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Drarry Drabble

So, I had an idea which I told @stopbeingartsy about, and then she told me to do a post on it so here we are. I don’t even know if it’s been done before and my writing’s really shitty so I’m just gonna do it it that bulletpoint form.

-Draco has always needed glasses. Simple as that.

-but he could never wear them in public. Since when has anyone seen a Malfoy in glasses?So he went by with contacts(bc who the fuck knows what substitute wizards had for glasses)

-And during the war, what with his house being used as a Death Eater Hangout, he found he really didn’t care. His family’s name was already being spat on by the others in the Inner Circle, so who would care about glasses?

-He was right. They didn’t care. They didn’t really care about him at all, and if they did ridicule him, it was about how young he was. They didn’t bother with him, which was a fact he grew more and more grateful of as each day passed.

-Then the war ended, and by then the glasses were a part of him.

-But then eighth year started,and he found himself with additional responsibilities as he tried to regain the Malfoy name in the best way possible (because Good!Narcissa ftw fight me)

-So the contacts came back and the year went by, with less antagonising Potter and more “admiring from afar.” Or as Pansy lovingly called it “stalking.”

-Then his N.E.W.Ts came about and he was stressed. In fact, stressed didn’t cover it.He was drowning in the fear and anguish and looming responsibilities to do well.

-And he didn’t give a fuck about what he looked like.

-He studied in the eighth year common room, huddled in the corner, surrounded by books of various topics, whose pages blurred together.

-He thought he was alone in the common room, but he felt someone’s gaze on his cheek and he turned around to face his admirer.

-It was Harry Freaking Potter.( AVPS flashbacks)

-As he silently freaked out inside, he cleared his throat and caught the attention of Harry, who seemed to be in a daze.

-“Can I help you?” He asked. The first words he had said to Potter all year, and they weren’t spoken with malice.

-“ U-um. No, it’s alright , don’t worry about me.”

-“So… you were staring at me all evening for no reason?”

-Potters face flushed red as he tried to remain calm and said “ Since when do you wear glasses?”

-“Oh shit.” Draco burst out as he raised his hand to his face to find out that he had forgotten to take his glasses off.

-Harry was more surprised that Draco “I’m fancier than you” Malfoy, had just swore. It was almost as much as a shock to Harry that Draco wore glasses. Almost, because Harry would never admit how good Draco actually looked in them.

- Draco went to take them off, before Harry exclaimed “ Leave them on!”

-Draco turned to him with a confused look.

-“ T-they make you look nice, that’s all.” Harry muttered, looking down to hide his face .

-“ Oh. Okay then.” Draco replied eventually after battling with himself to stop the red from rising to his cheeks.

Bonus: Hermione crouched at the entrance of the common room, with Ron, Pansy and Blaise behind her. They listened in, and when the conversation was done, Blaine turned to the rest of the group, a smug grin on his face and his hand out stretched as they each put a galleon in his hand while grumbling unhappily. “I told you they’d talk when studying for N.E.W.Ts, did I not?” Pansy rolled her eyes and said “ Yeah, yeah whatever. Lets just go to the library and leave the lovebirds alone. They’ll start snogging at this rate.” Ron looked repulsed as he said “ One thing I do not need to see is my best friend snogging the arse off of someone.Lets go.”

My new computer came! And I’m still trying to figure out what my SAI settings were.

My niece requested Moana, so we watched it while I worked.

Severa: Did you just ask if I was a LESBIAN?! O-of course not! Why would you even ask that?! …Are there any boys I like? Well… No… B-but that’s just because every single boy I’ve ever met has been a totally unattractive dork! Gawds. It’s not my fault. That doesn’t mean I’m gay or someth–

Lucina: Oh, how are you feeling today, Severa? 

Severa, blushing furiously: J-just the breast! I mean, I’m doing lesbitastic. I mean, uh… I’m–Girls. Pretty….

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i get where you're coming from, but part of me thinks that maybe vilde is just too naive / unaware of current events in the world to know about the controversy of france and the burkini??? and she meant well? idk I'm not trying to stick up for vilde but i don't think she would have thought it through that much you know what i mean? like "oh france! perfect! lets all go there!" so she didn't even consider what it would mean for sana?


That’s the thing - all of these things - these small little things, are adding up. They’re being said FOR A REASON. For a very VERY specific reason. 

day 6/100 days of productivity :))

here’s a sneak peak for some things I’ve been working on 👀👀👀👀

been doing a lot of this today as well as a couple of past papers.. next week I’m gonna have to step it up pretty significantly.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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Oh my goodness. hehe You know I can go on for days, but I’ll try to keep it brief. 

  • How I feel about this character - My precious baby!! Also the light of my life and I will defend him to the death. 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character - Rose Tyler, the one and only.
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character -  In a strictly platonic way, I think it’s funny to have him be friends with Jake because I feel like they could teach each other a lot and would roll their eyes at each other but ultimately stretch each other in good ways.
  • My unpopular opinion about this character - He is fully the Doctor even though he’s a bit human in the lifespan area, making him Rose’s perfect match, even better than the fully Time Lord Doctor. He’s the same man, so it drives me nuts when people talk about him as if he wasn’t there in s1-4. Even more than Nine and Ten are the same man, Tentoo is still Ten in every way but one (the aging part). All of the things in s2 with Rose? All the moments they shared and everything they went through in canon? That was him. JE isn’t Rose being left with a clone, it’s a reunion of the same couple we already love and adore! Tentoo is just as much the Doctor as the fully Time Lord Doctor. And he loves Rose completely and unceasingly and to death do them part (after a very long life together). I think he’d be a good dad and look forward to that with Rose in time though understandably with some anxieties. 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon. - Again, I wish the TARDIS coral could have been left in somehow and that people would listen when Rose calls him “Doctor” in JE because he would totally still go by “Doctor” and that we had a canon brief glimpse of their very beautiful life together, happily ever after. 

Ok I’ll stop now but I leave you with this: 

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Ask Me About a Character!

The Perfect Partner | Jimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

Word Count: 1715

Summary: You needed a dance partner. Kim Taehyung knew the right guy for you. And that guy was Park Jimin.

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What’s Going On

I’m in the process of making a playlist for my fic ‘What’s Going On’, a Losers Club and sense8 crossover and thought I’d share it here!

You can also read Parts I-IV here! Part V is in the works!

  • Maryse: Okay so-
  • Alec: Oh sorry just got this text from my boyfriend, Magnus Bane
  • Maryse: Well we're going to-
  • Alec: Oh this is so funny, sorry just got a message from my boyfriend, Magnus Bane
  • Maryse: Izzy can cover the-
  • Alec: Wow my boyfriend Magnus Bane is so f-

You are the sun and I am just the planets
Spinning around you


There’s this mobile game called Dash Quest Heroes, and I tried it out because I had room on my phone to download a game, and it’s actually pretty fun and very cute. 

I was sad that the goblins are the villains, so I wanted to draw one… and here’s a screenshot of what they look like in the game for reference. I have no good reason for this, and I wasn’t going to upload it but I thought that it might be appreciated here. e-e’

So I really hope you guys like this little low-level gobbo enemy *shrugs*

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Yooooo what's up Clara? I'm heavily procrastinating on the 9537383 things I need to to do but stiiiill. I wanted to see how you're doing. I feel like you don't get asked that often? Idk. I hope you're being more productive and healthy than me lol <3

Well currently I’m crying because this is such a nice message oh my god, who are you-

I’m going 120% right now between cosplay commissions, zine submissions, digital commissions, organizing the nsfw zine with Auri, and updating the cat au whenever I can. 

Being busy is actually good because it keeps my mind occupied! It’s stressful, but I want to give my all this spring, so thank you for everyone’s support!

I hope you manage to find the motivation to get all of your tasks done! I like to reward myself after finishing a task, maybe that would help? Have a great week!


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idk what's going on with the rut fic but i just saw rut fic and i'm curious?

Well last week an anon asked if I would write a dumb omegaverse ficlet to cheer them up and 3700 words later Verity is saying things like, “oh I’m sure you’re halfway through it” and “Well on the bright side you realized you were writing yourself into a corner soon enough that you probably only need to cut 500 words and write 1000 more?” and I’m imagining just tilting an entire bottle of vodka back like Yakov.

TECHNICALLY it is a funny story about Yuri K dealing with Victor having a rut during The Summer of Mutual Pining but actually come to look at it I appear to be talking about toxic masculinity and micro aggressions more than I honestly intended or thought of so … Anyway. It should be pretty funny. The Chad Harem makes their first official appearance. I’m hoping to bust it out by Friday but I’m not real hopeful.

What Would Happen If: I read SVT Fanfics In Front Of Vernon
  • Idk if I can post an imagine tonight so I decided to start a series of short scenarios. Instead of a y/n it's just me, the author.
  • Me: *giggles a little while I'm on my phone*
  • Vernon: "What are you laughing about?"
  • Me: "Oh, just stuff on Tumblr"
  • Vernon: "What's on Tumblr?"
  • Me: "Fanfiction about you guys!"
  • Vernon: "Are you reading one about me?"
  • Me: "Yep
  • Vernon: "What am I doing that's so funny?!?"
  • Me: "They set your contact name to "Memesol" on Woozi's phone" 😂
  • Vernon: 😑 "Well if anything is going to be a meme it's going to be YourFace™ once I tickle you-"

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so i'm a huge fan of the doors music but idk much about them.. what are some things not many people know about jim and the band in general? 🤔

oh boy oh boy uhhh how deep do u want me to go??? i never get to talk abt what I really want abt Jim so I’m gonna do it now fuck it

well starters for Jim he was mentally ill. bipolar??? prob. also a leetle gay. and a kinky son f a bitch. As for other relatively unknown things abt him… He was a southern gentleman! Although he worked 2 rid himself of whatever accent he may have had. excellent table manners. the secret to his hair was washing but not brushing it, he told John dens more that.

As for the rest of the band: Robby is a pro surfer n a great skateboarder. John LOVES bongos. And Obama. As for Ray hmmm Ray initially brought Jim to join his and his older brothers band Rick and the Ravens and his brothers found Jim to be way too weird. Also when the doors sorta lived all together in Ray and Dorothy’s beach house in Venice John Robby and Jim would listen to Ray and Dorothy bang all the time and imitate the noises. The first time John did acid he went into a room and jacked off. Robby is Jewish. Rays record collection got destroyed by Jim. Also ! Jim saw Ray v much as a father figure. He also saw his lawyer max fink as a father figure. Jim and Michael McClure went to gay bars together to hang out with poets. Jim went to gay bars and leather bars on his own to be Edgy and Cool. Also when Jim first got famous everyone tried to get Jim to like ‘nicer’ women and more 'proper’ or 'sophisticated’ women because Jim loved trans girls and prostitutes and weird girls and homeless girls a LOT. That’s all I got for now.