idk what hes doin


knight-commander puppy eyes

(sort of a companion piece to this)

Not sure which I’m more into right now

Shipping Klance or picturing Pidge shipping Klance

imsg ✉
  • harry: i just seen a photo of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but the jam and peanut butter were in the shape of a heart and ive never been so angry in my life. why the fuck would you want a dry sandwich?? honestly, just eat the damn bread instead of wasting condiments like that. i am furious
  • harry: i also learned that hens talk to their chicks in soft tones while they are still in the egg, and chicks can be heard peeping back from inside the shell. and that makes humans lame as hell. why dont babies in the womb talk back to their parents? assholes
  • harry: and an owl's eyes can weigh up to five percent of their body weight. they could be five percent lighter if their eyes weren't so fucking big. fat asses.
  • harry: hello
  • harry: stop ignoring me