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what im weak for this week

remember when i used to apologize for being two weeks behind?

neither do i because it’s literally been months. as such, even tho there were TONS of amazing fics from august until now, i’m only going to be doing the ones since last week (Nov. 13 onwards), because otherwise i wouldn’t be able to cover everything ;A; i’ll try to keep this updated, though!!!

ps it long.

ps is there a myungjin drought wtf is going on my friends

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anonymous asked:

I was thinking about the superhero au you wrote and, with Keith's power to project his emotions, would he wonder if he maybe caused Shiro to like him (by projecting his feelings for Shiro onto him??) idk just a kinda random thought I had after I reread it

WELL DAmN. THAT’S REALLY SOMETHING ISN’T IT. HOW DARE. i mean, gosh. shiro’s feelings are definitely real and there in this story BUT GOD. 

in part 2 im writing of lioss, there are some moments where they talk about the implications of their powers and there’s gonna be a lot of keith introspection i haven’t finished yet. but he is going to be dealing with for the first time something really intrusive and unwanted. like he really doesn’t want this power. 

keith’s power is pretty exciting to discuss because it involves a lot of different things. @archaicsextoy​ and i were talking about it a while ago here. but yea it’s been brewing in my mind for months and months through rp and just my own little notes until i finally decided to fic it as well haha. i really wanted to do something that i knew actually…. wasn’t inherently a keith power and make him grapple with something that is really digging into his very being.

and now im thinking about what you said bc keith is pretty self-aware and im getting emotional thinking about this. like…. keith is fully aware of the extent of his powers after a certain point in lioss. that’s why he backs off bc he sees what he is capable of doing when losing control of his emotions - and that he can manipulate emotions around him even unintentionally. it is sporadic in nature and he is still learning to control it even now. it is something that kind of works with and against his own intensity in that respect.

but we also know and see in canon and also in lioss that keith’s perception of himself is quite skewed on a lot of fronts. so building on the selfish motif i honestly would not be surprised if in lioss keith has questioned if he has been selfish and projected his own thoughts/emotion, wondered if he was making shiro stick around or projecting something out to get him to stay. even if they were friends before and ….. well i cant spoil ahhaa :) 

the next part im writing is almost done and im really excited bc it is actually going backwards and dealing with The Backstory and how they became heroes, it’s all to do with how they got their powers which is briefly mentioned at the start, and then how they dealt with them bc it’s really not all smooth sailing. i dont want to spoil anything if you’re planning to check out part 2 because AHHHHHHH. 

it’s cool at first bc at the start of getting these powers for keith he thinks some of these things are his own. like he’ll get a jolt of irritation and wont be able to explain why he’s feeling irritated. or he’ll be irritated about something and someone on the train beside him just huffs loudly and suddenly becomes irritated too bc he’s accidentally given them the irritation. 

so if even he can’t tell the difference at first then yes….. your point is making me v sad and i see a strong case for it being possible bc keith would have probably picked up on that and speculated if that was the case for other people too bc most of the time yes when keith is giving someone something they don’t realise. 

and whilst i can’t say ‘yes this written explicitly in the text’ bc i haven’t finished the story and it has a few more parts to go, i can say that yes….. this definitely sounds like something lioss keith has dealt with and considered before. 

ANON!!!! this is a really cool ask thank so much for sending it. this actually made me really happy bc i love talking about it! take care.