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J-Hope; Foolishly in Love

❝in which Hoseok comes back after a terrible fight-but it’s your anniversary
[wasn’t my best but if babyitsfiction likes it, i have no regrets]
►1600 words | scenario, slight angst???, such a cliche title but oh well, gangster!Hoseok

The moment the door opens, you’re more than excited to greet him like how you usually do—be it with a hug because it’s been a while, or maybe a kiss because he’s stressed out and tensed from everything but when you take a look at him the second he puts his foot through the door, you know it’s not going down like that. You stand up from the sofa you were ever so comfortable in, you close your book because you can’t possibly read anymore and your eyes meet his in the most tantalizing way yet that he doesn’t know if he should shut up or say something about this.

You had been pretty specific to the rules in this house—and obviously making the rules involved the input of two people especially when you share the same roof but sometimes… things don’t go down that way. You realize that your arms are folded and maybe, you don’t have the nicest look on your face but Lord knows, you’re trying your best not to flip the whole damn house around.

“Do I… want to know?” You’re asking gently, in one of the softest tones yet and he knows, he’s in for an earful when hears that tone.

He swallows and puts his bag down, partially having dark red spots due to the blood—“Well… if you want to hear about it, I have nothing to hide.”

What you’re hoping for is Hoseok to come back without a scratch, what you’re needing is him to come back at least one day without getting into a fight but really, you’ve been too accustomed by him coming home looking like a mess that you can’t tell if there’s something wrong if he comes back unmarked. He sees how you rake a hand through your hair and he sees the frustration bubbling up within because he knows he done fucked up tonight.

Not only did he cancel the morning plans the both of you looked forward to because of his emergency call from the boys but he had also differ the dinner reservations because yeah, tonight is your anniversary but the only thing you’ll be celebrating is the fact that Hoseok’s got more injuries that you’ll have to attend to.

Then again, when you’re being harsh to Hoseok, you’re being harsh on yourself.

“Can you shower on your own?” Your tone doesn’t change—and Hoseok doesn’t know if he should be afraid.

“I… I can but I would like it if we—“’

“Go take a shower,” Your head points to the direction of the bathroom and he’s flinching, “Baby—“

You let out a sigh, one that makes him stay put and not say anything when he sees the look on your face. It makes him feel like a thousand pins are poking his heart but it takes only one to seep through and cause such pain, “Just go take a shower and I’ll wait for you in the bedroom,”

And even though Hoseok wants to apologize for the many things he’s done wrong for today, he listens and is obedient before anything else goes wrong.

He stumbles out of the bathroom with just a towel hanging around his waist. His hair is damp and your eyes squint at how many red marks there are on his torso that you didn’t know it was humanly possible to have. He has one long slash on his abdomen, tiny cuts on his arms and when he turns around to close the door, you see that there are fucking claw marks on his back draped from his shoulders to his hips—you’re not even going to ask.

He takes slow and careful steps to reach where you are and as you remain on the bed, you’re staring at his body and doing the mental calculations to how much bandage you’d need or just how long it’s going to take before you’re actually done with him. He takes the seat that you’ve placed opposite where you’re sitting and he’s slumping the moment he gets comfortable. Your eyes look tired and really, you are—because you’ve been thinking so much about how tonight is going to end that you really want things to end well, but for some reason, maybe things don’t go as planned.

He watches your every move as you attend to his wounds—one by one—and it’s making his heart palpate faster as you move from to where he gets cut on his stomach and then you order him to turn around without saying anything but just with one finger. He feels the gentleness of your hands applying the needed medicine on him and despite him hissing in pain, you don’t take to mind at all. His eyes would occasionally clench from the sudden surge of heat straining his skin, his flesh but he feels slightly better when you blow cool air to relieve the pain—he knows that you care, and you care a lot.

When you’re done with the major injuries, you’re giving him a light pat on the shoulder, “Go get changed—I’ll attend to the minor ones after you’re dressed,”

He peeks over his shoulder and sees you clearing up the first aid kit and he’s reaching out for your hand. His hand is rough from all the fighting, his skin is blistered but you feel the warmth of his palm on yours that it tears you down. You allow him to hold onto your hand and you know he’s staring at you, biting his lip, weary eyes. You refuse to look at him and he knows, he gets it but he’s still waiting until you do. But it doesn’t work when all you say is, “Get dressed, Hoseok-ah,”

“Can you help me?” He asks, and he knows very well that you can’t say no.

“Are you testing my patience?” You counter but he sees no anger behind those words.

“That depends,” He starts to smile and curse Hoseok for having that domino effect because now you’re smiling when he says, “Are you letting me test your patience?”

You roll your eyes and he’s all smiling widely when you get up from the bed, letting go of his hand as he watches you pace to the closet, picking out a comfortable shirt and sweats before throwing them at him. He catches the clothes you’ve chosen but has a glint of mischief in his eyes when they meet yours, “No boxers? Aren’t you a naughty—“ You’ve made him shut up when you save the best for last and Hoseok is peeling his own boxers from his face before he storms to the bathroom with a huff.

When he returns, all clad in sleeping attire, he tries his best not to burst out into happiness because he’s finally home. And he knows that he’s done wrong but he wants you to listen to what he has in store but for now, he’ll keep quiet and let you ramble it out as you delicately wrap plasters around the cuts on the tip of his fingers.

And when you reach the last one, he yelps when you tighten it too tight.

“H-Hey! It hurts!” He’s whining and you’re cocking an eyebrow, “Well yeah? Hold it in, then.”

His bottom lip is pushing out into a pout and this time, you’re not falling for it. You get up from the bed when you’re done and you try to put the first aid kit back to the table but he’s not having it—it’s his turn to talk now. He swipes it from your hands and you’re staring at him as if he’s done the most offensive thing yet. He beams with glee when he has you to himself and he switches the bedroom light off that you’re wondering what he plans to do in the dark.

He suddenly pounces on you and you’re almost waking the whole neighborhood up with your scream but he’s smiling as he curls you into the sheets and you’ve given up on the fight when he nuzzles his face between the space of your neck and shoulder. You sigh and feel your body betraying you as you mold against him and he’s whispering to you so soft, you think he’s telling you his darkest secrets, “I’m sorry,”

Your palm is silently rubbing on his arm when he plants a kiss on the nape of your neck, “I know you are,”

“Tomorrow,” He promises, “Tomorrow will be our day,”

“That’s what you said yesterday,” You pointed out, looking over your shoulder and his eyes are glowing under the moonlight that shines through the windows, “I was a fool yesterday,”

“You’re still a fool today,”

“I’m a fool every day,” He breathes, in a voice that makes you waver and it’s that tone of seriousness that you’re falling for when he turns you around so your eyes can’t escape one another, “But I’m also a fool that’s madly, deeply in love with you,” And the way he says it is so sincere, you wonder how is it possible for someone like Hoseok to exist… but he doesn’t stop there. He pulls you in for a kiss and it seals up literally everything that’s trying to pour out of your broken heart. His tongue is doing terrible things to your mind and his arms are not in the best condition but they still provide you the warmth and the soothing feeling as he curls them around you. He pulls you so close that you feel like he’s holding onto you as if you could disappear and his teeth is scraping on your bottom lip just the way you like it before he swipes off your thoughts with his tongue once more.

He lets you breathe for at least five seconds but then he’s coming back for more, again and again and again until you try to get him to listen because then the words come out naturally when you whisper, breathlessly, I love you, Hoseok.

And he’s saying the same thing to you, countless of times before, but it always feel like it’s the first, “I love you too.”


VIXX: Concept-dols (ver. Super Hero) [1/??]


x x

  • Dean: Hey, Cas, wanna play a little game?
  • Cas: It depends.
  • Dean: On what?
  • Cas: On whether I have to get up. You're comfortable.
  • Dean: *laughs* You don't have to get up for this game.
  • Cas: Ok then. What's the game?
  • Dean: It's a guess game. You have three guesses to find what I love most about out relationship.
  • Cas: Hmm... Maybe it's our cuddles, like this one? I sure love this part of our relationship.
  • Dean: They are fun, but no. I'm not as lazy as you are.
  • Cas: You don't have to be lazy to enjoy cuddles.
  • Dean: Maybe not, but you ARE lazy.
  • Cas: I never said I'm not.
  • Dean: Good. Now, what's your second guess?
  • Cas: Let's see... Maybe the morning sex?
  • Dean: *laughs again* As much as I enjoy those, no, they aren't my favorite part of our relationship.
  • Cas: Oh, so maybe I should just stop doing it-
  • Dean: Don't you dare to even thing about it.
  • Cas: *laughs* Don't worry, I enjoy them too, there's no way I'll stop them.
  • Dean: Good.
  • Cas: And so I'm left with only one guess.
  • Dean: Indeed.
  • Cas: If I get it wrong, would you tell me the answer?
  • Dean: Maybe.
  • Cas: How much would it cost me? A week of washing the dishes? Two of making the laundry?
  • Dean: Slow down there, babe, you haven't even used your third guess yet.
  • Cas: Maybe it's the fact you're calling me 'babe' all the time? You seem to like it.
  • Dean: No, it's not it, but you were getting closer. And for that I'll tell you the answer.
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Cas: Dean?
  • Dean: Yes babe?
  • Cas: You said you'll tell me the answer.
  • Dean: I know.
  • Cas: Then why aren't you telling me the answer?
  • Dean: Well, I didn't say WHEN I'm going to do it.
  • Cas: Deeeeaaaan. I demand you tell me right now.
  • Dean: Hmm, how much are you willing to pay?
  • Cas: 1 week of washing the dishes.
  • Dean: 3 weeks.
  • Cas: 2 weeks, and a week of taking out the garbage.
  • Dean: Deal.
  • Dean: The thing I love most about our relationship is the fact that I can kiss you whenever I want.
  • Cas: Oh. And why's tha-
  • Dean&Cas: *kissing*
  • Dean: well, it's because of how much I wanted to do it before we were together, and now I can.