idk what i'm doing with my tongue

i know no one cares but i’ve just recently started stimming wholeheartedly after years of repressing it, even while alone, and it feels so good i could cry

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I'm the ONLY slytherin I know and 90% of other people are gryffindor or hufflepuff so they're all emotional and loud. How do I not be brutally honest and tell them I'll cut their tongues out if they don't shut up or stop being dumb? (Seriously though I can't stand it. Help a serpent out)

I have no idea. I’m extremely blunt and can’t really control what pops into my head. I clash a lot with my hufflepuff friend for some reason. He’s the only puff that annoys the hell out of me. Super annoying XD Man idk just like give them looks that works for me XD

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bokuaka #2 for the sentence one? :D

Bokuaka + “When I said ‘Whatever helps you sleep at night.’ I didn’t mean this.” from this.

(i’m so sorry, this didn’t turn out so well. idk, i’ve lost my writing groove lately. thanks for the ask though! <3 ps: the sentence isn’t explicitly mentioned but you can imagine akaashi saying at some point of this arrangement.)

Konoha awakes to some kind of bickering that he thinks is supposed to be whispering but really isn’t. And he would be okay with it if:

1. It wasn’t 5:10 in the freaking morning.

2. It wasn’t happening right next to where he’s sleeping (well not anymore that is).

He grunts, shifts and tries to go back to sleep. However luck isn’t on his side (where has it been with this team, really?).

“Don’t be a cheapskate, you ass,” is what Konoha hears next in a very mock-offended tone of voice. It hurts his ears.

The other person gasps, “You haven’t won anything just yet!”

“Hell yeah, I have, just look!”

There is a short pause that follows. Then, "Knowing Bokuto, he can sleep with the guy and still not know they’re dating!“

Both of the Morning Peace Ruiners start laughing at that, which does it for Konoha. He sighs, throws his blanket to the side and gets up to glare at Komi and Sarukui who are sitting on the futon next to him, still engaged in discussing whatever Bokuto has done this time.

“Really, guys?” He eyes them with the most hate-glazed stare he can muster.

“Oh, Konoha! I’m so glad you’re awake,” is what Komi chirps at that, offering him a smile. “Sarukui and I are having a discussion here.”

“I can hear that,” Konoha interrupts.

“That’s great,” Sarukui says, “you can help us out then.”

“No, thank you,” Konoha sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. Why are they invested in this again?

“Look, we’re betting on whether the captain and Akaashi are dating,” Komi says casually, as if Konoha did not just outright refuse to partake in whatever they’re doing.

“And Komi here thinks they are,” Sarukui finishes explaining.

“Well,” Komi makes a face, something between “It’s so obvious”, and “I give up” and just waves his hands in the direction of where Bokuto and Akaashi are still sleeping, inviting Konoha to judge on his own.

Konoha turns. What he sees is something he would have never expected to see yet judging by the fact that it is past 5am and Bokuto is not wide awake and throwing a ruckus (their captain is quite popular with not being able to sleep during training camps), it explains as much.

And that is - Bokuto and Akaashi are sharing a futon. And oh no, it’s not your regular futon-sharing (if that is even a thing), not even close. It’s all tangled limbs and lack of personal space and it makes Konoha’s face heat up from the second-hand embarrassment that washes over him like a wave.

Akaashi has his arms around Bokuto, who is snuggled so close Konoha wonders if he’s actually breathing. His face is nuzzled in Akashi’s neck and his fingers are curled at the front of their vice-captain pyjama top. 

They look oddly peaceful and it makes Konoha avert his eyes, unable to look any further. He feels as if he’s intruding on a very personal, very intimate moment never mind the fact they’re sharing a room with the whole damn team.

When he turns, he’s met with a very knowing smirk from Komi and a very annoyed tongue-click by Sarukui.

“I lost, didn’t I?” Sarukui asks.

“Yes. Yes, you did,” Konoha sighs. He’ll have a lot of getting used to do, doesn’t he?

To: Kuroo

Kuroo-san, I hate you.

From: Kuroo

u love me, akaashi

From: Kuroo

and you own me ;)

Contact: Kuroo -> rename -> Contact: Pain-in-the-ass Kuroo.

“It’s not a death wish.”
“It will be when your mom sees it.”

Still exploring the beginnings of my personal PNAU. Jack is gradually becoming more trash in his wardrobe choices. Hiccup thinks it’s interesting his recently-acquired boyfriend got a tongue piercing but he’s not looking forward to hearing about the scolding Jack will get from his mother for getting said piercing through not-so-legitimate ways.

I may or may not color this later. Idk. That’s why I’m posting this lineart.

karolina had just been trying to relax. she had a day off and had taken her lunch to the park to relax. she was nearly done, just eating the strawberries she brought for dessert, when she accidentally bit down on her tongue. “shit, ow.” it would have been easy to ignore, except now her mouth tasted like blood. “was that from my teeth?” she muttered, carefully running a tongue over her teeth. she was shocked to feel what seemed to be a row full of canines. “excuse me, could you come over here?” she called out to the nearest person, her voice oddly soft for someone on the edge of freaking out. “do my teeth look weird to you? because i feel like i could rip someone’s flesh off with them.” she asked, flashing them a sharp smile.


A honeyed voice, for an ancient, horrible song.

“There were two sisters, they went playing,
To see their father’s ships come sailing
And when they came unto the sea- brim
The elder did push the younger in.

Sometimes she sank, and sometimes she swam,
’Til her corpse came to the miller’s dam.

But what did he do with her breastbone?
He made him a viol to play on.
What’d he do with her fingers so small?
He made pegs to his viol withall.

And what did he do with her nose- ridge?
Unto his viol he made a bridge.
What did he do with her veins so blue?
He made strings to his viol thereto.

What did he do with her eyes so bright?
On his viol he set at first light.
What did he do with her tongue so rough?
’Twas the new till and it spoke enough.

Then bespake the treble string,
‘O yonder is my father the king.’
Then bespake the second string,
‘O yonder sits my mother the queen.’
Then bespake the strings all three,
‘Yonder is my sister that drowned me.’”


The Weaver stopped singing.

Give Me A Try [2/?]

[Symmetra kisses Junkrat.  Chaos ensues.  Unconventional slow burn with a developing relationship.]

It was clear that her experiment hadn’t worked.  If anything, it had made it worse.

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Darcy Lewis gets kidnapped by mobsters in an attempt to get at Clint. Why? Because the mobsters are stupid and think she's Kate Bishop. This messes up Steve's plans for date night and he makes sure Clint knows that he had better retrieve Darcy before the date or he'll introduce Clint's arrows to a whole new quiver.

“Look, guys, I am not Kate Bishop,” Darcy says, not for the first time in the last two hours. She’s tied to a chair, hands bound to the arms, a loop of rope around her waist knotted to the back of the chair. The chair groans worryingly with each move she makes.

“You are da hawggirl in purple,” nods kidnapper number one in a heavy accent. Russian maybe, like somebody put a Craig’s List ad for henchmen; bad accents, clothing from 1987, an over abundance of BO, and the vague scent of cabbages a must.

Kidnapper number two, was at the far end of the room talking on the phone while swatting at invisible flies.

“I’m in purple, yeah, but I’m not either of the Hawkeyes. Do these hands look like I pluck arrows,” she asks, wiggling her fingers as proof. Her hands are callous free, but the metallic purple nail polish was probably not helping her case. The nail polish and the purple v-neck t-shirt and boots probably weren’t helping her case. She was never taking Clint’s advice over fashion again, and she really needed to move out of his damn building. “Look, Igor.”


God, what morons these two were. She’d already managed to activate the hidden tracking function on the large silver ring on her middle finger, and with a little luck she wouldn’t need to do anything with the slim blade in her right boot.

“Yeah, that’s what I said, Igor, I have a date tonight, and he’s gonna be pissed. This is our third date, if you know what I mean,” Darcy says.

Igor nods his shiny bald head.

Darcy bites the tip of her tongue, afraid to let her mouth run. She tended to get into trouble that way. Not that she wasn’t already in trouble. So much trouble.