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This is gonna sound weird, but humor me... Are you a straight girl?

Hi Anon!

Sorry for the delay, been away from computer.

I will humor you, though, I gotta say, answering this question feels like I am walking into something judgmental lol, unless you are doing a scientific poll lol. But, I hate ignoring an ask unless it’s offensive, and I love my Tumblr friends, so, whatevs. I am indeed, female, though I think I aged out of the term “girl” a few decades ago lol. And yes, so far, I would identify as straight. 

So, I hope that ….humors you? Lol.

I probably should not have spent 4 hours translating that drama CD when I should have been doing my english homework and I have math after work lol I am so mentally checked out but, like.

I cannot leave well enough alone when there is no one else around translating stuff. Not only is Japanese my Thing, but I want you guys to have access to all the same stuff I do. So I hope you guys enjoyed the drama CD on my main blog and now you know my weakness! lol If more Japanese stuff ends up on my dash…. well. I’m just saying. Translating is a thing I do for fun lol

Honestly you could use this Minghao gif for anything.

When they tell you they hate Seventeen

When your mom tells you to wash the dishes

When you tell a funny joke and somebody says it again right after

When Seungkwan, Jun, DK, and Dino remain underrated

When Seventeen fucks you up by posting bomb af photos

This group is ruining my life. (Also gif credits to seunggkwans, I’m soooo  sorry for not mentioning this earlier!)


AM I DOING RIGHT?  ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ @sayhellochara

Is this how you join chara haven? 
the fact is 3 charas wanna join it 

Buddy (mine)
Cinnamon roll @digeridoodler
Swol Chara @shouganairu
does CARa count????? ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ jk

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