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The Blue Lion

Ok idk if someone has said this before but what if the Blue Lion requires someone who feels lesser then other’s?? Or someone who usually tries to hide how they truly feel by acting totally different?? Think about it. Blue is usually associated as a sad color. What if Lance low key knew that that’s what Allura was going to say? What if he intentionally interupted her to make sure the others didn’t know how he truly felt? What if he uses all those beauty products of his to help him try and hide his sadness or depression?? Idk I just have been thinking about this lately and I just wanted to get it out there.

“you can’t believe everything the government tells you, kid”

what if Greed is really into crackpot conspiracy theories, except all of them are totally feasible? Given who’s actually running the country and how much Greed knows about him? But like its all usually drunken conjecture, he has no actual proof since he’s been gone too long to know any of the details of what the father’s up to?

like “guys, guys. Hear me out. Undead. Army.” “boss, that’s ridiculous.” “aRE YOU SURE?”

11 questions tag

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1. who is your favourite philosopher? Friedrich Nietzsche💕 no but for real, he can kiss my ass, Dostoyevsky passes as a philosopher, right? Him

2. how many hours per day do you usually study? hah :)

3. share a funny story from summer? not really a story more like a long series of events, idk it’d be boring

4. what number is the perfect amount of people in a friend group? 4

5. do you have a favourite vine ? …no :)

6. speaking of wine (not really), white or red? RED

7. are there any nice hipster places in your city? some of us live in a village (not really)

8. how would you cheer up a friend who didn’t get to their 1st choice university? give them examples of successful ppl with a similar fate i guess

9. long distance relationship or no relationship? no relationship i guess,, idk i imagine long distance relationships are really hard

10. how many tumblr users do you know irl? zero sigh

11. last concert/festival you went to? why do you have to expose me as a boring bitch

my guestions:

  1. Last movie you saw and opinions on it.
  2. Have you changed a lot in the past two years? How?
  3. Worst high school memory?
  4. Best hs memory?
  5. A gift you’d want to recieve rn.
  6. A song for the mood you’re in atm.
  7. Do you wear jewerly?
  8. The dumbest reason you stopped being someone’s friend.
  9. A pet peeve.
  10. Favourite colour combination.
  11. A country you visited and didn’t really enjoy being there. 

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What I tried to make: He is actually first based off Tsukito Totsuka from Kamigami no Asobi.

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What his parents see saw: They didn’t pass till he was older but they always saw him as he was a kid since they felt pretty guilty about some things. 

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What his allies see him as: Idk…he can seem serious and mean (if on business) but really he is a sweetheart.

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How he sees himself: Those dungeons/helping people will do you in. He’s like this after grouping with people he doesn’t like. Big Pullers (that are undergeared), dps that don’t move, etc. Usual healer things.

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What he actually is: Lie Ren from RWBY is a good embodiment of him. 

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I wrote little extras into the “titles” cause I didn’t feel like putting it all into the tags to explain.

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idk if we're allowed to like request this but I saw something similar so yeah do you think you could write a newmas like fanfic paragraph thing? I don't really have a plot. I saw one where Tommy and Newt kissed thanks to truth or dare, but I'm not sold on this so if you have a good idea write that instead. oh and like fluffy but can be smutty. I'm sorry if I sound weird or desperate or bossy but I'm having this major newmas thing and no one wants to roleplay it and there aren't enough fanfics.

aw you’re so cute ily 

also i’m sure there must be some people who would roleplay it in the fandom? you should try making a post in the tags or something if you haven’t already, maybe someone new will see it? idk it just seems odd that no one at all would be up for that so i encourage you to keep searching! 

Okay so here 1.2K of high school party!au newmas for you anon

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