idk what i did this for

things i like: illidan as a character

things i dislike: legion’s blatant attempts to make me sympathize with illidan while simultaneously ignoring the pretty terrible things he’s done

the sweetest dandelion @miniature-lou​ tagged me to post 3 selfies !!

as i don’t take selfies i had to take them like in 5 minutes so 

here are some vika series:

1. vika trying to act like a model but looking like a scared deer

2. vika acting like she’s pretty af

3. vika trying to smile but remembering she has braces and there’s no need of showing them coz they’re ugly

thank you for your attention !!

i tag @fireprooof, @lousthighs, @oliveyu and @lenkorn :)

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how many followers did you have when you started taking commissions? i want to start, but I'm afraid my follower count might be too low to actually get any business. (like, i know it's not gonna happen right away, but i don't wanna start too early, you know?)

idk, like 2000-3000? but I first started “officially” taking them on deviantart where I had less that 1000. my prices were really underpriced but I barely got business anyways, though any I got made me excited :,) (they still do but yknow what i mean)

the earlier you start the better cause you’ll have time to practice and stuff ^^

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Hello aizy! I am really inspired by your artworks and your art style, I'm planning to change my art style but I still want some of my art style at my new one, for the question how did you find your art style?

kinda confused what you’re trying to say but, XD

(idk how i find my artstyle much tbh. because i have so many fandoms that has with different artstyle…) i guess i find my artstyle by drawing K-on…..

and Kingdom hearts.

HEY THERE! *finger guns*

Was meaning to do an introduction post with the wave of new folk, and got tagged by @overdaddys (thanks McDude! :D) to do this and figured it’s the perfect opportunity! So without further ado:

🌟Sign: Aquarius 

🎈Height: 5′2″

✨Last thing i googled: adobe illustrator lesson plans for high schoolers

🎶Favorite music artist: holy moly i cannot pick, my music taste swings with my mood, but probably Florence &the Machine

📺 last tv show: Orphan Black

👗What am i wearing right now: my beloved “who’s your daddy” Darth Vader tshirt and lounge pants… i need to find some socks.

🌸when did i make my blog: uh…dang idk i’ve been on tumblr for years but this blog i made a little while after Overwatch came out.

🐻Do i have any other blog: @theextrasideoftheforce my main shitposting blog (follow backs and replies etc. will be under that URL) & @ionethedragonprincess is my original comic blog

❤Why did i choose my url: LMAO i was playing overwatch for one of the first times and the random passing thought “McTiddiezo heh heheh” crossed my mind as a funny throw away sideblog name, realizing i was gonna be Fandom Trash™ officially. and the legend was born.

🍙pokemon team: Team I’veNeverPlayedPokemon

🍕Favorite colors: black, red, gold & jade green

💤 average hrs of sleep: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA i have insomnia.

🐶Favorite character: Hanzo Fucking Shimada and his Husbando Jesse James Wild Buffalo Bill McCree & their Niece D.oritosforeVA

🐨Dream job: Film Directer & Producer

Please feel free to drop me a message or send post suggestions anytime, I love chatting about headcanons, fics and overwatch in general!
This is a safe-for-work blog, so no graphic adult content will be posted. Also I try to keep everything tagged for your tumblr savior convenience so please DON’T HESITATE to ask for something to be tagged, okeydokey?

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*turns myself around*
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Idk why but recently I've been thinking what it would be like for Clark to come back from the grave to find the fully formed justice league. Like what the fuck. Why do we have a club now. How did you guys even find each other we all have secret identities? Was this all Batman or was there like a nominating committee or something? what the hell I wasn't dead that long who are these people.

clark’s so new to the game, i doubt he’s actually looked into other heroes outside of batman - i get the feeling that was his first real broadening of the horizons, so to speak. he knows they exist, but he doesn’t know much about them, aside from basic powers and a nebulous MO - actually, depending on how present aquaman is, which i feel is not at all, i’m thinking the only heroes superman may really know about are batman, wonder woman, and the flash. and he doesn’t actually know wonder woman, she’s just this armored lady who showed up and kicked ass that’s with neither him or batman. i don’t…. think he actually knows her hero title is wonder woman, actually. 

um. wow. clark’s going to look at batman and be like “are they with you?” and batman’s going to be like “no, they’re with you” and barry’s going to be like “but you’re the one who broke into my house in the middle of the night” and then superman’s gonna be -.- and that’s it that’s the movie

look ! most asexuals have it pretty easy! I know that! we have no comparison when it comes to the discrimination that LGBT people have faced. we can potentially live our lives without ever having to tell someone we’re ace. I’m fully aware of that. I don’t know if we have a place in the LGBT+ community because there isn’t some president of the club who says we do or don’t and some LGBT people say we do and some say we don’t. so idk. but I do know that asexuals do struggle with their sexuality because I lived it, not to say it was anything remotely close to what LGBT people experience but I did think something was wrong with me for a while. I am in no way saying that’s as difficult as struggling with your sexuality and realizing you’re gay or anything like that but asexuality is definitely not the same as heterosexuality and we do have privilege that LGBT people don’t if we’re also heteroromantic but not every asexual is heteroromantic so you have to be aware of that too

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Hi there! I was wondering, do you know if it's common for people to start showing more symptoms after being diagnosed? Like I've recently been diagnosed with ADHD and I feel like I'm stimming and fidgeting a LOT more than I did a couple months ago but I'm not doing it on purpose?? Does this make sense idk

Sometimes it’s that you’re doing it more, but I think a lot of the time it’s more that you’re noticing it more because you have a name for it and a reason for it.

Also, yes, sometimes the diagnosis does free us up a bit because we don’t feel like we need to suppress natural things we need due to ADHD since now we know what it is.


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Something always rubbed me wrong about Pearl, and I didn't know why until this blog put it into words. The guilt-tripping and forcing others to feel bad for her, and making HERSELF into the victim in a situation where she hurt others? Also her hurt feelings being shoehorned as being more important than other's, like invalidating them? Is exactly what my abuser did? Idk, I know people say that Pearl has PTSD and something along those lines, but an abuser with a mental illness is still an abuser.

An abuser with a mental illness is still an abuser. Thank you. fucking thank you. A LITTLE LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK, DAMMIT. Yes Pearl has PTSD and lost her lover, that does NOT give her the right to let Steven fall of cliffs and guilt trip him for something he had nothing to fucking do with. 

“Oh but Pearl is most protective and so motherly with him!” My ass, you KNOW she only does it now for Rose, because she could give two shits about the boy. 

-Mod G

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idk if you remember but a few months ago i asked your help to find a good pic of phil for my art school and i did sent it but my teacher decided to use a pi of my face so 11 people had to paint my face i h a t e d it

omfg that sounds mortifying what the heck

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So excited for his!! Please don't put pressure on yourself to finish it though if you haven't, we will all be happy if you complete it tomorrow or the day after so don't worry!! X

idk what i did to deserve you wonderful people but ilysm x

My main focus right now is Korean mythologies. I want to know more about how the spirits from both NK and SK acts towards each other after all the things that happened. But let’s not… Do that for now. I feel like they’re all(spirits) won’t mind each other companies, especially the old ones, but honestly I kinda want to know how the political situation between the two countries might affect the spirits?

Speaking from experience, Indonesian spirits are “fuck off” towards foreigners/mixed, especially those who have Dutch roots. We know what the Dutch did. We know what they did, along with what Spain, Portuguese, and England did. Also Japan. My Japanese friends don’t seem to have any problems, but I think it’s because they never tried to approach our spirits…? Idk

I’m pretty sure that there’s a few Korean spirits around, especially in the areas where Korean live.

I think I’m thinking too much about this and tying it with the human life a lot more than I should, but I just can’t stop thinking about how it also affect the spirits life, like what happened here.

I need good sources…. And to talk with the spirits by myself.

-slams head on table-
Why am I suddenly interested in Korea?

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1. selfie (sdklghag okay, for u bro)

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?

ahgdkg there’s a lot of people on here that do ;0; but the one person who always makes me smile is @iwa-do-me-hajime (ur super nice and funny as fck man adlkghg i don’t understand how you’re friends with this gremlin)

9. who did you last see in person?

ahhh my mom today

29. favourite film(s)

b oi i have a lot.. but my most faves would have to be pacific rim, coraline, moana, fantastic mr. fox (idk i just really liked that movie when i was younger), op movie 6, strong world and film z. …yea that’s all i can think of

53. 5 things that make me happy 

1. haikyuu (coughs iwaizumi i mean what)

2. animals (hedgehogs, dogs and owls :0 )

3. flowers (roses and sunflowers)

4. my friends ;w;

5. drawing

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Maybe the romantic turn took place around run era! Some even say it started after jimin collpased on stage in japan and he was taken to emergency. Jk was so depressed, he had been crying and he had to cover jm's parts and continue the concert with the rest of bts. Next day, well jm recovered and the "for you" performance that day literally explains itself idk if you have seen it. It seems something big happened between them. What do you think?

Ohhh yes I remember! This is very probable. Like it just hit Jungkook how much Jimin means to him. Being overwhelmed with emotion can def lead to confessing feelings you never expected. Jungkook really did seem more affectionate to JM during that performance!

That was in 2015 though right? there’s still a 2 year gap that I wonder if anything could have happened before🤔