idk what i'm doing with him really but yeah

Ok, so what if...

Marichat happens, and they start dating, but they still haven’t revealed themselves. So, like, usually Adrien is really careful at school about not saying or doing anything, but one day he slips up. Like Marinette said or did something adorable, and he kissed her on the nose or something. What does Mari do? She slaps him, of course, because “hey, I’ve got a boyfriend, so that wasn’t cool!” And at first Adrien is kind of hurt, but then he starts laughing, and Mari thinks he’s not taking her seriously. So she’s like “what you think I don’t have a boyfriend?” And he’s like “no I know you have a boyfriend, I just didn’t think you’d slap him for kissing you” (or something that sounds better) while wearing a familiar grin. And then it sinks in and Mari freaks, because “why didn’t you tell me before now????!!!!!!!!!”

(Sorry, I’m half asleep right now, so if it doesn’t make sense I’m sorry)

Correct me if I’m wrong but does Kieran even have a type of dynamic or relationship with a character other than Emma? Think about it. Him and Noah. Nope. Him and Audrey. Nope. Him and Brooke. Nope. Him and idk Jake, Gustavo or Zoe? Nope. Him and … anyone really? Nope. I mean, he’s technically a part of the group, so why do we never see him hanging out with any one of them alone? These characters are seen pairing off in some way and hanging out one on one all the time, but never him. He’s either with Emma or he’s just not there at all. He’s literally absent completely.

So when he’s not with anyone, where is he? #killerkieran