idk what pictures to use anymore


I honestly don’t really like these pictures and I think they seem super unflattering but I’m going to post them anyways because my makeup looks cute and my hair looks nice and I like my outfit. I’m not used to seeing my curves in pictures, and these are the first jeans I’ve worn in two months and it definitely I think shows that I’ve gained weight. I’m honestly feeling very foreign in my body right now, and I’m just not recognizing myself in pictures anymore? My bloating has subsided a lot recently and my weight is stable and I think this is what I look like for now? Idk my dudes but I’m still tryna be body posi as fuck


Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Idk why I go to the comment sections anymore. It’s mostly full of blind white privilege who INSIST they are “honoring” Native American culture!!!! It’s so ridiculous they try to get offended over us being offended!!! But when you try to educate them they don’t want to hear it and fix their mistakes.

What makes me even more mad is that Ms. Stubbe changes her picture to support her irrelevant opinion and her white wine culture middle aged friend wants to openly mock Native Americans being “offended.” I cannot believe the idiocy, because it’s passed the point of ignorance because this is blatant disrespect, of these sad white people. Get outta my face with your “but I’m part native!!” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again every day until I die, that the government DID NOT HAVE TO PAY ME OR GIVE ME BENEFITS TO BE NATIVE!!! You could take all that away from me, because I hardly get to benefit from it anyway because it all falls into the hands of white people who would lose their native blood if you prick them, and I will still proudly own up to my culture, my heritage, and bloodline. I don’t need an “Indian card” to prove anything.