idk what i'm doing i'm bored so


music artists posters: axl rose (Guns n’ Roses)

So Minecraft..

How many of you lovely sugar cookies play it?

Edit: I guess some of you should be made aware that I was talking to my followers only and was seeing if anyone wanted to join me on the PC version. I’m well aware of how many people play it, it was just a way to hang with my followers. XD

I’m really tired that is the only reason this happened

also if someone asks what the hell this is just tell them it’s a clock and a notepad falling asleep on a tv that will obviously explain everything I bet they both snore really badly

15 Day Ninjago Challenge

idk what this is, all i know is that I am extremely bored and hungry. So I’ll be doing this for the next 10-15 days or so. Also i’m doing gif sets but if y'all want to write, draw or whatever that’s a-okay lol

1. Favorite Season

2. Favorite Episode

3. Favorite Quote

4. Favorite Ship

5. Favorite Villain

6. Favorite Character

7. Least Favorite Character

8. Skylor or Nya

9. Jay or Cole

10. Kai or Zane

11. Lloyd or Morro

12. Wu or Garmadon

13. Movie or TV Series

14. Least Favorite Episode

15. Most Relatable Character

Bonus!: Favorite Song From the OST

Yoongbum and his name

bronze, shades of Earth, green– sounds like Yoonbum’s clothes

So yeah, just a high school student who’s procrastinating from schoolwork  at the same time analyzing a depressed,mentally broken stalker who’s held being hostage by a sociopath and forced to play pretend as mother while being manipulated….

to all kpop fans who claim they don’t have an asianfanfics account

we all know you’re lying

anonymous asked:

hello stephanie!! i just wanted to ask—how should one go about finding their own style? i've already kinda established a style for myself... but it's based off another artist's and i feel really guilty about it. i like my current style but i'm getting bored of it and want to experiment with different styles but at the same time, i don't want my art to be inconsistent. idk what i should do...?? also i'm curious—would you be upset if someone else started drawing stuff inspired by your style? o:

hello! first of all, i’m gonna be honest with you and tell you that i’m not the most experienced person out there to answer these questions, but i’ll try my best to help you.

how should one go about finding their own style?
so, a lot of new artists struggle with this pressure to find their own style. my advice to you is try not to find one particular style, but to explore the possibilities. the truth is, no matter how much you think your drawing lacks consistency, there always is a certain “you” in your drawings. even if you can’t pinpoint it now, it becomes more and more visible the more you practice. sometimes you, the artist, are the last person to recognise this. explore! find out what you can do and stop trying to refrain yourself. your style is always apparent when you are free with your art.

i feel guilty about basing my style off of another artist.
it’s important to recognise the differences between plagiarism and inspiration, and frankly, it’s a very fine line. it’s inevitable for a drawing to be completely free of any influences; what’s important is that you have to make them into your own, sneakily. art, throughout its history, has always been about theft and there’s even that book called “steal like an artist”.
bottom line, if your own art makes you feel guilty, you need to reflect and keep practicing until you can confidently give it your own signature. it’s good to learn from other artists when you start out or want to try something new, but if you find yourself continuously depending on said artist whenever you open up a canvas, it will start showing up in your drawings too.

would i be upset if someone else started drawing stuff inspired by my style?
well, no. if they are inspired by it, i would be honored. it’s strange because i don’t think if i’m inspiration material yet! but i can also tell if it’s more “copying” than being inspired, so it depends on the situation. usually i get upset if people literally steal my art, as in using my art as their profile pic without any credit or reposting my stuff. i would actually be very happy to see people draw stuff inspired by my art if they tag me in them!

i hope this answered your questions. it’s a very broad, vague topic, one where there aren’t clear, solid answers. my conclusion is that…art is hard!!! and that that shouldn’t stop you from drawing.