idk what she's called and idc

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So I was watching shameless with a friend, don't know why, I obviously I like being hurt. Anyway we're laughing and joking until she comes out her mouth and said "I don't know why people are sad Ian broke up with Mickey, he's ugly" While she's still laughing it took her a moment to notice I wasn't. Finally she stops and seen me putting on my jacket and heading to the door, she asked "where are you going?" I turn and give her a smile and say "Bitch call me when you come to your goddamn senses"

wtt wtff wtfffffffffffffffff???



and sshit even if he was ugly that’s …wtf?? like mickey did SO MUCH for Ian idc how he looks. (and that’s no reason to make that breakup seem ok)

She needs to come to her senses and not look on ONLY THE OUTSIDE like damnnn

but also he’s fucking gorgeous so idk what she’s talking about…