idk what im doing!!

@purple-chaos-buttonmaster asked for Flirty Morality and Hot Logic talking to Princey and I mean…


- the first time they met, it was a mess;

- a good mess, but a mess nevertheless;

- they spent an entire evening complimenting each other and saying how beautiful they were;

- and yet Princey was a little scared because the compliments became flirting real quickly and like, very high quality flirting and he was a bit surprised;

- but in the end he joined the fun and they were very close to evolving that flirting to comething else when Canon Anxiety walked in and screwed everything up;

- after that they were not at all subtle in letting a few flirting comments slip out of their mouths;

- and the three were completely comfortable around each other since the beginning so suddenly they were changing in each other’s rooms and being together all the time and just chilling on the couch and so on;

- Morality and Logic did ask Princey several times if he wanted to join in their little fun but he always declined like teh gentleman he was;

- Until one day he didn’t decline and shit went down and all the others could hear everything;

- Princey has never been the same after that day;

- he saw too much;

- but he did not regret it for a second;

- (also they are big musical fans so they watch musicals together all the time and sing along, and they surely showed Princey way more movies than he was used to with his little disney heart)


uhh its gay day or something heres ur local me

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henlo i want to celebrate lesbian visibility day but im not really "out" to all my friends (and family) + im not 100% sure im a lesbian,,,, what do?

idk man ?

unpopular opinion but

Yo im so proud and happy for suga for having a project outside bts and for showing us what he’s really capable of in producing. Suran is an AMAZING singer and the fact that he was able to work again with her and that he was able to fit her style of music is just ahhh idk man im just so happy he’s doing what he loves and i am so here for it!! Genius min suga pd-nim fighting!!!!

im overdrawn again but i cant make another post cos i just made one and that one… struggled to really get anywhere. idk if the water bill got paid off w/ what i gave dad

idk what to do i feel like im back in the start of 2014 when i only talked to one or two people and everything was so empty

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Well I've kinda got a low key crush on a girl I met through tumblr, and we've been texting for ages and are pretty close but she lives around 1000 miles away (but we both live in the US) and idk a while back I came clean about liking her and she said she liked me too but we haven't talked about it since then (when we both agreed than being more than friends was risky) and idk I want to explain that I still like her and stuff but we've been texting less cause life is a mess and idk what to do??

hm i have no idea im sorry

  1. wake up earlier and watch the sunrise
  2. pet more dogs
  3. write more in my journal
  4. smile more (at strangers and friends)
  5. read more books
  6. replace “i’m sorry” with “thank you” when possible
  7. give more compliments
  8. travel !
  9. let go of past mistakes
  10. kiss someone
  11. go to a concert
  12. visit museums and art galleries
  13. spend less time on social media 
  14. stop worrying about numbers (grades, followers, etc)
  15. drink more water
  16. be softer and more full of love

they need help (i need sleep)