idk what happens there

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Awwww and then they would all have a nice picnic where everyone would fight over food which would maybe probably lead to a fucking food fight. (Google probably started it tbh).


Also, I forgot to mention, Wilf would be on a high wheel bicycle. Nobody knows where he got it and how it’s in such good condition but it’s pink and probably has a splash of blood on it somewhere. 

Anyways, yes. Google would be the instigator. He gets bored and can’t really consume human food so he goes for the alternative of using it as ammo against the other egos like he’d seen in movies. The first person to take him on is Wilf, who takes it way too seriously. He flings a banana at Google like a boomerang and it practically disintegrates on impact. Everyone takes cover and teams up to take down Wilf. Aside from those who decide to not take part or go against everyone else. 

idk-what-happened-tbh  asked:

For some random reason I just thought of dark going on a bike ride. Like as in a bicycle😂. OH AND LIKE GROUP BIKING LIKE YES SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. JUST ALL THE EGOS TAKING A NICE BIKE RIDE ON A LOVELY TRAIL AHHHHHH


Bim would bring a picnic basket and the Jims would ride a tandem. Dark would somehow rock a unicycle. The Host wouldn’t ride a bike but always seem to be just steps behind those who are. He’s wearing heelys but don’t tell anyone that. He wants to be intimidating. Google would be wearing roller skates proudly. Showing off at every turn. Ed would somehow have a horse. Nobody knows how and when he got it. Silver would tell everyone that he’d catch up. Claiming that he can fly there. He takes the bus. King of the Squirrels runs. Dr. Iplier is in a meeting but promises that he’d meet them at the picnic spot. He drives there. 

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


Your lips are cold, dude