idk what pic is better

I’m back home again after this amazing weekend of mcm and looking trough all the (1200) pics we took this weekend..

this pic @spacetwinsies took of my Otabek cosplay literally has me shook I can’t believe this is me????

there are loads more pics to show so I will do my best to edit as much as possible pics in the next few days


@diamonds-little-pearl the murder of jared kleinman.png

le meilleur papa


I had a fire, passion and desire, now all I require, are circuits and wires.

wonnwoo  asked:

YO V MAKE A RAP FROM MINGYU TO WONWOO extra points if you also make a Wonwoo one for Mingyu 👀

wassup rina 👀

mingyu to wonwoo

yeah here i am cooking
being oh so good-looking ;)
to my right there’s won with a gun
oh shit i better run

wonwoo to mingyu

you can run, you can hide too
but theres no escape, nothing you can do
i will always find you
and i make my promises come true

*BONUS* josh

ayo im josh the mc
you gotta see
the rap between mingyu and wonwoo-sshi


When you feel beautiful with and without makeup <3

(feat. the most natural and most covered versions of me since I’ve started this blog)

Starscream clotheslining people with his wings and then blaming them. Don’t walk quickly through the base while reading datapads! 

Cosplaying this birb at several cons has taught me the deadliness of walking in close quarters with giant wings XD

Also I can’t draw KO from memory >_< That’s why he’s mostly out of frame! I can draw Starscream from memory basically though. One day I might color these but for now I’m too lazy.

“at least all the characters are alive and happy at the end”