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I Have To Keep You Safe - Peter Parker

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This is my first piece of writing in months, so i apologize for mistakes. hope you like !

Title : I’ll Keep You Safe - Peter Parker x Reader!

Warnings : Angst? Cursing?

Prompt :Tony, still grieving about his relationship with Pepper, lectures Peter about the danger of relationships as a superhero, forcing him to rethink his relationship w/ the Reader! ( i just made this up lol)

Word Count : 1.7k (yikes so much)

Part 2 Part 3

Peter tapped his foot impatiently against the cool metal floor, waiting for Tony. It wasn’t like him to be late, well at least to be this late. Peter and Tony had a ritual of tinkering on some of Tony’s old suits together. Tony said that if the kid was going to be pretending to be working on a grant, he should at least get something done.  

About 30 minutes late, Tony staggered in, looking like straight hell. His eyes were bloodshot, possibly from a loss of sleep and a few shots too many from the previous night.

Nat had mentioned before that Tony wasn’t at his best ever since Pepper left, and he was definitely showing signs of it. 

“Morning, Mr. Stark.” Peter chirped to the exhausted superhero. He grunted a hello back, placing his hand of his forehead, his eyes closed, stress obviously consuming him.

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You were sat in a surprisingly comfortable chair of the 99th precinct’s Captain’s office, with your colleague and partner, Spencer Reid, by your side. Across from you sat the said captain, Raymond Holt. As the three of you were discussing details of your shared case, the door quickly flung opened, revealing a brown-haired man who leant casually against the doorframe.

“I heard we had visitors?” He said and Holt stood, prompting you and Spencer to follow suite.

“Indeed,” He affirmed, walking around the desk as he gestured to you and Reid. “This is Agent (Y/N) (L/N) and Doctor Spencer Reid. Agents, this is Detective Jake Peralta.” After Spencer waved awkwardly at him, he brunet waved back at Spencer not knowing that he wasn’t a fan of making contact with people.

You, however, extended your hand which Jake immediately took, “Well, I’ve got to say,” He began with what he thought was a smooth, cool-looking smirk though it looked more like a dorky grin, “It’ll be a pleasure to get to know you better, Agent.” He finished his statement with an exaggerated wink that you couldn’t help but giggle at as your hands dropped.

“Ditto, Peralta.”

The prompt called for a Criminal Minds crossover so a Criminal Minds crossover I delivered (I love Spencer Reid okay bye)

I only did an imagine because I’ve already done a v similar one shot here (kinda similar idk)

~ Clara

( g/c: x )

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If you can, can you do a Bechloe fic based off of Say Something?

The days after Worlds pass by in a blur.

They’re busy packing up the Bella house, leaving it empty for Emily and next year’s Bellas. Chloe watches as the room she’s lived in for six years quickly becomes nothing more than thin carpet and white walls as she stuffs her clothes in boxes, takes her pictures off of their nails.

She’s graduated, officially, and if she thought she was scared before, that’s nothing compared to the absolute terror filling her now. She knows she has to face the real world sometime, but even after three extra years of prolonging it, she doesn’t feel ready.

It doesn’t help that just yesterday, Beca had announced she was moving to L.A. with Jesse, the two of them in hot pursuit of their dreams.

And here’s Chloe, getting ready to go back to her parents’ house, where she’ll live in her tiny childhood room and cook dinner with her mom and hopefully, maybe, somehow get a job.

If she imagined this prospect unappealing before, the idea of doing it without Beca has her insides squirming more than they did before her nodes surgery, although the fear seems to have bloomed from the same roots.

What if she wakes up and everything has changed for the worst?

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Citrine and Ruby

Pairing: Reader/Leo, a bit of Vixx/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, vampires, violence, penetrative sex, oral sex, blood play, biting, mild masochism, foul language

Wordcount: 6802

Request: Reader/Leo unspecified kink

Notes: LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS THING!!!! its monstrous and took forever to write omg but thats what happens with AU’s for me, I get too carried away with the details and it ends up a wordy mess -_- Vampires tho…I really had to write vampires i couldn’t help myself and I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it ^_^ of course the kink here is biting/bloodplay and there’s a bit of violence too so if any of you are uncomfortable with that you might want to skip it idk…okay bye!

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can i get ur help? this guy keeps leaving me on read and declining my phone calls for no reason, i ask if he wants to hang he says no he has work or hes studying or whatever, i understand theres alotta hw and stuff but the thing is he did this shit a month ago too and i cut him off and hes back into my life again cuz he said he missed me and idk if im overreacting but now im here again feelin upset over the fact he leaves me on read etc. what do i do? talk to him abt it or cut him off again?

You tell him you’re not up for games. Either he puts in effort or you say bye bye. You deserve better than that.

please don’t laugh at me but i had a dream last night about how emma and tom are getting interviewed during an after party and somehow the interviewer got tom to confess that he used to have a huge crush on emma too (and i was like already exploding with giddiness b/c he finally confessed) anyway at the end of the interview emma looked up to him and it was like really intimate and tom was like “please stop looking at me like that, not here” but he was still looking back too and idk what happened like i don’t know if they kissed or if he told her something but he did something that i could’ve burst with happiness and then i woke up and didn’t realize for the next five minutes that it was just a dream and yeah this is embarrassing bye


Owl City: 2013 Progress & Moments


“Hi phi- what’s up? Why are you lying like the french girls?” I bit my lip as I laughed a bit and asked.

“Oh, I actually need a bit help form you…” he said.

His eyes and innocence was totally vanished today, he, he looked different. 


“Need help? What help?” I asked still being confused, but kinda anxious. 

“Oh, come here first…” he say as his tone gets too hot. 

“Where?” I smirked. 

“Right there" 



a/n- Am I the only one to find him horny in this gif? 

idk why I did this k bye omg

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I'm in the mood to gush over Zouis. This doesn't have to be answered right away, but explain with as many pictures, gifs, and or videos, what makes you LOVE Zouis? There's just so much about it, that I can't quite narrow it down. It's everything from their friendship, their cheekiness, how cuddly/cute fetus Zouis was, how hot the idea of them making out would be, they're cute. They're yin&yang. There from the same kinda place, they both have one of the most uniquely recognized accents—SO MUCH.

ok first of all why would u …. 2nd i’m sorry it took me too much to reply :( this is long btw ! Prepare urself !!

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U reblog funny stuff but UR so annoying it's about time I finally unfollowed u. :)

you have a default theme, irrelevant posts, no ask box, no relevance what so ever and you have the audacity to come to me and tell me that im annoying and that you are going to unfollow me. idk why you felt that was necessary considering that i didnt know you followed me and couldnt care less if you did or not. Honestly the fact that you think im annoying doesnt effect me either. the fact that this asks exists probably annoys me more than i annoy you. so i guess thanks for telling me you unfollowed me but i think you kinda just wasted your time here :) bye