idk what i was trying with the first pic


I bought watercolours today and decided to try them out! Bill is my first victim ♥


super quick doodles for the au thing since i only had 10 minutes

idk what he’d be called here but i went with ‘eban’ since it’s close to ebe1

also that’s not a rock in the first pic it’s supposed to be some debris from the crash site


Source: Baidu

Rough translation:

First pic:
Welco- (welcome but trailing off)
Bon Soir
In parentheses (yaa) <greeting

(probably referring to her cheeks being squishy/chewy :3)

Third pic:

I can only read hirigana and katakana and don’t understand all Japanese so I apologize for any inaccuracy. Thanks for the clarification I’ve received from some people!


My child is growing! Look how big these are! Idk how tall they’ll get in an indoor pot (that second to last pic is me trying to get a good image of how tall they are but that didn’t…work) and I’m sure they’d do infinitely better outside with loads of space between them but for what I have got and for this being my first time growing tomatoes since I was 10 I’m pretty happy with this so far! The plants are about hip-height to me so far. I’m going to separate them once I have more pots, I think!