idk what i'm even doing at this point

but consider this...


unlike the other versions of Sith!Quinn, he’s still the same ol’ force-blind imperial here.

this is for a fic idea i have… which will be explained in the tags since i clearly won’t be writing it anytime soon…… xU

I checked my grades and saw that my English grade went from an A to a B— Idk why, I spent two days– a total of 12 hours working on my annotated bibliography for my research paper– What did I do wrong. I swear it’s because I pointed out how my professor couldn’t spell when we were in class, not only that but I got into an argument with him last class for being biased about my topic rather than giving me legit critique about my thesis, so I called him out on it.

no offense cause imma still vote but the Alpha Male Madness poll is kinda bullshit

A Sesshomaru for Valentine’s Day

ANNNNND here he is!! My one true Valentine. 

For the low low price of $00.000000001, here he is, right on your dash!!

Idk what’s wrong with me, I’m sorry lmao

Buut anyways! Pls enjoy this beautiful grumpy boy if you do not have a Valentine, or if you do have a Valentine, or if you just love Sesshomaru like I do. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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some days it's like what's the fucking point in even trying? Why am I still here?what will my life ever amount to?What's the fucking point? Why why why why do we put ourselves through shit only to not get anything out of it? WhAts the fucking point anymore? College is only so important grades and degrees are only so important I don't even know if I want kids Idk who the fuck I Like Idk shit and I certainly don't know what is happening w/ my life or why I'm still here nd going.What's the point?


I’ve been tagged by a million people at this point for the bias selfie tag. The most recent being @the95liner

And even tho I look like trash, here my face. Idk what my eyebrow is doing but yolo

Idk who to rage because y'all have tagged me in it constantly sooooo EVERYONE DO IT AND LET ME SEE YE BEAUTIFUL FACES

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Can Yatori even have a truly happy ending? Yato is immortal and Hiyori isn’t. Say they get through everything together unscathed and trash dad is no longer a problem. Hiyori will grow older and will eventually die of old age, leaving Yato alone. But what if through some unfortunate circumstance, Hiyori died and Yato made her into his shinki? They could be together forever in that situation, right? Sure, but she wouldn’t remember anything, and he could never tell her who she was and just how important she is to him because of the God’s Greatest Secret. It’s just too risky and she might not even fall back in love with him, anyway! Also, as a shinki, Hiyori would be a constant reminder of how Yato failed to protect her (in his point of view, even if it wasn’t his fault). So no matter what, everything is just fUCKED AND IDK WHAT I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE WHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE HAPPY DAMMIT

north carolina gothic

the capital is called the city of the oaks. you’ve only ever seen pine trees

the forecast says scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. the forecast is always thunderstorms. when are they coming?

I-40 is backed up. it is always backed up. you’re not sure how long you’ve been stuck in traffic but you’re sure your hair’s gotten longer

there is a seagull on your car despite the ocean being several hundred miles away. you don’t know where it came from. maybe it’s always been here

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What do you like about Jin? I'm not trying to be rude just wondering bc idk much about him bc I'm always looking at Jimin 😂😂

*pulls out power point presentation* Okay, you asked for this.

Kim Seokjin, what do I like about him, you ask? Well, you may think I might start by saying that he is drop dead gorgeous, and yes, he is; yet that is not what I want to start with.

Jin being the oldest member of Bangtan carries the responsibility to watch over the kids, even though Namjoon is the leader. He mentioned that he gave up on his childishness and started maturing because he wanted the other member to continue being childish and to enjoy their youth. Seokjin is not that much older but he aspires to be just like his father.

It saddens me that many did not appreciate Jin until this comeback and the only reason is because of his blonde hair. But, Seokjin has so many things to love about him. Starting off with the bit that he wanted to be recognized by his parents because his bbrother was always the favourite. He doesn’t have agrudge, he wants his parents to acknowledge him and he wants to give his parents something to feel proud of. Many may be up for the fortune, the fame and the girl, but his main goal is that.

Now, Jin is very secure and has a very high self-esteem; which, to me, is something amazing and I admire him for it. But I also know that he has moments in which he doubts of himself and sometimes his high self-esteem facade falls.

Seokjin’s little habits and quirks are the most beautiful thing he has. It’s not his face, but those little quirks. The way he covers his mouth when he laughs; how he makes that adorable sound when something is so good and he keeps eating it or the way his laughter sounds like a wiper. Those are just some of his adorable quirks that are worth mentioning.

Now, can we talk about his interactions with other idols? The famous interaction with Topp Dogg’s Kidoh is a great example. I mean, friendship goals is that you are munching on something, you see your best friend and don’t even hesitate to give him food; but Kidoh’s reaction was adorable, because he didn’t even look at Jin, all he did is open his mouth and accept the treat because he knew it was Jin. What about Ken and Sandeul? How those tree go out and even go to Jin’s house to have a meal together or how Ken and him tease Sandeul when he is not around to eat with them. That is adorable! Another worth mentioning was that Kyungsoo invited him to his movie premiere and he went! I mean, if that isn’t adorable, I don’t know what is.

Jin gets called incompetent often, but he has so much more to offer. He may not dance nor rap, but he has a gorgeous voice and beautiful personality to go with it and that is worth so much more. I could go on forever, but I have to get ready for class. You ask what I love about Kim Seokjin? I love everything about him. I admire him as an idol and I adore him as a human being

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playing starcraft
  • blanche: spark what are you doing
  • spark: i'm zerg rushing candela
  • candela: spark you're playing as humans
  • spark: so?
  • candela: you can't zerg rush with humans, it's not a viable strategy
  • spark: zerg rushing is always a viable strategy
  • blanche: do you even know what 'viable' means
  • spark: ...
  • spark: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • BONUS:
  • blanche: you know he's kinda got a point though
  • candela: OH DON'T YOU START TOO

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Hey Elizabeth! So I saw your post about that map thingy your drew up and it got me wanting to ask this question and for advice: what are some tips on world building??? Because right now Ibe never actually created my own world or let alone base one off of real elements and idk what to even do or where to even start. I'm kind of at a lost at this point TBH and I've only just started

(Disclaimer: I write something I like to call historical fantasy, which basically means that while I am writing in a time period/setting that is historically accurate, I also lent the characters/plot some fantastical elements…I may not be able to speak super well to either type of world, since I have no experience writing one without the other, if that makes sense!)

(A tip from a frankly unqualified writer, yours truly: Many writers consider a good book to be proficient in three aspects…character, plot, and world building. It’s important to feel confident and put effort into your world, but don’t sacrifice a good story or interesting characters for it. In most cases, your world should be shaped by your story, not the other way around. So…know your story first. Then do this stuff.)

If you’re writing…

Historical Fiction

  • Congratulations! This world is pretty much already built for you. Depending on how far back you’re going, your availability of primary sources may be limited…but try to read/view as many as possible! Those are the best way to know what people actually felt and saw at that time.
  • If your era permits, check out as many photos, videos, maps, etc., to know exactly where your events will take place, and how people presented themselves.
  • Do some research on social hierarchies, expectations, and norms. This will inform the majority of your characters’ behaviors, goals, and obstacles.

Present Day/Contemporary

  • Good on you. Your job may be as easy as looking out the window. First, define what type of genre your story is. Also, ask: How old are your characters? Where in the world are they? From there, you’ll know what areas of the world to focus in on. Is it a high school? A big city? A country farm? There’s a million places and different types of lives that exist right at this moment. Know what you’re going for, and then follow pretty much the same steps as listed for historical fiction.
  • Don’t be shy about asking ‘interview’ questions of those around you. For example, a while back I was trying to write a story about some fictional high school’s GSA. Being straight, I knew I’d need to have lengthy, genuine interviews with members my high school’s alliance in order to more accurately portray their story. Everyone I spoke with was excited to help me out, and pleased that someone had taken the time to discover the ‘real’ feelings of communities outside my own before writing. If you’re planning on writing about characters/places very unlike your own experience, do intend to participate in extensive research, hopefully with people you can talk to one-on-one.
  • Visit the location, if you can. After all, no better way to feel the story than to ‘step’ inside it. Take photos, and remember the feeling of the place. Bring it home to your writing.

Fantasy/Alternate Universe/Spec Fic

  • I’m so excited for you. This is my favorite type of genre. It is a huge umbrella term, but when I say fantasy, I generally mean any type of writing in which the laws of our reality are skewed. That could mean another planet, another universe, or maybe just our own world but with magical elements intertwined. In any case, I have good news…ironically, this is sometimes the easiest type of world building.
  • Like I mentioned earlierknow your story and let that inform this new world. I’m not saying you need to have your plot and characters nailed in or anything, but have a somewhat good idea of what you’re going for…from there, you can build the social and physical laws to best suit it. 
  • Consider all aspects of what make up a world, and make sure you can answer them before diving in. You’ll probably want to get a bit more detailed, but have an idea of: climate, social system, type of inhabitants, topography, architecture, wardrobe, expectations, societal barriers, laws, education system, family units, etc.

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Do you think that Decans and Vibe will ever have...a child? Sorry if it seems a bit weird but idk I'm just curious and shy and >\\\\\< yeah I just wondering

Short answer: no.

Long answer:

From the physical point of view, neither can carry a child. Decans soul is too unstable for that and Vibe’s verse will eat the forming soul before it have the chance to form.

For the psychological point of view now… they aren’t what I can call sane. Even if both love children, they wouldn’t be able to raise one, first because Decans is dying a little more through each reset, getting weaker and tired easily, watch over a child would actually be extremely hard for him. Especially since he don’t want too many people to actually mourn him.

Vibe on his side… god… he suffer from emotional break down and is dangerous to everything that is around him, even Decans sometimes. ( *COUGH* like that soap opera rp *COUGH*)

So yeah, child is a no no.