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What's the problem with not liking a particular teaser picture or song? Are we not allowed to voice our opinion anymore just because it's Jackson that's not fair

oh my god are you serious???? it’s not about “not liking a particular teaser picture or song” it’s about calling him ugly and the least attractive member in got7. it’s about saying he’s untalented and can’t write music or rap. it’s about jackson hate being the loudest hate in this fandom. it’s about 3 years of anything jackson does instantly getting shit on and ripped apart way more than anything the other members do. it’s about jackson travelling back and forth between china and korea to do variety shows to get got7′s name out there and make us smile and laugh but being called annoying, a showoff, an attention seeker, too loud, wants to be solo, doesn’t care about the other got7 members. it’s about jackson constantly putting his health and safety at risk for his fans when they can’t even show him basic respect or support in return. it’s not about opinions anymore, it’s people blatantly making it their mission to make jackson’s life in got7 hell for no good reason and i’m absolutely sick of it. idk what problem you would have with jackson’s teaser picture when it’s just… him looking amazing and idk what problem you would have with jackson’s song when you haven’t even heard the full thing yet so just come to terms with the fact you lowkey hate jackson and get out of my ask box and off my blog

@fy1ao I just looked through NCT 127’s official Twitter and I’m actually shocked…Johnny’s teaser pictures are legit not there. SM posted everyone else but him. They really did that. I don’t know what to say anymore. At this rate we need to be grateful he even got a photocard in the album or even some screen time, idk. I feel like SM is mocking us for wanting to see him debuting so badly because this is a pure joke.

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We literally have nothing on Louis' single. Just a tweet and screenshot photo of his photoshoot, there are no articles, and the only pap pics they used to promote the irrelevant. There's no youtube channel nor vevo, no change on his networks, Billboard always posts random pictures on instagram when an artist is coming with his single but they totally ignore Louis... :(

Idk what to say anymore tbh but I’m hoping this things will still happen before he drops his single 


Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Idk why I go to the comment sections anymore. It’s mostly full of blind white privilege who INSIST they are “honoring” Native American culture!!!! It’s so ridiculous they try to get offended over us being offended!!! But when you try to educate them they don’t want to hear it and fix their mistakes.

What makes me even more mad is that Ms. Stubbe changes her picture to support her irrelevant opinion and her white wine culture middle aged friend wants to openly mock Native Americans being “offended.” I cannot believe the idiocy, because it’s passed the point of ignorance because this is blatant disrespect, of these sad white people. Get outta my face with your “but I’m part native!!” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again every day until I die, that the government DID NOT HAVE TO PAY ME OR GIVE ME BENEFITS TO BE NATIVE!!! You could take all that away from me, because I hardly get to benefit from it anyway because it all falls into the hands of white people who would lose their native blood if you prick them, and I will still proudly own up to my culture, my heritage, and bloodline. I don’t need an “Indian card” to prove anything.

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14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

A whole lot of stuff, i don’t draw homestuck anymore or DHMIS, and i havent drawn anything really BTD in a while

15. when was the last time you did art?

The last time i did art was about a week ago when i drew a picture of Val from Outlast 2!!! I havent posted it yet, idk if i will tbh lol


I honestly don’t really like these pictures and I think they seem super unflattering but I’m going to post them anyways because my makeup looks cute and my hair looks nice and I like my outfit. I’m not used to seeing my curves in pictures, and these are the first jeans I’ve worn in two months and it definitely I think shows that I’ve gained weight. I’m honestly feeling very foreign in my body right now, and I’m just not recognizing myself in pictures anymore? My bloating has subsided a lot recently and my weight is stable and I think this is what I look like for now? Idk my dudes but I’m still tryna be body posi as fuck

my weird idea has grown from one fan art featured in this post, to something so huge and detailed I don’t even know what it is anymore. Wordless fan fiction more like, idk

Story begins with Kizaru and Akainu fighting some of the Supernovas and getting caught in Bonneys ability, which turned them into kids. Now ANYONE considering themselves pirates would use this opportunity to crush those two, and let’s say that was the plan. But I pictured Luffy first laughing hysterically (I mean who wouldn’t), then being all like NOPE, I’m not letting my chance of defeating full-sized Akainu go away like this! Besides, I don’t like those other guys, them not being my new BFF Torao.

I’m not saying it makes much sense since I never tried to write any of this, but the idea of Admirals as kids was just too amusing for me not to drag it any further, so me being me I dragged them aaaall the way to the point where they end up on Sunny, and everyone is like DAMN U SANJI U WERE WITH LUFFY ALL THE TIME HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! And Kizaru would be friends with everyone in no time, him being undeniably adorable and actually enjoying all this, while Akainu would have a fit of a century.

Here’s Kizaru wrapped in a blanket, sleepy and just as stressed as if nothing happened, with Akainu dressed in Nami’s old t-shirt, keeping calm but raging inside, thinking to himself: “Can u not tell, stupid monkey, that ginger one is totally digging u for information? Luckily neither Sengoku nor me ever told u anything important.”

Should I start to worry about my brain or what. It’s actually embarrassing.

[From my Instagram @sebstantheangel ] Well, damn. I’m actually so pissed at this fandom rn. It was such an amazing fandom a few years ago, even a few months ago, tbh, until Civil War came out and Seb gained all these fake fans who dragged all this negativity in with them. [So what happened was: There was a headline that came out online, today, saying Margarita dumped Seb and that she was spotted with another guy who they said ‘was an instant replacement’. And another picture surfaced of the backs of two people who looked like Seb and Margarita but idk the story behind that.] This is absolutely disgusting. All these ‘fans’ are creating drama for no reason, bashing Margarita and giving her hate for no reason. None of what that report said was true. We can’t believe anything the media says. Ever. And even if Seb and Margarita weren’t together anymore, that gives nobody the right to hate on her. As much as it hurts to hear it, both these people are complete strangers to all of us. Their lives are their own, and we have no right to hate on them. This is also one of the reasons I’ve never posted anything about Seb’s personal/romantic life, and never will. That’s his own. And it’s none of my business. And it shouldn’t be any of yours. So chill out, people. And congrats to the person who wrote the headline. You made a beautiful man feel insulted. I hope you’re proud of your damn self.

Sweet Slumber [Oneshot]

Pairing : Victuri / Victori / Vikturi (?? yall omg) [Yuri!!! on ICE]
Genre : Friendship(?), Fluff, Romance, Humor
Rating : G
Words : 2,445

A/n: i wrote a victuri fic in 3 hours i am both terrified and satisfied. Like i literally havent been writing fanfics in a YEAR and then all of a sudden, a few days before my national exams start, BAM here i am with the gay. Either way, idk if my followers here even know this account exist anymore, so i’ll reblog this to my main account! Enjoy! (i miss saying this omg)

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Hi guys, I’ll be seeing Ed in October and wanted to give him something, now I’m not artistic in the drawing sense like so many of you lovely people, but I’ve always been able to make little wish stars and the thing is, you can write a message on them, fold them into the star (which is 3D) and then unfold them to read the message

So here’s what I’m gonna do:

  • Write out a personal message from you to Ed on strips of paper along with your url and/or twitter name (I’m saying twitter bc Ed doesn’t use tumblr anymore but this might get him to start again idk)
  • fold them up into a star shown on the right-most side of the picture
  • put them all into the jar in the pic and give it to Ed if I see him, or if not to Stuart, Trevor, a security guard, etc…

Send me your messages via pm or asks, you don’t have to follow me, though I do post quite a lot of Ed :) and tell me which colour of paper you want your message to be written on:

  • light orange
  • light green
  • light blue
  • white

Please note the size of the strip, it can only be a short message as both ends of the paper need to have some blank space in order to make the stars (otherwise a bit of your message would be ripped off)

Fuck you guys I’m pissed, I think I need to stop seeing my new SD Geo. So like I was at his place the other night and well I always like to call my SD’s daddy, but in no way do I actually mean my father. Well he started to wanting to role play where I say daddy more in bed then next thing I know he’s asking me to step out of the room and act as if I was climbing into bed with him, and other stuff then all of a sudden he’s like “daddy watches you while you shower and touches himself.” This happened out of nowhere and I need to get my money so I tried to keep going and block out what he’s saying. We finally finish. You guys later I saw a picture in another room of his daughter. I share a lot of resemblance to her!!!!!! I think he actually has a thing for his daughter and is using me for it!!!!! Like I did not sign up for this sick shit. But he’s fucking steady with money. Like this is the first time he’s acted this idk if he was just having a weird moment but I’m gonna see him one more time and if he really does have that complex I can’t see him anymore it just bothers me that much. Have any of you guys had this happen??


I don’t complain much about [celebrity] because 95% of celebrity is good. People are very nice to you, they put you up in really nice hotel rooms, they give you free shit, I mean it’s basically good. If I’m in a situation, and this rarely happens anymore, where someone doesn’t recognize me and treats me like everyone else, I’m horrified. I’m not used to it anymore. […]I don’t know what it’s like anymore to be anonymous. Until you give it up, it’s hard to picture what it’s like, but yeah there are times that I do wish that it would go away, if only for a moment.

Who’d Have Known, a Kouao fanmix / Listen

 A Walk Though Hell - Say Anything / The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson / All About Us - He Is We / Who’d Have Known - Lily Allen / Brokenhearted - cover / Every Night - Imagine Dragons / Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds / Quicksand - Bridgit Mendler / Dress and Tie - Charlene Kaye ft. Darren Criss / Distance - Christina Perri / Jupiter - Katy MacAllister ft. Shannon MacAllister / Hot - Avril Lavigne / Never Stop - Safetysuit / Don’t You - Darren Criss