idk what i'm saying

take me to a place where the only thing that matters is our tangled breaths, your skin over my skin, your eyes gazing mine - just you and me living the dream. take me to a place where your arms is my security, your whispers making me steady - just you and me living fully. take me to that place. take me there.

Okay but guys they didn’t even torture Bellamy for Clarke. They told us that Bellamy was Clarke’s weakness but instead they decided to torture Abby instead. Which means that they really didn’t need to say that Bellamy was clarke’s weakness unless they were actually going to show it. Which means foreshadowing

but imagine like Kevin being really sleepy that he just falls asleep in class and Double D sits next to him, and doesn’t want Kevin getting caught. So, he tries waking him up, but he doesn’t want to be completely obvious of what he’s doing, so he starts gently poking Kevin. 

But that doesn’t work.

So, he proceeds to gently shaking Kevin when their teacher’s back is to them. In his sleep, Kevin groans and grabs one of Double D’s hands and just snuggles with it, and Double D just stays still because he doesn’t know what to do. omg 

onceuponagoddess  asked:

I would love to hear your weird head canons about Oz lol

dfghjkjhgfgj (thank you so much) these really aren’t coherent at all but i just think about him a lot and he’s sort of this gift to the buffyverse not getting more from his character is srsly the biggest injustice To The Universe™   

 i feel like a lot of people see him as ‘punk’ or at least musically label him as such w/e but personally i think it’s a lot more than that and wouldn’t box himself into one genre like that/draws from a lot of influences

i see a lot of ppl who know/agree that oz being a stoner is basically canon but i also feel like he had definitely done shrooms at least a few times in his life

y’know how oz paints his nails?? idk why but i feel like this wasn’t something he did only during his ‘i’m in a band’ days. i can see him stealing his mom’s nail polish at like 12 yrs old just to try it on. why?? idk!!! 

definitely see him as bi/pan but that’s just me and once again idk why! ! ! 

i feel like he’s definitely self taught when it comes to playing guitar which for one thing is awesome and also explains the mediocrity lol

this isn’t a headcanon but something i think about all the time. i wish we knew what the fuck was up with his family!!  were his parents assholes?? does he have any siblings?? ? like an old sister who taught him how to dye his hair or something? did he teach himself? ?  is he an only child? ?? these are the things that keep me up at night i s2g. i want backstory. i want more oz. maybe he had to deal with a shitty home life. or something. he reacts so calmly to everything

 i always thought it was part of his personality/being chill™ ‘cause he has to be (maybe from trauma?? i mean other earlier traumas before becoming a werewolf lmfao but still i’m probably reaching)

once again, not a headcanon, but who formed dingoes ate my baby? how did oz meet devon? arguably i could just tell myself ‘ they met at school… stop thinking about it dumbass’ but they have such different personalities srsly who the heck formed this band how did y’all meet?? did the band break up after he left sunnydale? did they replace oz?? how could they replace oz ?? lmfao i need to stop ok none of this was coherent i apologize if anyone read to this point

Okay, but wanna know what I love about Spencer and Toby? 

Toby always knows when Spencer is hurting. He always sees it. He always notices when she is in some form of stress/pain. And he always asks her about it. He never lets her think that he doesn’t care. He always shows that he cares and notices that she is hurting. Not only does he know her that well, but that he is always looking out for her. There have been so many moments, that I wouldn’t even know where to start if I made a gifset. I think I may do it. Try at least, but there have literally been SO many moments where Toby has noticed Spencer in turmoil, and asked if she was okay, or just asked her if she was okay because something bad happened. And I’m not trying to hate on the girls’ friendship, or anything, but the girls don’t ask Spencer often if she is okay. They don’t notice. In the script for 4x20, Toby noticed right away that something was up with Spencer, when the girls had been with her for days and hadn’t noticed anything besides her being “more high strung than usual.” The girls never really ask Spencer how she is doing because they are in so much pain, and it’s understandable, but I just think that’s why it’s so important that Spencer has Toby. He is always noticing her pain. And he knows when she is lying too. There have been so many times this season, and all the rest of the seasons. And basically, Toby is always looking out for her, and always caring about her, and always willing to be there for her if she isn’t okay, and that’s just so important? It’s just. Spencer needs someone like that. She needs someone’s shoulder to cry on, and a safe place to land, because while her friends are great and all, they are usually too invested in their own problems to really care/notice hers. And it’s just so important for Spencer to have someone to ask if she’s okay. (And i’m not saying her friends NEVER do this…ok…i’m not hating on them at all, or anything. They are there for her, but they are very slow to notice sometimes, and hardly ever ask if she’s okay.)

So, I have a huge favor to ask of the Carmilla fandom.

I don’t expect anyone to actually do the favor but i’m crossing my fingers. I’ve been having a, well, let’s say, shitty week. It’s close to being one of the shittiest weeks I’ve ever had and I haven’t felt this lonely in a while. Tuesdays and Thursdays automatically bring a smile to my face because I get to wake up to something that makes me happy and I haven’t had that in a while. 

One of the main reasons I love this fandom is because of the wonderful souls in the fandom. I didn’t want to say human beings because you guys are much more than that. You're souls. Beautiful, beautiful souls. (Jesse McCartney waves in the background) Anyways, I wanted to confirm this notion by asking something. Please like or reblog this post if you would be totally okay if a Carmilla (the tv show, not just the character itself) fan or just a mutual follower of yours, could go to your inbox right now and ask for a friend and you would be 150 percent okay with listening and just being there for someone. 

I want this to be a reminder to everyone, including myself, that I’m more than happy to be there for someone in this fandom if they need. I am not afraid to be who I am anymore because this show and so many of you have given me courage to be myself. So please, if you can, i’d really like to know there are people out there that would support me no matter what I do because it feels like I’m all alone.