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[excuse this mess of a graphic pls,,,,idek what it is tbh ] SO !! i finally hit 600 followers the other day and i’ve been meaning to do something for my past milestones since i never got to do anything for 3 or 4 or 5 hundred,,, so i decided to do another giveaway [ even if the last was a bit of a flop due to school and shit ] so here it is !! the details are below :


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the tags on that post of tmp and spirk said that you thought it was negative and gross. can i ask what you mean by that?

you know like…sometimes, you have half a conversation in your head and half out loud??? i think that’s what happened in those tags lmfao

i meant the wikipedia article itself. it pisses me the fuck off because it’s obviously been edited by someone who looks down on the fact people see more between them than friendship. it’s not neutrally written at all and as usual, it makes people who ship k/s look like crazy deviants, when all we really did was just pay attention.

idk maybe i’m just too oversensitive to this shit. i’m tired of people making everyone feel like shit for their sexuality. i was even annoyed by the LN documentary when k/s came up because of the way his son was talking, but george came in clutch for us. thanks, george.


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Tagging: @iyoongmin @kookiebaen @shinim @chimhyung and anyone who wants to! (i don’t want to tag more ‘cause i always tag the same people and I don’t want to bother you guys too much im sorry ily 😭)

Im tired of skinny white boys being the only gay couples in anything, like give me some black boys in love, give me trans boys of colour holding hands, give me dark skinned asian boys in love, give me some chubby boys holding hands, give me gay relationships where the boys have something other than a chiseled face and clear skin, give me gay relationships with boys who have acne and freckles and stretch marks, give me something else than skinny white boys making out shirtless p l e a s e

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leave that comment. You’ve got nothing to lose but .02 seconds of your time and everything to gain by making an authors day.

oh my god

i just went onto google earth and there’s this random place in the middle of the pacific ocean

where someone just. added a bunch of pictures from Lost???? and somehow they haven’t been reported yet?????????

who did this

okay but does anyone else check people out artistically? like instead of thinking “wow I’d tap that” you just intensely appreciate their appearance and sit there and “holy shit look at the curve of their spine and that POSTURE but then there’s the shape of their eyes and THEIR HANDS AND -” *snaps pencil in half*

Same family tree, different genera.

Tried to base them on how their ults work more than anything. The Hanzo-dragons head is drawn over a crocodile skull more than anything else, and has a strong bite (go look up crocodiles bite force, they’re strong cuties), once you get caught you’re done for. Genji-dragon has narrower head, with a lot of small snarp teeth, here you won’t get any bones crushed but they’ll tear you to tiny pieces. Haven’t found anything to look up for this yet, might go read up on some predatory fish for this guy, what do you think?

And I’ll stop here, my Shimada dragon obsession is already bad as it is. 


I don’t wike it!

Happy Birthday, Nikki!!


What rivalry?

i just unfollowed a bunch of people so reblog if you post some/all of this and ill check your blog out ok!

dear evan hansen

natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812


les mis

the last five years

basically any musical im too lazy to make a list