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listen, i’m going to be completely honest. writing is hard for me. i have trouble focusing for more than five minutes on any given task. i get bored easily. finishing a paragraph is a small victory in my eyes, and a whole chapter is exhausting. i’m not eloquent like some of the other amazing and talented writers in this fandom, and oftentimes (okay, almost all of the time) i don’t feel good enough. i wonder why i’m writing at all when there are a thousand stories out there that i know are better than my own, when it takes every ounce of effort i have to get words on a page. 

but then i get comments like this one,

or this one,

and they’re a reminder of why i write in the first place: because i have a story to tell that is uniquely my own, a spin of a trope that only i can bring to life. it’s a reminder that even if i don’t have confidence in myself, others out there do and are waiting to hear more of what i have to say about this story i’m weaving. nice comments are literally the fuel i feed off of when i’m having a particularly bad writing day, what i go back to when i wonder why i should continue on with a story that i wonder if anyone cares about but me. 

and that’s why comments matter this much to writers. sometimes it’s the only fuel we have, the only encouragement to continue on. without comments, writers can lose their inspiration and fuel, or worse of all, think that their fic isn’t worth continuing because nobody is giving them feedback. there is nothing more frustrating in the fic world than writing in a void, and it pains me that so many just think leaving a kudos on a fic is enough to keep a writer going. spoiler alert: it’s not. kudos are nice, but they don’t engage the writer in any way shape or form. it’s like waving to your friend from across the street instead of going up and having a conversation with them. and it hurts when a few hundred people will wave, but only 10 will talk. 

listen, i know there’s been a thousand other posts about this on here lately and i’m probably going to get lost to the void, but just know that i’m talking about this because i think it is so so important. authors put countless hours of time into their craft, writing and rewriting and editing. they create whole worlds with your favorite characters in them at no cost, and only ask to know if you liked it. that’s it. we’re not asking for much here.

next time you go to read a fic, please consider leaving a comment. even a simple ‘this was great, thank you!’ can do wonders for any writer. it doesn’t matter if the fic has ten thousand kudos on it or a hundred; i can assure you that the writer wants to hear what you have to say about their fic. 

because if you don’t, if writers have to continue without a lick of feedback, i can promise you that they will give up. the fuel will run out, and your favorite writer will throw in the towel. 

so take five minutes of your life and leave a comment, please. it can be complex or simple, a few words or many of them. any comment at all fuels me, and i know that’s the case for other writers too. we appreciate those who leave comments, and those are the ones the people we converse with when we get stuck, or need feedback on a plot point we’re unsure about. you are important to the writing process, and there could not be fic without fic readers and commenters. 

and if you are one of the people who constantly comments on fics, i’d like to personally thank you. i can’t speak for everyone, but i assume most would agree that getting that ‘x commented on ‘insert title here’’ ao3 emails makes their day. you are the reason we write, and i can’t thank you enough for every nice thing you’ve written in our comments. we see you, and we appreciate you.

basically, next time you read a fic, leave a comment! it’ll literally make the author’s day, and you can feel good about brightening an author’s inbox too.

shout out to people who have really morally wrong intrusive thoughts! people who know those things are wrong and can’t stop thinking about them, people who are disgusted by themselves. you aren’t disgusting! those thoughts aren’t you and you can’t control them! it’s ok, you’re a good person.

anonymous asked:

...But they credited you... Thats not reposting. Its just like rebloging. Cause if you put something online people are allowed to share. You're being unfair to someone who clearly follows you here, maybe even a fan! Someone who probably just wanted everyone to see how good your fanart was

Hello, anon! Thank you for coming forward with your thoughts. I figured I’d get an ask like this, just like others who joined the movement. I have a lot more asks pending but I think I’ll address yours first while the issue is fresh—

First off, I’m sorry to say right off the bat that you are wrong. Reposting is reposting. It’s not like reblogging because… it’s reposting. A reblog would have my whole post intact, including my caption (unless a boo-boo happens where my caption gets deleted, oops) and would come directly from me, as a source, easily reached with a click of a button.

That was a repost. They took screenshots of my post and re-uploaded it elsewhere, without my permission, might I add. A repost is a repost. You can try to sugarcoat it, but a repost is a repost.

Secondly, you seem to not have read or looked at my post in its entirety. Please read back on what I said about “crediting”. And, as you can see from the screencaps:

  1. they were clearly NOT following me, I underlined it—there’s a great big FOLLOW right next to my name,
  2. if they are not following me, then they couldn’t be that big of a “fan” of my work, and I actually don’t mind if people don’t follow me as long as they don’t repost my work (especially something I specifically made for my followers), and
  3. I don’t actually have “fans”—I have friends. Anyone who follow me, whether mutual or not? Friends (who like and enjoy the same things I do). And friends don’t do friends like this, fam.

Lastly, I’m being unfair? Silly anon. c: Who do you think got the short end of the stick here? Is it the reposter or me? I was the one who was taken from, and I reiterate, without permission or my knowledge. I was the one whose feelings were trampled because they couldn’t even bother to ask/check with me first. I did not name or directly link them either to make sure no harm comes to them personally. And if they are truly innocent, then they shouldn’t feel called out, yeah? Can you tell me again who was being unfair?

Thank you for your ask! I encourage more people to ask and address the issue of reposting with me and other people in the protest, because it does help to clear things up and spread awareness. I’m aware a lot of people may be confused with the concept itself, and that’s okay! We all have to learn things sometime. We are here to guide you. Just remember to be respectful! Thank you and have a good day! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

  • kala and wolfgang cuddling in bed while theyre in paris :)))
  • kala touching every one of wolfgang’s scars and bruises from all the fights and him telling the story of how he got it :)))) 
  • and kala being really concerned about it :)))
  • kala constantly telling wolfgang she sees all the good in him :)))
  • kala and wolfgang being happy :))) 
  • wolfgang watching kala sleep to make sure shes ACTUALLY there with him cause hes afraid she’ll be gone in a sec :)))
  • wolfgang insisting kala to go back to bed and sleep all day :)))
  • wolfgang and kala touching each other’s bodies so they could remember how it feels like to touch each other just in case they get separated again :))))
  • kala being truly happy with someone shes actually in love with :)))
  • wolfgang and kala being happy together :))))))))

how to go from this

to this

things you’ll need

  • photoshop ( i’m using cc 17 but i’m sure this’ll work in any version that supports the video timeline format! )
  • knowledge in photoshop
  • this psd

note: this is the way i did it— i’m sure there’s a much simpler, easier way so pls bare with me and my shitty explanations, okay?! 

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i dont mean to be insensitive in any way but i thought people knew to avoid The CW at all costs when it comes to wlw representation after what happened with Clexa

A hand, some cards, and a familiar cottage decoration

it’s midnight and I can’t shut up so I’m taking a second to say, in honor of Pride month

if your gender and/or sexual(/romantic/etc) orientation are influenced by trauma, mental illness, and/or other neurodivergencies that’s totally fine 

your identity is your own, your personal experiences and sense of self strongly influence gender and sexuality and brainweird stuff is a part of that

you do you and don’t feel guilty, even when that means your identity is subject to change more than others’ or is “weird”

In the early 2000s my uncle was deployed to a French base. There was also a group of American soldiers on the base who assumed that, coming from Canada, my uncle obviously must be fluent in French and should tell them a bunch of things they could say to the French soldiers.

So my uncle’s initial reaction is along the lines of “wtf I’m from Alberta” (which, for those of you who don’t know, is decidedly not the French province) but answers their questions that he can for a bit.

And then they asked how to say “hello”. Which, if they’d listened to any conversations going on on the base, they should have easily been able to figure out, not to mention that maybe learning how to say “hello” in the language of the people running the base you’re going to before you actually go there might have been a good idea.

So my uncle told them it was “pamplemousse”. And these Americans didn’t find anything wrong with it (the other Canadians didn’t point out anything wrong with it, either) and they started greeting everyone by calling out “pamplemousse!”

From what my uncle knows, no one ever let them in on the fact that they were going around base yelling “grapefruit” at people.


So yeah apparently sometimes a car needs repairs and the bill is higher than [insert stoner joke here]. And I would happen to need a little help! Because yeah. I like to drive safe, for myself and for others, and having lost my secondary job, I am relying exclusively on W.almart paychecks right now and this is not the best when they don’t give you more than 15 hours a week.

Basic rules:
Prices are in USD.
Contact me by inbox here or at @dontshoottherakk​ ​!! If you don’t have a tumblr account, you can also email me @ with ‘commission’ somewhere in the subject ;v;
I will send a paypal invoice with all the detail on it so we’re all safe. I will need the email address you use for paypal! Payment is only through paypal.
No refunds once the commission is started.

Human characters – fanart and OCs. Tell me about your OCs. Tell me about your faves. Tell me about your trash babies. Tell me all.
Ships ayyyy
Minor animal features.

Sexual content.
Underage pairings.
Mecha/full anthro.
Extreme gore.

No backgrounds, as these are sketches!

Additional characters on the same picture are +50% rounded up! 

Honestly I love drawing fanart, I’m super into Borderlands and Overwatch at the time and I have a lot of other fandoms I’m into. However, I won’t do anything M.LP related.

I’ll start with 5 slots at a time, and if there is a need for it, I shall open a waiting list ;v

Any signal boosting is most welcome! Thanks a lot, folks!!

yall anyone can write about their experiences sure, and it’s good to do that, but sometimes you’re an anomaly, that’s why if you have time, and you want to talk about your lived experiences as examples of how the world works around you … you should supplement it with a little research, to see if you’re anomalous, or other people share the same experiences as you.

If you’re anomalous, try and find out why? What makes your experiences different from the average, why haven’t you seen the average until you did the research, etc.

It’s good to talk about your life, but it’s also good to hear about other people’s lives as well.


(( y ou kno w what bc im bored af and its only like 11 pm.. almost 12 but its been a good day!! also was tagged by @askcorgijmin !! love your art btw and idk why i was tagged is it this bias selfie thing idk but here i go
ehhh i tag.. @ask-planet-flower-vmin @ask-model-taetae pl s idk who else to tag boi))

I've never done this before but I'm tired of seeing what's on my dash

So like follow me if you like
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-Steven universe
-OTGW (yes I know old)
- Bollywood
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-samurai jack (also gonna rewatch it cause I never stayed up to date
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-Korean fashion/style
- runway fashion shows


ok but really buff metalheads that are like covered in tattoos are the best. today this huge ass guy with a flaming skull shirt helped me bag my groceries. just last week two equally ripped guys dressed in black from head to toe asked me what my dog’s name was and proceeded to kneel down and ask her who’s a good girl in matching silly voices. so if ur a scary looking metalhead who’s actually a sweetheart deep down just know i love u