idk what i did again

*is actually really excited about getting another light sprite but has to play it cool in the tags*

i wanna do more stuff on here

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Hi karen ok so i know you might not believe this but can I just explain my side of things? First of all, I'm only here because someone messaged me saying people were talking abt me again and it makes me really anxious so i just wanted to see what people were saying idk. Secondly, I really did not indirect you again. I think the post people may be referring to was one where I said "People who respond to valid criticism by saying theyre wonderful," or something like that but it was(continued)

not about you it was just something that happened with one of my irl friends and i’m obviously not stupid enough to do that shit again, i apologized why would I do it again? I really was not trying to get attention OR faking anxiety, and it makes me sick that people really think I am. I turned anon off last night, waited until today to turn it back on and almost IMMEDIATELY i started getting hate again. I do not want you to think that I hate you or am blaming you, but I am not trying to get attention, please believe me. This whole thing is honestly making me sick and i don’t know what else I can do but apologize so please just ? i’m sorry but please can people leave me alone this happened yesterday i didn’t do anything else i promise

okay, i believe you. it’s whatever? i don’t even care anymore? like, i’ve told people to leave you alone idk what else to do? i’ve repeatedly told people not to hate on you but they’re not listening. and fyi: i never called you a bitch. you seem to be under the impression that i did, but it was an ask i was sent.  just because i happen to think you’re attention seeking which is an opinion, and you kinda annoy me i’d never call you names oh my god? like i’m not THAT low. i’ve never called ANYONE nasty names (apart from the ‘you’re fat’ anon, but they deserved it), i’m not like that. I DIDN’T CALL YOU A BITCH. stop making me out to be some bully? I WAS NICE TO YOU. I WAS KIND. I WASN’T ARGUMENTATIVE IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. I TOLD PEOPLE TO STOP HATING ON YOU. I TRIED TO CALM YOU DOWN WHEN YOU WERE HAVING AN ATTACK EVEN THOUGH YOU SENT ME HATE (indirectly).

i’m willing to drop this but literally STOP MAKING ME OUT TO BE A BULLY ON YOUR BLOG?

don’t hit me for posting this again but idk what the heck i just did

but anyways I’m actually getting tan this summer yay

Trying to convince myself that 1:48am is NOT the time for pizza. Also I may be lactose intolerant so like..there basically is no good time for me to have pizza now.. ever.

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How do u save other people's snap chats stories

Theres apps but i cant do it anymore cuz like i think i did it too much bc like sc sent me an email saying they would lock my account if i did it again but idk what that means so i stopped


I am so proud of you. I came across your blog today and just thought “hey he hasn’t posted in a while” and I reblogged the first three or four naturey pictures I liked and didn’t really read anything on there or think much of it. I was going through my own posts just now and clicked on your blog to look at it again (idk just did) and what I saw really surprised me. I saw feminism posts and supportive body positive posts and lgbt rights and equality posts in general and hey don’t get me wrong, I am so happy to see that from anybody, but especially you. You who I once had no hope for, who I thought had no respect for women, their sexual rights, the lgbt community, etc. considering the way you treated me as a girlfriend, and others around us. The time between when we were together and now has changed you so much, and wow, I just am so happy it turned out for the better. It amazes me to no end. I am so so SO incredibly proud of you and the man you’ve become and I’m proud to call you my friend.