idk what i did here i was bored

@thechrizzler You know what happens in here. Sorry for drawing you ACCIDENTALLY. Ugh… I did a REALLY REALLY REALLY big sin to you and Darcy. Forgive me… (;^;)

And there is something wrong with my coloring. I. Really. Do. Have. A. Problem.

Aaaaand heres FUNTIME FREDDY AYYY, another gay bear yes! :DD (also FNAF fanart wow Mye really)

Don’t get me wrong, alot of interpretations of the guy are adorable and hilarious, but I was growing kinda bored of the goofy and shy Funtime Freddy everyone was making and I was like “you know what? lets make him a cold badass u_u”

Idk what I went for with that plush Bonnie BUT I DID SOMETHING

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm bored so I decided to ask u some questions (sorry if I bother u lol) ok so 1. What's ur EXO story (how did you discover them, what was the first song u listened to) (idk I'm bored so that's what I thought of idk why) 2. Was Luhan ur bias at first or was he a bias wrecker, and if he was who was ur bias before he wrecked it (that sounded complex, sorry if it didn't make sense lol) and finally who do u think my bias is?- School Anon~ (sorry if I bothered u lol)

you’re not bothering me! :) okay, here are the answers to your questions:

1. I’m going to be honest and say that i used to hate exo when i first discovered them in 2013 (yes, i still can’t believe it). they were EVERYWHERE and i was so annoyed but when i sat down to watch the Growl MV, i fell in love with instantly HAHAHA karma is a bitch, eh? So yeah, Growl was the first exo song i heard, followed by chogiwa Wolf!

2. Luhan was NEVER close to being my first bias. I heard about him even before i knew exo but he was mehhh to me back then. My first bias was Kai because he’s a sexy MF <3 alternatively, i switched biases a LOT back then.

3. Who your bias is? Ehh, I’m going to take a shot and say Luhan? XD

2000 Spoiler
Song is You’re so Pitiful by Fiestar

We’re not over 2000 already idk what you’re talking about it’s not like Lady Mun got lines later rather than earlier along with needing redos idk what you’re talking about here eat this and shhhhhh The finished version is over 2/3 done though.

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“ —— Okay, I know this sounds completely bonkers, but just hear me out. I’m really bored and I have my piercing and tattoo kit here and I can do some really cool stuff on you if you want? I swear I’m good at this, just look at Gray — I did his double tongue piercing and a tattoo. But yeah, I’ll understand if you don’t want to. —– No, you know what? Maybe you can tell me what you’d like to tattoo and then I’ll just draw it and you can take it and get the tattoo from a more experienced tattoo artist. —— Okay, it doesn’t even have to be for a tattoo, just tell me what to draw ‘cause I have zero inspiration, but I’m bored as fuck. You’re pretty, though, can I draw you?”