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The season has drawn to a close again and it’s time to review what I watched this season. Each day I’ll be writing a review for a show that finished or started airing during this season. 

Today I’ll be going with Aho Girl

Aho Girl a SoL about perhaps the dumbest girl to have ever existed. The title literally translates to idiot girl and that’s exactly what you get. Each time Yoshiko is on the screen you ask yourself how could she possibly do something dumber than what she’s already done? Only to find out that yes, it is possible. Surprisingly enough this short (12 minute episodes) has two super star voice actors for the lead. Yuuki Aoi is playing the one and only Aho Girl, and Sugita is playing A-kun who is the straight man for the show. 

Most of the show is comedy SoL goodness that revolves around Yoshiko being dumb and A-kun somehow getting dragged a long into whatever she is doing. It’s a pretty classic comedy routine in anime, and the show does it well. The comedy isn’t particularly clever, but the boundless stupidity of Yoshiko and the accompanying voice acting from both leads makes it enjoyable the whole way through. 

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The side characters are fine, though mostly tropey and do pretty much what you would expect them to do. Though they also get roped into Yoshiko’s shenanigans and it’s amusing to watch how everyone else deals with her being perhaps the dumbest person alive. I liked how every episode the OP changed slightly and was in of itself a running gag for the show. Also the dog. The dog is in fact the best character, and the scene of Yoshiko racing the motorcyclist was perhaps the funniest segment of the whole show. 

Overall I was pretty surprised with it. I was expecting it to be really dumb, and while it is in fact very dumb it was dumb in the right ways and ended up being really funny. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of this sort of comedy. 

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listen i mean im absolutely estatic abt how d9 has shown chloe and rachel and their relationship i just. it feels off somehow. like i dont think its forced i dont think its too much its just. theres something odd. like idk, what theyve given us describes a lot more than the vague description of the two of them that chloe gave in lis 1, and for me it sorta feels at times like some of the things put in the game are /supposed/ to make you feel even worse than normal about how in 2 years rachel is kidnapped murdered and burried in a junkyard and chloe digs her up 6 months later. like idk. idk how to describe it the way i want to, its just an Off Feeling. like not baiting or anything but more of a “haha, look at them! isnt it great! haha just wait until you remember what happens!” idk. im not sure how to describe it. bleh. anyway chloe and rachel are great

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Can you please write a little drabble of Aaron appreciating how attractive Robert is? It's all I'm thinking about 😌 xx

He doesn’t think Robert knows he’s awake as he watches him potter about the bedroom in his boxers, getting ready for work. Aaron has the day off so he can indulge himself in admiring his husband.

Robert’s handsome, gorgeous. All the words he can think of to describe him wouldn’t ever be enough.

Most days he can’t believe he’s lucky enough to have someone like him to in his life, no matter how many times Robert tells him he loves him, that he fancies the pants off him or however he puts it. He called him beautiful once, but Robert was the beautiful one, all blonde hair and lightly tanned skin, especially now when they’ve not been back long from holiday. His eyes, God Aaron could get lost in them.

“Enjoying yourself?” Aaron cant help bite his lip as he watches Robert pull on his shirt, arm muscles flexing deliciously.

“Do you really have to go to work right this minute?”

“Whatever are you suggesting?” Robert’s crawling up the bed and the next thing Aaron knows those strong arms are wrapped around him and Robert’s kissing g him as though his life depends on it and he thinks that maybe he should appreciate Robert this way just a bit more often.

*kinda wishes Joker’s club looked more like this*


also considering chief was like. never the best at any one thing he stood out as a leader and he excelled at everything but usually thered be someone else better at [specific thing]? makes me think wash more than anything

idk im not sure what freelancer could best be described as the luckiest and thinking about it in THAT respect its… maybe not any of them lmfao

yessss exactly oh my gosh….. and no none of them fit into the luck aspect i wasnt even going to consider it from that angle cuz exactly lol i was just thinking about the worldweary shoulder the worlds burdens sort of angst which is why i felt carolina lined up. the call to duty so to speak. but yea

My OTP is dead, my beloved less evil butterfly is dead and it all happened in such a disappointing and instant way my eyes barely catched that moment leaving me all speechless and void
I had a really deep thought about @amazingphil

So, I was in the shower when Philip Michael Lester, the angel, triggered an Existential Crisis (sort of) for me. Holy crap.

Brace yourself, this is going to be hella long. 

Anyway, there’s a thought that been running around my head for a few days now. But I’ve been putting it off since I thought I finally got to the conclusion but then as I was taking a nice, warm shower my mind suddenly drifted to this certain thought and then I just fell off and got really deep about this topic. It’s about Phil if you still didn’t know. I got so deep that I literally fell off the bathroom floor, gasping “Oh my god or jfc (in full, btw. I’m so going to hell)” over and over again. 

Apologies in advance if I don’t make sense. It’s kinda hard to make others understand it other than you, especially since I can’t get my thoughts straight. Anway…..

My first thought originally was something that left me in awe and wonder. “How can Phil be so happy all the time?” I know it might sound like a Phan shipper but it’s not really (take it whichever, idc). I know that we all know that Dan has Phil and I came to the conclusion that Phil has Dan. And as long as Dan doesn’t leave Phil’s side and not be swept away by fame (which would never ever happen, btw) then Phil is content and happy. I mean, a lot of the talks are about how much Dan loves Phil, like ie #hearteyeshowell but we rarely see it the other way around. Well, at least not as much as the other. 

God, my heart hurts thinking about it. 

Hold on, there’s more. 

So, I’ve been watching Phil & Dan in New York. I hope it’s not my imagination, perhaps it is. Whatever. But I noticed that Phil wasn’t quite as cheery, idk why. Also, there was one thing that stuck out to me while I was reading The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire. It was the section about behind the cameras and all that. So, there was this part where Phil was saying that when he’s feeling sad, he just turns off the camera and comes back when he’s all happy and dandy. 

I came to realize that even though Phil is happy a lot and we mainly focus on Dan about the Existential Crisis. Phil gets one too, just like everyone, although not everyone has the same ones. We’re all different after all.  Phil is human, an adorable one at that, he has different emotions. Phil probably never lets anyone know when he feels down and sad and depressed.

Also, note, I am not an expert in things like Existential Crisis, I just get them so I don’t know anything too deep about this. I’m just sharing my deep thoughts, capiche?

Anyway, he never lets anyone know because he wants everyone to think he’s a happy person and that he’s strong and all that. (My heart is breaking.) He’s a  happy and positive person and doesn’t want to worry anyone or make them sad. He wants to brighten everyone’s day and not feel down, like the sun he is. He likes to make them laugh and not worry about him. Which is true cuz’ you rarely see a post about him being sad and all that. (I love this guy so much.) 

So once, there’s this gif of Phil about him saying “I’m useless in most way.” (getting off topic for a bit) Phil, darling. Don’t say that. You are a gift to the world, and I cannot tell you how wrong you are. You are an angel that the world doesn’t deserve to have. You’re not useless. I think if Dan gets EC, then the gif made me kind of realize that Phil has a different kind of EC, (tbh, idk what word to describe it. It kinda makes more sense if I use EC, sorry.) His kinds of, just revolves around himself (and not in a bad, arrogant way) and his insecurities and how he thinks he’s useless and probably not important, which is so wrong btw. 

A  very long metaphorical conclusion: 

So, if we call Phil the sun, what is Dan? Dan isn’t the moon, or the sky, or the stars (well he could be but not in this case). I realized that Dan is Phil’s cloud. What happens when the sun is gone during the day? It’s being covered by the cloud. Basically, Dan, the cloud covers Phil up when he’s in a really dark end. Also, when the sun is covered up, why is it dark? (Scientist would hate me. This is just metaphorical if you don’t know.) Shouldn’t the sun rays be shining out the sides when it’s covered up, or even be shining through since the (actual) cloud isn’t really that much? (Truly sorry if it doesn’t make sense, I just gotta get the thoughts out). But the sun doesn’t. It’s dark. It means that Dan, the cloud, is not hiding the sun and covering up his sunlight. Dan is pretending to be the one that’s dark while the sun, Phil, takes a moment to recover himself and be back to his usual cheery self before telling Dan that he’s okay before he moves away and let the sun shines again. 

When the cloud gets darker, Phil would shine brighter and brightened up the cloud, which is Dan. It’s vise-verse.  Dan would help Phil in any way he can, just like what Phil would do, so they could stand together in the light. Happy. This brings me to my first thought/point. 

The reason why Phil is holding strong is because Dan is there with him and the reason why Dan is there is because of Phil. If these two lovely angels separate, their world would be unbalanced, much more than ours would be affected because the two of them are each other’s lifelines. 

(God, I wish I had a friendship like that.) 

So yeahhhhh….. I know that a post like this would be somewhere out on the internet because the internet is big. I promise I didn’t copy. It just came to me. I hope you all agree with me and not think I’m crazy. I’m crazy as it is. 


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