idk what it is so maybe i should delete

Serious question

Should I make another blog specifically for Ninjago? Because judging by people’s asks I get. I don’t think some peeps r happy here with what I do.


It’s fucking 2 am in the morning and I should be in bed but here I am reading this amazing fic and like it’s been so long…years..since I’ve found a fic that hit all my buttons..I’m so…

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Actually I'm thinking it's either 1 amon or a handful of them who are trolling. A lot of those asks seem similar in tone and writing. Like I know missimmortal got one earlier. Why you'd want to troll fanfic writers Idk. Maybe you guys should turn off anon for a while until it blows over.

Hate anons usually are from only one or a few people that stagger their messages or flood inboxes to make it seem like there’s more animosity out there than there actually is, and to also force a blogger’s hand. They’re cowards, essentially.

And I personally ain’t gonna alter my Tumblr experience due to the threat of some asshole that can’t even show their (figurative) face coming for me when I didn’t send for them. I get wonderful things through anon, as well as other bloggers do. Like, how am I gonna fall out over racy anons if I turn off that option? How will I get shy anons that just wanna reach out to test the possible friendship waters?

@themissimmortal is a grown ass woman who has unfortunately gotten so many undeserved awful messages… and has flawlessly dragged each and every one of them by their edges and stepped over their rotting corpses with a hair flip that makes Beyoncé proud. She doesn’t want pity. She doesn’t expect comfort even though she knows where to go to get it. She’s out here living her life and stunting on the haters and is stronger for it. Did I mention I love that girl? No? WELL, I DO.

So… if anyone gets hate in they inboxes, instead of turning off anon, I recommend a surefire way of dealing with them:

They just wanna know they can control you, in the end. And they will learn not to try just anybody.

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Kat I've never spoken to you but I really really enjoy your gifs and graphics :) they're truly the highlight of my tumblr and I swear 98% of my account is reblof a from you TBH. I'm so so sorry that these shitty people steal your work :(( you don't deserve this and I'm so angry and upset and my heart aches. :((

ah thank you!! i’m angry too but what can you do they’re unstoppable ;; so maybe i should stop taking all this so personal idk

Kumamonymous said:About the whole not giving you credit thing, I’m pissed on your behalf too. I actually tried to do gifs at one point and it’s so time consuming that I ended up deleting afterwards because some fans don’t appreciate hard work. Every big account starts small and like you said, with content already provided but you made it this far and it’s not fair for others to take that away from you. I get that it could be stressful but doing something you enjoy for others shouldn’t make you feel this way.

yeah it shouldn’t..

Kumamonymous said:+ Continuation to the long post… It shouldn’t make you feel stressed etc.. take time off, figure out what you want to do. It’s your work but if it no longer makes you happy then it’s fine. Your hard work shouldn’t be put out for people who will treat you like this. I hope you make the right decision not for us but for you. Remember you come first. 💕

thank you ;; i doubt i’ll stop making stuff for good any time soon because i’m used to it?? i don’t know what else to do on tumblr aamslksdmj but who knows what’ll happen in the future? ah idk idk

Kumamonymous said:Someone stealing from my baby? Unacceptable! lol. Anyways, I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well about YOUR own work. Just let me catch some of those stealers I’ll fight them for you babe (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و! On the other hand I want to thank you for what you do. Giffing(?) Isn’t easy. It’s time consuming yet you take time off just to do this for us. If it comes to a point where you stop then just know I’ll still be cheering for you. In the end do what makes you happy. Thank you, really, Kat 💕💕

“baby” ajksjsdjdj please ;; thank you so much :’((

Kumamonymous said:I don’t know you personally and I am so not good with words but I just want to say that you are worthy and your gif sets or edits are amazing 💕 And I understand that there are always such thefts who do not know what is respect, but you got us right? It’s the best to know that they are just useless because they are not able to make such good edits like you 😂 But if you really want to take a break do take one! We will be waiting for you anyhow 💓 Fighting!!!

you’re right, i got you :’(( and i’m so happy that i do, thank you so much.. people like you are the reason i’m still on this hellsite

Kumamonymous said:I feel so sad when you talk about people reposting and that your gfx flop :( I love your gfx I always reblog them they’re so nice, and your gifs too ❤️

sorry for making you sad it wasn’t my intention to upset anyone alskmkdsmk thank you, love

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I'm trying to think of a jock I mean joke I'm not gonna delete this is funny but like my brain is dead y'know so like. Idk. What's yellow, and underwater, and was made by bugs? A submarine! Get it? Cause like. Yellow submarine. By the Beatles. Also umm. What's cute. Your face! Also penguins! That wasn't a joke, that was a fun fact! OK maybe you're right I should go to sleep

fhjdjdokc oh my god im on mobile so i cant tag this but im gonna do it from the computer im,, dying thanks man
now go the heck to sleep >:0

This happened yesterday

So this girl in my class, during a break, ran up to the board to fix the date because it was not perfectly centered, with the permission of the teacher. 

She says, “Yeah, this has been bugging me since the beginning of class. I have OCD, ha!”

I immediately felt tumblr’s rage within me, and I said as politely/nonchalantly as possible, “Nah, that’s not what OCD is. OCD is when you have a single image flickering in your mind over and over and you can’t control it. Or when you have these urges to do certain things and you can’t control that, either. It also causes anxiety and panic attacks. I don’t think you have OCD, I think you are just being a perfectionist.”

She shot me the nastiest look and continued to write the date.

Which got me thinking.

I think that all schools should have a program where students are taught common mental disorders. Why should kids be walking around thinking they have OCD when something is not aligned quite right? Why should people think the have ADHD when they tap on stuff during class, but they clearly understand and pay attention to the lesson? I know that it can make other people who do have a disorder feel bad.

I think representation matters. Especially with people who don’t know what these mental illnesses are, but use them so carelessly as slang. 

Ashton Irwin: New Beginnings

Requested by @5sosaresquirrels: ‘So Y/N was like barely 19 or 20 when her best friend or sister dies after she gives birth to her baby. Y/N was listed as the person she wanted to be the new guardian, but everyone was iffy at first since she was so young. But she refuses to give her to anyone else, and excepts the fact that she’ll be her parent. So maybe along like a year or two she is really protective, and doesn’t really get out much, since she is reserved. But one day she meets one of the guys ( maybe Luke or Ashton, but it doesn’t matter :)) and they start to get close and have feelings for each other, but she is not sure what to say about her kid, and If she should actually date him? I’m sorry this is so confusing, I just needed to get this whole idea off my chest :)’

Warnings: None!

A/N: I accidentally deleted this draft somehow so I had to retype this all again! I used Ashton and Y/N’s best friend in this. I kinda changed this a little tiny bit, enjoy x

Request for part 2 maybe? idk

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I’ve never really thought about deleting tumblr, well until recently. Not just tumblr but instagram. Like I have this strong urge to escape from social media and once again join the real world but what’s out there Ya know.. I feel like my day revolves around social media and I don’t give anything else that same time and dedication.

I feel like the first step is deleting all my pictures and ease my way out. Annoying thing about tumblr is you can’t delete the image off everyone’s blog -_- so, I just deleted it off mine and I hope it will disappear soon. Instagram instantly deleted it which made me happy.

I feel like I need to change, like my soul needs something and I can’t find it on here. I know what it needs, I don’t give enough time to Islam and the Qur'an even now, it’s 2:36am and I’m on my phone typing.. maybe I should just start by learning how to balance my time.. sigh idk