COVERED

so so so much work goes into it and i’m really passionate about it because directly supporting artists in your fandom = helps generate more of that content AND supports people who are probably idk paying bills feed them your credit card make your dreams come true, everyone wins

half the time shitty’s snap story is just random pictures of jack doing mundane shit like. idk. eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon captioned, like, “this magnificent fucker”  “literal fucking son of apollo”  “them cheekbones”  “literally worship his ass” this last one is followed by a picture of shitty and lardo doing prayer hands poses. honestly what i’m getting at is some of his class friends who don’t know him that well but have him added on snapchat just like. assume he’s maybe dating jack?? someone asks and he’s like “lmao that glorious motherfucker” which like. shits that’s not answer


💙no ship wars❤
💜ship what you want💚

also i was unsure if i should post these after the whole paultryk thing. i decided to post anyways because i spent a lot of time drawing these. ive never done crazy stuff like using real names or sending gay arts on twitter but i still feel guilty cuz some people in my fandom did this. my friend was so upset that she stopped writing her amasing ew fanfic.

1. characters are characters, ship them or dont ship them
2. real people are real people, respect their privacy
3. if anyone will harass matt i will fight them

poses are taken from choose the pose thing. ill probably post it later. maybe. and i dont know the author. idk idk idk idk

more poses more lineart more testing…♡ // twitter


folks asking me how to ‘control’ this really whacky way of drawing and, well, I’m still getting the hang of it myself but I think a lot of it has to do with keeping track of the line of action to express the feeling in the pose? I also like keeping a bit of the sketch under there which helps (I mean it’s chaos anyway so why not)

Not really little Error, just fanon one, but “My damn slipper…” Donno why I bothered semi-censoring it, considering even I say this out loud all the time :D

Canon interpretation is anything compliant with source material — meaning that the original personality, quirks and backstory are preserved.

Fanon interpretation is anything created — and widely accepted — by the fandom whether or not it matches source material.

Suffering through what he’d suffered for so long — and now he gets to meet a child version of himself, who has different issues but is going through such horrible experiences nonetheless… Geno isn’t exactly okay, you know. Plus he’s probably projecting too… Alaina described this behavior best as “ some form of…weird self preservation”.

…If the pose kid!Geno is stuck in in the comic looks vaguely uncomfortable… well, that’s because it is :D

There’s this big version of himself holding him close and making scary sounds on anyone who comes too close. I’d be very concerned too, tbh)

Maybe? Probably? Idk? You’re welcome to come up with whatever you want! Funkle sounds like a swear-word to me though o.0

Well, that comic was supposed to be the answer! :3

Нас много. Просто на английском среди нас мало кто говорит, потому на Тамблере и не водится!

Glad you’re enjoying my stuff guys! Bringing the others laughs is one of the best things that come with being an artist! Bringing the angst is another one!

Please take care of yourself though, ‘k? ‘K! ♥

…I feel like I’m being called out for something… :D

y’know i bet (kinda know actually) that the sonic series was motivation for many children and younger people to learn to draw? like looking at all the drawings on deviantart and everything, it’s a popular subject. i remember even when i was young i was constantly trying to draw sonic characters on MS paint?

what i’m trying to say, is i’m already seeing an improvement in my drawings of sonic characters, and like, i gotta start somewhere right?

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do you have any good sources to learn how to do lowpoly? :o

oh god not really? i learned through 1 or 2 main sources and then just googling every single problem i had from there on out

but here’s some of the stuff i did use (specific to the program Blender)

Creating A Low Poly Ninja Game Character Using Blender: Part 1 (they make a ninja in this tutorial but you can apply to same concepts to most character models. it’s all about learning the tools available and the hotkeys. the approach they use in this is the approach i generally use!)

Rosemoth’s video tutorial series (it’s a different approach than what i use, but it’s still very good! i learned some tips n tricks from it)

Building A Basic Low Poly Character Rig In Blender (for posing your character and stuff)

this website also has a bunch more for Blender

there’s programs other than blender obviously but uuuhhh idk how to use em

do you ever look at artwork showing people cuddling or something and the only thing you can think about is how awkward the pose is
b o i
dat legs gonna be dead in five minutes if you keep it at that angle

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Hi! So I've recently wanted to commission artists but idk how to talk to them or what to ask them/tell them. Do you have any advice?


Have a look at my own commission info posts here, and maybe that’ll give you a good starting ground! Generally you should know what or who you want drawn, and have some references ready for any poses/themes, the type of media you want (i.e digital versus traditional, and then what type of style maybe), when you expect it to be finished, and maybe suggest what you’re going to use it for.

I just cant help myself. I’m sorry! (not rly) but terumob is so cuuute xD

Have you ever think about what if teru is mob’s childhood friend instead of tsubomi? Have you ever wonder how adorable it is? Gaaaah I got more cavities than I should but I have no regrets. I will spread the cavities to everyone muahahah!

I used some scene from ep 2 for reference and tbh, I’m very bad with angles and poses lel
Also, idk what teru looks like when he was a kid so…. i just use his first hairstyle before the top of his head shaved clean hahah.