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real talk here,do you think arima x eto has a chance of becoming canon?

OKAY. So. Get ready for this one. I’m going to try really hard not to sound like a lunatic (esp bc I know some people hate the fact that Arima and Eto so much as talked that one time), but I do think it’s completely possible.

1) Ukina/Kuzen & Eto/Arima

Eto is a writer and novelist who does extensive research for her work. Her mother was a journalist. Both Kuzen and Arima were agents for V.

We know now that it was Arima who initially “chose” Kaneki. With Eto declaring she’ll make him her child, that she loves him, that they’re “totally the same”… I think she at least subconsciously recognizes the similarities between the two relationships. 

2) If anyone could understand Arima or Eto as teenagers, it would be each other. 

Despite the massive clash of their personalities, Eto and Arima share the belief that life has dealt them a cruel hand. But, by combining their strengths, they might be able to fix it– together.

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#HIDEWEEK - Day 04 [ ♠ ] Blue

“And you could buy up all the stars,
But it wouldn’t change who you are.
You’re still living life in the dark-
It’s just who you are.”

-Buy the Stars, Marina and the Diamonds

THESE KIDDOS…. I get really emotional thinking about how they differ and remain the same as their canon versions at the same time… I JUST LOVE THEM OK.

ALSO, I recently reached past 700 followers…. And in a few days, this dinky lil art blog is gonna be a year old! So…. Thank you guys so, so much for such an INCREDIBLE year!! I’ll be writing more on this on the actual day, but for now please just cry over these characters with me aha….

Also I know I missed some details buuut I like how this turned out in general, so. I don’t think I’ll fix them haha

[GENO, FRESH, AND ERROR BELONG TO @loverofpiggies!]

[MOMMACQ BELONGS TO @alainaprana!]


EDIT EDIT: y’know what I’m gonna ramble about it for a little bit under a read more!

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So how do you feel about the new heathers reboot cast? I don't really know what to think. Like yes I'm happy they're being diverse but at the same time I feel like the heathers at least were supposed to represent what society things girls should look and act? Idk I'm torn?

Lemme just break this down:
1. The Heathers, AKA the villains, are all minorities (non-binary, fat, lesbian and black) and yet?? JD and Veronica are skinny white straights?
2.T H E Y G O T R I D O F M A R T H A
3. It kind of defeats the point. The premise of Heathers is you have these 3 girls who are the stereotypes of conventional popularity (I’m down for black lesbian Heather M because that still fits in the image of “hot popular girl” I’m mostly talking about the other two) and they get knocked down from their position of power. By making them “diverse” you’re not helping the communities they’re representing at all. Do they think it’s good NB representation to have the only non binary person be a villain??
4. Heather Chandler being overweight defeats part of the purpose of her character; being a bitch and a bully to overweight/nerdy/whatever people. Turning her into the things she targets is not good representation, it’s just bad story telling.
5. I’ll just repeat the fact that the people playing JD and Veronica are skinny, white, and straight. Not great representation.
And whoa nelly, that’s just the cast. I have all sorts of problems with the show and premise itself, the main being that it’s completely and utterly unnecessary, and honestly why ruin a good thing? Heathers has an amazing movie and a beautiful musical and adding something else is so extra and guaranteed it will not be as good as either the movie or the musical.
Don’t unfollow me for hating please ?? I’m so sorry lmao

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im not a follower of yours or anything but i just happened to see ur ask on my tl and i noticed how u get kinda snippy w fans of your story and as a fellow writer myself i know that it gets annoying when people ask about a story a lot but u do kinda have to expect to get that kind of response when u post on an interactive platform like tumblr might i suggest either closing ur ask box or posting on a site like archive of our own? writers dont seem to get asked a lot abt updates just a suggestion!

i appreciate your concern, but i have to disagree. this is the first time in forever that ive gotten “snippy” with someone asking about my writing, and i know this bc i try to go out of my way to make sure im being extremely nice and understanding to everyone. this is the first time i have said anything to someone commenting about how long it’s been since teol was updated.

i feel like if im not allowed to have natural human emotions and get upset or overwhelmed or frustrated once in a while, then what’s the point of even doing this in the first place? i chose to post my work on tumblr bc i love talking to you guys and i want to share my writing, bc it is my favorite thing in the world to do. this is the first time i have ever put my foot down about something like this, and i can say that confidently and with conviction bc i know it’s true. i am no where near closing my ask box, and i dont feel i have to just bc i spoke out about my feelings for once. unfortunately, i have seen things far less than this push writers to take down a series or delete their tumblr altogether :/ some users dont even take questions about updates and simply say ‘read my faq’ anytime it’s mentioned.

the only thing that caused me to speak out this time was when the time between my updates was brought up. it’s been done before by other anons, but in a way where i was able to answer it without speaking out about my feelings. and i definitely dont think it’s a problem enough to be taken to the extremities that you describe.

fic prompts for aro week! (feel free to specify aro id and add ace hcs!)
  1. dreamily talking about a squish with their best friend
  2. cuddle piles
  3. movie night
  4. getting paired with their squish in class
  5. bad day ice cream and cuddles
  6. 3am chatting between queerplatonic partners
  7. napping together
  8. baking cookies together (and making a mess)
  9. explaining ace/aro spectrum to their best friend/squish
  10. queerplatonic coffee shop au
  11. ‘we met online with the intention of webcam sex and ended up talking about being aro and the meaning of life’ au
  12. platonic wedding day (“why are we doing this i just wanted the tax benefits gdi”)
  14. some use of the phrase ‘i love you bro’
  15. come up with your own and add them or send them!!

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Head canon request! Give me sappy fluff Shiro and his s/o! Like who cooks, who gets up first, what do they do together in their free time, who's the bookworm. Things like that. I'm a sucker for fluffy Shiro!

M/G: After that long-ass nsfw Lance thing I needed something like this so bad, bless u 

Also, I did the ones you asked but I also remembered this thing that you can fill out about a ship and a lot of it is really sappy?? so I did that also idk if that’s what you were lookin g for but it’s there under a cut lmao

➤ Unless his s/o is really into cooking, he’ll do the cooking most of the time. He’s a practical man and very self sufficient, so he’s been cooking for himself all these years and doesn’t mind continuing to do it for you as well

         ➣ Get him a personalized “Space Dad” apron okay just dO IT

➤ Since he struggles with nightmares as a symptom of his PTSD, Shiro is almost always the one who gets up first. If it’s not because of a nightmare or something of the like, then it’s because he loves a good workout in the morning!

         ➣ He’ll definitely make you a nice breakfast to wake up to, which is awesome B)

➤ When he’s not saving the universe, he likes spending the free time he has with his s/o working out if they’re into that type of thing, having quiet movie nights in, reading together, taking his s/o to new places in the universe and exploring. He likes so have his mind working on something at all times, so things that are intellectually stimulating are one of his favorite things to do with his s/o

         ➣ In all honesty, though, he’ll pretty much go wherever you go and offer to do whatever you want to do first before requesting anything himself. He’s a pleaser, and wants you to be happy

➤ I can see Shiro being a big book-worm in his time off, especially after the Galra incident. That year gave him a lot of time to think, and he’s become a lot more pensive about things because of it. He would love if you read next to him while cuddling on the couch, though

➤ Once he saves the universe, I can see him retiring from the Galactic Garrison to live a quieter life with his s/o, but he still loves piloting ships and aircrafts, so he loves to take you on rides!

➤ Shiro is more inclined to stay in than go out, especially when it comes to parties and social gatherings. Of course, he’s great in social gatherings, but he feels the most comfortable spending time with just you.

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Such is the nature of evil. Out there in the vast ignorance of the world it festers and spreads. A shadow that grows in the dark. A sleepless malice as black as the oncoming wall of night. So it ever was. So will it always be. In time all foul things come forth.

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Don't know how to ask for headcannons, but I'm going with it: Double date: Noah & Brian and Jude & OSCORE. N doodling on B's wrist. O being O. J reminding herself not to onion-pack and N teasing her for doing it anyway etc... Did I do it right? ^_^

you’re doing fine! Idk what I’m doing either lol

So I’m doing this in the future when N&J are in art school (they go to that local one that Oscar assumed Jude went to when they met)

  • They don’t exactly plan it as a “date”
  • But Jude heard about this really cool exhibit in a bigger city a few hours away (idk California geography assume this city exists)
  • so she tells Noah about it, of course, and Oscar because he would like it
  • Brian gets invited too somewhere along the way
  • So they plan a day trip to go see the museum and visit the city, etc.
  • Brian and Oscar can drive but they take the train instead (sidenote: Jude has a license but is a TERRIBLE driver and Noah didn’t even bother taking the test)
  • Noah sketches the people sitting around them
  • Jude warns the others not to touch the poles, armrests, etc because germs and diseases which they tease her about
  • They get distracted looking out the window at the city and almost miss their stop thank clark gable for brian, the responsible human
  • Once they get to the museum they wander around a little
  • Someone will notice something cool about a piece and call the others over to see (Brian kind of follows the others around, caught up in their excitement over the art)
  • Jude’s favorite is a marble sculpture of a dancing girl that looks like it should fall over but instead it seems like the girl is practically floating (guess what it reminds her of?)
  • Noah and Oscar collectively fall in love with an oil landscape viewed through a window with an icy pond cracked in the middle under a vibrant red-orange sky
  • Brian loves an impressionist painting of a telescope on a roof under the stars (he even confirms scientific accuracy of the star placement)
  • No one wants to miss anything so it takes a while before they remember the exhibit they wanted to see, which they passed on the way in
  • Noah makes a beeline for a huge portrait of a bearded smiling man that is covered in so many layers of colorful paint, it looks like the man is poking his head out of the frame
  • The other portraits in the exhibit are each so different it’s like they’ve stepped into a different world
  • An old woman with a flower crown and a watering can
  • A young child painted in pointillism
  • A rendition of a celebrity in only black, white, and silver
  • Long story short they spend all day there
  • It’s dinnertime when they finally leave so they go to a local pizza place
  • Noah and Brian sit on one side, Jude and Oscar on the other.
  • Everyone is hungry so they order two large pizzas, one Hawaiian and one half-cheese, half-guacamole (they were curious. it wasn’t half-bad)
  • They put the order under the name “OSCORE!” The server looks confused, then shouts out the name in a way so similar to the way Guillermo says it that they all burst out laughing bc it’s the funniest thing they’ve heard all day
  • Noah, Jude, and Oscar continue to gush over the art. Noah looks like he’s going to jump over the table, he’s so animated.
  • Noah doodles. At first on the napkins, but they keep ripping so he switches to Brian’s arm. Brian doesn’t want it to rub off so he is careful to keep it there.
  • When they’ve exhausted the art discussion (or at least they’re too hungry to speak and shove food down their throats at the same time), Oscar tells the story of how he found Noah secretly participating in CSA lessons
  • They all have a good laugh
  • Funny how they all could have met earlier than they did
  • When they go to walk to the train it’s chilly out
  • Jude doesn’t mind, she likes cold weather. Oscar pretends to be fine but Jude sees him shivering, then laughs and gives him her scarf.
  • Back on the train Noah leans his head on Brian’s shoulder
  • They take a group picture to add to the many they took throughout the day
  • Jude grins like the Cheshire cat, Oscar’s eyes are closed and he’s sneezing, Brian’s head is cut off, and Noah is asleep
  • Later Jude sets it as her screensaver

wow this got long! hope this is okay idk how headcanons work. Also I lowkey was inspired by the song Explain it at the Coffee Shop by ashton edminster.

  • me: oh seventeen's mansae promotions are finishing up
  • me: i can finally get back to my normal routine
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: i don't even remember how i was like before seventeen fuck

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If you don't have time it's okay but I was wondering if you could just do some random headcanons for Law and Kid about things they enjoy doing with their s/o or just things they share with them. Idk I'm depressed after finding out I have a life long illness and your tumblr always makes me happy. And law is like my fucking husband. I adore him. And you. <3

But of course I can do that for you. I’m happy that you like what I write and what makes me even more happy is that my blog helps you a bit. I love you, nonnie ♥♥♥♥


  • *excitedly telling his s/o about his newest coin*
  • You’re his hero everytime you buy him a new rare one
  • Oh gaaaaaaawwwwd Law is such an awkward dweeb, PDA is the worst, I bet if him and his s/o were out he’d just shyly stick out his pinky and that’s all the ‘handholding’ they’d get :D
  • Since he takes being a doctor serious too he’d love if his s/o could discuss all this medical/chemical/biological stuff with him
  • And since his s/o would have a similar high IQ it’s double the fun
  • He’s the kind of dude who thinks a fun evening conists of cooking up some tea and playing chess but it’s ok, his s/o would love it :D


  • boy if his s/o could sing…let’s say Kid would be on cloud nine :D
  • I swear Kid’s s/o loves how much Kid loves collecting weapons, so they’d try to always buy one for him as a sort of present
  • He’d do the same and even if his s/o does not like weapons they’d still act happy and accept the cute present
  • He doesn’t want to get teased by Killer so he’d get just a little lovey dovey when he knows him and his s/o are in absolute private, lol
  • Juuuuuust a tiny bit, like telling them they suck a little less then the rest of his crew xD
  • No but really I think Kid and his s/o could have a bunch of fun together, being reckless and irresponsible