idk what kind of animal this is

Facts you would never know if you didn't ask
  • 1.) applesauce or pudding?
  • 2.) what was your initial reaction when you first realized that your parents had to have had sex to have you?
  • 3.) if you could create ANY mix-up or mythical animal and have it be brought to life, what would it be?
  • 4.) what kind of bread do you prefer?
  • 5.) describe a moment that is a prominent memory, but didn't have a strong impact on your life.
  • 6.) what is the quote/lyric that you relate to most?
  • 7.) if there was one problem/issue you could wipe off the face of the earth, what would it be?
  • 8.) do you think everyone in our lives serves a purpose, or are some people just there?
  • 9.) Favorite knock-knock/cheesy joke?
  • 10.) how do you feel about getting your picture taken?
  • 11.) most embarrassing poster you've ever owned?
  • 12.) what are the 3 worst movies of all time?
  • 13.) when was the last time you were in a public setting and a stranger annoyed you?
  • 14.) strangest pet peeve?
  • 15.) what is a quirk you find cute in a significant other?
  • 16.) if you could make a guest appearance in ANY show, which one would you choose?
  • 17.) who do you think is the most underrated comedian?
  • 18.) based on your personality, what do you think your spirit animal is?
  • 19.) color combination that you hate?
  • 20.) what is your favorite childhood memory?
  • 21.) what cartoon character do you most resonate with?
  • 22.) what game do you never lose at?
  • 23.) what does your dream home look like?
  • 24.) Honestly, do you love your family, like them, dislike them, or hate them?
  • 25.) pettiest argument you've ever been in?
  • 26.) what is the weirdest article of clothing you've ever come across?
  • 27.) what is your favorite day of the week?
  • 28.) Do you feel offended by swear words?
  • 29.) Stupidest dare you've ever done?
  • 30.) Did your parents ever compare you to your siblings or cousins growing up? Did that affect the way things turned out?
  • 31.) You get to be any person in the world for a whole week. Who do you choose?
  • 32.) one food you hate that should be destroyed at all costs?
  • 33.) What is your favorite past time for each of the four seasons?
  • 34.) what is something that will always make you laugh?
  • 35.) what does your pet look like?
  • 36.) describe your favorite outfit.
  • 37.) most annoying noise you've ever heard?
  • 38.) at what age did you learn to drive?
  • 39.) What is something that you own which you know you probably shouldn't?
  • 40.) last thing you made with your own 2 hands?
  • 41.) Favorite time of day?
  • 42.) Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, or any kind of afterlife?
  • 43.) what sports did you do in school?
  • 44.) if you had been voted for a 'superlative' in your last yearbook (class clown, laziest, most likely to become president, etc) what would you have been voted?
  • 45.) reality show idea that you would most definitely watch on television?
  • 46.) do you still own a landline phone?
  • 47.) scariest storm you've ever had in your town?
  • 48.) skill you wish you had?
  • 49.) what is something you wish you could talk more about, but don't for fear of what other people would think?
  • 50.) last book you read?
  • 51.) what does your calendar have on it?
  • 52.) what do you do if you get stopped by a person selling something from a mall kiosk?
  • 53.) infomercial you're beyond tired of seeing?
  • 54.) what was your first stuffed animal/doll's name?
  • 55.) have you ever said something out of anger and instantly regretted it?
  • 56.) how do you feel about raising minimum wage?
  • 57.) how would you spend a perfect day with your best friend?
  • 58.) when was the last time you changed the oil in your car?
  • 59.) did you ever have to do speech therapy?
  • 60.) something you're looking forward to in the future?

I found this dress at value village just now and I dunno if I should get it

It reminds me of a becile worker getup, and I HAVE been planning a becile animal-like worker (kind of like how I have the Walter fawn), so this would save me having to custom-make an outfit

On the other hand, idk when else I would ever wear it, plus it’s $13

What do you guys think? Please gimme your opinion!


I have a cool headcanon where Daphnes, Link, and Ganondorf instead of regular teeth they have animal-like teeth in what they transform themselves into. Ex. Daphnes has lion teeth, Link has Wolf-like teeth, and Ganondorf has full blown Boar teeth. I really want to work more on the teeth with other characters ,but for now just these guyz!

anonymous asked:

what kind of animal, if presented the ideal situation to provide proper care, would you most like to own? anything, not just reptiles :)

the first thing that came to mind is a billion different species of snakes hahahaha
rattlesnakes (ideally leucistic Diamond back which idk even exists), a granite Burmese python, komodo dragon or any large minitor lizard, ALDABRA TORTOISE!!!!!!! esp that last one.

So NITW fan theory time ( spoilers, be warned)
Yknow how the people are animals, and there are regular versions of animals walking around like how there’s a cat near the video outpost “too” and how there’s pigeons and rats even w mice and bird townsfolk?
And how this is literally never acknowledged they don’t acknowledge that they’re animals themselves? Like at all ever?
Well like
What if
The people aren’t actually animals
And that’s just Maes psychosis induced hallucinations
Like they’re actually people
Further backed up by the fact the masks of the cult members are way too small to fit those kinds of heads in, but the head of Eide turns into like a cat head way too big for his mask thing the second it’s pulled off
Mae didn’t know what animal he was yet because she hadn’t seen him without the mask
Would explain a lot
Idk weird fan theory bc im obsessed w this game

ROTE Ask Meme

My cool friends @celebimbo and @thedreadvampy tagged me <3. I appreciate it.

Favorite RotE Book: FOOLS QUEST.

Why: Jesus!Fitz and Prince FitzChivalry Farseer. Need there be any more reasons?

Top Three Favourite Characters: Patience, Fitz, Verity. (Malta gets an Honorable Mention)

Top Three Least Favourite Characters: Galen (I mean who else?), Chade (Not a good guy, 0/10), and Whatshisname from Rain Wild. 

Favourite Ship (of the floating kind): Ophelia!

Top Three Favourite Ships (of the people kind): I guess Kettericken/Verity, Althea/Brashen, and Malta/Reyn.

Would you rather be Witted or Skilled: Difficult question but Witted cause I could sense other peoples’ presence and I LOVE DOGS

If you were Witted, what animal would you bond with?: Dog? Maybe? I might choose something a bit more chill but idk what lmao.

Would you rather live in the Outislands, the Mountain Kingdom, the Six Duchies, Bingtown, the Rain Wilds, Kelsingra, Jamaillia, the Pirate Isles, or Fool’s Homeland?: Im a big Mountain Kingdom kinda guy. 

How were you introduced to the books?: I had just finished A Song of Ice and Fire and was looking fantasy books on Amazon and saw that GRRM reviewed Hobb as a “Diamond in a sea of Zircons” and figured I’d give it a shot. I was wary of first-person but soon fell in love with Fitz.

Share a quote you love: Idk I dont quote things. My favorite thing Fitz has said is when he called Patience his mom that one time. 10/10 good time.

IDK if anyone who follows me hasn’t done this so if you haven’t, please do for me.

I got tagged?!

I was tagged by my mom @thedragneellucy

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Nicknames: Alexis, Alex, Al, Lexi(if you call me this consider yourself blocked)

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′3

Time right now: 11:04pm

Last thing you googled: how do you spell Saggitarius

Song stuck in my head: Rockabye -Clean Bandit

Last movie I watched: I think The Lion King 2 but idk

Last TV show I watched: Miraculous Ladybug

What I am wearing right now: a hoodie for my animal shelter and pajama pants

When I created this blog: this thing is over 3 years old but I didnt know how to use tumblr until 2016 so 

The kind of stuff I post: anime and memes

Do I gets asks regularly?: rarely!

I tag: @ouranchimaru @saradauchiha @banannot 

warm-summer-storm  asked:

Olwen, Cernunnos, Aphrodite

“Olwen: What is your favorite flower?”

I do believe i have gotten this question before :D i love sunflowers, they’re so big and bright, they remind me of summer, while they actually bloom in autumn where i live (i think everywhere but idk ^^“)

"Cernunnos: What is your favorite animal?”

I love all kinds of cats, house cats, big cats, i especially like cheetahs, i saw some in real life once, and one looked straight at me as i was taking a picture, it was glorious :3

“Aphrodite: What do you think of yourself?”

Depends on my mood :p i generally tend to think of myself as a stubborn person, i don’t deal with shit well, i care too much and if i’m focussed on something i never pay attention xD i do my best for my friends, but cross me in the wrong way and i turn into a grade A bitch ^^ i’m human :p but i function as a mirror, you treat me well and i’ll treat you in kind :D

Long answer ^^“

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2, 6, 9, 16, 19, 21, 23, 28, 39, 41, 43, 45

2 - When is your birthday?: December 20th!

6 - What is your favorite song as of the moment?: I’ve been listening to Scotty Doesn’t Know on repeat all day because I’ve lost control of my life apparently idk

9 - What chocolate is your favorite?: All of them. Or any kind of Kinder chocolate. 

16 - Are you happy?: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

19 - What was the best thing you were given?: Are these questions purposely trying to be vague? In what situation am I basing this on? One time someone gave me a bottle of wine and a shot of Hennessy at work and that’s objectively the best thing I’ve been given there, but not like…in life. 

21 - What is your favorite dish?: Every type of curry, and/or Animal Fries. 

23 - What is your biggest regret?: Not getting Animal Fries today. 

28 - What kind of music do you listen to?: ALL OF THEM.

39 - Do you have any phobias?: See previous post in regards to 8-legged monsters

41 - What’s the nicest thing have you given to someone?: The joy of my presence probably, idk

43 - Are you in a good or bad mood?: I have been in much worse moods. 

45 - Describe your dream date: You drop off a plate of fried chicken and your HBO password then you leave. 

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Cheokov and Voyager? :D


Chekov: what’s your catch-phrase?
Idk if I have a catch-phrase per say, but I say, “Have fun,” a lot. Like if one of my friends is going to the bathroom or something I’ll tell them to have fun. Lol idk why. I also say, “Same,” a lot.

Voyager: what planet (real or fictional) would you most like to visit?
Ooh I would love to visit Risa, or the world from the story I’ve written. (It’s kind of hard to explain in short terms, but let’s just say in the world I made, people have strong connections to an animal compantion)

Star Trek asks

looking for new blogs to follow so like this and I’ll check out your blog. 

I don’t really care if you’re a specific kind of blog or you’re all over the place like I am! 

and if you like what I’m posting, feel free to follow me too. ;-)

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cuddle, heartbeat, cute, kind :)


Cuddle : Which one of your mutuals do you really want to hug right now?
- Only one?? What satanic question is this, there’s so many to hug idk lets say foam-dome because he wont be weirded out 

Heartbeat : What fictional character do you love? 
- Is this the part when I say Serra?  I dunnooo, I don’t love love grunkle Stan but he’s probably my spirit animal

Cute : What’s your aesthetic?
- Peace, quiet, tranquility

Kind : What Pokemon would you be?
- Hm hm, I got from one quiz mew, and I really like mew… But I’m not cute like mew so let’s sayy *asks friend* Tsareena 

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i've been kinda hypersexual from around 5/6/7 (i can't remember time well sorry but in that range) and i would recreate sex with stuffed animals and i had a weird fascination with birth? i watched animal planet just for the 'mating' too ... i was around 7 when i tried to give my pets oral? i've never been assaulted or touched or anything? or i just don't remember? and i don't know it scares me because i don't remember and i don't know why. idk i jsut wanted to ask ur ... opinion on it/advice ???

I dont think children that young are usually hypersexual without some kind of trauma but I cant say for sure what happen anon im sorry :(

btvs au where jenny helps the baby witches learn to use their powers n not get into all kinds a mess. jenny, willow, n amy n later tara all together fighting evil w/ witchcrft n teamwork! nobody dies or gets turned into an animal or goes evil. everybody gets screentime to explore their characters. the white hat witches of sunnydale become the primo most powerful coven in history. they help buffy, kendra, n faith save the day like a million times


Hi I accidentally locked myself out and my apartment charged me $50 to get back in my room -_-

Paypal only. message me on tumblr first

Bust or full chibi - 5USD

adding characters - +$2

If you want your physical drawing you have to live in the US and it will be an extra $3. Also you will have to be comfortable with telling me your address and having the drawing folded to fit inside the envelope. The drawing is tiny!

but I’ll try to make it bigger or fill up the space with other stuff if you’re getting the physical copy

Other stuff: 1) tell me what you want as detailed as possible because bust sketches can be kind of boring? Like if you want the arms/hands posed or something, emotion, want props, idk. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions about whats okay or not; we can negotiate

2) no mecha, no nsfw, no full on furries (the farthest I will go is human with animal ears/tail), and I need to be able to find a reference photo(s) for everything

3) unlimited slots open; I’m closing commissions on Feb 16, 8AM PST. If I don’t reply in 1 day, send your message again