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If you could, what's five things you'd change about Avatar as a series? + Five things you'd change about Korra?


  • Number One is DEFINITELY less focus on the romance. Honestly, that plot line took up TOO much of this show. I couldn’t care less about the Makorrasami love triangle. Bleh.
  • I know that they were focusing on Korra and the new Team Avatar but… I wished they would have showed us more of what happened with the original Gaang when they grew up
  • In my opinion… Korra was sometimes kinda, hmm… I guess I’ll use the word “confusing” at times. Idk, just sometimes her thought process would confuse tf outta me. She would make decisions and I would find myself going “…Now why the hell did she do that???” Like I know that she’s stubborn and headstrong but… come on.
  • I wanted them to do more justice to Bolin. They did give him more of a motivation in the final season, but I wished they would have started it MUCH earlier… like Season 1 earlier. And knowing that LOK was at first ONLY going to consist of Season 1 and they were just gonna do Bolin like that??? Nah bruh.
  • I wanted more non-bender oppression undertones throughout the series. So like, yeah yeah, Amon is bad and he was taking people’s bending away. Korra defeated Amon. I get it! But uh… it was made pretty clear that non-benders were not being treated fairly by benders and they did sort of keep this up with the dissolution of the U.R. Council and electing a non-bender as president but, they focused it more in season 1, when I wish it was brought more to the forefront of the entire series.
  • BONUS: More Bolin and Mako childhood flashbacks would have been nice.

Tbh… I don’t have exactly 5 things I would change about Avatar. But I can list a few:

  • I would change the first half of season 2. Season 2 is my least favorite season of ATLA. But it ironically has one of my favorite episodes everrrr (Crossroads of Destiny). To me, that season didn’t start getting good until half way thru, when the Gaang finally get to Ba Sing Se.
  • Too much filler in Season 3. Fillers are okay and a nice break from the serious plot but… this was the FINAL SEASON. I could have done without some of those types of episodes (like The Headband).



so what actually happened was i finished studying TWO chapters, not one, but TWO chapters of statistics which was so hard but the fact that i accomplished the challenge makes me feel so good and i read a chapter of chemistry in advanced! i also finished and printed my class and study schedules and all my course outlines!!

how did your Sunday turn out? i hope y'all are having a great one!! ❤️


(This is just my opinion; all are respected. No shipping wars, please!!!)

Ships I Love

  • Jatherine (Jack Kelly and Katherine from Newsies). Omg my OTP!!! There’s so much chemistry for a somewhat trite romance trope (girl annoyed by boy falls in love with him). She teaches him to let go of a dream that’s nothing more than a dream that drives him to make bad decisions while he gives her a platform to speak up against injustice. They deal in tongue and cheek while discovering that their dreams (his Santa Fe and her fame as a female journalist) are, while not less important, must be balanced with love and sacrifice. Bonus points if you racebend them (my fave is Chinese Jack. I usually don’t do Katherine, but if I did, she’d be Polynesian or African American.)
  • Eugenzel (Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled). Another one of my faves. It’s sassy, sweet, and pretty innocent. A hardened thief falls in love with a sheltered, but still strong woman. A recurring thing I notice w/ my fave ships is that they all include the realization, or end, of a dream. Eugene gets Rapunzel’s dream to come true while realizing that his dream of wealth is a delusion; loving her finally gets him to let go of that. For Rapunzel, Eugene allows her to see the world and that the world isn’t what it seems. The loving mother she knew turns out to be an abusive abuser who could care less about her feelings while he, a petty thief, ends up sacrificing his life to give her freedom. The death part drove it in for me.
  • Percabeth (Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from Rick Riordan) This one is one of the more realistic ships. It takes years to develop; they go from annoyed partners on a road trip/quest to passionate teenagers w/ a real connection. They too are quite sassy with one another (Seaweed Brain, anyone?), but the devotion goes so far that they fall into Tartarus together!!! Percy helps Annabeth deal with Luke’s betrayal and Athena’s disappointment while she goes to the ends of the earth looking for him and trying to get back his memory. They have genuine chemistry, from fights to teasing to love, and it’s very touching in a world where gods callously cast aside mortals and lovers.
  • FactPoet? (Natasha and Daniel from The Sun is Also a Star; I just made up that name, if there’s one out there let me know) This one is somewhat of a satire of love at first sight, but it does it so passionately and poetically that you realize that all why mocking the idea to an extent, it actually affirms it. Does that make any sense? Okay, Natasha, a frustrated Jamaican American aspiring scientist who is getting deporting thanks to her equally trapped father spilling the beans while drunk, meets Daniel, a Korean American poet trying to dodge his parents’ demands that he go to college and become a rich doctor all while having a rude, selfish older brother who actually doesn’t turn out to be good in the end. I just love the contrast between fact and feeling; the characters fall in love so wonderfully that it’s very real. Theirs is probably the purest love I ever read or seen in books, which is amazing. The entire novel could be seen as a commentary of the science of love and the big question: what really connects people? The only flaw is that they (might) not be endgame, but hey: maybe their universe is taking longer to form.

Ships I Like/Okay With

  • Merricup (Merida and Hiccup from HTTYD and Brave) I’m not big into crossover ships, but this one is actually pretty decent. They have enough differences and similarities to balance one another out, and they are in similar family situations. Both of them feel like they’ve let down their parents (Elinor and Stoick) and want to escape and break the norms. I prefer 15-year-old Hiccup, just bc he’s funnier and closer to Merida’s age and maturity. However, while some of the material on YouTube is good, I feel like I’d need to see them actually together, like in a movie, to understand the full complexity of it. Plus Merida doesn’t need a man and Hiccup has Astrid and Toothless. It’s good to me, but not great.
  • Jelsa (Elsa and Jack Frost from Frozen and RotG) Another pairing very similar to Merricup. Two contrasting personalities in similar situations. They could definitely relate. My personal favorite AU for them is the Titanic, bc that’s Jelsa (to me) at its core: a wild child teaching a girl who follows the rules to an unhealthy extent to have fun and live life to the fullest. The YouTube videos actually do them justice. The only reason I only like them? I don’t like Jack Frost very much (I was okay until fandom overused him), Elsa might be LGBT (I’m holding out), and neither character particularly stands out to me in their own right. Honestly, I think the Jelsa vids are better than the actual movies, but that might apply to crossovering in general, which really ought to make movie studios ashamed of themselves lol.
  • Sybil/Branson (Lady Sybil and Tom Branson from Downton Abbey) okay, don’t get me wrong, I really love them in fandom. I follow the yankeecountess, I used to obsess over them, I still have this fondness for Sybil. But Julian Fellowes, to me, dropped the ball on their relationship in S2. It started out great in S1 and w/ Tom’s proposal, but the majority of the scenes saw them fighting or trying to reach a decision about running away. Not that it’s not necessary, it’s totally understandable why they’re upset. What is not good is the fact that we never see them on a good day. What is a normal day like for them? Is their relationship normally argumentative or do they joke and jest? Tbh, Fellowes really let his writing go downhill to me in S2. Bates becomes a Gary Stu; does he have an evil bone in his body? He must. Vera’s motivations make no sense, and the Evil Wife thing rubs me the wrong way (Idk why). That aside, what really saved them for me is fanfiction (courtesy of excellent writers like the YankeeCountess, who did better than proud Fellowes could ever hope) and Tom’s reactions to her death. I like how he never really got over her; he just kept her memory alive thru Sybbie.
  • Romelza (Ross and Demelza from Poldark) Scorching hot actors, amazing acting, beautiful visuals. Why aren’t they up at the top? One word: Elizabeth. Not to mention that Ross is not exactly likeable; his saving grace is his love for his wife. Demelza really deserves something better; he’s a rather grumpy man. But the devotion they share is classically charming in an abiding way. Not to mention Poldark is an exploration of the ups and downs of love and marriage, so it’s totally intentional and well done. We’re not meant to ship away blindly; we’re supposed to understand the nuance to human relationships.
  • Carolight (Dwight and Caroline from Poldark, not the gross lightening cream) I love romances that are forbidden and transcend class. These two had a rocky start w/ awkward chemistry that bordered more on being classist and a pathetic teenage girl falls for hot doc, but the result was amazing. they mutually hated, I mean love, one another and teach each other to be brave and go against the odds.

Crack Ships

  • Fa Zhou/Megara (Fa Zhou and Meg from Mulan and Hercules) Just watch Var Roman’s amazing Spirits Paralyzed vid. Now you see?

Ships that Have Potential

  • FinnRey/FinnRose/Stormpilot/Poly. Plenty of POC, sass, action, guns, and hotness mixed into all of these. Just no confirmations. FinnRey has cute hugging, Stormpilot has amazing banter, and FinnRose has two amazing actors being friends on set. Poly covers all. I just need to wait for the Last Jedi to give me an idea about what happens.

Ships I Don’t Like

Reylo (Rey and Kylo Ren from Star WarsKylo Ren’s a pretty cool villain, but he’s like the last lover anyone would want to take. I could see him having a tragic past romance, but that’s ripping off Anidala. This guy killed his dad! Plus he’s more in love w/ Grandpa’s helmet than anyone else, lol! Not to mention Rey has a bajillion hot Resistance guys to choose from.

Jackunzel (Jack and Rapunzel from RotG and Tangled). Okay, I admit it, I’m a bit biased. I ship Eugenzel and Jelsa, etc… But really, I just don’t get these too. They look hot and all, but aside from not wearing shoes, I don’t really see their personalities fitting except for a teenage first love or something. I could see them as teens during a short summer romance, but tbh I can’t see Jack settling down w/ anyone unless she makes him (Elsa, Tooth?). They’re both pretty childish, but for totally different reasons. They both need a more worldly, grounded person for romance, and as far as believing and showing the world… almost anyone fits the bill. Hiccup has a dragon; he could see Rapunzel the skies. Merida is willing to believe in witches and will-o-the-wisps. Idk, these two don’t seem like enemies, but they don’t say “couple” to me either.

JackAnna (Jack and Anna from RotG and Frozen). Same reasons as Jackunzel. Two goofy teens usually don’t catch my fancy, except if it’s Rick Riordan, But he always catches my fancy- almost (cough cough Magnus Chase).

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Incest, Pedophilia, Slavery, etc. Um, bc I have good taste?

This is just my opinion. Please respect. And have fun shipping!!!

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About the motivation thing, this could be way wrong, but I feel like Keith has a really strong instinct(??unsure of this being the right word to use here) to protect those around him and that could be a part of what motivates him to fight the Garla? In the first episode when they're all arguing over whether to stay and fight or run, Keith's argument is "If we run they could just destroy this planet anyway before chasing us so we have no choice but to stay", like at that point they /cont

hadn’t even been on the planet for very long but he’s so determined to defend it anyway. They hadn’t even met the Arusians yet either. Keith just decided that this random planet needed to be saved and that as long as it was being threatened they couldn’t leave. Then at the part when Pidge tries to leave the team, he gets really aggressive in telling her she can’t leave because “we can’t form Voltron, and that means we can’t defend the universe” + the “everyone has a family” comment(which always stuck out to me because he himself is an orphan). Like idk this kid just seems to really want to protect everything he can, so when faced with an enemy that is destroying so many lives on such a large scale, it makes sense that he’d want to put an end to it as soon as possible. There’s probably more to it, but I feel like that’s definitely part of his strong motive to fight the Galra? /done (sorry this got so long aaaa 

I agree, Keith is very heroic.

But what made him like that? What did he experience? 

Like, Lance, Hunk and Pidge are pretty caring and heroic people too, but it takes them time to get to the point where they understand what it is exactly they are fighting for and we get to see that. (Hunk, after the Balmera arc when he sees what Zarkon does to people. Pidge, after she goes against Sendak and realizes she always wanted to be a part of a great team like this and do something great, and Lance.. well, we haven’t seen anything for Lance yet. But I would say right now he’s fighting to protect his earth family and definitely for glory and fame and later it was implied to become for love)

Allura’s, Coran’s and Shiro’s motivation is made pretty clear aswell.

But we don’t get a reason for Keith, this is why we are speculating right now. They really didn’t tell us what drives him yet.

And it’s not just his motivation, I think that’s alot of things combined that kinda still keep Keith surrounded in alot mystery even now that we know he does have Galra blood in him.

Like, how did he sense Red and Blue? (as far as we know, sensing the lions is an Altean ability only..)

And you know what, Keith really gives me a “prince" vibe. Like a prince who had a father that did something that really hurt alot of people (and I’m not implying anything by that, It’s just the vibe I get from him)

Keith definitely has some sort of complex with leadership, and it’s not just “daddy issues” like “my father wasn’t a good father”, because then maybe he would just have fatherhood issues and he’d be very motivated to be a good father. Or if his issue is just him losing his family then maybe he’d be more about keeping what he considers his family now, safe. And not be so much about the entire universe and the greater good. 

And that scene with Pidge, I know alot of people interpret it as Keith’s abandonment issues, but I don’t think he’s upset Pidge is leaving him, I think he’s more upset she is being selfish and putting so many other people in danger. 

All that scene I think was about “Greater good comes before family and people you care about” to Keith. (And I think it gets even more emphasized in S2E8)

Keith’s thing seems to be more about being a leader of people, It just seems on a much greater scale to me.

Like maybe if Keith had experienced a war or slavery as a kid (which would also explain why he always wants to carve his own path and doesn’t let anyone command him) then I would get why he would be so much about peace and safety for everyone in the universe.

But his past as an “orphan” that lived alone in the desert on earth somewhere before enlisting in the Garrison just doesn’t explain it for me personally..

Like, Keith is not like Lance, I don’t think he like dreams of being a hero and a savior and just wants people to love him. Like it doesn’t seem like a “self worth” thing to me. But seems like he is trying to prove something.

“His naivete mixed with his sheer will to make things happen for himself means his hotheadedness may be be viewed as a defense mechanism.  He comes from an obviously difficult and mysterious past that pushes him to be great.“ [X]

Maybe something like “I will be better than ____” or maybe something like “ I want to be as great as _____”, that’s the thing I’m getting from him.

Like I dunno..

I dun have any evidence and it doesn’t make sense at this point, but I feel like there might be a reason why this bothered him so much and why we hear him say this line here.

It just really seems to me that it’s very very important to Keith to be a good leader of people.

For some reason..

Maybe it’s just something Shiro put in him, maybe he’s seen what bad leadership does somehow, I dunno..

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i dont mean to be rude but i dont get how you can draw so well at your age ~ i mean what i did mainly in my teen years instead of drawing was staring at a hopeless future

I don’t think you’re being rude at all! heck I also think that way about other artists. Haha it’s actually disheartening to me and stresses me out a lot, so I just try not to think about it and I tell myself to just realize that age doesn’t dictate the skill level an artist is at/will be at, it’s mostly making an effort to learn and improve, which anyone can do at any age :) Sure, it might be intimidating or annoying (I know how annoying it is, lemme tell you) but don’t get hung over it or beat yourself up about it like I did/still do. It gets in the way of drawing hahaha..

If it helps you, what I did to improve was to find artists who were exceptionally skilled and to learn from them, and by exceptional I mean dead, because back then in my opinion most artists were incredibly disciplined, i.e. Rockwell, academic painters, etc. and they learned from teachers who knew what they were doing (which, and I should say this here, should tell you to not take 100% of my tips as actual fact, lol, this just works for me). Of course, there are still great artists out there who are alive/on the web, but in my experience trying to learn from them made it harder for me to improve, since learning from a style is not as beneficial as learning from the basics. This is just my take on the issue though.

I don’t know you too well (sorry), but that just seems like the perfect choice to tell you my life story hah so around 2 yrs ago or so, when I was complete crap at drawing (I mean compared to now), and when I realized that my art was just, so bad, I practically panicked and freaked because heck, I thought I was working hard at what I was doing; I thought my art was “good enough” (let me just say now that good enough is never good at all) but seeing other artists who seemed like they were basically cruising through every artwork and having it turn out phenomenal without what it seemed to me like barely any effort at all just pissed me off, AND they were in my age group, made me get off my ass and stop wasting my time with non-challenging artwork. See, that’s the thing, if it wasn’t a challenge, it wouldn’t make you better, right? That’s what I had come to realize.

So yes, while I am a teenager now, bro lemme tell you I was desperate and scared af, I mean, this is all I have. Nothing much else interested me, nor was I good at any other subject in school (I’m what they call specialized a.k.a. good at one thing and suck at everything else ha ha). Other artists seemed to me like they were or were going to be more successful no matter what they do, and they could still paint something mind blowing. I had nothing, only drawing, and even then I wasn’t good at that. It fucked me up man… I was angry and sad; I made a list of all the things I didn’t know how to draw (it was long lmfao) it went a little like rocks, trees, plants, landscapes, metal, water, animals, backgrounds, stuff like that, and I incorporated whatever it was into the piece I was currently doing and just kept practicing it until I got the hang of it. 1st step here is to know what you’re bad at, don’t be soft on yourself (avoiding things isn’t going to make anyone better) tell yourself, that yeah, maybe I do suck at this, and I need to get better. Constructive criticism, right/  And I kept doing that. I still have a ton of things I’m not great at, but the gist of it is to just do it. So yeah, at the time my prime motivations were pretty negative, like anger and desperation and whatever, but it got me through that phase of drawing, where I had just been satisfied with idk, a pose or whatever and that was it, no background, narrative, or expression of feeling in it. I don’t recommend having that kind of motivation, it was a really rough period to go through for me, but I’m grateful I did. 

Also, I was never satisfied with my finished work. I don’t think I ever will be, and that drove me to just keep drawing. I tell myself, “don’t think you’re good.” Praise will often make someone slack off, and constructive criticism does the opposite. Get rid of those “what if’s” or “if only’s” or “I wish”. Just stop thinking and empty your mind of any negative thoughts, because it does seriously hinder your progress. Imagine that you’re pushing those annoying young artists out of the way, and just focus on the bettering of yourself/your own art. What went wrong with how I was thinking was that I cared way too much about those other artists, and I realized that obviously they wouldn’t give 2 shits about me, hell they don’t even know me, so why should I care so much about them? it was like an abusive relationship, tbh, so I just dropped it and stopped giving a fuck about them. I didn’t want any of that to affect my art, because it was my art, and it shouldn’t be turning out badly because of them. basically my thought process was “fuck them who gives a fuck if they’re a fetus and they paint better than me”, ( tl;dr of this article ) sometimes you gotta be harsh with yourself to get rid of bitter thoughts. numbers never truly matter in art, and I always want to avoid any kind of math lol

And most of all, I love drawing, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, and this might sound like some ridiculous silly dream thing a kid would say, but I wouldn’t know what else I could do/want to do. Lol I could’ve put this info more coherently, it seems kinda jumbled, but I hope you got something out of this, and of course I apologize if the long read bored you D: Work hard (and smart), enough so you can look back and admit that yeah, you worked your butt off and you’re glad you did. Whatever you’re doing, it shouldn’t be easy if you want to improve.

 If you still have any specific questions just go ahead and shoot, I’ll try my best to answer them well!!!!!!! :DD thanks for messaging me ^^

o yah, and sorry it took a while to get back to you, I had to go back and edit out the cuss lingo. trying to maintain my image, hahahahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaa

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You're a total nutjob who knows nothing about the craft, no I'm not Wiccan I'm a witch, a real one who has graduated at all levels, you however don't know anything, I get it, it's cool on tumblr and you think a 'witch aesthetic' is nice, with your edgy friends who think they can do black magic ( sure hope they can't or they have blood on their hands ) you're an embarrassment. We are healers. Not edgy teens who's motive is to do harm

stop calling me ableist slurs please? my edgy friends are literally almost all adults who are very wise actually, i love them a lot… also my blog has 0 witch aesthetic idk why you’re trying to make me feel bad.. my motive is not to do harm, i didn’t even curse my ex. i dont know what i did to make you so angry but 90% of the time i use my craft for good only, to help others (i have performed an hour long ritual healing someone i dont even know for my friend..) and the 10% i use it for bad it is never for my own sake but for the sake of those who i love. i don’t think that makes me an embarrassment.

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idk if you or anyone else feels the same way, but looking back from when AD first came about and all the things they made the girls do and how they talked with aria and everything leading up to the reveal, it just wasn't believable to me that it was Spencer's twin behind the whole thing based solely on the way the Alex character acted once revealed. idk if that makes sense but i just didn't get the vibe that they were the same person based on the acting and story lines leading up

Tbh I never understood the AD storyline. I was always terribly confused about what their motives were and this never really came together for me. I understand Alex wanted to be Spencer but to me, this wasn’t obvious at all throughout the time jump and everything she did (AD did) seemed to have no correlation to her motive. Plus the whole Cece’s killer thing. To me nothing adds up.

“The only one with a motive here is you.” Kise scoffs. “What happened to leaving me alone?”

“It’s cute that you thought I would listen to you, princess.” Aomine snickers.

“It’s cute that you can’t stay away.” Kise counters.  The comment makes Aomine’s eyes light up.

I really liked this part of the fic so cue awkward fanart lol I LOVE YOUR WRITING MO


mothers day psa: there is a difference between ignoring, controlling and supporting your children’s decisions. for those whose mothers were apathetic or over-controlling: i’m so sorry. i am your mother now. i love what you’re wearing today and will be making popcorn for dinner

Oh Batman: Europa, you and I had a good ride, far better than I thought you could deliver with your tiny amount of issues. I already talked about it, but since this was the big, hilarious finale, why not say more?

Let’s just go back on Bane’s ultimate evil plan for this series

  • Poison both Batman and the Joker;

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What major did you take in college? Was there any particular motivation why you chose it? Is it in anyway relevant to the job you're currently doing now?

Business administration. I chose it (= my family recommended it to me) because I wasn’t particularly interested in arts or sciences and wanted something that would give me security for the future. IDK man, I didn’t know anything about myself or what I wanted to do with my life when I was 17 (still don’t) so I just listened to my parents. If I could make this decision again though, I might want to try something completely different like dentistry lol.

Yup, my job right now is pretty much what someone with my particular specialization would be doing!

The Signs as The Vamps Songs

Aries: High Hopes- because you are very enthusiastic and courageous.

Taurus: Risk It All- because you always fight for what you want.

Gemini: Windmills- because of your fun-loving and energetic personality. 

Cancer: Dangerous- because you are adventurous and unpredictable.

Leo: Held By Me- because of your kindness and generosity towards others.

Virgo: Found A Girl- because you are very thoughtful and analyze things often.

Libra: Coming Home- because you are romantic and work hard to make things happen.

Scorpio: Smile- because of your motivation and kindness to others.

Sagittarius: Can We Dance?- because you have a vibrant personality and love meeting new people.

Capricorn: Stolen Moments- because you are ambitious and have a gentle heart.

Aquarius: Shout About It- because you never miss an opportunity and don’t care what others think about you.

 Pisces: Million Words- because you are extremely sensitive and quiet.