idk what im doing but i just really wanted to make this


Don’t… ask me why. I’m obsessed with people’s heights and bodytipes headcanons, and I just wanted to put down my main ones. In my head they change pretty often, but whenever I draw this is it.

Essentially this is my Main Headcanons Chart.

Relevant points to me:


-Eliza is taller than Alex, come on

-I like imagining madison more or less the same height as herc (and oak), mainly cause I’m not a sucker for height differences (like em but not pursue em if it makes sense), and I like the idea of a big guy like him trying in any way to pass unnoticed, cause sometimes I do the same

-Peggy has no fashion sense. she just likes yellow and flowers. Let her be a sunflower.

-Hercules has better fashion sense than lafayette. Laf is hot but really… doesn’t have a clear idea of what to do with his clothes. But he tries, he knows his name as a frenchman has to be honored.

-Jefferson tries to make Madison clothes match with his. Madison rarely agrees, so Jefferson has a) to get him to send him a selfie in the morning b) to get him to stay for the night and then dress up after him the next morning. 

-Laf is the tallest. Then comes Jefferson. Then Herc, Madison, John/Ange,Peggy, Eliza, Alex and Burr. 

Quick PSA

I am not selling my art anywhere except society6 (currently) && I have not given anyone permission to sell/reproduce/distribute my art.

So basically aside from the few (like, 6 pcs lol – and that’s just because people wanted me to put them up for sale) prints up on my society6, I make no money off of my art as I only make them purely for my (and the fandom’s) enjoyment.

If you see anyone selling my art, please do not buy from them as they most likely stole it from me and are unfairly making money off of it. Also I would appreciate it if you report them to the proper personnel (if it is at a con or something) or tell me (if you saw it online).

IDK what to feel about this because I’ve been getting a lot of reports about this happening lately so aaaah ;;; I don’t want to upload smaller res art because I want people to be able to look at them properly so I think I should just make the watermarks more visible? I don’t knowww hahaha omg this is all new to me

aight but how about a plot that’s like “i met a boy that’s super rich so i’m gonna start dating him just so he can buy me nice things. im gonna play with his heart and flirt with his rich friends behind his back. whoops he’s actually nice and he really likes me. i might like him back.  what do you mean you found out i was just using you for your money?? come back i think i feel in love with you

  • someone: are you excited for this night out??
  • me: more nervous than excited
  • someone: are you excited for college??
  • me: more nervous than excited
  • someone: are you excited for anything??
  • me: more nervous than exci

the thing is: i love all SHINee members nd i really think they r so damn talented nd have improved a lot through all these years. so thats why i want SO badly that everybody sees that TAEMIN is more than a dancer this kid really sings well; that MINHO is not just a pretty face he can sing not just rap nd his acting skills r becoming better; that KIBUM isnt just a fashion guy for gods sake he can dance sing act is there anything this boy cannot do?; that JONGHYUN is more than a cry boy (or a sexy guy) he makes art he writes composes and produces his own songs he even wrote a book!; that JINKIs occupation is NOT break things with his finger (!!!!!!!hELp) his voice is pure honey his acting is amazing wth is wrong with those tv shows?! idk… i just wish ppl could hv more respect for who they r nd what they do. is there any sense in what im saying? whatever~

I hate when you can tell that someone is lying about believing in you. I know you think it’s too far-fetched, I can tell. Please just be honest instead of pretending I can’t see through you, just tell me I’m not good enough and let’s move on, shall we?

Frog GC #3
  • Dex: Guys, Justine from Econ just told me that Frank Ocean makes her "pop her pussy" and I really don't know what to do.
  • Chowder: say yah, me 2 ho.
  • Nursey: shit frank ocean make my pussi pop too foh
  • Chowder: that was cait!!
  • Nursey: c why the fuck u lyin
  • Dex: She asked me if I was "hittin' that" (she was talking about Nursey.)
  • Nursey: now wait a gotdamn second
  • Dex: And I said yes.
  • Nursey: of course you did
  • Chowder: nursey!!!! i would never call a girl a ho :o
  • Nursey: deceit. stop cockblocking me dexy
  • Nursey: fake youre both fake
  • Dex: Don't pop your pussy for other guys, Nurse.
  • Nursey: i can do whatever the fuck i want, poindexter you dont own me
  • Dex: You sure act like it.
  • Nursey: now what the hell does that mean
  • Chowder: uh if im completely honest idk if ur being serious right now,,,
  • Nursey: my pussy is my property
  • Dex: As I recall, I won custody in court.
  • Chowder: thank fucking god
  • Nursey: this violates my rights
  • Dex: Pussy Property is my new name. Justine left after I said that outloud by the way.
even easier than making your own weighted stuffed animal

i see plenty of tutorials for weighting a stuffed animal & while thats p easy, i lack the skills & supplies to do it well, so heres my even easier version

its a little coin purse thing. i got it at a yard sale so it was p cheap & ik theres purses/bags out there that r basically little bags sewn into the bodies of stuffed animals

theres no sewing required in this, theres just the zipper, so u can easily add/remove weight as necessary. i keep coins in mine, but u could add rocks, beads, etc, whatever really as long as the zipper holds it in

mine is p heavy w change in it & it fits nicely in the palm of my hand which i personally like lmao anyway im sure plenty of people know this is a thing but i just wanted to post about it in case anybody on here hadnt thought of it


Y’all, im kinda upset

Idk man… I used to really love Vikturi (and I still do!), but its almost like its being ruined a bit for me. Where did this snarky, sassy Yuri that doesn’t treat Viktor as good as he treats him come from? Where did my boy that blushed to his ears at even the prospect of marrying Viktor go? I suppose, MAYBE, people are trying to make it more “domestic”, but it seems more like just losing love than that. END the ball and chain stereotype, people. Its just an opinion, but I think people are taking away from Yuri’s cute, bashful personality. Sure, he can be brash, and take what he wants, but he cares! a lot! and he loves Viktor man! And Viktor is not just some clueless puppy that follow Yuri’s every move, and does everything he can to please him! He is an adult too, not a child, or a bumbling idiot. Its just an unrealistic relationship for them, and I don’t like it. Where did my cute boys go?

im actually 100% completely here for Jack buying ridiculously expensive things for the people he loves and them being like “Jack, no, stop” and him being like  “?? why” because I just think Jack would like to get his friends really nice things and he makes a lot of money so who cares about the price??

 Like i know someone was like “Jack will you buy me this pony” and he’s like “sure,” because maybe he heard them talk about how much they love ponies, idk 

and so he looks them up, but then he realizes they need some place to stay, so he looks up stables and stuff like that and brings it to them and is like “these places are the best but what do you think?” and they have this blank face and they’re just like “what??”

and Jack is confused and he’s like “You… you wanted a pony, right? Is this not the right one?”

and thats when everyone realizes they cant joke around like that because Jack will literally buy you a pony and everything else you’d need for it 

(also i’d like to say that I am totally aware that Jack would probably not ever do this, let me enjoy this head canon in peace)


Really quick Batman comic I call “Days after Release of Pokemon Go:Gotham City crime rate at all time low”

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sooo idk if you've heard of neir: automata before but i started playing it and for some reason i kept thinking of u during it! i mean idk if you like video games but i do think you'd like the character designs(?) im not asking for u to draw them or anything bc id rather commission that kind of thing but i just wanted to hear ur thoughts on the character design and stuff,, yeah lmao sorry this is awkward!!

hell yeah i love it DAMn im getting inspired

ty for showing me - on my opinion, I think they’re really nice; there’s a tinge of mystery and darkness but not a gory, macabre darkness (e.g. tokyo ghoul) - sort of a subtle, gothic (?) feel. The two elements combined make me really want to learn more about the characters, which I rarely want to do just from char design alone (and i would play it if i had time..T_T)

i think… i have a boyfriend

Happy Birthday Taylor Alison Swift: Dec. 13 1989. The thing about writing about my life is it is always changing. Hopefully my music will adapt to what I’m going through–and hopefully continue to be relevant. You never know when you will want to settle down. I want to have a family and I want to do all those things associated with having a family. But at the moment I’m just really excited about making music.” 

i hate it so much when im clearly upset and pushing someone away and they literally just leave?? like.. nobody ever wants to say “hey i know you dont really wanna be alone so im not gonna leave and im gonna make sure ur okay and happy before i ever do have to leave you by yourself” am i really not worth doing that for?

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hi holly! i was going to message you but then I got too shy, do you have any tips for someone who wants to start painting? i know you're an artist and thought you might be able to help, I really have no idea how to start, I'm just a clueless newborn fawn :( if not thank you anyway for reading this! <3

hello lil fawn! im sorry that u got 2 shy! i would love to talk to u if u ever want to,

oh pupper i have so much to say and its all fuckin shit but maybe it could be helpful! im not a teacher idk
remember this is all my perspective and u should do what u feel u should do!

firstly i think you need to look at making art in two separate ways that should inform one another and sometimes work together,
but while youre first figuring out how u draw/paint i would suggest working more with the ‘honest kind’ though i know a thousand tutors who say the opposite!!!!

the honest kind~~~

the im sitting with some paper and idk fuckin know what media, i just found this chewed up crayon on the floor and im going to run it across the paper,

the i feel like drawing a dog and im just going to draw it like fuck proportion just draw it and have fun fun fun draw so many dogs that you start laughing because this one has the longest snout and you’re imaging he would make a knughling noise, but this one! has the roundest belly with the smallest legs and would plod around wow

the i am hurting or so happy or so obsessed with this one thing and i am just going to put it on the paper

the technical kind~~~~

i dont know what resources you have access to but life drawing is invaluable, if u arent on a course that offers it then i’d highly suggest looking for sessions in your community that u can go to!

im gonna assume ur alone in this and not on a course, i’d say research proportion, medias, other artists and how they work,
i really dont know what to say for this but try to learn how to really look? and how to accurately draw an object or figure or whatever
um go to public places and try to just draw people, practice practice practice
im not really the right person to ask idk idk

the thing is~~~

i know alot of people who have, and i did for years, not separate the two, sometimes not even engage in the 'honest kind’ which is so sad because then everything is empty!!! its so fuckin flat!!! like i used to work on hyper real drawings and they were pretty but they were nothing? they werent excited, they wouldnt get anyone excited except for people to be in awe which is useless???
and im all for pretty, like if u want to design things like patterns for use that is no lesser than fine art
(i mean im a designer so?)
u just have to love ur craft or learn to love it and it might take forever but pal go go go!

honestly you need to learn your process, its kinda very personal and very fun to work on,
say mine is~~~
for my bowl ladies (my really crumby art blog is @hgjosephine u can find examples there) : process lead, where i spend days and days in the ceramics room and teach myself how to throw pots but then learn how the clay moves and how it can be manipulated into non-traditional shapes, then from making shape i look for patterns across my work, analyse it and see how the shape feels feminine and that when i hold the they feel like wobbly stomachs, then also see how it reminds me of all of the many traditional paintings depicting women dancing naked in a circle, so figure out how to show this with illustration bla bla bla

in other process lead projects i have sat for a week just fuckin drawing, using paint, mixing paints, seeing how they layer! how they can be translucent! what colours work! and my project will go on from there

OR often its research lead, where i spend weeks over sketchbooks filling them with thoughts, conversations with myself, article clippings, artist works that make me go wow!fuckin!what!
and from there i get a thousand ideas and experiment with them and then just search out the good, the things that excite you and make you run home to tell everyone how EXCITED you are


gouache is the king of layering and translucency and clean work? its my favourite paint

one good paint brush is ur main man, if u can afford to then a £10+ brush (art is expensive, however it doesnt have to be this is just helpful, but tbh u could use a kitchen spoon to paint with and make the best thing ever!) also tiger sells some real cheap soft brushes

dont leave ur brushes in the water 4 too long (lol @me) also dont let paint dry on ur brushes (particularly arylic the most evil dried paint)

good paper is worth it!!!! when ur painting with water based paint u need a high gsm paper,
i dont really paint with acrylic much but i think thats chill on most paper
oil is an arsehole (v beautiful tho) and wants all sorts of paper prepping bc otherwise it will make the paper go weird and oily like chip shop paper

however oil pastels r my fave pals!!!! and indian ink!!!!!! ink ink ink ink (play with water and ink, like putting water on the paper and then painting on ink in the wet its FUN)

idk i just started talkin and didnt stop but good luck, have fun!!!!

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OMG i love your blog more than anything!! lmao i dont use tumblr at all but i found urs looking for cc or st about a month ago and i check it like 3 times a day! i have a day off work tomorrow too and im gonna use it to download all of the woods idk what ill do with them but i need them even just to look at in my game ok???!!! i really want to start a simblr just bc of your one too now omg!! srry 4 soundin crazy but I AM A BRATSIMS MEGAFAN!!!!!!1 :(

bratsims megafan o m f g ok dude make a simblr u gotta………i bully every1 into making a simlr…..simblr** so u gotta do it…..also download all the woods n make them like fight eachother 2 death ha ha lol can u imagine i wonder who would win?????????maven probably…maybe jac….first one to go tho is probably pom weak a*s b*tch omfg im sry im just typin out all my thoughts ok anyway pls make a simblr and ily…….i appreciate u ………take care……….gtg

Texts To Louise

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Swearing, alcohol mention

Word count: 646 words

Description: Epistolary form. Dan’s texts to Louise asking for advice about Phil (based on a prompt on phanfic)

reposter note: at the time of the reposting, this fic had accumulated over 4,000 notes. (yay author!!)



To: Louise

hey Louise i know you’re in ny and you’re probably busy rn, but i really need someone to talk to

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hey! since i’m not really good at writing up starters without plotting beforehand, suck at messaging people out of the blue, and many other reasons i won’t go into, i’ve decided to make this permanent plotting call! so, basically, give this a like if you’re up for some good ol’ plotting with my boy jun over here. liking this post will give me the green light to jump into your ims (maybe also skype? line?) to discuss and create some sick ass plots. 

jun has multiple verses, the ones i have up for him now being: main verse, past verse, human verse, demigod verse, sensate verse, and hogwarts verse. i can always create more so don’t hesitate to approach with au plots! 

just to reiterate, by plots i really mean any plots! i want jun to have a variety of interactions/connections with other muses so anything goes — close friends, enemies, frenemies, complicated relationships, mentors, proteges, pure angst, pre-established, horror, etc. the only thing i ask is to please only like if you’re going to be invested in the plotting and subsequent interaction. i don’t mean you have to reply to me quickly or anything, i just don’t want to get excited over plotting and never get a response. 

but if you’re up for it, please click that like ♡