idk what i do anymore

For the nth time, I need a psychologist. I’ve been telling myself to see one since God knows when. But when the depression subsides a bit and my front can control all the fuckwork inside me, I become silent and ashamed of myself. I can’t even talk to a doctor anymore. But I just need one so bad rn. It’s probably my own scream of help. I hate how this post shows my weakness. I’m probably gonna be laughed at, my fam does. Can’t take it anymore. Oh God sorry, I’m too old for this but idk what to do anymore, worse dont have anyone to ask for answers too. Yeah I suck. Okay

sooo @avoidantbf tagged me B) gracias

name/nickname: alexandra/ale
star sign: libra
gender: female
height: 5′4″
fav colours: purple
current time: 8:21 pm
average amount of sleep: 6-7 hours
last thing i googled: height converter hahaha
number of blankets: one
fav fictional character: grunkle staaaan 
fav book: idk
fav band/artist: coldplay
my dream job: i have no idea i just want to help others and stuff
when did i create my blog? march 2013
current follower count: 2209
what do i post? idk what is going on on my blog. all coldplay at first and look at it now, idk what i’m doing anymore
what made me get tumblr? boredom i guess
do i get asks often? nah 

i’m tagging @hurtsbeibi @piece-of-a-storm @octotter and @viva-la-death 

Just girlfriends being gross.