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aka, the terrible streamer au where Lance is an overwatch streamer who thinks he is the bestestest widow and one day there is this one Hanzo named Keith on the other team who keeps picking him off early in game and bc of that Lance gets demoted.

The chat ships them, Lance hates him.


“Father Mulcahy hauling Frank bodily out of the OR in The Kids” -requested by @brinnanza)


Now comes the hard part. You have to kill me. I’m calling your bluff.

Im DYING right now what if there was a wizard/witch (Hermione) who became a muggle bartender after Hogwarts and, based on the people who come in, gives people potions that will help solve whatever problem they’re currently facing in the drinks that she gives them? She does this with nearly everyone who comes and orders and gets a reputation as this wonderful bartender because of how great they feel after leaving. Anyways.

One day while Harry is sitting at the counter telling her all about some failed date with a guy who only wanted to meet up for sex, Draco walks in. Draco, her most loyal customer. Draco, who she knows has been pining over Harry for years and hasn’t had the know-how to walk up to him and spit it out. And there’s Harry, wounded after years of trying and trying and trying, only to be ignored by the one guy he wants most. And oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. She knows just what she has to do. 

She’s poured the truth serum into their drinks before you can say “Wingardium Leviosa.”

That’s all. Continue this if you like. Or maybe this will FUCKING GET LOST BECAUSE OF BEST STUFF FIRST WHICH I HAvE NOW DISCOVERED IS A THING BUT ANYWAYS I needed to get this out of me before I like actually exploded byeeeeee


I grew up among those who sold the illusion of love, and then I was trained to make my heart cold in favor of the kill. Everything I have been taught says what I feel is wrong. Yet I cannot help it.

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Was it ever confirmed that Yuuri bought both rings?

Sort of? Yuuri’s VA Toyonaga said in an interview published in Animage that Yuuri bought “pair rings”; although “pair ring” can just mean a singular engagement or wedding ring, ie one that would go in a pair, the plural implies that 2 were bought. 

However, there is a singular on the receipt? 

And Yuuri said “this one,” implying a singular? He could’ve meant this as in “this pair” but this is what we have to work with. 

When they go to exchange rings Yuuri puts one on Victor 

(I want you to keep in mind that Yuuri is holding nothing but Victor’s hand and 1 ring in his own)

Yuuri’s hands go to his side, where Victor then picks them back up and slides another gold ring onto Yuuri’s finger.

We don’t see a scene where Yuuri gives him another ring, Victor never reaches for the bag, and it would be a little odd of Yuuri to throw a ring at Victor and say “hold onto this, we gotta walk somewhere.” So is there a moment we missed where Victor got the ring? Did he have one of his own? Am I reading too far into this? Idk. 

Also, idk if this has anything to do with this, but the next morning Victor’s ring is engraved with a Y and ice skates 

So when did that happen lmao? And so fast too? 

I have no clue what’s going on. 

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Can you give me a snippet of what your pwp would be with kaisoo and kyungsoo bracelets? pls ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

  • Title: sexy gestures-gestures, baby (your gestures-gestures)
  • Rating: nc-17 // pwp, smut??, hand/wrist partialism
  • Loosely inspired by the lyrics from “Touch It” and Kyungsoo’s stage look for KOKOBOP on Music Core 170722.
  • Disclaimer: This is unbeta-ed and probably not the best but it’s 8AM and I haven’t slept yet and ksoo’s wrists are really beautiful fam

“Why don’t you keep them on for a bit?” Jongin asks, watching wearily as Kyungsoo retrieves a pair of fabric scissors from somewhere up in the cabinet. The tool is still in the plastic packaging, and Jongin watches as Kyungsoo bites at a corner of cardboard and attempts to rip it open, burgundy lips curled back and thick brows furrowed. Fuck. Jongin swallows thickly around the waves of saliva piling under his tongue.

His eyes skitter down to the bands of beads and rolled string layering over the other’s wrists, setting his jaw as Kyungsoo spits a tiny cardboard piece into the air.

“I’ve had them on all day,” he says, distractedly, and uses his fingers this time to pick at the little hole he’s just made. Jongin deflates a little. That’s true. But then again, Jongin didn’t get the pleasure to indulge in the sight of Kyungsoo wearing them all day, so it still feels like an injustice to humanity. And most importantly his dick.

Kyungsoo never wears bracelets. Never wears accessories, in general - so Jongin really has to make the most of the incredibly rare occasions when a stylist decides to include any piece of jewelry in the vocalists’ attire. It’d been a long fucking drought for him, too. He’d almost forgotten how well they looked on Kyungsoo when holy fucking damn shit fuck there they were, in all their beautiful magical wonder, those blessed bracelets on those blessed wrists. They were Jongin’s favorite kind, too, the loose type that hung down against the heels of Kyungsoo’s palms and accentuated the skinny dip from forearm to wrist. Bouts of color and beads. There were a couple tighter ones, knotted beautifully beside the wrist joint. Thin chains and dangly ends. Contrasting like utter art to the broadness of his palms, shaped by heaven, and glossed with long… long…round fingers and blue veins faintly protruding under soft skin.

Jongin had to check his pants and make sure cum wasn’t already leaking out of his dick. There wasn’t any. Thank God for biology and super tight boner-killer jeans.

“They suit you, though.” Jongin tries softly, but he isn’t holding onto much hope. Kyungsoo’s already got the scissors out. Dammit.

He’d come back to the dorm with them on after forgetting to take them off in the dressing room, and Jongin really could’ve cried jizz because that meant Kyungsoo would have to keep wearing them until tomorrow, at least - and that meant he’d get pure, unadulterated extra hours of Those Bracelets on Those Wrists. Heavenly quality content. There were no words to properly convey of the amount of emotions swirled up inside Jongin; he was no better than a sexually frustrated teenager at this point.

He wanted to touch them. He wanted to feel the edges of the strings with his fingertips, and roll the beads against his palms. Dig his fingertips over the veins on the back of Kyungsoo’s hands as he laced their fingers. Press his lips against those flat palms, or maybe tremble at the loose threads tickling against his skin as Kyungsoo pressed him into the sheets. Oh God, how he wanted. Kyungsoo didn’t understand the amount of power he possessed.

He’s brought out of his reverie when he realizes Kyungsoo is cocking a brow at him, curious. “What’s that face?” He mumbles, fiddling with one if the knots of the rolled string ones as a last attempt of removing it without cutting it in half. Kyungsoo and breaking jewelry were two peas in a pod - so maybe that’s why the stylists rarely give him any to wear. Such a pity. He’s already taken the beaded ones off along with the couple chains, leaving only three. Two on his right wrist, one on his left. All black and dangling and pretty.

Jongin blinks slowly, shrinking minimally against the couch cushions. “What face?”

Kyungsoo’s lips edge into a subtle smirk, leaning his weight to one side from where he’s standing near the kitchen entryway. “You look like you could cry.”

Jongin snickers, rubbing the side of his nose as he looks at his socks. It’s not far from the truth, honestly. His cock is already in mourning.

A brief silence lulls between them, and then suddenly Kyungsoo is stood closer to him, hand held out and wrist turned up towards the ceiling. Jongin’s stomach flutters and his shoulders tingle, and it looks so soft - his arm, it looks so soft and firm and smooth and steady and– “Can you try? I can’t get the knot undone.”

Jongin’s throat bobs, lips pressing into a thin line as he swallows, and his eyes dance along the length of Kyungsoo - hand, forearm, bicep, chest, collarbones, lips, eyes, and back down again - in quick little jumps. He can touch. Kyungsoo’s even asking him to. Good God. He tentatively raises his left hand, softly grazing the underside of the older’s right forearm before his fingers circle around, inching down to the narrowing of his wrist were the bracelets rest.

He traces along the protrusion of a vein, following it all the way to the joint on the side, then over to the inner seam of his wrist, where he rolls the strings under the pad of his thumb and sinks his teeth into his lower lip. Kyungsoo shifts barely, raising his other hand to slowly rotate the bracelet until the little knot comes up beside Jongin’s thumb.

“It’s really tight.” He mumbles, and Jongin can feel the burning heat of being watched. Kyungsoo’s gaze, like fire, is searing his senses with warmth and frying his nerves. He silently revels in it, thumbing over the knot so it presses into Kyungsoo’s skin.

“You could just leave them on.” He says, using his thumbnail to pick at one of the taut ties. It doesn’t budge, so he brings his other hand up to hold Kyungsoo’s hand steady and pull him a little closer, for better leverage. He uses his index finger this time, trying to pry one of the strings loose from the knot - but it’s ultimately futile.

He ponders for a moment. He wets his lips, then leans down, carefully taking the knot between his teeth. He can feel the heat of Kyungsoo’s skin beneath his lips; wonders if he could feel his pulse if he pressed hard enough. His nose nudges into the other’s arm as he cranes his neck slightly, closing his lips around the knot and scraping at it lightly with his lower set of teeth, searching for an edge. He hears Kyungsoo’s deep breath above him, and tilts his head a little more to try with his canines. He nibbles at it, but the knot keeps popping out his hold, dampened from his saliva and impressively stubborn. He leans back, fingering the bracelet as he reevaluates the tie.

Kyungsoo tastes of stale cologne and hairspray. Which should be- and probably would be in any other situation- unappealing, but Jongin likes the way it lingers vaguely on his mouth as he licks his lips again. His gaze flits up and finds Kyungsoo’s glossy orbs already settled on him, hooded and dark in the soft lamp light, lips pouted out barely from the way he’s looking down at the younger.

Jongin maintains eye contact the second time he leans down, closing his eyes just as his lips meet the inside of Kyungsoo’s wrist once more in a soft, light kiss - chapped skin against smooth. “Leave them on.” He whispers in a small puff of breath, feeling Kyungsoo’s fingers curl against the underside of his chin.

“You like them that much?” Kyungsoo rasps softly, harmlessly pinching some skin between his fingers and nudging his knuckles against the faint stubble already growing back in.

Jongin nods barely, eyes faintly scrunched  as his jaw goes lax and his tongue peeks out to quickly dab against a blue vein hidden under thin lays of pale skin. So beautiful. “Tonight,” he says, and his eyes slowly open, half-lidded and pupils blown, pleading and earnest, “leave them on for me, Soo.”

"Actually, can I ride you?"

YO sO I Wrote A FIc anD it’s SmuT Im GoINg StrAIght To HELL i HoPE to See u alL ThEre alONG wITh dan ANd PhIl excePT tHEY arE Not GOIng stRaiGHt to HelL cUz thEY Be NOt stRaighT oOps

Also I am a child what am I doing with my life and this is my first fic and i can’t write if my life depended on it so ignore the mistakes also I haven’t reread it so :c
Tags?: SMUT (yes we r all sinners oops), masturbation, high school au I guess, riding and idk I kinda forgot what happens haha
Anyway read it if u want here we go.

Dan and Phil were in school. They hated it. They were both bullied for being gay. They were both teased for their relationship. They hated everything about to school. It felt like them vs the world, like everyone was against them. It was lunch and dan and Phil were both sat outside on the bench under the tree which was their usual spot. “Do you still want to come over tonight?” Dan asked while cuddled up to Phil. “Ye.” Phil relied. “You might as well stay the night, I’ll ask my mum.” Dan said as he grabbed his phone and texted his mum. She replied within minutes. Phil had a really good relationship with dans parents. They were always polite and it felt like home, he could just walk in whenever he wanted and it wouldn’t be questioned. “She says sure.” Dan said with a smile. “I’ll go home first and then I’ll come over because I need to get my stuff.” They spent the rest of lunch enjoying being in each other company. The bell rang and they went off to their lessons.

Dan came home and slung his bag on his bed. He immediately got changed and made sure his room was presentable enough for Phil, not that Phil would care but it felt like the right thing to do. After he had finished tidying dan received a text from Phil saying “Hey, I’m just gonna do the dishes and wait for my mum to come home from work so she can drive me because i really can’t be bothered walking. I’ll be an hour max. Xx <3” Dan smiled and replied. Dan thought he would use the time he had left logically. Dan, after all is a teen, and Dan and Phil hadn’t had sex yet. Which is obviously understandable, they had made out(a lot) and on a few incidents they had come in their pants but haven’t had sex. He figured that because he didn’t want to make it awkward when he enviably got a boner while they were sleeping next to each other he would quickly sort himself before Phil got there. To try and prevent and awkward situations.

Dan rushed to his room where his laptop was, took off his super tight ripped jeans, with struggle. And he proceeded to remove the rest of his clothes and opened his laptop. He searched for some gay porn and propped his laptop at the perfect angle, throwing his head back. He was already hard, Gotta love being a teenager. He poured some lube onto his hand and slightly stroked his now extremely hard dick. Using whatever lube was left on his hand he began fingering himself with one finger. Lot long after he added another, and another.

Phil opened the door and walked in, surprised Dan wasn’t downstairs waiting for him like he usually is. He assumed dan was in his room and just hadn’t heard him so he sprinted up the stairs and turned left then stopped as he started hearing small whimpers almost moans coming from the room at the end of the hall, Dans room. He slowly walked to his door and pushed it open to reveal dan completely naked spread out on his bed, his fingers up his ass, laptop open and releasing moans. Dan somehow still hadn’t noticed the surprise visitor at the door, too busy pushing his fingers in and out of his ass quickly. Phil could feel himself harder than ever and pulsing inside his jeans. “Preparing for me, are we?” Phil said with a smirk, he didn’t really know what happened he just kind of blurted it out. Dans eyes shot open his cheeks burning red from the heat, hair sticking to his forehead. He yelped. Grabbed his quilt to cover himself and shut his laptop as quick as he could. Phil walked over to dan. It felt like it was in slow motion Phil removed his shoes and his pants, his t-shirt slowly following. Dan was still in complete shock and unable to tear his eyes away from the huge bulge in Phils boxers. Phil sat at the end of the bed and pulled of the quilt before getting on top of dan and locking their lips. At this point dan didn’t care anymore and devoted all his attention to the present. Kissing Phil felt amazing like every time they kissed sparks flew. Dan began tugging at the band of Phils boxers before pulling them off completely and tossing them to the side. “Lube?” Phil asked out of breath. “Top drawer.” Dan replied also out of breath. Phil broke apart their kiss to reach over and grab the lube. He poured onto his hand and spread all over his dick. “Are you ready?” Phil said still on top of dan. “Actually, can I ride you?” Dan asked shyly turning even brighter red which he didn’t think was possible. Phil nodded and rolled over so he was on his back laying next to dan. Dan sat up and looked at Phil who was smirking at him. Dan lifted one leg over him so his ass kinda lined up with phils dick. He put his hands either side of Phil to stabilise himself. “I’m ready, are you?” Dan asked. Phil moaned and nodded in response because even the thought of dan riding him was enough to send pulses straight to his throbbing dick. Dan lowered himself onto Phil slowly as soon as they made contact Phil whined in pleasure and couldn’t help to let a few moans escape his mouth. Dans eyes shut quickly as he pushed further and further down. Dan stopped when he reached the base of Phils cock. He lifted himself up an slowly building a rhythm. phil was completely gone, a moaning mess. Dan picked up the pace slowly but surly and making sure to keep trying to angle himself so that phil would hit his prostate. And there it was, dan moaned and screamed in absolute pleasure. Phil smiled because he knew he had just hit his prostate. Dan stayed at this angle moving even faster. Hitting his prostate every time. “Da…Dan I’m gonn….gonna come!” Phil groaned. “D…do yyyou want to stop?” Phil continued. “No phil, IIII don’t care please cum for me. In me.” Dan replied in absolute awe. “I think I’m clo…close too phil.”
Phil took this as a sign to start stroking dans dick which was throbbing and leaking, this made dan scream once again. “DANNNN!” Phil yelled as he came into dan, dan still bouncing on Phil helping him ride out his orgasm. As Phil finished than couldn’t hold it any longer and he came hard onto Phils chest and hand. Dan finished and rolled of Phil to lay down next to him. “Sorry.” Dan replied looking at Phil covered in his cum. “Don’t be it’s fine. It was more than fine actually it was hot as hell if I’m being honest.” Phil replied making them both laugh.

They stood up and started to dress, Phil looked over at his incredibly hot boyfriend who was still flustered and he could already feel himself getting hard again. Dan spotted Phil looking at him and he smiled back and he looked down and saw his boyfriend was completely hard. “Round 2?” Dan asked giggling. “Fuck. I hate being a teen.” Was all phil could reply with as he locked their lips. “I’ve never been more happy about the fact that my parents work late.” Dan chuckled. “Shut up and take of your boxers.” Phil replied both of them laughing so much that it hurt.

***************** Okay so why r people actually reading this I’m so confused aha thanks I guess

Valentines ; Soohyun & Chanhyuk

Characters: Soohyun / Chanhyuk / Fem!Reader
A/N: bless you jhoe anon for requesting 🙏 i love these siblings so much like ??? how can they be so adorable // i changed the pov to third person for this one


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Valentine’s Day was the day that the Lee siblings weren’t exactly excited about. As idols, they didn’t get much time to socialize, much less date. Even if they could, they weren’t allowed to as of then.

“I’m jealous,” Soohyun pouted as she watched numerous couples walk passed. She and her brother, Chanhyuk, decided to spend the day at a mall. Now, they were starting to regret the choice, as they were surrounded with an array of red and pink hearts, coupled with the crowds of loving pairs.

Chanhyuk grimaced, shaking his head as he adjusted his mask. “I’d rather not know about your desperation, thanks,” he mumbled sarcastically. Soohyun shot him a playful glare, pushing his shoulder. 

“I am not desperate, thank you very much.”

The siblings continued their trek through the crowded corridors of the shopping centre, squeezing through people as they moved. “Why did we go to this mall,” Soohyun grumbled once they finally reached a deserted corner of the building, brushing imaginary dust off her shoulder.

“Why are you asking me?” Chanhyuk huffed, “this was your idea.” The two continued to bicker, making faces at each other despite their masks.

Suddenly, Chanhyuk waved a hand, scrunching his eyebrows together. “What–” Soohyun was interrupted when Chanhyuk placed a hand over her mask. “Shut up for a second,” he whispered.

So she did, straining her ears to hear whatever Chanhyuk was so fussed about. When she heard it, she frowned, craning her neck to find where the noise was coming from.

Someone was sobbing.

The broken sobs were quiet, but loud enough for the two to hear in the secluded area. “It’s coming from over there,” Chanhyuk noted, pointing toward an ATM machine. Both of them moved toward the machine, the cries getting louder as they did.

Soohyun leaned over the side of the machine, somewhat shocked to see a young girl, perhaps her age, sitting against the machine with her knees to her chest. “Are you okay?” she asked, crouching down to meet her eyes. The girl jumped, obviously not expecting the sudden company. Chanhyuk stood behind Soohyun, concern bubbling in his stomach.

The girl hastily wiped her damp cheeks with the back of her hand and went to stand up. Chanhyuk, however, placed a hand on her shoulder, halting her movements. 

“Hey, it’s alright,” he said gently, trying to comfort the girl. He gulped when she looked up at him, [e/c] eyes glazed over with tears. She’s pretty, he thought, mind going blank.

Upon seeing her brother’s expression, Soohyun chuckled to herself. Standing up, she gave the girl a worried look. “Are you okay?” she asked again. The girl hesitated for a second before shaking her head.

“What happened?” Soohyun questioned, hoping she wasn’t crossing a line. The girl’s shoulders visibly sagged as she frowned. “My boyfriend of three years,” she mumbled, her tone unpleasant, “decided to break up with me today of all days. Through a text message.”

The Lee siblings both gasped, looking at each other with wide eyes. “He must’ve been a real jerk to break up over text,” spoke Chanhyuk, shaking his head. 

Soohyun frowned as she looked at the girl’s disheartened expression. Biting her lip, she glanced at Chanhyuk. “Why don’t you come to the internet cafe with us?” she suggested, shrugging. “We were just about to go there anyway. That way, you can forget about your asshole of a boyfriend.”

Ignoring Chanhyuk’s judging expression, presumptively because of her cursing, Soohyun looked to the girl for an answer. “Are you sure?” she asked, glancing between the two. “I wouldn’t want to interrupt your date.”

Simultaneously, Chanhyuk and Soohyun cringed, moving away from each other in disgust. “We’re siblings,” Chanhyuk clarified after seeing her confused look.

The girl thought for a second before nodding, “if it’s really alright with the two of you.”

Chanhyuk smiled, hiding the joyous expression behind his mask. “What’s your name?” he asked once they started walking toward the cafe. “Ah, right, I’m [Y/F/N]. It’s nice to meet the both of you,” [Y/N] quietly thanked Soohyun for a handkerchief, dabbing the soft fabric against her cheeks gently.

“What about you two?” [Y/N] asked, playing with a strand of hair near her face. The siblings glanced at each other, unsure of whether or not they should tell the truth.

“I’m Lee Soohyun,” she said, deciding to be honest with her newfound friend. “Lee Chanhyuk,” Chanhyuk nodded.

[Y/N] paused, tilting her head. “I swear I’ve heard that before,” she mumbled, frowning. “Our names are common,” Soohyun chuckled nervously. Chanhyuk nodded frequently, staring straight ahead.

Her suspicion dispersing, [Y/N] accepted the answer and caught up. 

[Y/N] let out a noise of awe upon entering the internet cafe, her eyes trailing over the numerous computer screens and over the interesting art on the wall. Chuckling at her cute reaction, Chanhyuk shuffled from foot to foot. “Have you never been to one of these before?”

[Y/N] shook her head. “I haven’t lived in Korea for that long, so I haven’t gotten the chance to explore much.” Soohyun’s interest peaked, “where did you live before?”

“[Country]. It’s really nice there,” [Y/N] smiled fondly at the thought of her hometown. 

Chanhyuk nodded, looking away to hide his admiration. “Let’s go sit down.”

The three of them found seats next to each other, with the siblings sitting on either side of [Y/N]. “Let’s play this,” [Y/N] beamed, pointing at her computer screen excitedly. 

The three spent the next few hours playing video games, shooting at one another, and yelling in the process (only to be shushed by the cafe owner.)

“I need to use the washroom,” [Y/N] announced, standing up as she slipped off the headphones. The siblings paused their games, nodding up at her. They watched as she disappeared behind a door before looking at one another.

“You so like her,” Soohyun exclaimed, wearing a mischievous expression on her face. Chanhyuk blushed, shaking his head. “I do not, hush.”

Soohyun giggled, pointing a finger in Chanhyuk’s direction. “Brother’s in love,” she sang teasingly. Chanhyuk narrowed his eyes at her, about to retort when he noticed [Y/N] coming back.

He immediately sat back in his chair, moving his mask further up his face in order to hide his obvious blush. Soohyun laughed at her brother’s antics, confusing [Y/N] as she sat down.

“What’d I miss?” she asked, slipping the headphones onto her neck. Chanhyuk glanced at Soohyun over [Y/N]’s shoulder, shaking his head vehemently. Laughing, Soohyun shook her head.

“Nothing. Let’s continuing playing.”

hi im not the biggest taylor swift fan BUT jake is so it gave me feelings and then this happened pls cry with me also shoutout to @mermaeids bc she’s the only taylor stan i follow and i got 99% of my info seeing her on my dash oops

  • okay so taylor dropped “look what you made me do” while jake was in prison and obvs amy plays it for him thru the phone and its rly quiet and awful quality but jakes LIVING for it and amy tries to relay all the media drama that came with the release bc she knows jake would want to keep up with everything
  • lets be real its probably one of the first things jake does when he gets home like obviously he has higher priorities first but,,, he definitely plays the single like 10 times in a row at like 1am and he’s definitely NOT CRYING okay
  • he cried
  • jake freaking out when the other singles dropped though and the “ready for it” MUSIC VIDEO listen he’s got this playing at the precinct he’s showing it to everyone even the perps like !!!!!!! its on mute oc because holt wasnt having it but its okay its fine jake already knows all of the lyrics and sound effects and he’s mumbling them under his breath
  • but okay here’s the kicker when the ALBUM drops you know our boi is gonna stay up to buy it immediately he’s pretty chill about it for most of the day but in the last hour he’s HYPED is incapable of thinking bout ANYTHING ELSE
  • amy just goes to sleep like listen her fiance (FIANCE!!) is adorable and she loves him but she cannot keep up with his enthusiasm
  • she wakes up like 2 seconds later when jake starts yelling and dancing around the apartment as soon as he hears the first note and like she knows sleeping was futile she’s prepared to now spend the next two hours dancing in the living room with him and its maybe a LITTLE cute okay but she trudges out of the bedroom very gloomily
  • “oh babe youre up!!! listen to this!!”
  • okay im not even kidding listen to me “dress” is jake’s favorite song i will FIGHT EVERYONE bc listen it has highkey peraltiago vibes but also a super hella vibe (and maybe it’s just my favorite song too but u cant prove anythin)
  • but LISTEN TO ME the peraltiago vibes bc most of taylor’s songs are badass don’t fuck with me songs and jake is YELLIN but my baby’s got a soft heart for the more romantic songs don’t even deny it and then to be dancing around goofily to lyrics that?? remind you of ur cute sleepy fiancee who’s sitting on the couch and laughing at you but looking at you with so much love okay bye
  • but the bEST PART ABOUT DRESS is that the line is,,, literally,,, “i only bought this dress so you could take it off” and listen jake’s just telling amy why he likes this song cuz it reminds him of her a little and then her teasing him about thAT LINE and listen im not saying jake literally buys himself a dress so amy can take it off but he definitely does that
  • and okay but AMY my precious this isnt her type of music yknow and she can appreciate jake loving the music and having fun with him but when the last song comes on,,,, “new years day” THIS SONG its cute and slow and lovey dovey and amy is digging it
  • like jake is suddenly not sure what to do because he can’t excitedly dance to this one but its okay amy is Overwhelmed bc this song ignites FEELINGS in you trust me and she’s jus thinking about how?? lucky she is?? to be listening to music at 2am in the morning and singing along and dancing (or at least watching jake do most of the latter)?? and she just?? loves him so much??
  • so she gets up from where she was curled up on the couch to kiss him and he’s like !!! bc unexpected and then they start slow dancing around their living room but like a giggly, sleep deprived slow dance with lots of stolen kisses
  • im not saying they dance to that song at their wedding but they dance to that song at their wedding okay bye

Best Friend!Chensung!

Sorry I didn’t post earlier! I was quite busy today! ⭐️ Requests are open! (I have only 8 days until school, so request away while I’m not at my busiest!) ⭐️ Requested ⭐️ Hope you like this! If not, you can always tell me! ⭐️ masterlist

  • end my constant suffering pls
  • completely two-sided friendship
  • like one minute you could all be 
  • “o,h my god ily!!!!!!”
  • and then chenle laughs and the roasting begins
  • depending on your age, you can either tease them about being older or fight both of them at the same time (i believe in you!!!)
  • your feelings probably would have been hurt only once
  • they’re very considerate of what makes you sad and uncomfortable
  • and most likely take notice of your body language and how you act if they mention something touchy or offensive to you
  • so they back off right away and apologize so cutely
  • chenle would probably give a huge hug later and just lAUGH so precious and sweet and it’d make you forget about why he even apologized
  • i wish i had a chenle i would be happy at last smh
  • jisung would just slide a note under the bathroom door while your brushing your teeth or just fixing your hair idk and it would be so sincere and it would come with candy from chenle kms love him please
  • chenle’s family probably loves u so much tbh
  • texting just happens when you’re not with each other or when they want to use you to get things when you’re like 2 feet away
  • “y/n can you get me my snacks???”
  • “ok but jisung listen to this!!”
  • “what?”
  • purposely pushes you off the couch
  • “oops”
  • chenle gets the snacks but stands up on the chair so big maknae can’t reach to avenge you
  • lot’s of movie nights and sleepovers at your home so there’s all the freedom
  • using jisung’s big ass hands as face warmers
  • also using chenle as a warmer but his hugs,,,,,i feel like he is very naturally warm chenle pls marry me ily
  • you repay them by getting ice cream or ramen chenle cheering for ramyeon is so cute i’m amost crying
  • lots of jacket stealing because they are so lARGE i mean idk about you all but if i wore one of their jackets i’d probably suffocate 
  • they are also good to go to when you are having a rough time and don’t want to talk about it
  • i feel like they may struggle with talking about problems and making people feel better verbally
  • so they could just sit with you at the park and talk about their days and what they’re looking forward to while eating some snacks and just talking together but also managing to include you
  • i noticed that jisung doesn’t really speak a lot on camera, but chenle says he’s very talkative
  • so i imagine if you were a very close friend of his then he would always have something to say if the situation was appropriate
  • probably pokemon battles on a really old ds at 3am i BET 
  • going with just chenle to go out for food and leaving jisung lmao
  • no regrets
  • when you both come back chenle is just laughing with you bc sungie is salty
  • but then you give him his favorite order from the place you went to and he is running to get a fork
  • asking each other to look over and then getting really ugly pictures for blackmail
  • chenle probably wouldn’t care,,,,have u seen his past pictures i’m cccryin
  • a friendship full of trust where even phone passwords are shared because it’s nice to know ur friends won’t go through things that’ll make you uncomfortable
  • probably just go on each others phones to play games and change screensavers to embarrassing pictures from like four years ago
  • birthdays, valentine’s day, christmas…..any holiday is very important
  • presents on every holiday
  • and they’re never bad ones either
  • just meaningful or a kind gesture to show love and care
  • a big circle of love and memes and support and happiness
  • everyone is jealous of this 
  • i am tbh
  • save me 

thsi is so cut e i’m sobbing


honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics