idk what i wanted to accomplish with this

INFP functions in a nutshell
  • Fi: I want to MATTER in this world, I want to be my own inspiration, I need to know that what I've accomplished is in line with my real, authentic self
  • Ne: okay but what is that inner authentic self, hold on lemme just try to be 32549632 different people at once and work towards as many goals as possible
  • Si: idk I get kinda scared when I think about all these possibilities, I'd rather just do the same thing I've been doing for the past few years bc it feels comfortable

OOC. do you guys ever get those feelings that you’re just not ENOUGH?

seriesofnonsequiturs reblogged your link: Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for…

Then there’s Chiune Sigihara, the Japanese diplomat who gave out more than 6,000 visas to Jewish people, saving them,…

He is obviously a hero, but he was also in a position to do an incredibly heroic thing. It’s easy for all of us regular people, who have small jobs, bureaucratic jobs, where everything is very compartmentalized and it’s easy to think, “Well, what I do doesn’t really matter, and I don’t want to lose my job. I need my job. All I do is this one thing, and that’s not so bad.”

Scholars have proven that the Nazis accomplished what they did by compartmentalizing genocide– the end wasn’t visible from the standpoint of the idk let’s say, person who had to report a potential Jew to his boss. It’s easy to fall into the trap of, “Well, I’m just doing my job, and what I’m doing isn’t that bad.”

But fascism depends on people just doing their jobs. And that’s why I suggest it’s not a bad idea for people to begin considering what they will do if they lose their job for refusing to cross a line.

I also think it would be great if we could come up with some kind of mutual assistance fund to help people who lose their incomes because of resistance.

Also!! The past two days I’ve been getting some pretty nasty messages? Not mean messages, just SUPER sexualized messages and like. Just to let y'all know, I’m not into it. Idk what you’re trying to achieve, but like? if you want to make me make go “yikes” and delete a message really fast then you’ve accomplished your goal?


You did it, Tiffany Hwang. Not once did you ever give up, and look at what you’ve accomplished. How lovely of you to want nothing but the best and perfect music for SONEs. You were not alone — you brought your fans along with you as you reached for your dream. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I’ll forever cherish your unselfish nature. Congratulations, and you make us proud! ♡

I went out and came back in and went back out and came back in and now I’m like… what do I even want from going out. Will going out be good for my life in any way. Will going back out do anything that going out before failed to accomplish. Doubt it! So I’m just doing some skincare and going to bed. Idk I had fun already and I have shit to do tomorrow

so I’m turning 16 in five days and i found this the other day while scrolling and i,,,,

I feel so stuck with my life tbh,,,I see all these people younger than me who have accomplished so much or are amazing artists or singers/song writers or acting and I just feel,,,,idk,,,i want to do more with my life but I don’t know

I’m just really confused about who I am as a person and I feel like time is running out for me?? I honestly feel like I’ve lost myself and I don’t know who I am

Any older people following me have any advice??? What can I do??


really random doodles??? i got really frustrated w my art tonight so i just wanted to do silly stuff

also i watched @doggiedoodles get her butt kicked by undyne the undying like 500 times so i wanted to make some cool undyne art but. idk. frisk what are you hoping to accomplish with those ballerina shoes

Hey friends, Mass Poetry wants to catch up past participants in the U35 poetry readings via distance interviews that they’ll put on the internet and I’m looking for some outside opinions on some of the questions.

1.) Has my writing changed in the past year and a half and if so how?? O_o

2.) They want a new poem from me idk….do people have any opinions whether any of my recent poems are worth giving them? (If you search my “original poetry” tag i guess you can look at some of what i’ve been working on lately)

Also… ugh, this is a good opourtunity but i feel like i’ve done absolutely nothing in the past year and a half, apart from that really cool production of macbeth i was in. I’ve spent a lot of time doing background work for my stories but nothing i can really report on as accomplishments. Lately i’ve just been trying to survive and figure out how to help get the world off its current collision course. I did submit my poetry to a handful of magazines but no new takers. I’ve got pretty much nothing to show for myself. I can’t believe it’s been so long, and i have done so little

thedognamedepic  asked:

5) Do you or have you ever had a heart dog? 16) Do your dogs compete in any sports? 51) What's something that you wanted to accomplish with your dog and did?

5) Do you or have you ever had a heart dog? idk, i’m not really a huge fan of the term i guess. my dogs are all very different and i feel differently about all of them but not in a way that one means more to me than the other? :s 

16) Do your dogs compete in any sports? yes! ellie used to compete in agility, mostly AKC and she has a couple USDAA Qs. she loves to practice but ring stresses pretty bad most of the time, so she’s fully retired from competing at this point. 

zim is my SPORTS MACHINE. we compete in AKC and USDAA agility in masters and he loves everything about it. we finally started getting our shit together this past fall, but now are on agility/training/everything hiatus due to health issues. but HE WILL BE BACK. 

with root i’m planning to start agility foundations this spring with the intention to compete eventually ! and i’m also looking forward to training for bite sports (vague because i dunno whether it’ll be IPO or french ring… more interested in ring but it seems pretty nonexistent around here), and maaaaaybe compete …

51) What’s something that you wanted to accomplish with your dog and did? well most recently i was hoping to get zim’s AXJ and AX titles this fall so we could compete at european open tryouts in dec. he’s a speedy guy but i’m not a great handler so lol. consistency is not rly our thing. 3 Qs needed for each and we did it in 9 days of showing. he is the best. 

ok, but tbh, wanting 2 b happy in dis world is unrealistic. ain’t even what i want anymore. i just wanna b destructive n fuck up n not give a fuck abt anything. i think accomplishing goals, being where i want 2 b is boring. but that must be bc i dont even have any goals anymore lmao. it’s just….idk. it’s 2 clean 4 me, working for years just to start living a steady life & ppl rush thru that shit, n start living like that @ 24. i wud already b bored n fall into depression again bc of how bored i am. evrything depresses me, y’all. i cant b happy. like i just find shit 2 b sad abt. im a sad ass bitch n that’s the tea!!!

Criminal Minds Asks

Aaron Hotchner: What is something you will always fight for?

Spencer Reid: What accomplishment do you take the most pride in?
Rehabilitating cats probably oops I don’t do anything else 

Derek Morgan: What is your greatest strength?
I….don’t think I have any 

David Rossi: Which do you think hurts worse, saying something and wishing you hadn’t or saying nothing and wishing you had?
Saying nothing :\\\

Emily Prentiss: Do you believe in true love?
Idk!!!!! I want to

Jennifer Jareau: Who is most important to you? Why?
My mom because I spend the most time with her and I love her 

Penelope Garcia: What do you think makes you stand out among those around you?
I’m so awkward that it draws attention to me and I dress weird sometimes 

Alex Blake:  What is your dream career? Why?
Playing with cats all day and doing nothing else 

Tara Lewis: Do you believe in karma?

Erin Strauss: What is your greatest pet peeve? Why?
I have a lot but the first thing I thought of is when people leave a class and don’t push their chairs in idk that just bugs me a lot more than it should

Jason Gideon: If you could go back in time, what is something you would change?
I probably would not have gone to a 4 year college 

Luke Alvez: Dogs or cats? Why?

Kate Callahan: Describe your ideal lazy day.
Laying in bed all day and watching things with someone I like and also cats

Elle Greenaway: What advice would you want to hear if you were going through a rough time?
Umm I don’t know if I really want advice I just want support 

Jordan Todd: Have you ever felt as though you had to prove yourself to someone? If so, how did it turn out for you?
Yes and it turned out poorly everytime because I suck with people 

Stephen Walker: What inspired you to do what you’re doing now?
My mom made me do it there was no inspiration involved OR I guess technically I chose the major I chose because I was inspired by how easy it is :)

honestly if an immortal, all-powerful being wanted to possess me i wouldn’t say no? like idk where in the phone book you found me of all people and i don’t know why you would pick me (of all people), but sure, why the hell not. idk what you can accomplish w/ my body and what your goals are but go the fuck ahead and do whatever i suppose. maybe we’ll fall in love


i just wanted to make a small video showing just how much dan and phil accomplished this year; i’m so proud of them :)

so yeah this is what i spent half of my winter break doing instead of homework (not like i would’ve done it anyways lol)

hope you enjoy and here’s to another brilliant year for dan and phil! <3

it’s so irritating to me when people get mad @ taylor for celebrating her accomplishments and being excited like would you rather her not care at all and act like it was no big deal??? AN EMMY IS A BIG DEAL and i think it’s so cute that after winning so many awards she still gets excited by each one omg she’s cocky if she celebrates and she’s cocky if she acts bored by it so idk what anybody wants from her honestly get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay

it’s weird that aos is promoting skyeward in interviews more now than they ever had. more than when ward was alive. they actively avoided those conversations then, and now i’m seeing article after article on “the future of skyeward” and ward is DEAD.

i don’t know what to think. what sort of a weird bait is this when we all know ward is dead? what are they trying to accomplish? is ward going to come back to life or something, is that what is this implying? which isn’t outside the realm of possibility given that the whole basis of aos is coulson being brought back from the dead, and hive’s victims have been known to be saved and brought back from the dead.

idk. i feel like this is too good to be true, but also not unrealistic. the only thing that makes me suspicious is that i genuinely believe the writers hate ward’s character and don’t want him back. but if that wasn’t the case i could believe that this isn’t the end for ward and skyeward. idk. i’m feeling confused and jaded.

if skyeward really has no future, PLEASE stop writing articles about it. please. it’s mean and misleading.