idk what im doing im so sleepy

“i find myself at times wondering what might’ve become of the girl with the beautiful golden mirror, but such fantasies have no place amidst reality.”

so like, morrigan is ashamed of loving fancy stuff, and forces herself to dismiss them because her upbringing has forced her to only consider survival and power to be worthy goals, right? so i feel like she’d start out in origins with much more practical clothing and only start wearing stuff like her canon outfit after some time spent recovering from flemeth’s influence… but idk, that’s just my onion

I have no idea what I’m doing anymore but here, progress???

I have to sleep now though, pupper has walk up the bed to sit on me and get in the way of this I can’t actually see if this is typing or not I’m just typing and hoping its working lmao

Hope you all have a good day/night ❤

anonymous asked:

i go to college with my coworker, and we both have a 2 hour break between classes and he asked if i wanted to go over his house while we waited and i said yeah because i was really sleepy and i wanted to take a nap. i woke up from my nap because he was touching my private area. and i felt really gross and guilty because i was asleep and that wasnt consensual u get me. I also have a boyfriend but im scared to tell him because i dont want him to think i was cheating on him but :((( Idk what to do

oh no that’s so awful!!!!! im not entirely sure what to do in this situation but could you report it???? or at least tell someone you trust like a friend or maybe even your boss because thats really not ok that is so fucked up and disgusting!!! honestly if i was your boyfriend cheating wouldnt even cross my mind but if youre worried about that maybe tell someone else? im so sorry that happened to you

is-it-mandatory  asked:

so i saw u say something about getting a canon taz c url so i was like "lmao this is a funny goof" and now i have this url and i dont know what to do. please help

that is a good url that you’ve got there……. im still not sure if i want to give up spellslots though. idk man this dang podcast has a lot of good url material. idk. if i were you i would keep that one but idk what to tell you my dude

how the nordics are when they’re tired

denmark: glassy-eyed. permanent “lol what” expression on his face. wanna try to talk to him? you’ll have to repeat everything at least three times. 

norway: what the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? i’ll have you know i graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals… (he knows this by heart i shit you not)

iceland: he glares at everyone. people say his name is misleading but honestly? his glares are so full of ice even nor is jealous

finland: hi im tino vainamoinen and this is my coffee. talk to me before i drink it and i’lL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF

sweden: tbh? he’s never tired. rumor has it there is a reward offered to any nordic who catches him looking sleepy, but in the ~800 years he’s existed nobody has won it