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So This Is Love [5]


Summary: Y/N is heavily mistreated in her household. Prince Peter has to find a bride to become the queen of the kingdom.

AN: i had such a bad case of writer’s block with this one so idk how this turned out

Peter Parker x Reader


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“What’s your favorite color?”

“Blue. Yours?”


“What’s your favorite animal?”

“Horses. You?”

“Dogs, for sure.”

Peter and I shot questions at each other while we walked through the beautiful garden of the palace. Our hands were connected and swung slightly with every step we took. This whole night has been surreal. From my fairy godmother appearing to dancing with Peter.

Speaking of Peter, he’s been extremely amazing the whole evening. He’s the perfect gentleman. Kind, sweet, and charming. Not to mention, heart stoppingly handsome. What more could a girl ask for? I looked at him and saw how the moonlight hit his face. I felt incredibly plain compared to him.

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OKAY listen well my babies, idk If you love Tinkerbell and The Pixie Hollow and Disney Fairies in general as much as I do, but my bff and I thought of this AU for YOI… and I couldn’t help myself, I had to draw it haha (maybe this could inspire some talented fanfic writers out there idk….))please))make my to come true))

Victor and Yurio are fairies from the Winter Woods and Yuri…obviously not lol

Yurio is a fast-flying fairy (maybe thanks to him there’s snowstorms), really talented despite of being really young, yet there’s so much he needs to learn

I haven’t thought well what kind of talent Victor may have, maybe he’s a winter animal fairy (I can imagine him taking care of a giant Makkachin hehe and riding him everywhere), but I also thought he can have a delicate and artsy talent like snowflake-talent

and finally, Yuri is a tinker fairy, born from the loudest baby laugh lol and hates to be understimated because he’s capable of amazing things. 

Winter fairies can’t cross to warmer lands and fairies from there can’t cross to the Winter Lands, but just by destiny, Yuri meets Victor in the frontier, and they have a Romeo-Juliet like relationship. Yurio discovers them and Yuri gives him Katsudon keep him quiet hehehe

I also thought about Otabek for this AU, and giving him the dust-talent, I’ll maybe talk about it later lol

I hope you like this AU, I fell in love with it!! and I’ll be glad to read your thoughts about it <3

also, later I’ll post each of them separately so you can appreciate them better ;))

If I see an animal blog on my list of reccomended blogs its rlly hard not to follow.
I’m talking like when people make tumblrs specifically for their pets. Its so cute.
Like omg its a snake named Chris?? What kind of snake?? What’s he about?? Now I have to follow and see his updates!
Its kind of a problem.
(If you have a blog like this for your pet, of any kind, comment and I’ll definitely follow you omg)

There are five (5) types of Zeref popular in fanfiction!

*note that this is done in good humor. If you at all consider being a dick and sending me a message, here’s a thought: don’t.

1) Final Boss Zeref. He’s been constantly brought up throughout the fic (canon divergent or AU, typically crime based), but doesn’t show up until the very end. Usually not related to Natsu. Probably kills people for the fun of it. His entire personality is essentially an old school mafia boss, just without the penchant for guns and hookers. Has beef with the Heartfilia’s and likely murdered Layla. Much like in canon, his strength and terribleness has been built up throughout the story, but his actual villain-ness isn’t up to par with expectations. Smirks too much. Has others do his dirty work for him. Probably doesn’t die at the end, just slips into the shadows to wreak havoc another day.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • In AUverse he may be a rival of Jude Heartfilia, and (depending on the story), may be used as some sort of catalyst for a Romeo and Juliet esque relationship for nalu.
  • Zeref may or may not be super important to the plot. Half the time he won’t actually show up.

2) Big Brother Zeref: AKA high school!AU Zeref. Natsu’s brother. His only role in the story is to be the stereotypical older brother. Not important to the plot other than to give life/girl advice to Natsu. Probably dating Mavis. Not as prevalent as the other Zerefs, but he has his moments. Broness can be taken to cringy levels, but generally a decent guy.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • ??? idk he’s just kind of there sometimes ???

3) Woobified Zeref. Is basically canon!Zeref if he had done nothing wrong. A cupcake. Cinnamon roll too good too pure. Perfect father/husband/brother. Sweet summer child. Fanon has thrown up all over him. He is a precious baby that could never do anything bad. Ever. Could drown a small animal in a well and he would be thanked for it. The crigiest Zeref.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Literally isn’t even in fics half the time. This is just what fanon Zeref has become. The fangirls think he’s cute and have to make up excuses for why he can’t do anything wrong.
  • Actually threatens to murder people, but !!!

4) Well-rounded villain Zeref. Canon divergent. May have a good reason for the bad things he does, but this doesn’t overshadow him being the villain. Is consistent with his motivations/actions. What canon Zeref could have been if Mashima hadn’t wavered back and forth between making him super sympathetic yet also the most evil wizard in existence. Featured in both canon and AUverse fics, though is more common in canonverse. 

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Is the rare golden Zeref found once in every 100 fanfics, but only if they’re 50+ chapters in length. Good luck finding him.

5) Mostly Canon Zeref. Hyped at the beginning of the story, a constant presence whose motivations are secret. The suspense is amazing and leaves the readers wanting to know more. Isn’t introduced until roughly half-way through the story, but it is very brief. Starts appearing more throughout the story. The more you learn about him, the less you understand the overall plot or his motivations. Kills/hurts people, but this is overlooked because he has a bad past (this is not taken to the extreme of woobified Zeref, however). Has too many connections to other characters to the point it becomes obnoxious. Characterization is inconsistent af

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • ???

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You're gonna hate me but I had an idea for AArpg au Clay's death where he becomes Apollo's familiar (Mages have familiars right idk how they work entirely)

hhhhhhhhhhhh idon’tknowhowfamiliarsworkeitherbutthisisacoolideasoletmethrowthisinyourfaceandruntobed

i wasn’t sure what kind of animal clay would be?? i chose a bat in my rush lmao

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What kind of dog is sunny

i dont think i ever really knew for sure. we got my actual dog sunny (which sunny is based on) from the pound. we always speculated she was mostly golden retriever with some pitbull mixed in. 

idk what do you think?

she looks really skinny here cause this is like a week after we got her. look, shes still like, just looking out the window wtf was she doing in a human house hold. That dog was just a wild god damn animal and was like, never satiated with settling down lmao… poor suns. 

Hynek’s Scale

A system of classification for UFO sightings, as arranged by proximity.

nocturnal lights  - lights in the night sky

daylight disks - seen during the day, disk / oval shaped

radar-visual - seen on radar (comparatively unreliable)

close encounters of the 1st kind - visual sighting of an object less than 500ft away, with considerable detail

close encounters of the 2nd kind - a physical effect is alleged; such as interference in the functioning of a vehicle or electronics, animals reacting, a physiological effect, or a physical trace such as burn marks / impressions in the ground / a chemical trace

close encounters of the 3rd kind - an animated creature / alien is present

Above is the original list of classifications; however, there have been additions.

close encounters of the 4th kind - abduction, described as also including “cases when witnesses experienced a transformation of their sense of reality”, such as hallucinatory or dreamlike events

close encounters of the 5th kind - in which there is direct communication between aliens and humans

close encounters of the 6th kind - death of a human or animal is associated with the UFO sighting (although some consider this a more severe example of the 2nd kind)

close encounters of the 7th kind - creation of a human/alien hybrid, either by sexual reproduction or by artificial scientific methods

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Hello there, you had a post explaining how the position of certain teeth in an animal can make them look scarier. When I clicked on the "keep reading" link, the post was gone. Can you tell me what you said? I really want to know. Thank you

here, hopefully this link works. idk why the post that’s going around isn’t working (open it in a new tab, dont just click it)

basically the summary is just, look at dentition formulas and know about different kinds of teeth and how they fit in different animal mouths instead of just drawing teeth willy nilly

poison runs down cheeks like tears,
screams as gifts to collarbones,
swallowed with all the rest.

animal bones and things more quickly broken.
the fastest hunter is the dusk,
the edge of the day falls, a guillotine unrestrained

your heart into the river
watch it run red and angry from a lip bitten one too many times
one more drop unto the ocean
once more against the waves

fall to your knees and lick the dirt off your hands.
they taste not half as bitter
as rotten meat.

scream, howl,
which means the most in the darkness?
if you open your mouth you don’t eat tonight.
bite my own neck, my stomach is raw,
matches only light fingertips.

- les loupes après le déluge

Seventeen Reaction to Their s/o Making Tall Jokes

Request: seventeen’s reaction when their s/o is smaller them and always tease them like “how’s the weather there?” or calling them giraffe or giant, something like this

A/N: I literally always do this, probably because I’m salty about being short (5′2 squad in the building), but that’s not the matter right now. I hope you enjoy!

Seungcheol would just awkwardly laugh, not knowing if you really meant it or not, but trying not to take it to heart either way. If he felt one day that you did take it too far, he would pull you aside and ask you to lessen up a bit.

“Heh, yeah, I’m such a giraffe.”

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Jeonghan would find it to be really cute tbh. He’d find your teasing to be adorable, it might even boost his ego a bit - especially when you had to ask him to grab a cup for you.

“Yes, it’s quite nice being able to reach my own cups.”

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Joshua probably wouldn’t even be phased by it. He would laugh at some of the funnier ones, but would find it to just be a cute little thing you two had. Similar to Seungcheol, though, if one did end up hurting his feelings, he would ask you to stop.

“The weather is actually really nice up here.”

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Junhui would become an actual grease ball. He would take your teasing as an opportunity to tease you back - mixing in some flirting with said teasing.

“You know, it’s good that I’m taller than you. You don’t have to bend down as far to suck my d-”


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i swear every gif i use of him for a reaction is fucking massive

Soonyoung would find your teasing to be a normal thing in your relationship. He would for sure be the most chill about it; even making some short jokes to you along the way.

“The weather is nice up here, probably because I’m farther away from hell.”

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Wonwoo would be the most silent about it. It wouldn’t hurt his feelings or anything, he just wouldn’t make that big of a deal out of it. If you did manage to make a joke that was on the funnier side, though, he wouldn’t be able to help the silent giggles that left him.

“Okay, that was a good one…”

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Jihoon would be fucking ecstatic about this. Literally all of the jokes he has ever heard about his height are about him being short, so you making jokes about him being tall??? They would be compliments to him!

“Y-you really think I’m tall!? I mean uhh *cough* yeah yeah, being a giant is great.”

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Seokmin is another person who would love the jokes. Teasing and pushing each other’s buttons would definitely be a part of being his partner, so you making these kinds of jokes, as well as him making short jokes, would be quite normal.

“Ahh yes, I’m a giraffe, but I’m the giraffe to your armadillo.” idk I was trying to think of a small animal and that’s what I thought of give me a break

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Mingyu already knows he is a giant, so someone pointing it out wouldn’t be something new to him. He would consider your teasing to be cute, if not adorable, because it always managed to make him laugh.

“How’s the weather? Let me show you!” *picks you up and kisses you*

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Minghao would turn into an awkward little bean, not really sure if your teasing was a joke, or if it was supposed to be mean. Of course, after you cleared it up to him, he would laugh and even joke along.

“If you think I’m tall then you must be pretty tiny!”

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Seungkwan would turn into diva boo in 0.3 seconds. He would instantly turn this into a sass-off, which would quickly turn into a rap battle, which would soon lead to the both of you being out of breath and panting on the floor.

“Do not mess with Boo Seungkwan of Jeju.”

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Vernon would be torn between happy and offended. He would take the compliment of you calling him tall, yet you calling him a giraffe was an interesting way of putting it.

“Y-yeah, lets just focus on the part where you said I’m tall.”

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Chan would turn into an actual ball of squish. No matter how much of a tease you could be, the fact that his partner just called him tall would be the only part he had remembered.

“You just called me tall~ I’m so tall~ just the tallest~” (basically imagine Rudolph when Claire called him cute.)

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-Admin Yeonie

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i should do art more, it literally saved my life in the past. it's kind of ironical that now when i'm not in the danger i was before, i draw less. i bet it's because i focus on school too much. when i arrive home from school, i'm just so tired that i don't want to do anything. and if, then i try to kick myself to learn something. more often though i just search for things on the internet. but what am i blabbing about, i wanted to mainly thank you for your art <3 it soothes my heart <3

(same anon that was blabbering about doing more art) btw, your wolf ocs are so cute!!! i like them a lot <3 it made me very happy, because i have my own ocs that are half-human + half-animals too but i was kind of afraid to finish their story because people would be like “omg furries!” (i strongly dislike that term). that’s all for now from me. have a nice day full of things you like to do <3            

at first, thank you so much i’m touched ; ; 💘 i’m happy my art can calm you

is it maybe because you associate drawing with bad things that happened..? if you don’t feel like drawing right now, that’s absolutely fine!! when i was in school i used to not draw much either. sometimes other things in life are just more important. and creativity needs some rest sometimes, too. but i hope you won’t stop and still pick up the pen sometimes. for now take care of yourself, often take naps, let the internet inspire you, and eat delicious food, and someday the urge to draw will come back so strongly you’ll get back into it in no time, you’ll see

about the furry thing… human characters with animal ears and tails were called kemonomimi (literally, animal ears) a few years ago, and then idk what happened?? but suddenly they got mixed with full fledged furries and everything with animal traits gets called a furry now. but don’t worry, i’m pretty sure there are many who love to see these kind of characters (with small animal traits). just do what you want! there are probably some people who look at my wolf boys and go “ohgod what the fuck” but do i care? nope. and i won’t ever care. there’s always gonna be someone who will dislike what you do and will think your characters or character designs are boring or too cringy or too detailed, or whatever. hey, they are free to do their own ocs. you don’t make yours for these people, but for yourself and for the people who care 🌻

my wolf ocs are a bit edgy, but i love them tbh. i did them when i was 15 or so, and i kept them close to their original design because i wanted to revive them just for fun~

don’t be afraid to make “cringy deviantart OCs” with neon green hair and fangs and wings. it’s how most of us started and it is FUN and also, if one day your oc’s design bothers you, you can just revise it. characters, like humans, can and will change over time. and that’s super nice as well i think

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imagine your kid gets a hole in their favorite stuffed animal and they cry and say that daddy has to fix it when he gets home from work bc your kid recently learned (vaguely) what kind of doctor Chris is and he's described surgery to them as fixing people's boo boos (does this make any sense idk it's 2 am and I luv Chris)

oh man and Chris takes it so seriously, donning gloves and everything 

Everything Day™

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I don't understand at all why Sangwoo still keeps Bum around. As last chapter showed well he is a total idiot. The author really can't hide the bad writing behind the 'mentall illness' anymore. He has no charm, no depth, no inner struggles that could show us that he has some kind of consciousness or personality. He's just like an animal. Tell me what Sangwoo sees in him and why he keeps him alive for so long. Sorry for this I'm just pissed because I used to like this story, but now idk anymore.

Yeah now idk anymore. Maybe he’s obsessed with the idea of having Bum versus actually loving him???


This is the case for psychologists

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Guys guys. I'm kinda freaking out. Idk I just want to yell and scream and idk why. Can y'all say something to distract me for a minute? Please. Please. Please. I don't care about what. Talk about your favorite animal. Or a story. Please if it's not too much to ask.

Pidge: Lance sat in his breakfast this morning!

Lance: You promised not to tell anyone!

Hunk: What kind of breakfast?

Pidge: Oatmeal

Hunk: My god..

Lance: I was tired okay? I wasn’t paying attention to where I was sitting and it was an accident.

Pidge: It was still friggin hilarious, doesn’t matter if it was an accident.

About Us!

💖Hey kiddos! We’re a system of 17, and most of us are carers, regressors, or system kitties! We’re here to show you love, feel free to send us an ask or message!

💖Our carers are:

  • Mama Ren- Warm and loving, she likes to crochet and put a positive spin on your worries!
  • Baba Ame- Full of love, and will do anything to make your day better! Lover of all animals.
  • Luca Lion-a more reserved boy with a sensitive side and a soft spot for kids!
  • Papa Silas-a task oriented carer who wants to help you through your days troubles as efficiently as he can!
  • Mama Lion- Mama formed just to be a mama to our system! She’s like the carer of all us carers! And she’s here for you too!
  • Papa Marco-a down to earth papa with compassion to share
  • Big Sis Juniper- Juniper loves the earth, and she loves you! The outdoors and wolves are her favorite! Her favorite color is green!
  • Big Bro Code- a rough around the edges, soft core kinda brother !
  • Big Brother Totty- Totty loves old school music, and memes! He’s your funny big bro.
  • Big Brother Roo- Roo is part puppy! He loves animal friends, and is very bubbly!
  • Big Sis Ellie- Ellie is a bit more somber. If you have anything serious to talk about, she can help you and she will be kind! She loves nintendo.

💖Our regressors are Ame and Totty

💖Our system kid is Emeelie!