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Everything I Know About The Stormlight Archive Based On ~The Internet~

And by “Know” I mean am half-guessing/completely making up because I’ve seen about 10 posts on my dash but I’m reading this thing today so


-One of them is Shallon Davar and she’s a ginger

-But her left hand is always covered????? What happened there.

-Also Pattern. I’m not even gonna guess on that one; looks weird.

-And then there’s Kaladin. He seems to have a blue color pallet.

-He has weird markings on his forehead, and probably other places. No idea what that’s about, but they look cool.

-Kaladin looks cool. I am interested in Kaladin.

-He also has a Navi. Named Syl? Idk but she looks smol and blue and I like her.

-There’s also someone named Dalinar Kholin.

-I know literally nothing about Dalinar.

-Roshar. Is what the world is called. Probably.

-I’m sure the magic stuff has a name too but I’m forgetting it. There is magic right? I’m pretty sure there is.

-I am a stick.

-But you could be fire.

-Do they use “Storms” as a swear word? 

The books are long af. I think I will enjoy this.

John buys Sherlock flowers.

It’s on a whim; he walks straight past the florist on the commute home every other day, doesn’t he? Only today the gaudy Easter arrangements and strands of faerie lights are something like a siren song, and he stops in front of the shop and bites his lip and stares at the window, and something in him says that this is a thing he ought to do.

He never bought his girlfriends flowers.  They wilt and die, after all, and there’s all that awkward scrambling for water and a vase to put them in. Always seemed a sad waste of ten quid.  Wine was a far more sound investment for an evening.

Sherlock won’t expect flowers, though, and there’s something about that that makes the idea infinitely more appealing.  There’s no generic flowers-chocolates-wine-jewelry progression with Sherlock.  There are instead ‘here, I saw this book on people who’ve been killed by their exotic pets and thought you’d enjoy it’ gifts and ‘here’s a Lucky Cat because I love making you laugh’ gifts, and he thinks flowers might be just the thing for a ‘here, I think you’re lovely and wanted you to have something lovely’ gift.  It might even be a surprise, and it’s not often John gets the pleasure of surprising the World’s Most Observant Man.

He goes inside and stands there awkwardly, tries to browse casually and feels more awkward still.  Eventually the shop-keep takes pity on him and strolls over and gives what sounds like a prepared sales pitch for straight blokes.  Which is fair enough, John thinks, but he still appreciates how the man’s demeanor loosens up considerably when he tells him he’s looking for something for his partner, emphasis on the not-a-wife-or-girlfriend.

He leaves the shop with a recommendation for a pub he ought to check out, several enthusiastic well-wishes for his and Sherlock’s relationship, and a dramatic bundle of irises wrapped up in soft green paper.

They’re tall, and curly, and vibrantly purple.  They make him smile.

He jogs up the stairs back at 221b to the bellow of Sherlock’s voice telling him he’s late, and that he shouldn’t have bothered stopping for bread on the way home because Mrs. Hudson already brought some.

John wears a small, knowing smirk that grows into a grin that grows into a wide, joyful smile at the sight of Sherlock’s furrowed brow and sudden, surprised silence.  This is good; this is very good.

John clears his throat and ducks his head slightly, holding out the flowers and watching Sherlock as he stands there quietly in his pajamas.  John thinks he can feel his face go red.  He tells Sherlock the flowers are for him.  He tells him he saw them and thought of him.  He tells him lots of things, talks about the supportive shop-keep, makes a few awkward jokes, realizes he’s rambling nervously, and shuts up after a minute.

Sherlock takes the flowers.

He stares at them, blinks a few more times, then shifts into John’s space and leans down and gathers him into a hug with his free arm, dropping his face into the space between John’s neck and his jacket collar.  There are muffled words spoken into his skin, something like ‘thank you, they’re beautiful’ and ‘no-one’s ever.’  John brings his arms around Sherlock’s waist and breathes into the curls at the nape of his neck.  They smell dusty and warm, like an unwashed day spent in the flat.

He feels suddenly nauseous with how much he loves him.  He does.  He’d buy him flowers every damn day if it would make him happy, fill the flat with them; sod his pollen allergy.

He watches a few minutes later as Sherlock clatters through his lab supplies and rifles through the kitchen cupboards before finally holding up an enormous beaker with a triumphant flourish and filling the thing carefully with water and irises and the little packet of plant food that came with them, and John thinks the awkward scrambling for a vase didn’t turn out to be that bad after all.

Pro-A.I. Propaganda Poster

This is for one of my classes’ final projects, in which we have to give our opinion on what will happen if/when Technological Singularity (aka bona fide Artificial Intelligence) occurs in our lifetimes. I am of the opinion that, should we create something that has its own intelligence/consciousness but is not human, we still have the responsibility of taking care of them — our proverbial children, if you please.

In other words: There’s too many movies were computer intelligence are evil, and I like to think that an actual AI can be a good person. So there :P

This poster also features/utilizes the idea that if an A.I. has a synthetic, physical body, it will start out as children and “grow” into adulthood. Or something. idk.

*mild trolls film spoilers sorta ahead*

I don’t feel well so I’m gonna come up with some stuff idk. Take it as you will.

  • Branch tries his hand at art once in a while. He and Poppy go back to the forest to go through his bunker and get some supplies and Poppy finds some portraits he did of various things, including other trolls and then one picture that’s just a bunch of pink and blue and green blobs. She asks Branch what it is and he just shrugs and says, “abstract art” but  Poppy keeps it because she likes it a lot for some reason.
  • Poppy goes searching for a new pod at the tree and just so happens to pick the one near Branch’s pod and he doesn’t say anything but he is so happy about it and offers to help build all her Ikea furniture.
  • Branch still trying to figure out if Poppy likes him that way and setting up a chart of things and pictures she does to flirt with him connected by string because old habits die hard. Poppy sees it one day and starts cracking up and then just starts messing with him so eventually the string just goes in a giant circle.
  • You can see the sunset very well from the top of the tree and sometimes Poppy goes up there to have some time to herself and one night Branch comes up and finds her there and is surprised to just see her so quiet and collected. She doesn’t even notice him because she’s got her eyes shut feeling the breeze and just being beautiful and serene. He ends up coming to watch her every night for a week before he works up the nerve to ask if he can join her cause he doesn’t want to be ab other to her.
  • Branch and Poppy have known each other since they were kids and one night they’re talking and start telling each other the nicknames they had for each other when they were small and eventually it gets out of hand and Poppy gets lowkey mad about Branch calling her “Poopy Poppy” so she calls him “Blanch” for a week straight before he finally makes it up to her by bringing her flowers and a badly made apology card.

hey guys after this episode we were suffering and then we had a thought: why not find other people who want to suffer with us? wouldn’t that be fun?? and then this happened!!


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I don't know if you still are taking prompts but if you are (this one is sort of dark), what would happen if Percy kept on controlling the poison in Tartarus, (Idk how to spell it) out of pure rage.

1.) Honestly, I’m always taking prompts so whenever you guys have one feel free to send them in, its just some days I have more time than others and will get to writing them faster. 2.) oHH damn this is gonna be dark but let’s go!

-When Percy starts to choke Achlys, he doesn’t hear Annabeth because oh god this feels good, getting payback and seeing “just how much misery Misery can take.”

-He only stops when Annabeth tackles him to get him off his power trip.

-Annabeth yells at him to stop, and that whole talk, however this time Percy doesn’t listen because he couldn’t shake off how good it felt to have that much power. 

-Throughout the rest of their journey throughout Tartarus Percy continues to use his powers and controls poison, and because of this, Percy and Annabeth start fighting.

-Annabeth can’t understand how Percy could use his powers like that, while Percy doesn’t understand how Annabeth doesn’t get that it’s a high.

-One time they are fighting so badly that Percy finds that he almost uses his powers against Annabeth and it is then that he vows never to control poison again.

-For awhile he doesn’t even use his regular powers, feeling immensely guilty, and worrying that he almost became like Gabe.

-Annabeth reassures him that him stopping was proof that he was, in fact, not like Gabe and that the important thing is not what could have happened, but what did.

-It takes time, however the two eventually do heal from their time in Tartarus and finds that it only made them stronger.


“ When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.“

–Elon Musk

Part One // Part Two // Part Three //

Rogue One

So I went and saw Rogue One for a second time with my family and it made me think of what Enjolras and Grantaire would think watching it because of course, hi, have you met me, and this little drabble happened. So, uh. Enjoy.

ExR, Modern AU, Spoilers for Rogue One.

Grantaire seemed unusually downcast as he and Enjolras left the movie theatre, staring down at his feet as he numbly followed Enjolras. Enjolras, on the other hand, seemed positively exuberant. “So that was Rogue One,” he said, grabbing Grantaire’s hand and squeezing it. “Wasn’t it awesome?”

Grantaire just grunted in response, and Enjolras’s face fell slightly. “You didn’t like it?” he asked.

Shrugging, Grantaire glanced up at Enjolras and then looked away. “It’s not that I didn’t like it,” he hedged.

“Then what?” Enjolras asked, frowning at Grantaire. “You love Star Wars.”

“I do love Star Wars,” Grantaire told him, before sighing heavily and telling him, “It’s just that…this film was kind of my worst fear come true.”

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Monster (Pt. 1)

   |Pt. 1|Pt. 2|Pt. 3|Pt. 4|Pt. 5|

Reader x Sehun

Summary: Werewolves aren’t meant to be messed with, but unfortunately, you don’t really have a choice.

Genre: mature

Warnings: nothing much in this part, though that will change later

Word Count: 2,218

A/N: It’s been like 2 weeks since I last posted something? Idk, but my focus has been very out of whack lately, and finally I had the motivation to write. Unfortunately, it isn’t one of my ongoing things, but this is what happened and I’m glad to be expanding my masterlist. I wrote this is about an hour or two and didn’t really feel like editing, so sorry for any mistakes. Enjoy.

Originally posted by sefuns

   |Chapter 1

You tapped your pencil against your desk in a steady rhythm, the sound of your professor’s voice droning on in the background. You couldn’t bring yourself to pay attention today.

Your eyes wandered to the other side of the classroom where the floor-to-ceiling windows revealed the view of the sunny courtyard beyond. It was a nice day for autumn, and you would much rather be spending it outside than in this stuffy classroom. Unfortunately, there were still thirty minutes left of class, and then you were going to head to the library after to study.

And, as it usually went in this class, your eyes wandered to the boy sitting next to the windows.

You didn’t know what it was about him, but somehow he always caught your eye. Never once had you spoken to him – or even heard him speak, for that matter – but he was absolutely captivating. You’d never really gotten a good look at his face, but from the glimpses you caught he was extraordinarily handsome. He was tall as well, but other than that, you knew only one thing about him: his name.

Oh Sehun.

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Shintaro: Eh…? Shouldn’t I be thanking you instead…?

Games in the Sheets

wonho x reader


804 words

anon nymph wished– hello :) can i request 70 “Call me that one more time, see what happens” from the drabble game with wonho? :) and maybe 69 “Bed. Now.” it could be in one drabble or you can write them separately :) (i’d prefer separately tho, cause that’d mean more things to read about wonho ♡ hehe) thank you!

Here is the other half of your wish, dear! ^^ It’s kind of funny cause I struggled for a minute there, but I was listening to DNCE’s-Toothbrush (idk if you have ever heard the song or not) but it kind of gave me a bit of inspiration for this. lmao! I do hope you enjoy! ^^


#69 Bed. Now.

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 I originally posted this on my twitter @/septicrelp so here’s a copy paste here but im adding more from my recent rant. Also I was inspired to make this from someone else i forgot but they probably know who they are already.

Rant under the cut

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addictiondrop  asked:

Idk where the hell this one post I saw is but omg. Sm1 said that they were scared Kacchan would bcm a villain and the other person was like no he can't because he's good at heart and idk where that post went so Im venting rn and half assing this(1/2)

But I think it’s a possibility. One of the only reasons Kacchan wants to be a hero is bc AM. But unlike Deku he’s concentrated on WINNING. Bc that’s what heroes DO. And it seems like he already sees himself as a villain with what happened with AM  

How it’s his fault and what not. So like if a hero wins and he loses then what is he? Ya kno? BUT ANYWAYS I HOPE IM WRONG AND HIM TALKING ABOUT HOW HES BEEN WRONG ALL ALONG IS RIGHT SO HE WONT SEE IT THAT WAY ANYMORE AND STILL BE A HERO.

Rest assured, 

Right next to the panel with Izuku, 

“No matter what any of you want to say to me, that ain’t gonna change.”

He’ll be fine.


someone: it’s fr plush night
me: *rubs my hands together and cackles gleefully*

i was originally just gonna share the dog but i have too many good plushies ok

top: a gang of dragons i have. i’ve had the red one since 2015 and i got the other two a few months ago. very colorful.

bottom left: two beanie baby dragon things. i’ve had them for forever. the one on the right used to have wings, idk what happened to them.

bottom right: ok this is jones halloween brindle, he has an absolutely ridiculous name and i love it. i got him about two years ago on a school field trip, he’s an african wild dog plush.

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Have you been trying to make your boobs grow or something


doodle-bee-danny  asked:

For the cybertube au: what if someone lost a fight with a virus and the player was infected? Is that possible? What would happen .0. idk but I like the idea of infected and blue-screening players, like, glitching/mutating and attacking others..... :D

There’s only one type of virus known to do that in existence. It’s the one who started this whole mess.

The creator thought he deleted it, but it turns out there’s a turned player controlling it~

And it’s looking for a few certain players…

(I don’t know what is a spoiler to you guys or not anymore… XDD)

I can just imagine The Foxes standing around with one or more other teams waiting for press or an exhibition match to celebrate start of the season (“don’t let your guard down we need to win everything today” “Kevin, chill, they’re friendlies” “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS FRIENDLIES!!”).

And Neil asks Andrew something innocuous in German, and the other teams’ ears pick up, and Andrew replies in a sort of deadly, sardonic, totally murderous voice and then the other teams shuffle and look at one another and go oh fuck Angry Midget is Angry, Josten is dead, poor guy seriously.

They are not noticing Aaron looking nauseous in the background and Nicky a mixture of that plus horrified, because all Andrew said was ‘yes my darling (jah mein liebling)’ in German but MAN did he make it sound freaking dark and scary.

And then Andrew adds '159%’ in German and the other teams start to try to hide behind one another (apart from the Ravens who are just being angry sad emos in the background)

Nicky: ah, young love
Matt: Andrew, your affection is scaring the shit out of the other teams
Kevin: keep doing it, we could use a psychological advantage.
Nicky: yeah Andrew, tell Neil you love him, that’ll make them wet themselves