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a love letter to brown eyes | shawn mendes


requested by anonymous

word count: 1,539

author’s note: bet y’all weren’t expecting this on a monday, huh? i hope this is okay, anon! I’m sorry it’s pretty much all dialogue.

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There were not many secrets between you and Shawn. He knew about the time you threw up in front of your entire second-grade class during a field trip, you found out about all the drama with his friends from school, and you had shared - in length - the most awkward highlights of your terrible first kiss behind the bleachers in middle school.

And somehow, even after all the confessions and conversations a two-year relationship entailed, you were still discovering new sides to the floppy-haired boy that first shyly approached you at a mutual friend’s party two years ago.

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Precious Cargo

Request: Hey, I love your imagines and was wondering if I could request a newt x reader? Maybe where like newt and the reader are dating, or like engaged, and the reader is pregnant (but no one but she herself knows it). And like newt and the gang go into battle and the reader ends up passing out. And then when she comes too, they’ve found out she’s pregnant? And maybe like an argument with reader and newt about why she didn’t tell him). HIGHKEY ANGST ANGST ANGST THANK YOU AND MAYBE-JUST MAYBE SOME FLUFF

Word Count: 3,178

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Pushing your chair back, you stand from the dinner table that Queenie, Tina, and Newt sit at, laughing over a joke Tina heard at work. Newt’s eyes shine when he glances at you, and he places three fingers to his lips to hide the growing smile. Blushing, you smile back and begin clearing the plates from the table.

Your ring clicks against Queenie’s plate when you lift it, and you don’t bother trying to hide the smile that appears. She’ll be able to read your elation anyway.
In mock horror, Queenie turns to Newt. “Mr. Scamander, making her clear the table on her own? Is that anyway to treat your fiancée?”

Newt beams at your two-day old title. “I suppose it isn’t.” He places his balled-up napkin on the table, stands, and reaches to take the plates from you. “She shouldn’t have to lift a finger.”

You spin the diamond ring on your finger, melting under Newt’s look of pure adoration. Your stomach flutters and twirls. He tilts his head—such an adorable habit of his—and you want to be much closer.

Tina clears her throat, uncomfortable with the starry look the two of you are holding over the table. “Maybe we should go.”

Queenie giggles. “Come on, sis, let’s leave the two lovebirds alone.”

You tear your eyes from Newt’s dazzling ones. “Oh no, don’t –“ You start to say, but trail off at Queenie’s eye roll and understanding smirk.

The two disappear into the stairwell and close the front door as Newt sets the stack of plates down. The floor creaks as he steps around the table.

The smell of nutmeg, pine, and the wind surround you as Newt nears. His soft hand lifts yours, drawing it closer to his face where he can inspect the shimmering diamond.

“I’m glad you said yes.” A wisp of red hair drifts in front of his eyes as he lifts his gaze to yours, head still bent.

“I’m glad you asked,” you tease, heart hammering against your ribs like it wants to break out.

Newt drops your hand, smile quirking up the corners of his lips as he brushes a thumb over your cheekbone. “I would’ve been the biggest fool not to.”

“I can’t believe we’re engaged.”

“My mother’s going to have a heart attack when the owl arrives.”

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roserae527  asked:

Hi Sam!!! I don't know if this is overstepping or if it crosses into fic requests or whatever. But I would really like to know what deal the OFC made with Finn in his Heathens! Fic! So I guess just imagine what follows the deal??? Idk I'm just super curious about it.

Title; Heathens -Aftermath
Pairing;  Bálor/Reader
Warnings; NSFW, overstimulation, kinda smut? idk, hair pulling, deals with actual devils

yaasssss post Heathens vignette here we gooooooo

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childoftheplanets  asked:

Hi! I really love your writing, and I just can't get enough of it! I feel like a nuisance by requesting something, but maybe a short little thing where Veronica attempts to put a black scrunchie in JD's hair even tho he tries to refuse. Idk I'm like half asleep so if this idea sucks, that's alright xD

You are never a nuisance!!!! I LOVE hearing what you guys have to say! It makes my day 100000000000000000x better!!!!! I love you all and of course I will write that! It sounds so so so so so cute!

“Stop pulling, Ronnie.” JD complained. Veronica smiled and pulled more of his hair back. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“You’re hair is pretty long.” She mused.

“Yeah, but most of it is in my face all the time.” He groaned. “I swear on my life, no matter what I do it falls in my face. Hairspray, gel, nothing works.” JD told her. “I just sort of gave up trying.” He laughed lightly at this and Veronica pulled his black hair out of his eyes. “You can try, darling, it won’t stay.” He looked smug, but only to hear Veronica laugh triumphantly.

“Got it.” She smiled and took her hands away, his hair stayed pulled back. JD looked curiously in the mirror across the room and fell back on the couch.

“You put my hair in pigtails.” He noticed. Veronica smiled and nodded. “Ronnie take these out.” He asked, trying to claw at them himself. Veronica pouted and took his hand away. She fixed the black scrunchie and smiled.

“JD! You look so cute though!” She grinned. “Look at you!” Veronica smiled and patted his head and the boy grumbled, sinking down a little.

“Scrunchies are more of a Heather thing.” He reminded. “And I would rather be nothing like Heather.” He added, making a face. Veronica rolled her eyes.

“You told me you’d try to get along with her!” She reminded him. JD stuck his tongue out and made some sort of sick noise. “JD.” Veronica put her hands on her hips and JD rolled his eyes, but smiled a bit.

“Okay, okay, okay.” He laughed. “Consider me and Heather best friends.” He said with some difficulty. Veronica smiled and went back to petting his head. “Can I take these stupid scrunchies out now?” He asked. Veronica shook her head.

“Why? They’re black to match your hair.” She giggled and played with one of his pigtails. “And you look so cute with pigtails. I like to be able to see your eyes.” She told him. JD grumbled and was about to complain more, but cut himself off.

“W-wait… you like to see my eyes?” He asked, blushing slightly. Veronica nodded. “Well, you can usually see the one.” He reminded.

“Yeah, but I want to see both of them.” She giggled. JD blushed deeper as Veronica pulled him into a kiss. “You know, you may not like me saying this, but you’re awfully cute.” VEronica told him, smiling smugly. JD’s head shot up at hearing this and he blushed furiously. Only Veronica was capable of doing that to him.

“What!? J-just… be quiet!” He tried. JD tugged at the scrunchies to get the out of his hair, that then fell back in his face. “Y-you don’t what you’re talking about.” He muttered. Veronica laughed and brushed his hair aside.

“See! You’re blushing! Aw, you’re so cute!” She smiled JD blushed even more and tackled her on the bed. Veronica let out a giggled and JD looked down at her.

“I’m not nearly as cute as you. You’re fucking adorable.” He told her, bopping her nose. Veronica laughed and reached up to grab the scrunchies. She sat up, so she had her legs wrapped around JD’s waist, and he was holding her around the hips. Veronica put the scrunchies in her hair, making pigtails of her own.

“If you don’t wear them I will.” She teased. JD laughed as Veronica shook her curly brown hair, making it bounce around. JD sighed lovingly as he watched his girlfriend smile and mess around with her hair. “How do I look?” She asked, showing off her messy pigtails. JD grinned and tackled her down again in another kiss. “JD! Ah!” Veronica laughed and he covered her in kisses.

“You look perfect, darling.” He assured her. Veronica grinned and pulled him down into another kiss. JD smiled and her and twirled her hair in his fingers. “You always look perfect.” He told her. Now it was Veronica’s turn to blush. She giggled a little and looked down.

“Cut it out, Romeo.” She teased. JD sat up and took both her hands in his own.

“Anything for you, my Juliet.” He teased her in a poor french accent, causing Veronica to laughed nudge him.

“You nerd.” She grinned. “I thought you didn’t even pay attention in class during the Romeo and Juliet unit?” She asked, reprimanding him playfully. JD shrugged.

“Not really, I’m bored with classic love stories like that.” He explained. Veronica tilted her head and looked at him with a little smirk.

“Oh really? Then what kind of romance do you like?” She asked.

“Eh, not something that’s been done a billion times.” He explained. “I’d rather have something that…” He trailed off and looked at Veronica lovingly. “Surprises me, and catches me off guard.” He told her. Veronica blushed a tiny bit and he put his head on her shoulder. “Love is supposed to be torture, wonderful and amazing torture.” He grinned.

“Well if you payed attention in class, you’d know Romeo and Juliet was torture.” Veronica told him. “They both ended up killing themselves at the end.” She explained. JD laughed and nodded.

“I know how Romeo and Juliet ends, I think we all do.” He teased her. “But they were tortured for the wrong reasons. Love itself should be the torture, it’s confusing, and you don’t understand all these new feelings swirling around. And you hate it but at the same time it’s great.” He explained to her, he had a grin and Veronica giggled.

“Since when are you such the expert on love?” She asked. JD tilted his head back and forth and thought for a while.

“November first, two years ago.” JD assured. “Tuesday.” He added.

“That’s specific.” She laughed. JD wrapped his arms around her and kissed her behind the ear.

“It’s the day I met you.”

roses-and-oceans  asked:

Hi hello chocobabe (・ิω・ิ)(・ิω・ิ)(・ิω・ิ)(・ิω・ิ) ahhhh!!! May I request some Nyx fluff? Bordering on Nsfw? Habshdhhdj I'm shy about requesting but ayeee yolo. Maybe something about just catching his eye and how he goes about catching your attention. But!! If you have an idea and just wanna go for it, you can!!!! Idk I'm too vague or too much lmao, but message me if you need anything!! Love you!!!!! <3

I have to be completely honest, I used to have a hard time seeing what was attractive about Nyx. But I started looking at pictures to get inspiration for this and…okay, I can see it now. 

…I can see it now….*salivates* (also this motherfucker needs to smile more come on, boi lemme see them dimples)

Honestly, I think what’s so nerve wracking about this whole ordeal is wondering if my requesters will hate the work I write. Welp, this is it, hope ya guys like it, if not I promise I’ll do better next time. Also, never be nervous to request anything of me, I’m nervous enough for the both of us, hehehe

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Sexual Tension

Slight NSFW
Word Count: 1,935

Originally posted by lufreya

You weren’t sure what exactly it was that drew you two together that night-to this day, you still don’t really know. According to him, the lights from the bar had hit you just right as you and your friends walked in, the buttons on your work blouse undone to show off a bit of your cleavage, your hair slightly frizzy from a full day of work and a lot of your make up now sweat off after walking around in the summer heat. 

Considering how you felt you looked that night, you are still convinced it was a miracle he looked at you at all. All you know is that the night would probably forever be the most intense, most hypnotic and most sexually charged night of your life. 

Ironically, there wasn’t even any sex. 

Never before had you been so grateful for your local bar to be throwing the annual monthly wet t-shirt contest, and you were glad you had gone with your instinct and not gone that night, knowing that the bar would be filled with drunken idiots hollering at girls with big tits in wet white t-shirts. Now, sitting at the stool in a bar closer to your home, your friend was the first one to point out the young man across the bar checking you out. When you glanced out of the corner of your eye to see what guy hadn’t taken his eyes off of you since you had walked in the establishment, you noticed two things: 1, he wasn’t bad looking-in fact, far from it. And 2, he wasn’t a complete pervert like other guys who ogled you at the bars. 

Other perverts who ogled you at the bars were always leery, licking their lips with a hooded gaze and making obscene gestures whenever you made eye contact with them. And it was these same exact perverts who would get pissy when you refused to give them a blow job in the bar bathroom. 

But he was different-his slicked back chestnut brown hair that reached the edge of his neck perfectly showed off his bright blue eyes, even from across the bar. Those bright blue irises showed no signs of pervertness or ‘I wanna bang this chick’ pheromones, it was more…subtle. You noticed him looking at you out of the corners of his eyes, glancing at you from head to toe before casually looking away. When your gaze did meet, he didn’t shyly look away or pervertly eyeball you. Instead, he just nodded a hello, the corners of his cheeks lifting up to show off laughter lines beside his nose as he smiled. Combined with the stubble and muscles that rippled in the simple t-shirt he wore…he was good looking, no one could possibly deny that. 

You had never experienced sexual tension before, but you were pretty fucking sure this is what it was. 

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anonymous asked:

How would Minhyuk be different off camera?


anyway.. ugh. right-o i don’t remember who… but someone mentioned that minhyuk was the most different off camera and that he’s quieter and i remember on no.mercy hoseok mentioned that minhyuk was really shy and quiet??

it’s not that i think minhyuk’s a whole different person on camera, i just think… i realized what makes him stick out for fans, what parts of his personality made the best impression and he amplifies it. 

(this next part is gonna be sappy and my minhyuk stan-ness is coming out but wtvs). when i started getting into mx and watched no.mercy, to me, minhyuk was the one that could have been anyone else. they could have easily swapped seokwon with him (I DON’T THINK THIS WAY ANYMORE OKAY I JUST ANYWAY). but i think that was a common comment during that time?? and minhyuk probably saw that and made a concerted effort to prove his worth?? and you could see it immediately! the way he monitors his own performance. minhyuk is such an incredibly hardworker and i think starshit saw that too. he’s so integral, not just with his rising!skills, but also bringing the group together. i think it’s so incredible how much effort minhyuk puts into making sure each member is reminded of their own worth!

and that’s a piece i think that stays relatively the same on and off camera. someone (when will i stop being a fake stan) said that minhyuk was hoseok’s multivitamin (was this hyungwon?) and i think he’s that way for everyone. minhyuk on camera is loud with his praises and i think off camera, he’s soothing and reminding? like kihyun is absentmindedly singing while he’s cooking and minhyuk’s like ‘oh, you hit that note nicely.’ or idk jooheon just steps out of the shower and he says he looks nice or something, you know? little things, quietly whispered. i think they all need some reassurance and that’s where minhyuk fits in so well!

i also think he just?? recharges off camera? i know he seems really extroverted, but based on the comments of his change in behavior, i think he’s more of an introverted extrovert and he needs moments to recharge, needs moments to himself of just quiet lulls. it’s not that he’s fake, but he amplifies parts of himself in front of cameras and is finally able to shut down a little off camera. this is also why i really like the showhyuk ship bc hyunwoo is so quiet and caring, it’s what minhyuk needs after idol!minhyuk is tucked away (i just picture them laying next to each other, not speaking, just like.. in each other’s embrace). 

but like, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t joke or goof off, you know? like he’s obviously hilarious (fite me, he’s so funny) so he does jokes with jooheon and changkyun, picks on people (’you need me to get you that from the cabinet, kihyun?’), but it’s not as loud? it’s just… you’re friendly neighbor fucking things up.

in my mind, the minhyuk off camera is just… quieter and at least tenfold more obnoxious with a sharper tongue (i feel like he’s the type to make everything a dirty joke).

also! minhyuk mentioned that he lost some of his confidence and it breaks my heart, but on the other hand, he’s being so real with us (like listen buddy pal friend-o, i stanned shinee for 9 years and we’re just now getting bit of jinki ANWAY THIS IS ABOUT MINHYUK). i always see minhyuk as the class clown that accidentally got hot and doesn’t really know how to handle that. like, he knows he’s goodlooking, but he’s also doing dorky things and making weird faces. the reason i bring this up is bc originally, this would have been a behind the camera minhyuk moment, but he’s opened up to us and we’re see this in front of the camera. but that’s minhyuk. he’s trusting and needy. as much as he helps others, he needs some reassurance too! anyway, i just wanted to mention that bc i think it’s really nice that he opened up a bit to us. minhyuk, you’re amazing ily i’d do anything to make sure his smile is always genuine. i’m crying okay. 

oi. this got long. and there will be people who disagree, but these are my thoughts and i cannot believe there was a time i thought he was replaceable, bc i just thought of that and teared up. he’s come so far and he’s done such amazing job in bettering his singing skills (pls work on dance skills next), that’s what starshit saw in him. his overall potential and his dedication and hardwork. lmh puts in so much effort and i’m glad it’s showing and i hope others start noticing too! i really can’t wait to see mx as a whole grow and see fans’ reactions to each member’s growth bc!! it’s really beautiful.


Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

AU: Canon-adjacent; features Durmstrang!Pansy + Hogwarts Champion!Harry

Word Count: 2,432

On Pansy’s eleventh birthday, her parents get a divorce.

Well, they get a Pureblood divorce, which isn’t entirely the same thing as getting a regular divorce, but they still wind up dividing their liquid assets and staking claims on various Parkinson properties around Europe and fighting very, very bitterly about who Pansy might happen to love more.

It’s exhausting.

And while the ensuing, seemingly endless parade of expensive gifts is a rather lovely development, Pansy can never quite manage to make herself forget that her Shetland pony and her life-size Victorian dollhouse and her two-carat diamond earrings had all been purchased as emotional bargaining chips—because her parents are playing an elaborate adult version of tug o’ war, and Pansy is really just the rope.

It’s infuriating.

Which is why when her school letters finally arrive and her father begins to reminisce about the rich, bloody history of the Slytherin dungeons while her mother coos in an exaggerated French accent about the fairy gardens at Beauxbatons—well, Pansy narrows her eyes and lifts her chin and waves an unexpected third sheet of parchment in both of her parents’ faces.

“Durmstrang,” she proclaims, far too sweetly to be genuine. “I’m going to Durmstrang.”

And her mother is baffled, of course, and her father is irritated, understandably, but Pansy—

Pansy is smug.

That feeling effectively sets the tone for the next several years.

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Rated PG. FitzSimmons. Canon-compliant, post-3x05. [AO3.]
*sigh* So yesterday I got the episode “Casino Night” from The Office stuck in my head, and idk if I even want this in canon or not but the idea wouldn’t let me go until I’d written it. Yet again written after midnight.

Jemma used to see the world in bright colors. Everything had been vibrant, with patterns and spots and stars. But once she came back from the planet, all the colors simply seemed… muddled. Not as clear as they used to be. Except, every so often, for individual things.

The roses at dinner were a bright, shocking red.

The words on the computer screen were a clinical, blinking green.

Fitz’s eyes were a beautiful, painful blue.

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anonymous asked:

hi! idk if you've ever watched boys over flowers before, but if you have, could you do a sort of au i guess where they're the F4? or F13 i guess in this case!! if you haven't watched it before, F4 is basically like these really handsome/rich/popular guys and they're kind of snobby idk i'M JUST CURIOUS BUT IF I DON'T MAKE SENSE THEN NO BIG DEAL //sweats

(boys over flowers was like my third ever kdrama icry)

Leader of F13, the flirty prince charming type who literally makes everyone swoon with his smile. He’s never given up the chance to be a total greaseball and he probably has once or twice sent a wink your way. Has an affinity for using back pickup lines on everyone 

Silent, but sweet type who never really says more than he has to, but when he does talk no one else does because his voice and his face is beautiful. He’s basically a sweetheart whose kind to everyone, tends to the flowers in the school garden, and would offer you his handkerchief if he ever saw you crying.

Self-proclaimed gentleman, who is also the older brother type. He worries constantly about everyone and is well known for telling people to always be safe and keep their health in priority. Probably tilts people’s chins and says things like; “Don’t look at him, just look at me. I’ll protect you” 

Second after Seungcheol, he is also the flirty type. But instead - he’s the flirty bad boy type. Comes to school in a leather jacket. Sleeps with his feet on his desk but still manages to get top grades. Probably leans over your shoulder and steals the food off your chopsticks, kisses your cheek when he’s done, walks off whistling like he totally didn’t just do that.

The daring, adventurous type. He’s always out of class, up to no good. All your classmates think he’s a little dangerous and edgy, but they admire him because he’s a top dancer - everyone sneaks in front of the windows of the practice room to watch him. He’s the type to take your hand and whisper “Let’s cut class and go get some snacks instead?”

The silent, but hot type. Literally he’s never uttered a word to anyone but his friends. Likes to listen to music and read books and everyone thinks he’s super mysterious and probably has a tragic, romantic past while in reality all he wants is peace and quiet. You probably found him in a nook in the library trying to escape in silence. He’s asleep so you cover him with your jacket, when he gives it back to you in class and says thank you - everyone is SHOCKED.

The sharp-tongued, ‘I totally don’t like you!’ type. He’s basically always talking back to people and being sarcastic and getting into trouble with the teachers for being too witty. People flaunt over him because he’s outspoken and talented. You think he’s a little aggressive, but he just rolls his eyes and says that it’s not like he care for your opinion - but he actually totally does! 

The aloof, silly type. He doesn’t really seem to care about anything much at all aside from his secret talent - singing! No one else knows about it, most people like him because he makes good jokes and has a shining smile, but somehow you manage to hear his beautiful voice one day and from then on in - you two share very special secret.

The tall, gentle giant type. He intimidates everyone easily with his height and so people shy away from actually talking to him. This actually makes him quite upset because he’s actually a very nice person. You meet him accidentally when he helps you pick up your books after you bump into him and get super scared that he’ll be mad. You’re surprised to see he has a very warm smile and isn’t as standoffish as you had expected.

The athletic type who seems more interested in sports than in love. All of your school watches him practice wushu or bboying and they all gush over how good he is. He’s only friends with the other twelve, doesn’t bother to try and make friendly with anyone else. You learn there’s a reason for this, he’s actually just not that good in Korean! When you find out he embarrassingly asks if maybe you could…..teach him? 

The center of attention type who always knows what to say to make the whole room crack up or agree. He’s smart and so in class he shows off a lot with his conversational skills. He looks super confident and happy, but you learn that he has a big fear of being alone. When you two get lost on a school trip, he clings to you for dear life and this new vulnerable side makes him pretty cute…

Comes off as the snobby type, but in reality he isn’t like that at all. It’s only image he keeps up so others won’t hurt him with hurtful words. There are many rumors about him and where he’s from, but no one knows the truth. You find out they’re all lies when you bump into him at the park where he’s with his little sister. He begs you not to tell anyone and you agree, but you wonder what it is he’s really hiding from……

The young, innocent type. He just wants to have fun with his hyungs and be friends with everyone. He doesn’t even notice that people like him, when someone confesses he just smiles and thanks them - doesn’t even really give an answer. He likes to dance and sing along to songs in class and everyone thinks he’s super cute and sweet, but you find out that sometimes he feels as if those around him don’t take him seriously….he has a dream after all…..

anonymous asked:

I'm a slut for angst so can you do Oikawa Iwa-chan Kuroo and Dai-chan cheating their girlfriends and she walks in on them (maybe kissing or found them sleeping with other girl idk) and she just walks away not crying only looking at them with dead eyes? Thanks

No worries, I’ll satisfy any angst needs! *gives captain’s salute* And just a side note, this is our first Iwaizumi scenario, woo! -Admin Megwara

Turning your key in the lock, you were so glad that your boss had let you take the afternoon off today. For the past few weeks, you had been doing overtime every day, so with a few spare hours today, you were planning to enjoy your free time and maybe spend some quality time with Daichi. You had been a little distant with him lately. While preoccupied with brainstorming what you could do tonight, you opened the door, dropping your purse to the ground at the shocking sight before you.

“” Staring at the couch, you saw your boyfriend, one of the most honest, respectable people you knew, with another woman’s tongue in his mouth. You could taste your disgust toward him building in the back of your throat as you looked on. They had been so absorbed in their little make-out session, they didn’t even hear your keys jingling as you stood outside the door.

“(Y/N)!” he stammered as soon as he noticed you standing there, pushing the mistress off of his lap. “I-I can explain!” He reached to touch your hand, but you smacked it away instantly.

“Don't—Don’t touch me!” You warned him, grabbing the nearest object to wave threateningly in front of you. After all the hours you had spent at work, providing for the both of you, this is how he returned the favour. You should have felt angry—furious at his betrayal, but that would only give him satisfaction. It would show that you cared.

“(Y/N), please don’t leave. We can still talk about this!” he tried again to reach out to you, but as you straightened your posture and glared, you became so intimidating that Daichi took a step back. You seemed to tower over him now, staring at him with those accusing eyes.

His eyes began to well up with tears. He regretted everything and would take it all back if he could. Even if he couldn’t make up for it, he had to hope—he had to try! He searched desperately into them for any kind of emotion: fury, upset, shock. Those were feelings he could deal with. Yet, all he could see when he looked into your flat, dull eyes was his reflection. You couldn’t feel him anymore.

You pushed him aside, picking your bag off of the ground while he begged you not to go. There was just no hurt and no love left in you anymore. With your hand on the door handle, you looked back for just a moment, looking at his anguished expression. You left without saying another word, leaving Daichi on the floor, grovelling before you and mourning your loss.

You should have known better. Before Oikawa Tooru had met you, he was never the type of person to settle down. With thousands of fangirls around him, he didn’t seem to find the need for a girlfriend, but for some reason, he changed his mind when he met you. Pursuing you with great interest, not stopping until you said yes. It was nice in the beginning. How different had everything become since then.

Oikawa had created such a great distance between you two, you wondered why he even bothered dating you. The only thing he really had left was the fact that he could call you his girlfriend. All he did lately was give you an apologetic smile and tell you he was busy or make other excuses whenever you wanted to spend time together. Yet, no matter how many times he brushed you off, you still kept asking him to spend time together. Someone had to put in some effort.

As you finished your club activities and walked by the gym, you were reminded that your boyfriend should have finished volleyball practice by now as well. You decided to head inside and check if he was still there to ask him one last time if he wanted to walk home together. As you entered the gymnasium, it looked as if everyone had cleared out for the night, but you thought that you heard your boyfriend’s voice in the distance. Approaching the noise, you started to recognize soft moans and dirty talk coming from inside the boy’s locker room.

That disgusting pig. You could feel the frustration build inside you as you clenched your fist. After all he had gone through to get you, he snuck around behind your back doing this. Was it all just a game to him? Well, whether it was or wasn’t, you were just about to inform him that it was game over for him.

“Well Tooru. Is this what you’ve been avoiding me for?”

As his partner in crime shrieked and climbed off of your boyfriend, all Oikawa could say was “(Y/N)! What are you doing here?” He pulled his pants up as fast as possible and shooed the girl out of the room while she was still half-dressed. Since you were standing in front of the only entrance, you blocked her for a few seconds, just long enough to see that she felt some shame and regret for what she’d done. Stepping to the side, you let her go, so you could talk to the real culprit in the room.

“(Y/N), I didn’t mean for this to hap—” You interrupted him before another lie could leave his mouth.

“You didn’t mean for this to happen?” you paused for a moment. Thinking about everything he’d done with that girl, your eyes began to glaze over. “You mean, you didn’t mean to get caught.”

He was speechless at your response. “N-no, t-that’s not true.” he stammered hopelessly, running his hands through his hair. “It was just a mistake. Surely you can understand?” He started to approach you with sweat still running down his face from his particularly energetic encounter.

“Understand?” you scoffed. “You’re so damn full of yourself, Tooru.” You had never talked to him like this before, and his eyes widened at your tone of voice. He thought that if you ever found out about his flings, you’d be absolutely furious. You’d yell at him, throw whatever was in your reach, and not answer his calls. He never expected to hear such cold, calculated remarks, and it scared him.

“Sweetie..” His voice cracked as his true emotions began to show. He only did it to have a little more fun and excitement in his life. No matter what he did with those other girls, you were the only one who really mattered. “Please, don’t leave.”

“You—” You pointed at him. “You don’t get to call me sweetie anymore.” Turning your back to him, you could still hear his sobs as the door slammed behind you.

“Why you bastard.”

Iwaizumi opened his eyes at the sound of your voice. You had just left his house a few minutes ago after a surprise visit, but as you were walking away, you noticed that you had left your sunglasses on the kitchen counter. Since you were still close by, you decided to make a trip back and get them. They were your favourite pair, after all.

When you got back to his door, it was still open from when you exited a few minutes ago. It wouldn’t be too big of a deal to just slip in and get them, so you re-entered his house, only to find a girl with her legs wrapped around Iwaizumi. Had she been there the entire time? When you knocked at his door earlier today, had he thrown her in the closet, making her promise not to say a word? You felt nauseated at the mere thought of that.

“(Y/N)..” your boyfriend blinked, unable to move or even process what had just happened. His grip around the girl’s legs loosened from the shock of what had just happened, causing her to fall to the ground with a loud thump. There was no doubt that it hurt, but you couldn’t care less.

“Get the hell out of here…before I change my mind.” you ordered. Hearing the seriousness in your tone, she scrambled toward the door as fast as she could, almost knocking down a lamp in the process. As the door shut behind her, the atmosphere became even more tense than before. You and Iwaizumi were face-to-face, completely alone.

You could see the worry written on his face as he spoke.“I’m so sorry (Y/N).” He took your hands in his own and looked into your eyes. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I—” He stopped talking when he felt your arms go rigid.

“Excuse me.” you whispered scornfully, causing him to flinch. “I think you knew EXACTLY what you were doing.” Roughly shoving him off of you, he flew backwards and hit the wall behind him. The sharp impact brought tears to his eyes, and he looked hurt by what you had done, but you were numb to his pain by now.

“Please don’t do this.” he pleaded as you grabbed your glasses off of the counter. “Please.” He promised you that it would never happen again. He promised you that he would be a better man. He promised anything that he could to convince you to stay.

You just gave him with an uninterested gaze, and he could feel the last bit of hope for his relationship slipping from his fingers. You were never going to forgive him for this. He was never going to see your beautiful smile or hear your cute, little laugh ever again, and he was going to live for the rest of his life knowing that it was all his fault.  

Sliding the glasses onto your face, you watched the strong man you once thought you knew sink to the floor and shed tears for you before you walked out the door and out of his life.

Kuroo had forgotten that he invited you over to his house tonight to spend some time together. As you knocked on the door again and again, waiting for someone to answer, you tapped your foot with frustration. It had been a long time since you two had a date night, so you were looking forward to seeing him. With that in mind, you went to turn the door handle and realized that it was unlocked.

“Tetsurou?” you called as you peered into the room. No one was there, but you saw a woman’s coat lying on the living room chair. Walking closer to see where your boyfriend was and what this was all about, the moans and groans coming from upstairs became more audible. At first you thought that it couldn’t be right, but as you listened more closely, you knew it was your boyfriend’s voice.

It felt as if something had possessed you because instead of crying, or clenching your fist, or clutching your heart as you felt the sting of his betrayal, you moved toward the stairs. Without thinking or even feeling, you made your way up the stairs, kicking countless items of clothing such as Kuroo’s shirt and women’s lingerie out of your way. The sounds got even more rowdy as you approached the door, but that didn’t stop you from entering as you pleased.

“Hey Honey!” you called loudly enough to interrupt them. With an unreadable look on your face, you watched as their expressions change from pleasure to panic. You casually leaned back against the wall and watched them scramble for their clothes before you hissed “Did you forget about our date tonight?”

You turned your face away and began to slowly exit the room, leaving them in complete shock at the brutal coldness in your voice and actions. Kuroo was left unable to believe what just happened and unable to comprehend that his world as he knew it was shattering.

“(Y/N)” he shouted as he chased after you. Placing his hand on his shoulder, he began by saying the normal, cliché things you knew all too well.

“You have to know, she means nothing to me.”

“You’re the only one for me.”

“You weren’t around babe, so I just found some attention elsewhere.”

You stopped in the middle of your tracks. Pausing for a moment, you tentatively placed one hand on your hip and asked"So all you needed was a little attention?“ Every second dragged on as Kuroo stayed silent, waiting for what you were about to say. You took your time to turn around and gaze at him with your dull, emotionless eyes. “Then I’m sure that you can find someone else that’ll do that for you.”

He began to stammer as he continued to apologize and beg you for leniency. He desperately searched your eyes, trying to find one ounce of emotion left in you, one part of you that still cared for him, but for the life of him, he couldn’t do it. The light that once glimmered in your eye whenever he made you smile or laugh had faded away and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t even see the mere shadow of the love you once had for him. There was only blank nothingness left.

leaderblake-deactivated20151003  asked:

I'm hoping you take prompts? I got an idea last night, but I'm way too busy to write it but yeah. So the idea is that Clarke has to teach sex-ed to the 100 because some of the kids were so young when they were arrested that they don't know anything and yeah idk it's just a general idea I had and if you'd be interested in writing it that'd be awesome. and I think it goes without saying the more Bellamy/Clarke interaction the better :) (if you/re not interested though please just let me know)

hey there leaderblake! thanks for trusting me with this idea and i hope you like the way i wrote it <3

the propagation of the species

It was a surprisingly peaceful day. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and no one was getting killed. Bellamy liberated an apple from storage and contentedly munched on it as he carried out his routine morning inspection of the camp, his spirits lifting with every second that passed without acid fog or attacking Grounders. He wasn’t an optimistic person in general, but today had all the makings of being stress-free, which was a rare and wondrous thing.

Jasper and Monty were playing Tic-tac-toe, scratching circles and crosses into the dirt with sticks. Bellamy wandered over to them and idly observed their game until he noticed that some of the younger members of the camp were shuffling into the dropship.

“What’s going on over there?” he asked, more curious than concerned. Nothing could ruin this tranquil day for him.

“Clarke’s teaching the younger kids sex ed,” Monty casually replied, not taking his eyes off the game.

Bellamy choked on his apple.

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mouth full of white lies (1/3?)

Summary: The Time War has taken its toll on the Eighth Doctor and he’s exhausted and bitter and very suspicious of the blonde stranger who lets herself into his TARDIS and seems to know him. (Time War!Eight/Dimension hopping!Rose)

AN: For the lovely badwolfrun​ on her birthday! Happy Birthday MK! Sorry I couldn’t get this all the way finished for your birthday but I wanted you to have at least some of it on time!

Eight/Rose, 2122 words, all ages


The Doctor piloted the TARDIS to a planet that was as far from the battle he’d just led as he could manage. Technically, he was supposed to go back to Gallifrey for a debrief and to get his next assignment but, as far as he was concerned, they could wait a day or two for him to recoup. Romana would understand. At the very least, she would let him have the time and not berate him for it too much when she inevitably called him back to the war room.

As soon as his ship materialized with a bump and a rattle, the Doctor ran a soothing hand over the edge of the console before stumbling to his armchair and collapsing into it. It had been a rough go of it for both him and his ship. They needed rest and time to recuperate but those things were luxuries that couldn’t be afforded during war.

There was a dried streak of blood on his cheekbone and another, fresher wound near his left temple that was still tacky. He should go to the medbay to clean up, he knew he should, but he couldn’t bring himself to move from his chair now that he was seated.

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anonymous asked:

1111111111111 :-) that's a 1 just to be clear

1. soulmates au (this is a request from forever ago from this list that i couldn’t get to bc of my writers block i’m sorry i hope you like this!!! i said i’d post something tonight if i didn’t finish that oneshot so here u go!!) (the writing for this is so bad i’m so sorry)

“Hey, my name’s Luke and I’ll be your server, today,”

“Hello, this is Luke from AT&T I’m calling about your current cell plan,”

“What’s up my name’s Luke and I’ll be your campus guide for today’s tour,”

Luke here, Luke there, Luke goddamn everywhere.

You’d never been so sick of a stupid name in your whole life, but this one was killing you everytime it was mentioned - which seemed to be a drastically unfunny amount of times every day. And it wasn’t even hearing it that bothered you the most - because you always got that feeling that’s you’d know his voice, should he ever speak first - it was seeing it. Because his name was everywhere you looked. On name tags, on return addresses, scrawled in textbooks, written on abandoned binders, scratched into tabletops - and the small cursive on your wrist was about to drive you off the edge if you looked at it one more time. 


Everyone else seemed to get unique names - the type that wouldn’t haunt them all day every day, like yours did - and never seemed to stress or worry about it like you did.

Why did his name follow you around like that - like no matter where you were, there was bound to be a Luke or two in the building, and they never seemed to have your name marked on their wrist.

Why did everyone else have it so easy compared to you.

Everyone else seemed to look at this whole soulmate thing in a completely different light, with hope and optimism and excitement, but everyday you grew more resentful of the concept - of the idea that only one person would ever be right for you, and that finding them was a complete stab in the dark.

And who even decided this bullshit - before either of you were even born. Who decided who was going to make you laugh, hold you through the tough times, guide you back to the light, fill you with happiness and joy.

Who decided who you would hopefully spend the rest of your life with? Who you were supposed to raise children with, grow old with, live with.

How did they know that it would all magically just work out. How did they know what name to permanently imprint into your skin. Who were they to tell you that the love you found, who didn’t match that you were told you were destined to, wasn’t right for you? Who were they to decide your sexuality?

And who the hell were they to give you the most average name in the book?

It was so frustrating as well - especially to you, who’d always had a slightly rebellious spirit, but was also a complete romantic.

As a child, you’d found comfort in the idea that there was a specific person out there, tailored just for you, but with every Luke that entered your life, that had slowly started to fade. 

Now, you’d call yourself a cynic - this whole soulmate thing putting you on edge. You spent your life holding your breath, waiting for every Luke to flash that small patch of skin that would tell you if this was it - if it was actually him, and he was yours and you were his. But it never happened. With every name tag, every greeting, every name you heard in passing, he was never yours.

And it was sad, really, that the one thing you were trying to let go was getting to you so deeply. You found yourself worrying about it all the time. You’d get distracted in class, you’d zone out watching a movie and have to rewind half of it to catch up.

And you found yourself becoming distant and disorientated whenever you’d hang out with friends, especially at bars and clubs, where they would actively set out to take a guy home and you’d sit and drink away your sorrows - afraid of being let down again.

“Hey, why are you so down?” Your best friend frowned as she fell into the booth beside you, her hair sticking to her forehead with sweat and her words slurring. The fluorescent lights of the club reflecting off her skin, illuminating her as if she was emitting ecstasy from every pore.

You shrugged, faking a smile and she seemed to accept it.

“You should go get another drink, you’re almost empty, that’s probably it,” she beamed, as if she had everything figured out. “I’m gonna go dance!”

And then she was off, skipping towards the dancefloor where her soulmate was waiting for her, an ecstatic smile on his features the minute she threw her arms around him. With a sigh, you pushed yourself out of the booth and made your way over to the bar, sitting at one of the large stools and occupying yourself by picking at a beer mat until the bartender came over.

It was a good five minutes, lost in your thoughts, before a drink was placed in front of you, and you looked up to see the bartender smirking down at your confused expression.

“I didn’t order that,” you frowned, looking down at the pink concoction then back up at the man.

“Courtesy of the guy in the douchey neon tank top at the end of the bar,” he spoke with a deep voice, an australian accent, and a hint of amusement, as he nodded down toward the end of the bar, where a sweaty looking frat boy sat grinning over at you.

“Is he even legal?” your face scrunched in disgust, the guy huffing dejectedly from across the bar when you pushed the drink away - not even bothering to sugar coat it with an appreciative smile. He wasn’t your soulmate, and if he was, you didn’t want him - not if buying you a cheap drink was his way of picking you up.

“I doubt he’d have gotten in here if he wasn’t,” the bartender chuckled, wiping his hands on a small towel before whipping it over his shoulder and leaning forward onto the bar. You started absentmindedly playing with the beer mat again, paying no mind to the drink before you. “You don’t want it?”

“I don’t wanna send him the wrong message,” you sighed, not bothering to look up at him again, too consumed by your own sad thoughts.

“He’s not paying attention anymore,” he replied, “You should try it, you might like it.”

“What is it?”

“I call it the Hemmings-way Daquiri.”

“You know it’s Hemingway, right?”

“This one has a little Hemmings in it, though,” he smirked, gauging a reaction out of you them once you looked up at him, your eyes wide in alarm - slightly grossed out. His eyes then blew, the second he’d realised what he had said. “Oh god, not like that, I just meant - it’s my name, Hemmings, I haven’t - y’know,”

You couldn’t help but laugh - even giggle, slightly. His flustered state was actually quite cute - the mishap a welcome distraction from your thoughts. You bit your lip, eyes on his again as you asked, “What happens if I don’t like it?”

“Full refund,” he nodded.

“I didn’t pay,”

“Exactly,” he smiled, a small dimple popping on one side of his face as his face practically glowed under the lights. “I’ll get you another drink on the house.” he said before his smile softened, and he was then leaning fully onto the bar in front of you - as if there was no other customers he should have been attending to.

“Okay,” you sighed softly, plucking the wedge of grapefruit from the drink and bringing it to your lips. Once you’d sucked out the juices from the fruit, your face scrunched and you discarded it onto a napkin on the bar. “Bitter,” you mumbled when you stuck out your tongue a little, which caused the bartender to chuckle. You then reached out for the glass, lifting it to your face and taking a big gulp.

He watched for your reaction, inching forward slightly to see if your face would contort in distaste or pleasure.

Once the cool liquid ran down your throat, you thought you’d drag it out, licking your lips and pulling a pensive face. “It tastes just like a Hemingway Daquiri,” you teased.

“Ah, but I put in a secret ingredient,”

“Which was?”

“It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you,” he rolled his eyes. “But do you like it?”

“It’s alright,” you shrugged, but you were unable to stop smiling when he pouted at you. 

He was cute, you could admit that even though you weren’t exactly looking. His blond hair was gelled back slightly, falling into a rather flat quiff that was effortlessly sexy. His jaw was framed by a slight stubble, giving him the ruggedly handsome vibe that you’d always been attracted to, and his eyes were gorgeous -a cerulean blue that bore an uncanny resemblance to a tropical ocean. 

“It’s the best Hemingway Daquiri I have ever had,”


“Sure.” You giggled, deciding to appease him. “Hemmings-way.”

He smiled back, fondly, and it actually brought a slight blush to your cheeks - the way his eyes shone as they looked at you, like he could see something in you that you didn’t know was there. 

“Hey, when you’re done flirting, you’ve got people to serve,” his co-worked called over, and he quickly parted from you with a brief apology, leaving you to drink your Hemmings-way Daquiri and pick at your beer mat - all whilst staring at the god-forsaken ink on the inside of your wrist.

Once your glass was empty, the bartender replaced it with another pink drink, offering a small smile as he continued to serve others - and before you knew it, the crowd started thinning out, and he stuck around a little longer every time he brought a new glass over. The two of you talked a little - mainly him cracking jokes about other drinkers or telling your stories about who he had served throughout the night, and sometimes him cracking jokes about how gloomy you looked in an obvious attempt to lighten the mood.

And he let you vent out your problems, let you voice your worries about the whole soulmates thing, and how you were worried you’d only ever be connected by a name - not by things in common or admiration or respect or love - but a duty to someone else. And he listened, unlike all your other friends who cut you short with a what does it matter, they’re your soulmate. And it felt really good to speak to him.

And when the bar had only a few people left, he stayed with you, and the two of you talked for what seemed like forever until his co-worker shouted out last call and you thought maybe it was time you went home.

“Thanks for keeping me company, I had a lot of fun,” you giggled, slightly tipsy from the many drinks he’d slipped you - not even making you pay for one - and although you could taste less and less alcohol with every glass, it had gotten to you nonetheless.

“Me too, you’re a refreshing change from the usual crowd,” he grinned, hand shooting out to your shoulder when you pushed yourself up and stumbled against the bar with your heels.

“Thanks,” you sighed, embarrassed, your eyes casting down, subconsciously, towards his wrist. And where his tattoo should have sat, there was a wristband covering it - which, for some reason, made you smile.

You were so sick of names - one name in particular - and you actually liked this guy. He was funny and kind and gorgeous, and you didn’t want that name on his wrist to ruin your night.

“Yours says Luke,” he said, and your eyes darted up to meet his, “I saw it earlier - it must get annoying, I know I hate it when people have the same name as me but it must be killing you.”

“Your name’s Luke?”

“Sorry.” he chuckled with a nod, “I bet you’ve met a lot.”

“You have no idea.” you tried to laugh it off, but the nerves were bubbling up inside you. It could have been your Luke, all this time.

“Can I ask you a question?” he asked, and you nodded in response. “If I were to ask you for your number, and I wasn’t gonna show you the name on my wrist, and you weren’t going to tell me yours, what would you say?”

You couldn’t help but smile - if not only for the fact that he wanted your number, which meant he’d enjoyed the night as much as you had, but for the fact that he’d listened and he understood your worries.

And suddenly, you were willing to waste your time with what might turn out to be another dead end - another name tag, another random voicemail. 

You grabbed a spare napkin from the bar and smiled up at him. “I’d say, do you have a pen, Luke?”

“please tell me they’re brother and sister and you’re working on getting her number,” calum asked, standing beside luke as he punches an order.

luke chuckled, following his gaze to the table you shared with your date. “they’re on a date and she’s having a horrible time,” he informed him, finishing up on the screen.

“how do you know?”

“look at her,” luke instructed, leaning his hip on the wooden stand. “she’s been twirling that same piece of hair for the last ten minutes and she keeps looking at the clock. not to mention that every time he talks, she watches the boxing match on the tv.”

“does he go to school with us?” calum inquired, not recognizing the guy you’re with.

“nah, i think he graduated last year or something. but he still wears that letterman jacket, so he can’t be doing amazing for himself,” luke observed.

calum punched luke’s shoulder. “move in on that then! you’ve been waiting forever to even talk to her and now you have the perfect shot. please tell me you’re not being awkward and weird,” he warned, knowing his best friend was more than likely to get tongue-tied around you.

luke rolled his eyes. “i’m not being awkward and weird,” he assured, not mentioning that he nearly fell over when he saw you sat in his section. “he wants a root beer refill, though, so i gotta get going.”

calum scoffed. “root beer. what a douche,” he commented.

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the big spoon | cs one-shot

Technically could be a part of my one-shot series A Modern Day Courtship but it’s not necessary to read that to read this. 

Simple hurt/comfort/fluff fic set post-5x02

Read on: | ao3

the big spoon

“And these will be your chambers, milady.”

Killian and Emma stepped inside the room, elaborate tapestries covering the stone walls, a sizeable four poster bed off to one side across from a large fireplace, flames dancing merrily behind the grate.

“His Highness King Arthur hopes you will find them satisfactory,” the maid said, clasping her hands at her waist.

Emma said nothing, her face drawn, dark circles under her eyes as she glanced around with disinterest. The maid shifted uneasily, and Killian chose that moment to step in.

“I’m sure she’ll find them more than adequate,” he assured her, a tight smile on his face. “And my quarters are?”

“Down the corridor, third door on the left, Captain,” she supplied, still glancing at Emma warily. “I can show you the way if you would like?”

Killian could tell she was more than anxious to be away. “That won’t be necessary,” he said. “Thank you.”

The girl bobbed her head to them both before turning on her heel and fleeing the way they’d come. Killian shut the door behind her, exhaling deeply, letting the trials of the day seep out of him. He turned to find Emma glaring off into the far corner of the room.

“Are you alright, love?” he asked, crossing over to her side.

Her head swung in his direction like she’d forgotten he was there, but her glare softened as her eyes met his.

“It’s been a long day,” she said simply, and Killian didn’t fail to notice that she hadn’t answered his question. He would let it slide for now, but she would have to talk to him at some point.

“Aye,” he agreed. Her words were a vast understatement. “All the more reason to turn in for a good night’s sleep.”

Killian didn’t know what he’d said wrong, but her expression dropped completely, her eyes landing on the bed with a certain sense of misery.

She swallowed tremulously. “Of course,” she said, before turning her back to him, sweeping her golden mane over her shoulder. “Help me out of this thing, would you?”

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've already done this but I'm obsessed with the whole Clarke and Bellamy are in a secret relationship and trying to hide it from everyone in camp au. Idk. You can do whatever you want with that...

Hide and Seek

Bellamy and Clarke get caught in a questionable position

so i know i haven’t been posting fic lately but i promise i’m still writing it and thinking stuff through i’m not leaving you all hanging

anyway i’m posting this tonight because y’all helped me hit my next hundred so fast :) enjoy some fwb, circa early season one

☁send more requests here☁

Clarke, still panting heavily with a tangled mess of hair, slid out of bed and grabbed her panties.

“Not even worth a cuddle, huh?” [ao3]

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kittymeow321  asked:


I had to do it.

Also first-ish part here.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Hiccup moved away from an older male who glared at him. He could barely move and was constantly apologizing to the people he was bumping into. Jack watched, slightly annoyed as someone shoved Hiccup away. “I-I’m sorry,” he said over the sound of the train.

Jack sighed and tightened his grip on his strap as they took a sharp turn. There were no more safety straps (not that Hiccup could reach them anyways) and Hiccup was stuck with a bunch of strangers who were all staring at the poor boy. Jack clicked his tongue piercing against his teeth for a moment. “Hiccup, come here.” He motioned for the smaller teen to come closer.

Hiccup did so and stepped as close as he could. “Is there something going on today? It’s pretty packed.” He pushed at his glasses,

“Apparently there’s a concert downtown.” Jack watched Hiccup sway with the train. “Just stick close and no one will bother us.” Hiccup nodded and huddled himself; nearly pressed against Jack’s chest. The punk didn’t know why he was watching over the freckled teen… well he did know. It was because he was so cute and sweet. He called Jack out in the halls and always smiled when they passed each other. Sometimes he even gave him drawings of dragons or left over cookies his mother made. Of course he didn’t want anything in return. Jack found himself falling hard for Hiccup.

The said crush was mumbling to himself, going over what he needed to do for homework. “So just work on my rough draft and then-” He made a noise as the train suddenly turned. Without thinking Jack reached out with his free hand and wrapped his arm around Hiccup’s small waist. He pulled the auburn haired boy close, waiting until the tracks were straight again. Hiccup beamed at him, thin lips in a smile. “Thank you,” he said.

“Yeah, no problem,” Jack mumbled. Hiccup tried to move away, but Jack continued to pin him down. “Just stay like this. It’ll be safer.” Really he just wanted to have the boy in his grasp.

Hiccup smiled again, easing himself against Jack. “Thank you. You’re so nice, no matter what anyone says.” Hiccup really did enjoy Jack’s company, even if everyone said he was a bad influence. No matter how much leather and studs Jack wore, no matter how many piercings he had, he was a big sweetheart underneath it all.

Jack dropped his head down, chin resting on Hiccup’s head. The swaying of the train made it hard to stay awake, especially when Hiccup’s soft and warm scent was surrounding him. He closed his eyes and nuzzled his nose into Hiccup’s hair. He was disappointed when Hiccup gently touched his arm, waking him from his sleep. “Jack, wake up, we’re at our stop.”

 He followed Hiccup off the train, wishing the ride could have lasted a little bit longer.

Nothing's fine, I'm torn (part 19)

Part 19 is here. I like this chapter, it’s very emotionally expressed (I think idk about you guys lol)
As always I hope you all enjoy this chapter. ALSO WARNING, there’s yet again some smut but hardly any detail, if you feel uncomfortable reading it, then skip it. It’s not long anyway. You’ll eventually start liking smut sooner or later. So don’t message me asking why there was smut and blah blah I don’t care. Be grown up about it. For those who don’t mind, I hope you like it. Thank you all so so so so much ❤


“Here’s some tea.” Liam says carrying out a tray from the kitchen. I’ve been a crying mess, like usual, ever since Harry walked away. Knowing that I finally opened up to him but he just simply walked away, it hurts. Does this mean Harry’s done with me? He wanted to know, he insisted and persisted only to walk away from me.

I sit knees up to my chest on my couch as I take the mug from Liam’s hand muttering a silent thank you.
I take a small sip of the hot liquid as it cascades down my throat and soothes the aftermath of my sobbing. Liam takes a seat next to me, sitting crossed legged on the couch. He’s been comforting me this whole time and I cannot thank him enough for being my sanity.

“Do you think Harry’s going to avoid me forever now?” I ask lowly, my eyes darting from the floor to Liam’s brown eyes. His expression is sincere and sympathetic.

“I’m not going to sugar coat anything love. By Harold’s reaction, it was a lot for him to take in. He looked baffled, really taken aback. It may take some time for him to process it, but forever? No babe I don’t think so. You both have too much of a strong bond,” he playfully punches my shoulder.

Though his words are echoing in my mind, part of me can’t help but think that this is it, my friendship with Harry is over. All that I have avoided happened.
“So what do you advice I do?” I look at him through my eyelashes. I want to run after him and explain to him everything that has happened.

I don’t want him to leave Kendall for me, if he ever did feel the same way for me, I want it to be in time. She can’t make him happy, she doesn’t make him happy.. Not like I could.

“Give it some time babe. He’ll come around.” He says softly half smiling.

He motions me to scoot over to him. I do as he says and wrap my arms around his torso and rest my head on his chest. The thumping of his heart increases as it travels through my ears. Sudden panic rushes through me. I lift my head and turn my head up to face him. This isn’t helping Liam’s feelings either..

“I’m sorry Liam, I wasn’t thinking-” I say truthfully.

“It’s fine.” He says assuringly with a small smile.

I skeptically put my head back on his chest as his hand runs up and down my arm. I hope his words from a few minutes are go are true and Harry doesn’t ignore completely. I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“I love you Harry,” I murmur into his ear. My small hands hold onto his arms as he swiftly moves in and out of me, making love to me like I desired. He kisses my neck with his full lips, swiping his tongue over and over again.

“I love you Y/N, so much baby.. Oh fuck,” he groans as he quickens his pace just a little. My fingernails rake up and down his back, leaving marks along their trail.
I press my fingers at the bottom of his spine pulling him in, feeling all of him as I unravel in this sweet passionate love making.

“Harry,” I whimper. His hands move from my waist to my hips, gripping them, his fingers digging into my skin so deliciously.

“Wake up, Y/N,” he whispers into my ear. What?

“Y/N wake up!!!” His voice raises. Suddenly I’m startled, Liam’s hand is on my arm as he shook me awake.

I rub my eyes with both of my hands, lifting my head up from his chest.
“What happened?” I asked confused. Moments ago I was with Harry and he was.. Oh, fuck that was just a dream. It felt so real though. I felt his hands roam my body and his lips attached to mine. I have ever only
been with one person before, but I have never wanted to be with a man like I want to be with Harry.

“We fell asleep love, for like an hour or so.” He says sleepily yawning. I space myself from Liam’s hold. I’m still a little bit dozed off from my slumber and my very erotic dream.

“Do you want to go home?” I ask. He’s spend almost his whole day here trying to comfort me and my crying fiasco.

“Depends if you want me to go home?” He asks speculatively.

“No it’s not that I want you to leave it’s just that you must be exhausted having to deal with me,” I try to be as forward with him as possible.

“You’ve had yet another long day. You need to rest, and I don’t want to be bothersome.” He says putting his shoes on and standing up. I bite my lip and nod, accompanying him to the front door.

“For the record, you are never bothersome, Liam.” I lean up to leave a small kiss on his cheek. When I pull back, I see that beautiful smile of his plastered on his face. His cheeks turned into a deep red and I nearly giggle at adorable the gesture is.
He kisses my forehead, and then turns to walk away.
I close the door behind me. Now I have to not think about Harry and him avoiding me or it may actually kill me.

Harry’s POV

Ever since I got back from Y/N’s house, I can’t stop pacing back and forth. This shit has been on my mind for hours and I still can’t process that all of this was because she loves me.
Luckily Kendall wasn’t home when I got here because I literally let out a frustrated, loud yell. It felt like good therapy which I completely did need.
I’m sure she’s satisfied by our unruly activities this morning.

Am I really starting to feel something for Y/N? Or is this just a small thought?
Every time I look at her, the way her eyes glow and her bright smile shines, it drives me crazy. I know my best friend is beautiful, and I know for a fact I never told her enough just how much she is. She was right when she said that if she were to tell me what was going on it would change a lot, but not everything. I still care about her and even more now.
And it fucking irks me at how Liam stayed there, it makes my blood boil at how much he’s around her, but he’s my band mate and my best mate. I know Liam’s a good guy, he wouldn’t hurt Y/N, he’s been there for her. He’s helped her stay strong from all the shit I have put her through that I didn’t realize I was doing for being so ignorant. Maybe he’s the better choice for her… Or not. I have no damn clue.

I can’t avoid her forever, and I have to apologize for being a jerk and walking away. The way her pained eyes look at me as I said I had to go.. I can’t forgive myself for that, or for all that she has gone through this whole time. She’s been hurting like hell and I was being too fucking oblivious, like always. Way to go Harry, you are a fuck up.
I sit on my bed, thinking and thinking this over. I like Kendall, I really do. But Y/N, she’s.. She’s made me feel something for her too. Her sweet voice, how my name falls from her lips. Those same lips that mine have touched and caressed.
Suddenly my phone vibrates indicating that I have a new message. It’s from Y/N,

“Can we please talk? Don’t avoid me Harry, it’s already killing me enough that you walked away. I need you to hear me out. Please..”

I read the message a few more times, analyzing her text. Even the way she’s typed it shows just how much she’s broken, and I am the cause of that, all because I didn’t pick up her signals. I need to talk to her, I have to.

I think it’s evident at the way she makes me feel that there’s no reason to deny that I really may have fallen for Y/N, but I still like Kendall, she’s my girlfriend over all. And now, I’m stuck in this fucked up love triangle between very two important women in my life. I need to sort my shit out, but it’s clear to me that I have developed some sort of feelings for Y/N, as more than my best friend.

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A-NATION MC Translation PART 1

when i put ____ means I couldn’t catch that part. Due to sound quality i have more parts that i couldn’t catch compared to other vids i translated


YH: Today was really extremely hot wasn’t it?

CM: Everyone good evening, this is Changmin! It’s been about 2 months since Tohoshinki this year’s Live Tour. And the weather is getting more stable (t/n: couldn’t catch but i think he said the temperature is getting cooler?) but still, this stadium is super crazily hot!

YH: And also, until yesterday it was raining, but today it stopped so it feels nice! today also, should we we all become one and have fun!? I’m also nervous right now (doki-doki). Today please take care of us well.

CM: alright now, please listen to the next song

27:46 - 35:04

YH: Is everyone having fun??? This is

YH+CM: Tohoshinki.

*changmin was drinking water so his timing was bad

CM: Sorry, I thought you wanted to say (other) things, pardon me

YH: well…

CM: but… it’s extremely hot isn’t it?

YH: it is. and of course the power of the audience in this place is really hot (t/n: as in passionate) and it feels nice. but today Tohoshinki would like to do our best so that we wouldn’t to lose for everyone!

YH: I had my nose dripping in a moment there, sorry. Because it’s really hot, I… jacket…

CM: you want to take it off?

YH: Yes I want to take it off. Is it okay Changmin sensei?

CM: Go ahead. Naked would also be okay, wouldn’t it?

YH: ey, not until there. we shouldn’t go there. excuse me, I’ll be taking it off for a moment

*yunho trying to left stage but he went to the wrong direction

CM: Sensei, it’s not there, it’s the opposite side. before tonight i’ve said it for idk how many times already.

YH: This the charm of live show!

*drum roll

CM: hm, the drum was unnecessary. it’s unnecessary.

CM: well, right now a cool breeze is blowing but really, today everyone’s passion was amazing. yeay. And above that, yesterday, for Tohoshinki’s fanclub, bigeast, uhm, there’s this thing in which i believe all bigeast members have known already, some kind of “mission” thingy, they have it right? And so before tonight we took a video of it and it really, it rrreeeallly required physical activity. So before tonight we did an excessive …. *yunho appeared*

YH: Yes I understand. excuse me sensei _____, see you later

CM: It looks comfortably cool

YH: Yes it’s nice. Does tonight feels good?

*CM left stage while taking off his vest and all the audience were screaming because of it

YH: Please concentrate on Yunho!! Right now is my timing. Yunho time. Today is a-nation and of course Tohoshinki is giving our best, and also the other artists had given their best to perform good music for everyone, so i’m asking for your support. So now we would like to perform with higher tension!

*changmin appeared

YH: anyway changmin, i think today we have a very important announcement?

CM: We have

YH: We have?

CM: We have

YH: Why?

CM: not why, but what

YH: what is it?

CM: Tohoshinki

YH: Tohoshinki?

CM: *whispers

YH: just as he said!


CM: What could it be?

YH: Thanks to everyone, it’s decided that next year Tohoshinki will have a 5 Dome tour!!!!

CM: Nice isn’t it?

YH: Yes it’s nice. Everyone was surprised right? I was also surprised

CM: I heard that between the fans there’s a rumor that 2014 might be the last as in some had predicted that there can’t be one next year.

YH: yes it seems like it, but i’m not done here yet!

CM: and btw, we have 5 dome tour, right? do you remember where the 5 domes are?

YH: obviously! *he got tongue twisted while saying obviously* tokyo, osaka, sapporo, nagoya, nagoya, nagoya, fukuoka!

CM: It’s been a while since our last dome tour so we’re excited aren’t we?

YH: It was announced today and so we would like to do our best for this upcoming tour. Everyone please take care of us.

CM: so let’s go to the next song?

YH: Let’s do it. So starting from this next song, i want everyone to scream. Is everyone ready!? Everyone in the back ok?? can we g-go on with this kind  it’s because i feel happy today. And btw, because today we have a lot of other artists’s fans too, i’m thinking of showing tohoshinki’s charm.

CM: so, i don’t think we need ____ explanation. please listen to next song.

from translator: Asked my Japanese friend to help me translate the part where I couldn’t hear, but she still couldn’t understand what he said so not my fault lol.