idk what i did again

Hey cis people heres some advice!

DON’T out trans and nonbinary people without their permission!

Just because they have come out to some people/are ‘out’ DOESN’T mean we feel comfortable or safe being out or open about being trans/non-cis with everyone!

And even if they are comfortable coming out it’s STILL rude as heck (not to mention potentially dangerous) to out a trans or nonbinary person without their permission or knowledge. It should ALWAYS be their call on who to tell AND who tells the person/people.

happy birthday @enbyezra !!! have a small hylian and his tall girlfriend

i’m probably gonna catch some heat for this but idk if i can like clarke again after what she did like yeah she didn’t go through with it but the fact that she doesn’t see anything wrong with becoming the next commander and basically mocking their ‘religion’ is just… yeah it’s a lot and i don’t like it

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Andreil prompt! Neil and Andrew celebrating their first win on the same pro team??? (Neil just being so happy and Andrew being happy because Neil is happy!!)

ahhh! i love this! it may not have turned out as fluffy as you wanted (apparently i’m having trouble producing fluff lately or whatever) but i think it still is pretty funny!

  • so i don’t think the bonus content ever say how long neil and andrew play on separate teams, but for the sake of this let’s just say that they don’t play together for two season
  • initially it’s pretty easy for both neil and andrew to play on separate teams but still live together and see each other only a couple times during the season
  • this means that one of them either owns another apartment closer to their team, or drives an insane distance everyday just to go back to the shared apartment (and tbh the answer is both, andrew owns an apartment closer to his team but decides to stay at the shared apartment if there isn’t a game the next day)

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negative thoughts about Tegoshi to stress him out

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Sherlock loves facemasks anon here! I hope you're feeling okay ❤ When Sherlock got a mild case of food poisoning and was laid up on the sofa, Rosie was very worried. John tried to reassure her and keep her occupied while Sherlock got some shut eye, and she was right by his side when Sherlock called for a glass of water and some Deflatines to soothe his gut rot. She crawled up on the bed next to him, Sherlock quieting John's gentle protest with a look, and made a big show of stroking his cheek(1)

and hair, and snuggled up next to him. “I help!” she chirped, placing the most gentle kiss on his nose. Both Sherlock and John were in awe of her. Seeing as it was nearly nap time, John took no issue with joining his family in bed, and watched as his loves dozed off in each other’s arms. Rosie sucked her thumb with one hand and kept a death grip on Sherlock’s soft tshirt. There was so much more colour in his cheeks as he slept; the love of his Watson’s was the ultimate cure. Once Sherlock was well enough, a small plastic doctor’s kit was purchased and john helped her to wrap bandages around her teddies sore arms and legs and heads and tummies. John even gave her a try of his own stethoscope, listening to Sherlock’s heart together, beating a steady tattoo bursting with love for them both. (Fin).



i came in like a wrecking ball; // a mix of the smh team’s fave karaoke songs // 

yo, capitanes! turn it up!

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Happy Birthday @trintownsentill (。・ω・。)ノ♡