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The waiting room:

Dave: Sooo… you can fly?

Hero MC: Yup.

Dave: cool.

Sam: Why are you here?

Hero MC: Things got intense, my friend with benefits is in a life and death situation so I decided to bail. Cant handle all the stress. What about you?

Sam: Well.. we needed to investigate Hayley Rose’s death…. but we didnt.. and people forgot… and stuff.. we’ve been here for a long, long time now.

Hero MC: You guys are detectives? Cool.

Dave: Well I am a practical handsome detective and she just has a fetish of running after a psychotic old man.

Hero MC: Well, I am dealing with a psychotic old man, a teenager and a really hard guy.

Sam and Dave: …… interesting

Trr MC: Well, its been fun being here with you guys, now excuse me its my time to claim a prince and to own a bitch. Time to get everyone in Cordonia to bow to me!

Dave: *sigh* How long will we be staying here again?

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you don't seem gay to me especially how you talk about bts lol

if you sent this to me a year ago, it probably would have really fucked me up, but since i am 100000% comfortable with myself and my sexuality, it didn’t! 

first, i’m gay as hell so idk what you’re talking about, but also, just don’t say this to people??? don’t question people’s sexualities??? if someone has decided to label themselves, you have to accept and respect that label. only they get to determine what labels they use to describe themselves. 

having to constantly confront compulsory heterosexuality already hinders me and others enough. i don’t need some random person questioning my sexuality, i already did that enough, for 24 years in fact. 

i am allowed to find bts attractive. other lesbians are allowed to find bts attractive. me finding bts attractive or any other man attractive doesn’t immediately rebuke my “lesbian card”, just like me dating men in the past doesn’t rebuke it either. my sexuality is my sexuality, not yours or anyone elses. 

i mean, have you seen them??? of course i find them attractive, and of course other lesbians do as well, they are beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that we want to be with them in any capacity. if i knew them irl, i’d only want to be friends. 

like i said, thankfully i am 1000000% comfortable with myself and my sexuality or this would have messed with me. it took me almost a quarter of a century to learn to love myself and who i am and fully accept every aspect of myself. i went through literal abuse to get here. so yeah, this ask is gross!!!!! 

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About the excerpt from chap 13 u posted... it has me in a veRY BIG DILEMMA... like now i kinda sorta really REALLY TRULY GENUINELY WANT A STUCKONY ENDING ?? But i also kinda don't because i want REALLY see how it ends between steve and tony and what happens?? And now idk what tO THINK THIS IS A CRISIS GIRL U ARE MAKING ME GO CRAZY

Ok so I sort of wanted a stuckony ending too
But here’s my reasoning against it::

I definitely am writing this to be Stony because I don’t have a single full length Stony fic and that’s just sad. Lost Boy is Stony but it’s only 10k words and we all know that’s not full length for me lol

Bucky is Steve’s BEST FRIEND and has no history about tony besides the fact that he broke Steve’s heart. Other than immediate physical attraction, I have a hard time believing Bucky OR Tony could get over the whole “Steve’s broken heart” thing to be together.

I think endgame Stuckony would take away from everything Steve and Tony have accomplished together. This whole journey through the woods has been them getting to know each other again and seeing new sides to each other and falling in love with each other NOW instead of who they used to be. And then what, Bucky swoops in with Brooklyn charm and wants in on it too?? I think that would just totally negate the whole idea of this fic.

PLUS Tony has Pepper who is his bestie and perfect and has always been there for him, and Steve has Bucky. So when it all is said and done… maybe Bucky comes and visits Steve in NY and meets Pepper and turns all that Brooklyn charm on her just for her to hold up a perfectly polished manicured hand and shake her pretty redhead and tell him “thanks but no thanks.” And Bucky is like WHAT?? She isn’t falling for my charm?? And proceeds to do everything in the world to get her to even look at him because nothing’s better to a playboy than a girl who plays hard to get??

Anyway all that rambling to say– no to stuckony lol

Ahahaha, you know, by now I am just fully YOLO about the current storyline. You want to know why, I can tell you why. Idk if you folks are aware, but I hang out with Oni and Blo alot in a little Skype group - we are the cool art kids, you know - and honestly, whatever Emmerdale throws at us, we had way more horrible ideas about what could happen. Like imagine worst case scenario and then going full speed into Bizarro!Emmerdale and you know, after that, you just feel like: Okay, I am ready for whatever will come. 
(Tbh it’s basically Blo and me doing this, meanwhile Oni is crying in her corner, disappointed in us, drawing cute comics for you guys, because she is a saint or something.)

there hasn’t been a lot of progress with Chester IRT his chronic pancreatitis (we go on Tuesday for his last blood test to see what enzymes he needs) but the special food and probiotic has definitely made him a bit more consistent. he uses the bathroom every other day now as opposed to sometimes up to 3 days without, and we are usually only outside for an hour now instead of a few like before. it’s not fixed but it is a little better. hopefully after all the money i am about to spend on Tuesday we will get him back to normal

also psa that if you ever wanna talk to me (to thread/plot/or just wanna talk to me) and ur scared to/intimidated: about a little over a month ago i broke my ankle while i was playing mini golf. let that sink in and think about the kind of person i fuckin am. are you still intimidated? yes? wtf who fucking breaks their ankle at mini golf. a dumb ass piece of shit meme that’s who

also also heads up i’m one of the slowest people on planet earth like i am literally part sloth so keep that in mind too

think it’s about time we stop making jokes about the amount of famous white boys named Chris, and about time we started focusing on Tom. Am I talking about Cruise? Hiddleston? Hardy? Holland? Hanks? Felton? Fletcher? Selleck? Welling? Ford? Hooper? Brady? It’s impossible to tell because apparently half the male population are called Tom.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


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Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows