idk what made this rant happen

To anyone who thinks there's no possible way of Jyrus becoming canon

Literally every single person thought the exact same about Solangelo. No one thought that Rick would possibly make a SECOND queer character, let alone a gay couple!! I mean what would the parents think!? This is a children’s book after all!1!1! But look what happened. Rick Riordan broke barriers and not only made Nico the first gay character in his children boom series, but he also wrote him to have a crush on the main character and eventually get together with another character in his next series. I’m not saying Jyrus is definitely becoming canon. I’m just saying don’t rule out the option.

I hate to say it but it’s like the writers have no idea what to do w Malec they’re either fighting, apologising, kissing. And I love watching them more than anything else on the show (oops?) I’m not expecting an whole episode dedicated to malec but we all deserve more than we’re getting. We don’t know why Magnus and Alec are so into each other, what happened on other dates. We’re learning slowly but we’re getting much more hetero stuff than we are w an male/male relationship. Idk it just bugs me. I read this small thread on twitter explaining the same things and it just made me think.

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i'm an aquarius, but i'm always the "mom" of all the groups im in(despite ALWAYS being the youngest). everyone i know thinks i'm really wise and great at advice, and many people i know call me mom. (two of my best female friends, my two guy classmates that i'm close to, etc). some call me grandpa too bc of the "wise and good advice like a grandpa" thing bc im "wise beyond my years" and tbh it makes me really happy that people consider me those things! this is random but i just wanted to share

Aww, you sound adorable tbh. An adorable grandpa, anyway. lol Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility and the kind of wisdom that comes with time - so it makes loads of sense that they see you that way. You’re probably wiser than you even realize, depending on the rest of your chart. So it’s cute. :) You probably have something else helping with that, though, because Aquarius can be too harsh with words or too awkward to properly help people (in the way that you mentioned, anyway)… So there’s definitely something else backing it up for it to work in such a motherly way. Maybe the 6th house, the 4th… Even the 11th. And, of course, any water signs you migh have going on. Leo and Libra can be motherly too, depending on their rulers, so that’s also something good to check. Not that you asked, but it might help you understand yourself better. :)

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Part 1 - Hey, I was wondering. What do you think - what would happen if Gaiden!Sakura met the Sasuke who had just joined Orochimaru? I am reading this fanfic and so far - I am not satisfied because Sakura is ooc

Part 2 - She teases him because she is now stronger, ugh. -_- I personally find that wrong because would be sad if she saw that Sasuke from the past. Now that I think about it that fanfic is a mess - they made Karin a b*tch. Idk. What do you think?

To be honest, in that situation, I can just imagine Sakura sitting Sasuke down on a bench and letting him rant; allowing him to relieve himself of the pent up frustration that had been building up inside him for so long, while she just sat there and listened to him, with a pained expression on her face.

When Sasuke would finish, Sakura would get up, and as she would be about to leave, she would turn to face Sasuke, and with a knowing smile on her face, she’d say something along the lines of:

“If you think that hatred and revenge are your only options Sasuke-kun, then you’re wrong. Me and Naruto are going to prove that to you”:

And with those words, she’d leave a very perplexed Sasuke on the bench.

That’s what I think would happen in such a situation :)

tbh I’m so sick of all these old people labelling our generation as some privileged, ungrateful, lazy, ADD technology addicts. They left behind piles of shit (*cough* climate change) that’s now our responsibility to fix  cos they’ll all be dead by the time it starts making a huge impact. And lets not even get into how incredibly competitive higher education is today, and how our generation is more concerned about getting a job than doing one we actually enjoy. these old bigots don’t realise that our lives are miles away from what theirs used to be and I mean (at least for the most part) our generation isn’t nearly as ignorant on things like the lgbt+ community, women, how other nationalities/races are perceived. We’ve progressed so much and I’m so proud of this, us and the people that have made it happen. I’m proud to be in this generation and I think I can trust us to take right paths in the future. like come on, we are so much more than a bunch of lazy millennials. 

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do you have any thoughts on this latest Mic tweets? like, I think is a bit much to be spilling all this on twitter like this... I'm wary... dunno if he's part of it all and just another piece on the narrative (what would explain the timing of the song) or if he's just thoroughly pissed and is just saying stuff (which might cost him something in a near future)... like, I'm not trusting anything anymore... do you have any thoughts?

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Mic righteous just made a statement (idk where, he retweeted a pic of it) and he said that zayn wanted the song out but naughty boy needed to wait 2 years to release a song. Do you think this whole fight was planned? 


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Sasha the rapper is ranting about how he and NB aren’t beefing but NB has turned into another puppet and how when you’re signed you have no say over what happens with you. He is exposing.


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What do you think of the drama between Naughty Boy & Much Righteous on twitter? Do you believe it’s legit? 


Right now I think the leaking of the song was clearly a stunt. Naughty Boy is gonna be releasing another version of it  with two other artists? How convenient. But then it went left. It seems the denial tweet set Mic Righteous off. Had they not agreed on that part? Was he upset that he was referred to as “the rapper” and not Mic Righteous? 

Because I assume he did it for his share of publicity as well and not to be written off as a nameless rapper. I dunno. Just speculating. I’m sure Naughty Boy doesn’t mind looking like a villain to the 1D fandom because that’s not his fanbase. But does he want to be seen as a villain to his own fanbase? This could potentially do that and on the eve of him releasing new music, too. He’s looking like a famewhoring liar AND a sellout to the music machine. NB recently denied that he was. Not a good look. It’s a bit of a gamble, right? And it really seems MR said way too much in detailing how the plot to leak the song came about. And MR made it clear that he’s talking because he can. 

Possibly this was a NB engineered stunt. And maybe he failed to do his due diligence by making sure his co-conspirator couldn’t speak out about it. I’m just struggling to get past why NB would willingly cause that kind of credibility killing drama in his own fandom.  

But I’m still processing. ..

I’m not sad FOR Adam Sandler but Adam Sandler makes me SO FUCKING SAD. He’s like the fucking poster child for wasted talent—he’s actually really funny and a surprisingly good dramatic actor but he just shits out these shitty boring movies that make me want to GOUGE OUT my fucking EYES. I just want to grab him and scream at him because he has a fucking gift and he’s made a bunch of movies that I genuinely love but now he just shuffles through everything with dead lifeless eyes and I just wonder what fucking HAPPENED.