idk what i did with the style here

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I really just remember chapter 8 as a "chapter where they finally had sex"

I honestly remember chapters by what type of sex scene I had to write for each one because that was always the hardest part of each chapter so in my head the chapters go 

1) Viktor fucks up part 1

2) Interlude 

3) Yuuri’s starts skating

4) Viktor fucks up part 2

5) idk probably something important happened here 

6) Sex dream that involved no actual sex

7) Surprise injury plot device 

8) I hate you, now fuck me

9) Don’t talk

10) Very Classy™ handjobs in a bathroom and that one time they did it doggy style and Viktor got really sappy that night aka the chapter I had to force myself to write two sex scenes in one chapter and nearly gave up altogether 

11) Domestic fluff and romantic blowjobs

12) Viktor knows how to deepthroat, who knew?

13) You were all so thirsty for wall sex I wrote it into the chapter are you happy now?

14) Sex free at last

Fic: Harry Styles Cooks... Volumes 1 & 2

Fic: Harry Styles Cooks… parts 1 & 2 of 3 (or possibly 4 idk) by sunsetmog

I did put the first part up on Tumblr here, but the second part turned out to be quite long, so I have put the whole thing up (so far) on AO3. 

In which Louis Tomlinson can’t cook, there’s a very special shower curtain, and Harry Styles used to be a baker.

Or: Louis owns all of Harry Styles’ cookbooks, and he never intends to cook a single thing out of any of them.

Or: I don’t know what the fuck this is, sorry.

AO3 link: Harry Styles Cooks

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Yeah it’s definitely changing - I LIKE IT THOUGH, it feels refreshing!! It’s partly I’m working with the style in the OTP challenge poses, and trying to incorporate whatever mine is at the same time? Hopefully it’ll stick!! 

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Of course!! Your artstyle is goddamn unique! Idk how to explain, but it's how you do the lineart and how you color ( your art is colorful and alive and stuff it just gives u the good feels when you look at it 💖 ), how you do the little spiral things on elbows and knees and belly buttons! How you draw the eyes! the nose! And all that stuff! I suck at explaining but yeah! I personally can instantly know it's your art when seeing it! Pretty sure I ain't the only one!!

Ahhhhhh reading these made me so happy! ;w; I’m always worried my style is too generic and dull, but I’m so glad to here that yall can see some distinguishable featurs in it! And idk what influenced me to draw the little swirls. I just kinda did it one day and thought it looked cool lol. I also really need to work on using different face shapes. I’m more diverse when drawing adults, but since I draw mostly kid characters, I tend to give em all the same “chubby cheek” face shape lol. But anyways, thank you all so much for your comments! It means a whole lot! :D


ok i know that 1. i said i wouldn’t make this a spn blog and 2. this is really truly the worst thing ive ever drawn but it’s my blog so i can do whatever. i haven’t properly drawn anything in days and i feel bad about it so here enjoy this terrible sketch of dean winchester i did

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idk if I am wrong or seeing weird but what did you mean in these headers with the (n.) and bts names in? I guess it's kind of wrong sorry???

there are people who use headers of this style, for example, here in brazil most brazilian fans use headers like this, and only means how much you love each of the members separately

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Uh.. your coloring is very similar to askfloweryhansen

while i absolutely love @askfloweryhansen and check their blog almost obsessively, i promise to you that i did not steal my coloring style from them. i stole it from @minuiko during their pjo days (here are a few examples).

honestly, my coloring style comes from two things: 1. laziness and 2. hating how my lineart looks without color. the colors are all the colors used for their text in the intro comic. jared and evan’s match the clothes from that comic, connor is purple because i actually hate using black, and that purple looked dark enough

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Ah yesss~ let’s talk about Park Zimiiiiiiinnn *grins*

First Word that comes to mind: ABS. (lol, I know you all do. XD)

First Impression:

Flirt. XD

Like everybody in BTS, I first saw Jimin in the Boy in Luv MV…and so basically they all gave that “bad boy” impression. But for Monsieur Ziiimiin here…(lol did I just call him that?) idk, he gave me that natural flirt vibe. XD like he was the  ”ladies’ man” of the group ;) and I was right

What I think about him:

Being a flirt isn’t always a bad thing…especially in Jimin’s case. There’s  flirting and there’s flirting…Jimin style ;) HAHA! He’s such a grease ball and yet it’s so adorable on him, don’t you think? :P He acts all sexy… and most of the time sometimes it’s almost comical. (in a good way!) In my case….when he does this:

PS: Hoseok’s expression

I’m like…

then after a few seconds be all… XD

But beneath all that sexiness…and greasiness, I know he’s just a big ball of sweet cotton candy. <3 I mean look at that smile! ^.^

Why I love him:

Aside form his good looks? :) Hmm.. well there’s his dancing <3

His tumbling and stunts…Gah so amaazing! :”>

girl group dancing included ;P 

I LOVE HIS VOICE. His singing is awesome..those high notes are DAEBAK!

His selcas <3

His cuteness with the members… LOL

External image

And his addiction to body waves… LMAO

LOL Bangtan be like: “I think that’s enough Jimin. We all know you’re sexy.” XD

AND! I especially love the way he goes from this:

to this…

such an adorable little  baby :”“”> GAH I just wanna pinch his cheeks :”>

You could have never known that what he has underneath… O.O

As much as I love his abs, I still think Jimin in a tux is the sexiest. Don’t you agree? <3

External image

On Writing for him:

Jimin is the greasiest grease ball on the planet, making him the perfect guy to put in any fluff scenario. <3 But you can also put him in slight angst… the heavy romance type since I think he’s one of the romantic ones in BTS. Jimin always makes me smile when I write for him…partly because of his greasy lines but mostly because of the sincerity behind it. <3 He will tell you that you light up his world or that you’re as beautiful as a goddess to him; and it may seem like he’s messing with you with that playful grin of his but after a few seconds, you’ll look at him and see in his eyes that he actually meant it.

That’s Park Jimin for you. <3

*catches his kisses* :>



Someone on my levihan ask blog asked if I would do a levihanAU and someone said a demon one so here you go :^)

I tried to make Levi look like a fancy fuck but idk what I did okay take my attempt at clothing and this modern-ish (???) AU thank

i have to do a 1 page comic in the style of a contemporary artist that i chose at the beginning of the class, my artist is stephanie hans who i know from journey into mystery

and i dont really have any ideas that i love, what i have in mind is redrawing a page from the 1960s thor in her style like haha see what i did there….do you….see what i have done here……ha…….but i feel like thats kind of cliche

i mean i love thor idk if yall knew this about me? im not really into marvel comics anymore and im a casual fan definitely but i love thor. my comic book shelf is probably 50% various incarnations of thor

what if i drew kid loki wearing this shit

i bet most of yall forgot that i’m in comic book school

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow.

So then I took my turn,
Oh what a thing to have done,
And it was all yellow.

Your skin,
Oh yeah your skin and bones,
Turn into
Something beautiful,
Do you know,
You know I love you so.”

- Yellow by Coldplay 

For @lillitheamazingotaku3393. Remember hat juvi? Upgraded son. 

This was suppose to be sorta Lucy and then I was ‘lets pick on the not-so-alive’ ppl and here, have juvi. 

So other art style called again. You know what they all want in my life. 

That’s all from me bebs. 

@neato-ft, @acnomogia, @itschildofthefairies

Little Spoon – Newt

Requests: Hi! Can u pretty please do a super hecka fluffy newt one where they’re cuddling and maybe it’s raining idk thx!


Newt being stressed or something and wanting to be the little spoon just to try it sorry it was vague


So I have been thinking all day and I think that the world needs more of drooling sleepy Newt so yeah, I’m totally requesting readerxnewt spooning maliaxstiles style (SEE WHAT I DID HERE???) and both waking up tangled in each other’s arms and yep cutie pie drooling Newt who finally had a good night sleep. Fluffy as fuck. I hope I’m not being a bother bc I love your blog so much and you’re totally awesome and talented and omgdiidgfjklml I’ll stop being awkward. LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3


Can you do a Newt imagine where it’s late at night and you feel lonely or something so you go to where Newt sleeps and you lay behind him and cuddle him (so basically the reader is trying to be the big spoon) but Newt wakes up and he becomes the big spoon, however you want to do it, if you change things that’s okay :) Thank you xx

there is an intense amount of cuddly newt love around and i am definitely not complaining


There were very few occasions where it ever even rained in the Glade, let alone when there was a thunder storm. It would happen maybe once a month if you were lucky. Though ‘lucky’ probably wasn’t the right word. 

Everyone had migrated to the Homestead for the night while the wind, rain and even sometimes hail wracked the Glade. Nobody liked massive storms like that, and everyone was a little on edge, especially when the thunder rang out. 

You boyfriend Newt and you had been given a bed in one of the second level rooms to sleep in. Newt never liked thunder storms, and it always scared him. He’d fallen asleep about an hour ago, but he would still wince when the thunder rocked the Homestead’s flimsy walls. A thin glaze of sweat was beginning to glisten over his shirtless body, and his hair stuck to his forehead. Seeing him like that while you couldn’t sleep wasn’t one of your favourite pastimes. 

Sick of seeing him so tense, you lay down on the bed, climbing under the covers. Newt was turned away from you, so you wrapped your arms around his waist, pressing yourself to his back and placing a small kiss against his shoulder. You closed your eyes as he started to calm down. 

Suddenly, a loud crack of thunder, the loudest one yet, drummed through the Glade, rocking the walls. Newt jumped, apparently waking up. You kept your arms around him, drawing small patterns on his stomach to calm him down. 

“What’re you doing?” he asked groggily. He didn’t turn over to face you, but you could tell he was talking to you. A few people were also sleeping in the room, since the Homestead was so crowded, but they’d fallen asleep long ago. 

“Cuddling,” you said nonchalantly, leaning your head against his shoulder blade. 

“I mean, why am I the little spoon?” Newt asked a little louder after clearing his throat. 

You shrugged and didn’t move from your position. “You were stressed and I wanted to calm you down.” Newt tried to turn over, but you wouldn’t move your arms. 

He sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. “I’m fine,” he said halfheartedly. Obviously, you didn’t believe him. 

You sat up a bit, leaning over to capture his lips in a small kiss, just a peck. After that, you lay back down and snuggled yourself closer to him. “Just go back to sleep. The storm’ll be over by tomorrow.”


You woke up to a peaceful silence around you. There was no loud thunder or strong winds or even a slight drizzle of rain. Everything was quiet. From the window on the other side of the room you could see the sun shining brightly. The only thing you could hear was the quiet and distant chatter of people outside. 

You looked around. Everyone else that’d been sleeping in the room had already woken up and left, making you wonder how much you’d actually slept in. The only other person left in the room was Newt. 

If you remembered correctly when you’d fallen asleep you were the big spoon. But apparently sometime in the night, Newt had flipped you over so that his chest was pressed against your back and his head was flopped over your shoulder. 

He still slept peacefully, small snores coming from his lips and the tiniest bit of dried drool in the corner of his mouth. Dear God, you hoped he didn’t drool on you. 

You turned over ever-so-slightly, smiling at him tiredly. His head fell off your shoulder, causing him to flop down and jolt awake with a start. His eyes were still half shut and his hair was stuck up in every possible direction. 

“What happened to being the little spoon?” you asked. 

Newt groggily wiped at his eyes, then nuzzled his head back into your neck, kissing it lightly. “I prefer to be able to hold you myself." 

"We have to get to work,” you mumbled, closing your eyes again and snuggling deeper into the covers. “They’re gonna need help cleaning up the damage from the storm.”

Newt whined childishly, tightening his grip on your waist; you lay your arm over his and hugged him to you. “Five more minutes?” he suggested innocently. 

You nodded, unable to resist the cuddly morning Newt. “Five more minutes.”


cuddly newt is fave newt uwu

*Requests are open*



Finally started my own bullet journal! I honestly liked what I did with the monthly cover, I always had a thing with doodling scribbles and vectors(?).

Should I do this more often? Or should I experiment with different styles? Idk yolo (jk)

Btw, semi-new studyblr here! I follow 37 blogs and I really want to follow all of you my dear peeps, help meeeehhhhhh.

PS. I made this account a few months ago but I recently had the motivation to be active in this community bec school is starting on the 15th of Aug! + I want to get my life together despite my m.i.

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K so. Harry is sweaty and he realizes he forgot a hair tie so he's back stage like oh no and then there's Louis with his ready to go for Harry like here babe

Harry runs backstage, heart pounding, shirt sticking to his back, and hair in his eyes. He feels his wrists for a hair tie and curses when he doesn’t find one. “Shit,” he whispers, carding a hand through his hair.

It’s not like Harry to forget a hair tie. But he did. Today of all days. He sighs and makes his way back to the stage, head down and hair hanging in wet, loose curls.

He bumps into someone who lets out a small, “oof” and instantly he knows it’s Louis. And not just because Louis’ hands are tugging at his hair gently. He lifts his head to follow Louis’ hands and Louis is smiling at him, cheeks red.

“Alright, love?” he asks. Harry shrugs but nods and Louis knows he’s lying. Louis lifts Harry’s chin with two fingers. “You sure?”

Harry shakes his head. “I forgot my hair tie. My hair is a mess,”

Louis giggles and holds up an arm, using his other hand to pull the hair tie off. “Good thing I’m always prepared. My boyfriend would lose his head if it wasn’t on tight,” Louis chuckles.

Harry blushes and Louis reaches his hands up, getting on his tippy toes and gathering Harry’s hair in his hands with deft fingers. His eyes meet Harry’s and he peppers Harry’s face with tiny kisses and he fixes his hair into a bun.

Louis smiles. “You,” he says, kissing Harry’s forehead, “Look,” a kiss to Harry’s nose, “So,” and then to his right cheek, “Cute.” Louis finishes, placing a soft kiss to Harry’s lips.

And now Harry’s heart is racing for a totally different reason. Louis is pressed up close, their chest almost touching. Louis’ hands leave Harry’s hair and Harry whines.

Louis laughs and leans in to suck Harry’s pouted lip between his teeth, nibbling gently. “We’ve gotta get back,” he whispers against Harry’s lips.

Harry moans and Louis swallows it as he kisses Harry once more before pulling away and walking back to the stage, hips swaying.

zenlikejen glitterlarents here have some fluff.

i was looking trough my art folders and i realized that my art style sure changed a lot through the years :U here are some overviews of the year 2013 and 2015


hmm idk i sure miss my colorful cartoony art style but im also proud of how calm and nice looking my art now is :’) !! what do you guys think? did i improved?

or uh. seven hundred thirty one.

ok so i said i make one and i never actually did. make one… so ill do it now, and while this banner is Hideous but its also good enough i guess. i want to tell everyone how much i love and appreciate them, i didnt put all my mutuals here so i guess its not a follow forever?? maybe a friend(?) appreciation post ^^;; but anyway ctrl+f to find your name bc this isnt in abc order and i didnt expect this to get so long yikes i hope i dont sound repetitive. if i forgot to put you here im so sorry just tell me

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