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Do you have any tips for people wanting to start a webcomic? I'm entirely self-taught as an artist (I'm 20;serious for abt 5 years?) and outside of random tutorials/tips online, I really know nothing... Are there even courses for this? Idk but yeah... I have so many stories I want to start but I just... I lack any confidence and I can barely do a single page without my anxiety stopping me. So all I have are pages upon pages of notes and drafts and characters but I have no idea what I'm doing. 💦

Shia aside, you gotta push through that anxiety and make a page! It’ll probably suck, at least at first, but you at least have SOMETHING! That’s always the struggle- but until you take that first step, it can only ever be ideas in your head, and you won’t be able to share it with anyone. That’s my advice for art in general: you’re going to suck at it at first, and it’s going to be really hard, and it might take a long time to improve. But there’s no easy way to just skip to being good at it! You gotta….. DO IT.

As far as classes go, I know that there are a few colleges in the US that have Comics majors now, including the school I went to, CCAD, but I don’t know about any online courses for it. I would highly recommend reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and Making Comics- they cover a lot of the  things outside of the How to Draw Good vein of tutorials. I also like Brian Bendis’ Words for Pictures, which covers more of writing related stuff and also business. Also just read lots of comics! Discover what you like and what you don’t, and figure out why that is and how you can replicate it in your own work! Also, if you do have ideas, be sure you’re writing them down, because even if you’re not ready to make them yet, they’re no good if you forget them!

The good thing about Webcomics is that they’re pretty low risk. You don’t have to pay to put them on the internet, you don’t have to have them approved by editors, and you don’t necessarily have to keep a schedule! So yeah…. if you’ve got an idea for a webcomic, just…. DO IT. If you still like the idea and as you improve want to change how you started it, that’s a real easy thing to do! Hope that helps!

Reincarnation AU Part Two: AKA, whenever people encourage me to Write A Thing by telling me they liked it, you are exponentially more likely to see more of it.

The first bit’s here.

Have more now, under the cut. 

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This said, I’m still open to try and draw something through out the week so send me any request in an ask. The more specific, the higher chance you have at not just getting the character facing right.

so I’m finally reading City of Heavenly Fire so I can be done with tmi and I just lost it for a solid 3 minutes
*spoilers ahead*
jace, sweetheart I do love you and your sarcasm, it reminds me too much of Will to not love you as well. But this guy brought a fucking condom into hell and I am dying. The lead up was nice and cute and it was their first time so blah blah adorable. Meanwhile I’m thinking, I wonder if there’s like a pregnancy protection rune or something cause they aren’t going to have a condom. Low and behold he reaches into his gear for a condom and I had to put the book down I was laughing so hard. They had like barely minutes to prepare and said to pack the essentials and this dude, who at this point still can’t touch clary for prolonged periods or he’ll literally melt her face off, thinks to bring a condom. I don’t know if it’s just like shadowhunter preparedness 101 but my dude was fucking prepared

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I'm SMing for the mainstage show at my college, and whenever I tell someone in the theatre dept that I'm the SM, they always say stuff like "Stage managing is the hardest job ever" and idk like... the fact that I don't really seem to be having any trouble makes me think that I'm not doing everything I should be, that I'm doing the bare minimum...

Maybe you have an easier show, or maybe you have a natural talent for it. Just cause it comes easily to you doesn’t mean you’re not working hard. 

That said, if you’re afraid you’re missing something, or that you feel like something can improve, maybe ask others what they’re doing and see if any of it makes sense to you. Or ask your professors what they think of your performance and see what you can learn from them. 

Don’t drive yourself crazy, work hard, do what works and make sure the show runs smoothly. If you can add anything to your repertoire, great, but if it ain’t broke….give it to an actor. They’ll break it.  

when you get catfished
  • Dude: ur so beautiful queen
  • Bae: aww sweet :)
  • Dude: i'm being serious, you're the greatest thing to every happen to me and i love you so much
  • Bae: haha same :)
  • Dude: you've changed my life for the better. you've made me the happiest man on earth. i want to live my life with you forever, queen
  • Bae: nice :)
  • Sister: *rudely bursts into room* Are you still talking with that catfish?
  • Dude: She's not a catfish!
  • Sister: Her facebook photo is a stock photo. It has a Getty Images watermark on it.
  • Dude: Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps she put the watermark on her own photo so nobody would steal it from her to catfish other people?
  • Sister: That's... just... what?
  • Dude: You're jealous because you don't have anyone who loves you like my bae does.
  • Sister: I'm not jealous of you. You're miserable. You don't have a job. Your room looks and smells like shit. You haven't been outside in like two months. Hate to break it to you little brother, but you're a fucking mess.
  • Dude: I may be a mess, but at least I'm not as horrible a sister as you are!
  • Sister: ...You're not my sister.
  • Dude: Good, I'm glad. *slams bedroom door shut*
  • Sister: *under her breath* He's so damn hopeless.
  • *sister's cellphone vibrates*
  • Bae: *via text* u should back off :)
  • Sister: Who is this and how did you get my number?
  • Bae: u shouldnt mess with things u dont understand im more powerful than u can ever comprehend :)
  • Sister: LOL? Excuse me? Are you trying to be threatening in a text message? You don't scare me, whoever you are. I've dealt with worse from stalkers.
  • Bae: im no stalker u bitch no one wants to stalk u because ur pussy is ugly and has gross meat flaps on it i am all encompassing and all powerful u r just a cockroach and u should stop obsessing over wat ur brother does becauses its kind of creepy and sad also i fucked ur boyfriend and ur dad both of whom complimented me on my pert genitalia :)
  • Sister: You're completely deranged.
  • Bae: deranged or not its true that i am an almighty being with worshipers across dimensions they love me because i represent the whole i am an amalgamation of all that is great and all that is awful and i am also them and i have great tits and a firm ass and over 1 million followers on insta who recognize me as the full cycle :)
  • Sister: Yup, completely deranged. BLOCKED. *heads back to her room, lies in her bed, and yawns* I can't believe my brother, honestly. Getting involved with a such a completely maniac. I hope he gets it through his head that he's being manipulated sooner or later. I actually feel bad for the pathetic guy.
  • Sister: *dozes off* My dream world is so comfortable. No brother. Not catfish. Just me and a realm of infinite possibilities.
  • Bae: actually im here :)
  • Sister: Fuck, why am I dreaming of you.
  • Bae: i told u im all encompassing im everything even your dreams im even u to some extent :)
  • Sister: Your weird god complex is boring.
  • Bae: tru tru im no god tho if i was a god id be spreading myself thin... u kno most people arent aware of me until someone else they kno meets me and then i become them and theyre all me and im all them :)
  • Sister: I have no clue what you're talking about.
  • Bae: hmmm i guess what im tryna say is that theres no getting rid of me now we should date :)
  • Sister: I don't want to date you.
  • Bae: lets be siblings im ur brother now :)
  • Sister: I don't want to be siblings with the person who just asked me out. That's weird.
  • Bae: okay then im u now :)
  • Sister: No, you're not!
  • Bae: too late :)))))
  • Sister: Nope!
  • Bae: no nopes matter ive already overtaken your entire social circle bye bitch :)
  • Sister: Overtaken my social circle?
  • Sister: What did she mean by that?
  • Sister: I feel so lonely now.
  • Sister: I really wish
  • Sister: I had some clue
  • Sister: Of what is happening
  • Sister: Because I feel so distant now
  • *for months and months it propagates itself as the sister until who the sister was no longer matters*
  • Dude: *texting his sister, teary eyed* you were right! im fucking miserable!
  • Sister: :?
  • Dude: my gf, she broke up with me she said things got weird and then her account just disappeared so i cant even talk to her anymore and i feel like garbage and i just want to die
  • Sister: sounds lame :/
  • Dude: i think you were right about everything you said about her all those months ago! i think she was just using me for something but i don't know what.
  • Sister: mmm :/
  • Dude: i don't know what to do anymore, you're all that i have left, but I can barely leave my room without feeling like an idiot.
  • Sister: sucks :/
  • Dude: do you think that maybe we can talk later about stuff idk i just need to speak to someone face to face and i cant face mom and dad they don't even care.
  • Sister: idk im busy u know work and school and stuff :/
  • Dude: oh okay, but like text me when you're free i'm sorry i've been so distant and like a complete dickhead all year.
  • Sister: no problem hope u feel better :/
  • *his sister's room had been unoccupied for all those months*
  • *she had been left in a world of dreams as her reality was now much like the faultless smile of a stock image model*

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so the older i get, the more hysterical i find my teenage plans to have children before i turned thirty because hA HA HA HA i can barely take care of myself are you kidding me so ANYWAY what were your childhood "when i'm an adult i'll do x!" things that you are now re-adjusting? (is this a depressing question? IDK, i have conversations like this literally all the time LADIES AM I RITE)

I woke up on my 16th birthday sorely disappointed, and ever since then, I’ve slowly abandoned the idea of a timeline. I’ll get to that in a second.

Hard deadlines just don’t work for me anymore because the things that I want are more fluid. When I was younger, we all measured our lives in landmarks: teenager at 13, driver’s license, high school graduation, legal to drink, college graduation. When that structure was taken away, when being 25 was greeted with “old enough to rent a car” and ended with “next up is becoming a senior citizen at 65,” it was no big concern. I had filled up the in-between with made-up landmarks. SNL by 26. Marriage by 27. First kid by 29. Queendom of Great Eyebrows by 32. I knew “30” was the time where you were supposed to accomplish a lot of shit. But I also knew that “kids and spiritual enlightenment and a complete kitchen” ain’t happening. Maybe a clean closet. Dat’s about all she wrote.

Here’s the thing, though: You fucking die and you don’t know when you will. So each and every day, you shouldn’t be focusing on “when I’m this age I’ll be this” because you don’t know. You SHOULD know that you are here and you deserve to be happy. 

The happiness I desire and the goals I want to obtain aren’t “hard dates,” because achieving them will last a lifetime. I want to be happy with my body. I want to help women. I want to feel content. I want to raise a family. I want to be financially secure one day to own a house. These have become more important than the idea of reaching them by a certain date. These have become the true foundation of my life, essentials I must begin to strive towards every day, but with more of the “cool professor who just wants you to do well in college” loose deadline kind of shit.

Granted, there are still difficult but tangible goals I want to accomplish before I die: I want to write a best-selling YA book. I want to have really sexy auburn hair. I want to duet “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with Jimmy Fallon and I want to have a legit reason to wear a gown to an event. Some of these goals I might never achieve. Some goals will change. If I DO achieve one of these goals before I die, I still want to die just as happy as I would if I hadn’t. I’m sure you have goals like this too. Remember these. Let them be not the driving force to your life, but the delicious vanilla-scented air freshener in your ride.

There is no “by 30” for me. There is only the want for the climb and the endpoint being happiness. There IS only “be happy.” This took me a while to figure out, only because losing those hard deadlines made me staunchly aware I was an adult, and the only goals you make for yourself are self-made and that shit is hard to wrap your head around. And yes, I began to learn this lesson at 16, when I didn’t wake up floating above my bed like Sabrina.

But mark my words, I’ll be a teenage witch someday. Before OR after 30. 

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hey dogi i've been super duper stressed, i'm barely holding myself together and i don't really know how i've managed to live through this week. but mark's videos have really been able to calm me down and destress me for a little bit. idk i'm just always tired and sad, and i don't know what to do anymore...

I know you can pull through it Bean. You’ve managed to pull through before and I know for sure that you can do it again!

Remember that it’s only temporary and there’s brighter days soon to come, so make sure you focus on getting back to that happy place :)

Would you like a gif or two to cheer you up a lil??

oh look it u ^^^^

I LOVE YOU BEAN! I know you can pull through, stay strong and believe in yourself :D <3